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We are Inkstone! New uniform printed up today on our brand spanking GTX, that quality tho😮.. really loving that deep 🍊 . . This tank is an @ascolour and they are definitely one of the best choices if your going for quality and comfort..which we ALWAYS are😛 . . QUESTION TIME Sleeveless or sleeves? Comment below, we'd love to hear everyone's preference!!(is that weird!? 😂) . . #aussiebusiness #printing #digitalprinting #instashirts #business #colourgamut #startup #inkstoneprinting #tshirts #apparel #uniform #newbeginnings #logo #garmentprinting #garments #newbeginnings2018 #dtg #quality #instaquality
New headquarters @inkstone.printing !!😁😁 . Me and my brothers just started our very own printing company!! . . If your in Australia (or even outside Australia) we can offer you unparalleled printing services based on our own experience as artists and creators, we have top of the line equipment coming in and being set up this weekend. We also have 10+ years of experience in the T-shirt business already working for previous businesses, we're young and ready to grow and interact with our customers and other growing business alike!!😈 . Follow @inkstone.printing for more!! . . Thanks for looking guys and gals!! 😁🙌🙌 I will be posting my regular bullshit weirdo art still so for anyone worried about that,WORRY NOT!! 😉
Lately I find that every first of the month (heck—even every Monday) feels at least a little like an exciting new beginning. We get to start fresh on new goals and take second (or third…) swings at those we may have fallen a little short on. With 2019 days away, I’m hopeful this will be the year I make a difference in hundreds of lives. I’d also love to grow my business and carve out a real name for myself in the industry, which, I’ll be honest, seems kinda doable with the momentum I’m feeling. Here’s to hoping in 2019! What are you hoping for? • • • • #newbeginnings2018 #newstart #mondaymorningvibes #newmonthvibes #newyearsresolutions #yearofgrowth #personalgrowthjourney #targetsweatshirt
“Philadelphia is the city of the year” - GQ @gq @zachbaron 🦅 with @thehashway
#tbt NewBeginnings2017 Thank you Lord😙🙏. Your Grace and Mercy has seen me through. #NewBeginnings2018
Each new year gives way to new beginnings. This year has brought several new customers, products and opportunities our way and it’s only the beginning! We’ve launched some beautiful products so watch out for glimpses of these products in the days to follow! We’re grateful for the year we’ve had. What are you grateful for? . . . . . . #greentea #blacktea #newbeginnings #newbeginnings2018 #newyear #teasofinstagram #tea #chai #happysipping #grateful #chaitea #indiantea #darjeelingtea #assamtea
Stress Buster 💪🏻 #newbeginnings2018 #partnersinbusinessandlife #loveisthejourney ❤️ #grateful 🙏 count down 6 days to go 👰
Another week done ☑️ How about your Christmas shopping? 🎁🛍 Visit us in-store at one of our galleries in Melbourne, Los Angeles and San Diego or shop online to discover some unique gift ideas for your loved ones this festive season 🎉 LINK IN BIO
🎉 Welcome to your new home 🏡 Karin & Mimi!🎉 We wish you many happy years filled with life's special moments in your new home! #welcomehome #homesweethome #newbeginnings2018 #nextchapterinlife #lexingtonsc #specialmemories #lifesbigmoments #ListingsbyMatt #MattCastleberry #nexthome #nexthomespecialists
BEST NINE 2018. WHAT A YEAR! 🌟Moved to Cornwall 🌊 🌟Turned 45 🎉 🌟Grant turned 50 👴🏻 🌟Loads of art 🖼 🌟A year of freelancing 💻🌟Missing friends & family 👪 🌟Even more art 🎨 🌟Leaving urban life 😎🌟Epic sunsets 🌅
Recognize how you have leveled up and how you no longer have the same triggers, reactions, and your physical body is not responding with illness as in the past, but a natural purging and balancing you in your truth and energetically your light body is anchored in and grounded more. Where many are so affected currently is witnessing that outside of the box/picture/situation perspective where you have shifted and grown so much but are a witness to how others have not just yet, but every inch of what they go through and how they deal is apart of their awakening and opening up their higher heart more and more, which is hard to witness and not run in to help because they have to remember they are loving and strong and it will improve in time. People hide so much inside. Everyone is unwrapping their own layers, and while they do it’s important to be the love in life they don’t allow themselves to experience because they have no idea how much more love there is for them! Another aspect that is healing is as we balance more of the golden and crystalline authentication codes, we literally transmute our energy into divinely balanced feminine and masculine codes of knowledge filled with the truths and love of all that is! This powerful transmission is the healing energy to purge old genetic behaviors, old paradigm belief systems, and it supports us all in moving out of and cleansing from the clauses in our soul contracts that have ended. In divine timing along with clearing out contracted clauses we also are still karmically purging, it’s just not as aggressive and if you can connect into or pay attention to the unexpected thoughts randomly coming in your mind, you can notice what time frame of memories are coming up for clearing that you no longer need. Especially be aware how you emotionally have moved on and don’t connect with the memories randomly surfacing. We are healing, we all just need to keep trusting and healing! That’s how powerful we are and why we are here leading the rise of humanity and Earth’s new direction!!
PAPER CUPS OR COFFEE CUPS CANNOT BE RECYCLED- The next time you pick up a café latte from your neighbourhood Barista or Starbucks, do take a look at the cup itself. In all likelihood, it would be a paper cup, perhaps lined with plastic or wax. When you compare the recyclability of both paper cups and plastic cups, paper cups wins hands down. This is because paper is the main constituent in a paper cup and is biodegradable by nature. This is an advantage. Issues of recycling- However, when you see the manufacturing process of a paper cup, it involves a stage called water-proofing, which packs a layer of low density poly-ethylene (LDPE) on the sides and bottom of the cup to prevent water from getting absorbed by the paper. This LDPE is the only disadvantage in a paper cup. This is because the LDPE, which is a plastic material, prevents the recycling of the paper. Thus, paper cups cannot be recycled under normal conditions. It requires a specialised process to separate the LDPE coating and the paper, where the cup waste is warmed in a solution to remove the plastic lining. Following this, the paper waste is pulverised and recycled, finally filtering out the impurities. The final pulp can be used to make other paper-based products. Considering the Environment- The first risk factor is the environmental impact of the paper cups. Statistics say, nearly 6.5 billion trees are cut to produce paper for paper cups due to which around four billion pounds of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. This is a serious issue. Also, to add to this problem is the difficulty to recycle the cups due to the use of poly-ethylene. . . Every paper cup that is manufactured and coated with LDPE ends up in a landfill. Once in a landfill, the paper will begin to decompose. This process releases methane, a greenhouse gas with 23 times the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide. . . Have you switched to a reusable alternative yet?
Girl’s night out. Paulo Coelho writes, “Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle”... (or can in this case!) . . . . #winebythecan #girlsnightout #yogisgonewild #momsontherun #leavethekidsathome #gratefulforlife #gratitudechallenge #socialmediacoach #socialharmony108 #harmonyslater #socialmediadesign #socialmediabreak #socialmediaconsultant #socialmediastrategy #socialmediamanager #socialexperiment #socialize #newbeginnings2018 #socialharmony #socialmedialife #myinspiration #wonderwoman #goddesspower #redredwine
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage". Lao Tzu * * * * * * #bushkill #bushkillfalls #bushkillfallspa #bridalveilfalls #naturephotographer #naturephotography #engagementring #isaidyes 💍 #june2018 #summer2018 #newbeginnings2018
What an amazing week this has been! I hadn’t realised just how much I’d missed working alongside my friend, partner and beautiful wife Magdalena. It’s great to be working together again. So this week we’ve hit the group running, cultivating further our vision for Forte and moving it forward. Thank you all so much for your good wishes throughout the week. Now that I’m on board I have the capacity for initial coaching consultations starting from 2019. So please get in touch and drop us an email at Forte Training Company! Happy Friday everyone! Yours, Julian. #newbeginnings2018 #newbie #fortetrainingcompany #fortetraining #fortecoaching
Stay grounded and embrace this beautiful gift you are being given to be apart of creating the beautiful life you have been dreaming of! There is much life pulling you in so many different directions and you are a voice of reason and truth for so many, which can at times be hard and challenging because the wonderful abilities that shine through you in all you are and all you do, actually help you to see the human aspects of this life we live! Humanity is struggling, and pretty soon they will begin to realize how strong they are to change their life and really turn around their finances, their health and to heal relationships that have been a very teaching experience for them. So stay grounded and know that feeling you have that all these shifts are opening up opportunities for you to say yes to and are creating new beginnings to reveal to you just who you are here to be, is real! stay grounded and full of love! You are way ahead of the game in terms of doing hard work and purging in you and around you what no longer serves. I can feel how patience has run low for so many of you, but each day what you manifest and worked to build a strong foundation of is coming into your view and into the palm of your hands! Go to bed every single night grateful for all you love, for the sacred special relationships you experience and are so blessed to know, be grateful for your work and for being the one in your surroundings raising the vibration and living more aware and enlightened than the large population, because you are currently exactly where you need to be and with who you have not only contracted to journey through this human and soul adventure, but you are always surrounded by the highest vibration of loving archangels, angels and encouraged now to truly embody your highest self and highest truth and to be honored to do so! This lifetime is full of trusting our knowing in yet a multitude of balancing the unpredictable circumstances we experience and always listening to our soul guidance, moving in directions at times that feel as if we are the only humans choosing to do so. I promise, we are shifting into greater of ourselves and experiencing a better life because 👇
Watch this space for more info. Comment if you thi nnk you know what is going to happen. #newbeginnings2018 #newlooks #newfeel #awesomeness
UNDER CONTRACT! Want to get your home sold in the winter? Send me a DM & I’ll get you started.
Alhamdulillah we officially moved to Manchester today 🏡 Please make dua that Allah puts blessings in our new home and in the many new projects that we'll be undertaking with @guidancehubmcr #movedtomanchester #missingyorkshire #newbeginnings2018 #newstorynewchapter
Winter Solstice Gateway is open now, do not focus on how relationships are struggling, or how things have been challenging between you and someone else. It is important to let each other go, what didn’t work out or blend well has not changed, what’s best is both you and the other person move on your own individual paths. The suns position is part of why we have felt less energy, it is not only what is going on with humanity. Winter is the perfect time to embrace how we can shift our views and beliefs about life and what we can do differently to support growth of the soul, fostering love and strength and choosing what feels best for us which is not the same for others. Ask yourself, ‘WHAT IS IT THAT YOU TRULY FEEL CALLED TO BRING MORE OF IN YOUR LIFE?” And consider in all aspects where you can feel is best for you to grow, to make changes, and take action! remember that whatever balances your masculine and feminine energy will support you continuing to embody your highest vibration as you shift into fully learning and remembering that you are capable of living your new role, which your new role has many facets and possibilities to it, only you can interpret what that may be for you, as we are now in an Earth that supports you truly living as your intuitive gifted self who heals with words and energy and love and truth! You should have had hints and guidance in May to July as to how you are moving in a new direction with your gifts, so it’s up to you to remember and to involve them in your career or everyday life. Over night I kept hearing that many of us have moved and shifted out of our poverty clauses that were in our soul contracts, and now it is about trusting that the necessary changes you have made in your relationship with money are opening up, but you must improve your care and love of money instead of fearing having more money. Your gifts are also in direct connection to your balance with money, because it is a reflection of the value, appreciation and balance you hold with finance that supports you or keeps you stuck. What are you capable of and what is it that you have been doing that needs to change? Where can you let go and 👇
The Archangels have communicated to me that everyone is ready to move forward into more of doing all that they can in living their purpose, but this cannot be rushed. It’s important for all to be able to receive the benefit of all these shifts that are constantly taking place naturally, to be patient with how our human bodies are accepting and moving through each download/upgrade/integration phase as it is aggressive and rapid. Many of us still need to let go of what we thought was, and that things ended how we may not have expected, now in the aftermath it feels like closure has come in and new abundance’s are forming and aligning within each of our paths. These abundance’s have been what we have known was coming for years now, so it’s a balancing act to stay present in the now and to heal now after all that has come into our truth and knowing. Very important in all of this to love, to be loving of all sides and have no judgment or righteousness attached to it all, especially no specific details to the outcomes that eventually come about, in all areas and fields of roles and stories we can always access more light and bring more love! It takes a lot of strength to not get involved in old paradigm ways, and we know we can always choose a better way for ourselves instead of losing sight of the higher vibrational path and when we choose our truth and what serves us best, we are letting go and trusting and not needing to have control. Going more in our natural flow despite all the heaviness and intense anxiety/stresses seeping out of humanity. #archangelariel #archangelgabriel #archangeljophiel #archangelchamuel #archangelhaniel #rainbowfrequency #quantum #sacralchakra #ascension #unityconsciousness #abundancemindset #ascensionenergy #archangelmetatron #archangelgabriel #archangelmichael #archangelraphael #newbeginnings2018 #endings
Ohhhhhh my ❤️ ... beautiful testimony , Katie G. Bryson!!! Look what she has to say....... “7 days... 7 days of not having a single panic attack 7 days of not feeling like an elephant is sitting on my chest 7 days of not snapping at my kids 7 days of wanting to be social 7 days with no body anxiety or jaw clenching 7 days of being focused for once 7 days of not feeling like a black cloud is following me around. I'm so thankful for natural God given solutions to anxiety and depression. I’m so glad I put fear aside and tried something new. I feel FANTASTIC! It feels good to feel like me again. I'm oh so thankful. 🎉 #byebyedepression #anxietysucks #beatanxiety #newbeginnings2018 ” 2 powerful products 🙌
We are teetering between our human realities/dimensions and shifting rapidly into our authentic state of origin. This is experienced through divine love and divine truth! All matters can be moved through with love. Last Friday through yesterday were full of tests and it’s not a pass or fail kind of test. The tests were about validation and receiving clarity in which it came through in layered forms and not dissimilar to previous leveling up processes where in all we choose is from our highest truth and purely from source love, the highest love of Gaia & God! Which in the essence of that we who follow this path are a rarity and that is why there should be no comparison of one human to another. You may feel that you are living two separate lives, internally how you experience in severity your leveling up plus shifting plus realizing what you are letting go and not needing is very telling of what dimension you are moving into, different for everyone still as we are still shifting and moving into our unique soul families that will support our highest growth into our new roles which are a direct reflection of our truth/state of soul origin and the divine embodiment of this into our new reality, mirroring a higher vibrational state of awareness. Again, different embodiments for everyone. Everything now until 2032 is a combined and dual embodiment of our Golden Codes and Our Ascension Codes, the duality plays out in all we are and in all we do and the knowledge comes in where it is needed at all times, but is unique to your soul. To balance and anchor it in takes patience as the Golden Codes and Ascension do not become simultaneous (still different) until 2020 through 2022. December is a very heavy and loaded energetic month, our codes are downloaded within and knowledge is accessible through every truth we speak and know, but energetically the waves are beyond quantum and pure golden frequencies which are the highest and which come through us but have already streamed into Earth months ago, and we now are in human/earth time shifting through each transmission of powerful embodiment. This can seriously weigh heavily into how you feel 👇
My honey gave me a private, after hours tour of the Capital. Amazing man! Love him so much!! ❤️❤️ #newbeginnings2018 #secondchancelovestory
My workspace for today. Pro Tip: Get on the floor and Stretch while you write, read, organize, and email. Opening your hips, lengthening your hamstrings and get shit done simultaneously! - 2 Birds 1 Stone - (poor birdies!) 🤭 . . . . . #gratefulforlife #gratitudechallenge #socialmediacoach #socialharmony108 #harmonyslater #socialmediadesign #socialmediabreak #socialmediaconsultant #socialmediastrategy #socialmediamanager #socialexperiment #socialize #newbeginnings2018 #socialharmony #socialmedialife #selfcaretips #selfcarecoach #selfcarehacks #selfcaredaily #stretchyourself #stretchyourbodyfreeyourmind #sitonthefloor #hipopener
Still time to make an early start on your #newyearsresolution resolution of #losingweight by joining us in #December before #Christmas 😊 Beat the #januaryrush and join us now. For the latest joining offers contact Martin on 07763176000, or just come along on Wednesday evening at 7:30pm in Albertslund Hall on Weatacres Road. #summerbody #foodoptimising #newbeginnings2018 #NewYear2019 #newyou
I had an incredible weekend with snow in our BC mountains recharging my battery, getting a break from rain and my very busy schedule! Sometimes we get so caught up in our goals or life we forget to take a moment and celebrate wins! I’m now ready to take on a new project, new week, and an exciting new chapter with friends! Happy Monday!! ☀️🏔
#merebrotherkidulhan From the first day that I met you, I knew you'd be my friend. I knew that I could count on you, no matter what life sends. . . I've found a special friendship and I've gained a Sister too! To have you in our family , makes us all so truly blessed.. Heartily Congratulations and best wishes for the #newbeginnings love you Bhabhii 😘😘 😇 @fireflies999 Thank you Bhaii 😘😘 @ankitrathore.16 . . #bhaikishaadi #family #familyphotography #sisters #sisterinlaw #brother #sister #friend #friends #friendship #love #bliss #happiness #newbeginnings2018 #welcomehome #quotes #instagood #wedding #photography #picoftheday #picture
Arrived in Bagan... first stop was Sanon for a bite to eat and a quick look at my new ‘office’.... so far so good! #australianvolunteers #bagan #newbeginnings2018 #ilovemyanmar #sanontrainingrestaurant #avi
Blog no.6 . . So my today’s special blog is about Fuchka(a common street snack in several religions in the Indian subcontinent.It consists of a round,hollow puri,mixture of chickpeas and mashed potatoes with chopped onion,green chillies,coriander in it and serves with tamarind sauce(with light consistency) )😊 . Again food blog , Right???😂 But there is quote- “One can’t think well,love well,sleep well,if one has not dined well”- Virginia Woolf ♥️ I totally admire the line in my entire life 😁 As a typical Bangladeshi girl,Fuchka has a different place in my heart 💓 Or I won’t mind to call it my soul food ♥️ It is one of the most famous street food in Bangladeshi streets and easily available in almost every streets 😊 Couple of days ago,Me and my Aunty went to Pink City Shopping Complex ( at Gulshan ,Dhaka) for some home decor shopping..After the shopping, I was so hungry and went to a fast food shop (at second floor) for some light snacks..We ordered Fuchka and coffee there..I specially never tried Fuchka there..The Fuchka was so yummy and the tamarind sauce was quite tasty and tangy..I loved their Fuchka so much and recommending all the people to go there for once at least to have the yummiest Fuchka in the town 😊 Sorry 😐 I didn’t notice the name of the fast food shop..But it was at the second floor in front of a tailor shop..That’s what I all remember about the shop 😞 1 plate Fuchka ( consists 8 pieces )- 50/60 bdt 😇 . . So if u have any queries regarding this blog,you can comment down below or dm me😊 And if you guyz like the blog don’t forget to give me a thumbs up 👍 So that’s all about for today and hopefully will be back with another blog on my account 😊♥️ Till then stay tuned and Fly like a Butterfly 🦋 . . #xoxo 💋 #bengalifood #bengalifoods #bengalifoodie #bengalifoodblogger #bengalifoodbloggers #bengaliblogger #fuchka #fuchkatime #fuchkalover #streetfood #streetfoods #streetfoodlover #streetfoodstories #newbeginnings #newbeginings #newbeginnings2018 #newbeginningsahead #bangladesh 🇧🇩 #bangladeshi #somethingnew #blogger #bloggerstyle #bloggerstyle #blogger life #bloggersofinstagram #blogging #blog #blogs #bloggers #flylikeabutterfly 🦋
Our little mini me enjoying a shopping 🛒 trip to Ikea to buy daddy a desk as he is starting @fortetrainingcompany full time tomorrow #excited #newbeginnings #newbeginnings2018 #forteafterhours #forteweekend
Christmas cards are an excellent way to remind people that they are special to you. It takes a little extra time, but that personal touch goes a long way! . Have you written and sent out your Christmas cards yet? . . . . . #marketingtip #familyfirstalways #gratefulforlife #gratitudechallenge #socialmediacoach #socialharmony108 #harmonyslater #socialmediadesign #socialmediabreak #socialmediaconsultant #socialmediastrategy #socialmediamanager #socialexperiment #socialize #newbeginnings2018 #socialharmony #socialmedialife #myinspiration #christmastree #christmascard #sentwithlove
With the light and dark season of #hanukkah #christmas & the upcoming #solstice recently I’ve been reflecting on these folks. @ladygaga & @bradleycooper__original @starisbornmovie @jonimitchell ‘Shadows & Light “: Every picture has it’s shadows. And it has some source of light. Blindness, blindness and sight. @carljung_ : How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also If I am to be whole. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.
It’s official! I am now an alumnus of @usfmuma ! Thank you to my parents, my grandparents, my girlfriend, all of my friends and loved ones, without your support this wouldn’t have been possible! A new chapter has begun and I can’t wait to see what the future holds 😊 #usf #alumnus #graduate #bachelorsdegree #business #tampa #ididit #woo #hardworkpaysoff #thankyou #newbeginnings #newbeginnings2018 #excited
Start today and you'll achieve your goal a day earlier than if you start tomorrow. 💯💯 . . ➡️ Follow♀️ @pinupgirlathletics ♀️ for more fitness quotes!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #starttoday #tomorrowistoday #yesterdayyousaidtomorrow #getitdone #leanmuscle #gettowork #gettoworkout #startgym #newbeginnings2018 #healthygoals #YouCanDoIt #mombodysquad #thetimeisnow #dedication #whywait #changestartswithyou #takeactionnow #takeactionrightnow
Love this AMAZING man! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #newbeginnings2018 #secondchancelovestory
So happy to meet @romana_vox !! She is a superbly talented artist 👩‍🎤 looking forward to working and making history with my new friends . #navimumbai ————————————————— #dost #nightlife #mumbainightlife #friday #dope #fresh #onfire #teamlove #dreamteam #liveitup #peace #mylife #journey #india #mumbai #destiny #dope #fresh #fly #letsgo #hype #newlife #newbeginnings2018 #adventure #followme #followus
There is something so serene about a Christmas tree in the dark. My only wish this holiday season is that so many living on the streets furry and not have a place to go out of the cold and that the new year can bring new lives for all of them. #christmastree #homeless #christmaswish #newbeginnings2018 #rescuethemall
Start today and you'll achieve your goal a day earlier than if you start tomorrow. 💯💯 . . ➡️ Follow♀️ @pinupgirlathletics ♀️ for more fitness quotes!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #starttoday #tomorrowistoday #yesterdayyousaidtomorrow #getitdone #leanmuscle #gettowork #gettoworkout #startgym #newbeginnings2018 #healthygoals #YouCanDoIt #mombodysquad #thetimeisnow #dedication #whywait #changestartswithyou #takeactionnow #takeactionrightnow
My cozy new rehearsal space! 🎶 #newbeginnings2018
So as the cable guy was here this morning hooking up my internet, I kept unpacking boxes, and came across my bottle of arterial embalming fluid from the 1920s. I discretely left that in the box until after he left. I can just imagine it. . What's that, fruit punch? … No, not fruit punch. . No matter how much I might try to explain that it's a memento from my years working in a gross human anatomy cadaver lab, and also a symbol of the dark fiction I write, I’m pretty sure I would get a hairy eyeball from him – and possibly a visit from West Virginia police. . “There’s some crazy ass northerner who probably has bodies in his closet. Send the SWAT team.”
New chapter about to occur 📦📦📦📦🚚🏠🏚 new home town soon #newtown #wearemoving #eve #beingeve #newbeginnings #newbeginnings2018 #oldhousenewhome
Project your passion 👊 #anythingispossible #innerstrength it’s just the beginning. #loveisthejourney ❤️ #newbeginnings2018 #grateful 🙏 #partnersinbusinessandlife
Today- a new moon rising in Sagittarius with Jupiter palling along. Below is an excerpt from chaninicholas.com that was the first thing that came up when I searched. 11:20 PM PT – New Moon at 15° of Sagittarius The last new moon of 2018 has us going out on an incredibly high note. Next to Jupiter, its ruler, this new moon is auspiciously situated. Jupiter loves to help out. It’s a planet that brings bounty where there was lack. An energy of renewal where there was a loss of faith. Jupiter takes what was flat and fills it out into 3-D form. A new moon in the same sign as Jupiter, with this much strength, imbues everything we begin at this time with some cosmic special sauce. Tremendous in its offerings, this new moon encourages us to become a channel for its gifts. Both Jupiter and Sagittarius are spiritual in their pursuits and when centered in generosity, spirituality is a force unlike any other. This new moon reminds us that we become what we are able to give. We succeed when we are confident enough to share what we have without need for praise in return. Jupiter in Sagittarius and this new moon want to school us in the subtle art of having faith in our ability to expand no matter who would rather we stayed small. Sagittarius moves. It knows little defeat because of its sheer momentum. It must gallop towards a horizon, no matter how far off, far reaching, or far-fetched, scoffing at naysayers along the way. This new moon encourages us to act on our intuitive wisdom, developing a connection to it as we go. With this new moon, we have the ability to forge ahead with what seemed formerly impossible, inconceivable, or unreachable. May we all go forth and prosper. #savannahbeeco #sunrise #constellations #honey #art #yoga #newbeginnings2018
| • R I S E • | don’t get angry or enraged or insulted. rise above the bullshit. flick your light back on, and shine it brighter than ever, and fall so deeply in love with your own life that anyone who tries to wrong you becomes a laughable, ridiculous distant, memory. LIVE. LOVE. MATTER. xo A #RiseAbove #PreppingFor2019
Working from the car while waiting after school for the kids to get cold enough to want to leave the park. . Today I am grateful for my laptop! . Where are some of the strange places you like to work from? . . . . . ##gratefulforlife #gratitudechallenge #socialmediacoach #socialharmony108 #harmonyslater #socialmediadesign #socialmediabreak #socialmediaconsultant #socialmediastrategy #socialmediamanager #socialexperiment #socialize #newbeginnings2018 #socialharmony #socialmedialife #myinspiration #worklifebalance #noworklifebalance #momofboys #workingmomlife
❤️ my custom made gorgeous wreath created by my talented daughter (now also a certified Diving Instructor!) @chevy56 Thanks for christening my first Christmas in my new apartment Ashley. with this beauty. You can order one too @southlandsnurseryvancouver !🎄 #christmaswreath #christmas #vancouver #huckleberry #rosehips #skimmia #cedar #pine #juniper #eucalyptuspods & #strippedeucalyptus #grateful #tendertime #newbeginnings2018 #transition #family #motherdaughter #christmastimeishere #nature #natural #bc
OH MY GOSH. I AM BEYOND Excited. I just started a new series of Facebook lives. I want to share my story of being a young mom, christian, not married, trying to pursue my dreams, life skills, etc. Please!!! come watch and get a look inside the daily life of Korina Creel. Also meet and get to know the new addition to the family, Annabelle Nunez😊💕👣🤱🏽 #newbeginnings2018 #newbabynewlife
It’s an understatement to say 2018 has been one of the most trying, life-altering, and unexpected times of my life. Amidst a seeming wake of destruction and mourning, an immeasurable amount of growth has emerged. I’ve found peace in following the paths where grace is given. I’ve been allowed the opportunity to fulfill life long goals that once seemed so distant. And as this year comes to a close, I am thankful to be surrounded and supported by such beautiful souls who are giving, intelligent and passionate. I’m so fortunate to celebrate the excellent things this world has to offer, and grateful for the hope of another unprecedented year. #christmas #uglysweaterparty #DPTschool #DPTin2 #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapyschool #christmasparty #thankful #growth #newbeginnings #newbeginnings2018 #friends #mygirls #bestclassmatesever #iloveallofyou #shouldbestudying #baylordpt
New beginnings.. New Year.. First things are always special 🥳 #newbeginnings2018 #newbeginnings #newlife #newyear #freshstart #january #metroandlife
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