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Then, these beauties showed up on my doorstep! . . . . . . . #excitedforthefuture #newbooksmell #changemakers #newbeginnings2018 #newbeginningsahead #unstuck #
For a while it’s been self discovery and just about every week I’m learning something new about myself or I’m evolving 🦋 "Freedom" - #shabazzart #artistsoninstagram #newbeginnings2018 #youngandhungry
Making changes🦋.
When it’s you wake up at 5am for the last time in a while ... coffee is needed #coffee #goodbyeearlymornings #lastdayofjob #newbeginnings2018
This is literally the only attitude to have in life.. . . . #fly #positivemindset #ibelieveinme #positivity #freshstarts #newbeginnings2018
Returning the old, in with the new. #newbeginnings2018 #imamanageragain
What are you wishing for SO HARD that it can’t get in? Sometimes there is something we want to happen so desperately that the very wishing for it is stressful. The excitement turns into anxiety as we wish and wish and it doesn’t happen. I have been “over checking” my Inbox for an email with good news I have been hoping to receive this week...and it has not showed up!💻 Each day that passes I wish a little harder...(and worry it isn’t coming a little more;).) Today I am going to tell myself to relax and let go of the worry.🌸 I am going to breath in good vibes either way👌 👇Comment and tell me if today you are in “relax” mode 😌or “worry” mode?😮👇
Day 3 of a new beginning 😇🙏 - good morning 🙂, been working on positive thoughts and living in the moment without worrying about everything. I’m Feeling good today 🌹🙏😇 @fearless.the.creation
Meet the new face of The Glam Company. Isn't she a beauty? #newlogo #newbeginnings2018 #businessgoals #beautyismybusiness
Michael’s first day of school at his new pre-school 🏫 📚😃. Daddy, mommy, Georgie, and the dogs are going to miss you bubba. #doriaboys #fatherhoodrocks #familia #newbeginnings2018
You've been thinking about getting back into a routine but have been waiting for the right time... 🙋‍♀️💗 . You tell yourself... "When I feel more motivated..." "When the weather changes..." "When I have more help with the kids..." "When I can fit into my gym clothes again..." "When I'm fitter..." "You're kidding, right? Not until January!" . And I'm going to be SUPER REAL for a minute (***don't hate me, k?) there is LEGIT NO RIGHT TIME. . I've told myself every excuse in the book when it comes to getting re-started on my goals and LADY....I can tell you from experience, it ONLY takes 5 days of exercising to FEEL like exercising, to be 100% back in the game & to get EXTREMELY motivated to go after your goals. JUST 5 days!! 👟 👟 👟 . **So I'm looking for you if you want help with a kick-start...(**and have 10-20 lbs you want to lose) and want to be held accountable to your goals in a group that TOTALLY gets it!** . If your radar is going off and you've been thinking about taking ACTION this fall, this is for you!! 🙋‍♀️💗 . Drop an emoji and let’s chat!!!!🙏 . Link in Bio, Group starts Monday October 22 only Limited Spots
Could of been you but I’m glad it’s not 🤷🏻‍♀️ #movingon #leavethetoxicbehind #newbeginnings2018
ME & MY LIL BRO!!! HAVING A TASTE OF MOMENTS THAT'LL LAST FOREVER!!! 😎😎 #newbeginnings2018 #Graduationceremony #newlook2018 😎
M O N D A Y • M O T I V A T I O N ! • • • • • I’m feeling fresh from my holiday and I’m ready to get going on my goals ! Feeling oddly motivated 😂 always have three goals, once you reach one, clap for yourself and then set another one 💋 #mondaymotivation #monday #followforfollowback #londongirl #instadesigner #followtrain #design #designjournal #positivevibes #positivity #goals #setgoals #london #instalike #instadesign #lifestyleblog #quotes #positivequotes #lifestyleblogger #arbonne #bonbabe #newbeginnings2018
।। विनायक ।। The lord of new beginnings🙏🏻 . . DM or mail on thephoolpakhroo@gmail.com for orders and queries💌 . . . #phoolpakhroo 🦋 #artinmyheartandsoul #watercolormandala #mandalawithatwist #framedmandala #mandalaplanet #mandala_universe #housewarminggift #newbeginnings2018 #giftforhome #wallartdecor #framedwatercolor #homedecorindia
Yep 👍 I’m totally ready for this cold front coming in! The question is are you ready for this blogpost? Let’s see if y’all can handle it lol 😆 In all seriousness, this one’s a bit heavy but this girl in the pic doesn’t have her eyes shut because she’s scared. She’s got her eyes closed because that’s what you do before you leap! Blogpost coming tomorrow 😘 #brave #newbeginnings2018 #sarahthenerd #tomorrow
“But my letter would never end if I were to try to tell a millionth part of the delights of Rome-it has such an effect on me that my last life before I saw it appears a blank and NOW I BEGIN TO LIVE”❤️ . . . . . . #rome #italy #fall2018 #model #fallinrome #mycity #itgirlhair #италия #myworld #fallishere #fallfashion #style #рим #beautiful #mylife #sunset #love #newbeginnings #newbeginnings2018 #happysunday #sundaymotivation #domenica #domingo
I APPRECIATE THE LOVE ALWAYS FROM MY FAM🙏 #newbeginnings2018 #Graduationceremony #newlook2018 😎
New week keep grinding even if you have to restart #newbeginnings2018
Up until now I've shown you my editing skills and gorgeous photos of beautiful places. But although I love sharing with like minded travelers, I feel like I've gotten pulled into the Instagram popularity contest. I see everyone trying to make one stunning shot after another in an attempt to get the most likes and comments and features. But my original idea behind my insta was to share my story. This became increasingly difficult as I tried to keep up with all my friends and live up to quickly evolving standards. Now more than ever I feel the need to slow down. I need to refocus and start sharing the stories I intended to share, undisrupted by the pressure to first have to edit and perfect each shot beforehand. Returning to the canary islands was more magical than I ever could have imagined, gifting me everything I went there for and so much more. Join me the next weeks as I share the details of my journey and how it lighted a spark that starts a new chapter in my life.
What reminder note do you need to write to yourself? As I was deciding in a quote for my post today- I looked at this beautiful photo as a blank slate and said “If I were God-what would I write in the sky?” LOVE YOURSELF- I heard!🙏 So often I am busy taking care of others’ needs that I forget to take care of mine. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a martyr-I’m just...a mother, wife, pet owner, doctor, daughter.... to name a few. It is not built into our DNA to have to remind ourselves to Love ourselves, but in the design of our busy World- it is going to take some reminding!!! So today my reminder to myself- and to all you beautiful people if you choose- is accept yourself as you are and Love Yourself as you are❤️ 👇Comment and please let me know what reminders you write to yourself (other than the grocery list;)👇
First fall festival for this girl. Her favorite thing was the kids craft table. She is very proud of her artwork! #wecouldhavemissedthis #downsyndromeadoption #newbeginnings2018 #myfirsthalloween
Things will be “OK” eventually but it might not seem so now!! Sometimes you’ll put up a good fight and lose! Sometimes you’ll hold on really hard but realize there’s no choice but to let go 🙅🏽‍♀️ Acceptance is a small, quiet room where you regain your composure and move on 🚶🏽‍♀️ . . . . . #lifeslessons #acceptance #moveon #openanewdoor #newbeginnings2018 #live #love #laugh
When some days are not quite like the others #octoberfest #hongkongscenes #kraaazy #sooperawesome #newbeginnings2018 #pwoli
wakes up. craves donuts. problem solved. LIVE. LOVE. MATTER. xo A #NotTodaySatan #GoalsAF
Keepin’ it Real... 90 second holds for legs and butt. #feeltheburn 💪🏻 See how you feel from giving this exercise a go next time you’re at the gym. Thank you to @lisacorduff for some KVR inspo! #newbeginnings2018 #grateful 🙏 #loveisthejourney ❤️ #partnersinbusinessandlife #ourbigday not long to go now 💍
As some of you know, the past 12 months have been turbulent, with some highs, but an innumerable amount of lows. So, after a lot of thought and prayer, I closed the door on a particularly horrendous part of my life. My past is not something I want to forget because it’s made me stronger, but it is something I want to leave behind me. When you spend years trying to make someone happy, there will come a time when you realise it is impossible, and you will never match up to what they expect of you. There comes a time when you won’t be able to keep putting yourself through mentally draining situations, emotionally abusive situations, toxic situations. I’m happy to say that with that portion of my life behind me, I’m really excited to see what lies before me. Today marks my new beginning. - - - #selfcare #newbeginnings #newchapter #movingforward #selflove #newstart #keepmovingforward #newbeginnings2018 #future #beginningagain #newchapterinlife #alwaysmovingforward #mentalhealth #happy #nevergiveup #specialday #freshstart #freshstart2018 #mentalhealthmatters
New beginnings for many at our retreats. . Start your 2019 with new energy. Raise your vibration at our December retreat. 👉 Link in bio . . #newbeginnings2018 #mysoultrips #yogaretreats2018 #travelwithpurpose #travelwithapurpose
It’s official! Just delivered keys! #closingday #newhouse 🏡 #kweverett #newbeginnings2018 #dreamhome
Hey everyone! I’m super excited to announce to you that I have accepted a position at Cypress Door and Glass in Malvern! I’m going to be working as their Customer Service / Office Manager. Thanks for everyone who has kept me in your prayers! #newjob #newbeginnings2018 #trusttheprocess
HAPPY GRADUATION PARTY TO YOURS TRULY😎WITH FAM👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 . THANKS FOR EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS DAY A SUCCESS😉......#Graduationceremony #newbeginnings2018 #newlook2018 😎
NEW BEGINNINGS ARE NEVER EASY! • November of 2016 was my FIRST move EVER! (This photo was taken on moving day 😬) I was fortunate enough to reside at the same address/residence/property for over 24 years! Not many can say that, so I’m definitely grateful to have had that. I gotta say, it was such a huge transition that the first 6-12 months, I felt like I was living in a hotel or timeshare because it just didn’t feel like “home” just yet. Can anyone relate?! • Wouldn’t you say you could kinda compare this to your health/wellness journey as a whole? What I mean is, when you really start dialing into your fitness - your nutrition - your MINDSET.. doesn’t it feel pretty darn SCARY to start working on YOU? The YOU that you’ve been so “used to” for SO long? Doesn’t it feel out of the ordinary and also.. a tad bit uncomfortable (at first, anyways)? Well, we’ve all had NEW beginnings at some point and realize that once it starts becoming our norm, it’s not so “scary” anymore and it truly starts to feel like HOME 🏠. • There are exactly 80-days left in 2018. Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished this year? Are you happy with where you’re at now? Do you wanna go into 2019 feeling like you’re ready to achieve more? Whether you answered yes or no to these questions.. I’m inviting you to join me and a group of amazing people who all have ONE common goal: CONSTANT GROWTH & TO BE BETTER THAN WE WERE YESTERDAY. It’s upon us to decide that if we aren’t happy with ourselves from the inside out or happy with our circumstances — to change that! YEP— super uncomfortable. But, comfort zones take us NOWHERE. I know I am far from perfect, but as long as I have the tools to achieve better? I’ll use them! Let’s push one another the next 80-days so that 2019 will be OUR best year yet! You in? — comment below, “IM IN” — or fill out the link in my bio. that says, “BOOtyful 80-day program”, to save your spot because we start on Monday! 🎉👣🙏🏽
Erm eskis sir, eskis ma, I’m not done celebrating! This was one hell of a journey! A journey that saw family desert me and I had to rely on the largesse of strangers turned friends! A journey that saw me sacrifice my kids. I remember the number of times I’ve been at the paediatric ward even though I had some exam to write the following day! It was like some strange coincidence, from faculty to Law School!! A journey through unemployment to employment to sometimes doing two jobs while attending school! The times I’ve had to read in trotro to catch up with missed lectures! Then to the battles with policy makers! But I wanted this so bad that it hurt physically to even think about it. I came to the point of quitting because c’mon, there’s only so much struggle that one person can bear and keep pushing for a vision! But I thank God for the people he put in my life along this journey! To my biggest hype man, to my twins who served as motivation, to the friends who believed in me, and finally to the haters and naysayers; you gave me the best fuel to keep pushing! I’m here because God willed it!#Bar2018 #TheyTried2BuryUs #NotKnowingWeWereSeeds #Testimony2018 #LookatGod #WontHeDoIt #melaninpoppin #legaldiva #newbeginnings2018 #journeyjuststarted #SuperWoman #SinglemombutImadeIt #areyourdreamscrazyenough
Have you had an argument lately?😡 What position were you defending? What was the outcome? Did anyone walk away happy? Most arguments are because two people want to be right. When I argue with my husband, neither of us end up with a changed opinion in the end. We both are so set on being right that it doesn’t matter whether we discussed anything or just kept quiet. I PREFER TO BE FREE!! IN THAT MOMENT -the politics or the dirty dishes or whatever I choose to try to persuade him about are the most important things to me. But when I take another breath-before I open my mouth- I realize... IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER WHAT SOMEONE ELSE THINKS! (Their thoughts are up to them) Whenever I take time to realize this- instead of taking time to argue- I am FREE! 👇Comment and tell me something you believe so strongly it is worth the argument every time!💪👇
Favourite room? Hard to choose but absolutely had the most fun so far (and challenges) decorating the old library but have renamed it Bar De Colonials. Far from finished, I’m channeling 1930’s Shanghai glamour with a South African Tretchikoff twist. His prints of Miss Wong are just perfect for this vibe. #interiordecorating #tretchikoff #newbeginnings2018 #antiquingadventures #homebars #bardecolonials #housebeautiful #amazingspaces #palmhouseconstantia
We start in the new office today! #mohs and #vein patients are ready. #newbeginnings2018
Start Of A New Journey. I'm On My Way!!!! #✌🏽 #newbeginnings2018
Ever wondered what it’s like being a Stella and Dot stylist? Looking for a new challenge? Keen to work flexibly? Meet new people? Earn extra cash on the side? Run your own business your own way? Well...IT’S OUR BEST SIGN UP OFFER YET! For £99 you get all of these best sellers (worth £500) plus the chance to change your life! I started my adventure 18 months ago - my goal was to have more family time and adventures - and so far I’ve bought a bike, a kayak, been to France, to Tenerife, bought a huge treehouse and climbing frame set for my kids, and paid for all their birthday parties and Christmas with my S&D paycheques. It’s opened so many doors for me, and I’m now part of an amazing community of passionate, intelligent, inspiring and super fun group of women. What are you looking to change in your life, and what’s holding you back? Your adventure starts here! PM me for more details - I’d be delighted to help #jobsportsmouth #jobssouthsea #newbeginnings2018 #newbeginning #stylistopportunity #lovesouthsea #mumpreneurs #southsea #southofthesea #joinmyteam #stylist #styleblogger #workingmum #workingmumlife #stylejobs #fashionjobs #workfromhome #workfromhomemum #workfromhomemummy #southsealife #southsealifestyle #southsealifestylemagazine
A big shout out to my mom and husband Jack for hosting us in AZ this past weekend. Thank you ❤️ #memories_made #motheranddaughter #newbeginnings2018
while i was meditating this morning i was struck with the realization that I AM SAFE. i am safe because i’ve created a safe space for myself and my family. i am safe because i know how to make empowering decisions. i am safe because i trust that i am held. i am safe because i have surrounded my life with love & light. no one and no thing can take my safety from me. my safety lives inside me. it’s finally starting to sink in. 🦋
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