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Six Tips for Holiday Party Success: 1.) Encourage Conversation 2.) Location is Everything 3.) Place Conversation Starters on Tables 4.) Encourage Holiday Cheer 5.) Give Back to the Community 6.) Think Big!
Out fishing. From a photo I took last summer. I thought the people looked like father and daughter. #watercolorpainting #newengland #art #capecodartist #watercolor #summer #fishing #newenglandsummer #newenglandwatercolor #capecod
Drafted a resignation letter at 5am and submitted it just now. Boss asked me what my next address would be, I said I’ve no idea. A good thing about me, I’d like to think, is that I follow my gut, make choices, sail out and don’t look back, so I won’t be sorry for something I didn’t do. Or maybe it’s a bad thing, who knows. Gonna be a hard few days saying goodbye to everyone. Already feeling it. . . #goingbold #moveonwithyourlife #chanelsunglasses #victoriasecretswim #cheetahbikini #babyabs #boatlifestyle #newenglandsummer #watersport #drivingaboatlikeaboss
Last night we cancelled our shows, because it was snowing and we wanted you to be safe. We’re nice like that. As a result, we don’t have any pictures from last night’s shows to share with you. So, instead, here’s a picture of the empty Swiss Miss packet from after we made hot cocoa last night. Captivating Instagram content. Enjoy. #besttriviaever #hotchocolate #hotcocoa #swissmiss #snow
Looking for beer or wine for Thanksgiving? Look no further, come relax & unwin(e)d with a FREE beer and wine tasting! TONIGHT, 11/15 from 6pm-8pm! And receive savings on: 6 bottles - 10% off 12 bottles - 15% off 2 for 1 pizza (pizza special: short rib & italian sausage) with Newburyport Brewing Co., Baystate Wine & Spirits and live music with DIS-N-DAT BAND! andoverma #andovercommunity #livemusic #townmarketandover #madefreshmadelocal #andovertownmarket #andovermums #localmarket #theandovers #andoverlife #andoverfood #newenglandsummer #locallife #beerandpizza #andoverpatio #andoverfood #locallivemusic #andoverlivemusic #andoverhappyhour #beertasting #winetasting #rubywines #bugsinthecorner #celebratesummer #craftcider #mumssponsor
#tbt to summertime and warmer days!
Our shows last night were good times. We enjoy good times. We also enjoy cookies. Anyways, thanks to everyone who came out to @ordinarynewhaven @bobbyqsct @shermanstaphouse @gatesrestaurant and @saltbar.ct last night! #besttriviaever
Does your business/corporation have meetings in Q1? If so, now is the perfect time to start planning. Talk to us!
Just as lovely outside as it is inside. #taste #tasteinteriors #clientviews #newenglandsummer Interiors: team taste Architect: @atesaarchitecture Builder: @horanbuilding Photography: @robynivy
Strolling into a BIG week ✨ Nantucket sweaters will be back in stock mid-week! NEW Palm Beach women’s and kids sweaters arriving Tuesday and of course, @skinnydippalmbeach opening THURSDAY! Let’s do this 💪🏽 photo: @elizabethshrier
Last week’s batch of Best Trivia Ever shows were cooler than Barack Obama riding a hoverboard while smoking a cigar with a tiger sitting on his shoulders. Thanks to absolutely everyone who came out to @elsegundosono @woodbridgesocial @blindrhinobar @badsonsbeer @caskrepublic @stonycreekbeer @ordinarynewhaven @gatesrestaurant @shermanstaphouse @bobbyqsct @saltbar.ct @tribusbeerco @noworriesbeer @noblejaybrew @bullswine and @judysbarandkitchen ! Check out our schedule (it’s the last pic in this batch) and come to a show or two next week! #besttriviaever
QUESTION OF THE DAY : Sandra Bullock won an Academy Award in 2010 for her role in what critically acclaimed sports film? #besttriviaever
We may not be magicians, but we had a few tricks up our sleeve at the Event Technology Showcase. If you want your next event to “WOW” attendees, try incorporating an interactive element. Like our page to see more ways we make event attendees say “WOW!”. 🤹 🎪 🎩
Why spend Thanksgiving cooking and cleaning? New England’s iconic destination for historical enthusiasts, @oldsturbridgevillage , is hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner! Take a bite out of New England this turkey day 🦃🥧
Friday introductions! There have been some new faces around here so I thought it would be a good time to post a photo of myself (and my handsome husband 😘) So here we go! Hello! I’m Corinne, I also go by my nickname, Cori! I started my photography business this year and I am so excited to see where it takes me in this next season of life. I love coffee, watching reruns of the office & friends, and baking my favorite chewy chocolate chip cookies while eating too much of the batter 😂 Photo by the lovely @alliedotphoto who inspires me daily to keep working towards my passion for photography
TGIF ✨ So excited to watch our favorite Nantucket sweater model get married this weekend! You’re the best @erinmkiernan 😘😘
There was a week in August when we ate lobster every day and I'm currently dreaming of that week.
We miss you, Summer. But you’ll be back again next year. Right?
A whole boatload of good times last night at all of our trivia shows. Yes, we said a “boatload of good times”. Like a whole boat, filled with times that are good. That’s a lot of good times. Thanks to everyone who came out to @bobbyqsct @shermanstaphouse @saltbar.ct @ordinarynewhaven and @gatesrestaurant. See you next week! #besttriviaever #thursday #thursdaymotivation #throwbackthursday #tbt
Anyone else think some of the MVY beaches could use this?! Instead of take a book leave a book, take a chair leave a chair. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photo by @maaikephoto
Still planning your holiday party? 🚨❄️ We’ve only got three remaining dates available! 📅 1.) Friday, December 1st, 2018 2.) Friday, December 7th, 2018 3.) Saturday, December 15th, 2018
Those burnished fall ochres always look best with an ocean accompaniment. #chachifall40
I belong to the night. Another rainy night found out I lost everything. Perhaps, I’ve never actually had them... #夜雨
Day dreaming of our favorite island today ✨Nantucket restock available next week! Love this shot from @chappywrap of @lemonstripes by @juliadags 😍😍
While growing up, I wrote a number of my examinations on a clipboard that had a picture of a brook that went through a lush green woods with the quotation printed, "Life is like a river calm and serene, dancing through the meadows ever some green"! This particular instance, looks very much like that picture on that clipboard, here reminded me of the umpteen times that clipboard, the picture and the quote on it would be what I would be staring at while pondering about how badly I was getting stumped by one of those questions on the paper! Good old days!
Dazzle event attendees: that’s what we help clients do. #OurPassionShows #EventTechSowcase
The Holiday season is nearly here! 🎄❄️☃️
Took a detour on our product shoot yesterday and found this tiny signifier of autumn in the dunes. #chachifall40
Day 4 of #Gratitude30 🌸 COLOR 🌸 “In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, the color creates the light.” ~ Hans Hoffman. . . . 💕 I am grateful I am able to consciously witness and appreciate the magical colorful work of art Mother Nature provides on the daily. In learning to slow down, I have been paused almost every day to open my eyes more to the beauty of nature and I am most captivated by all of the different, vibrant and ever changing colors. I am so grateful that just in the confines of my own yard/neighborhood/garden... I am able to witness so much beauty, nature’s beauty 🌾 I am grateful for my forever favorites, plants & flowers. I am so grateful to live in a place where all 4 seasons show off. I am grateful for the lesson Mother nature provides by proving there is beauty in all stages and seasons of life. Birthing beautiful blooms of flowers and blessing the autumn leaves with bursts of color before death. I am grateful for every single color that has opened my eyes to focus more on nature, and the meanings and lessons it can provide... if only we are willing to stop, open our eyes, and enjoy what’s right in front of us. “It is up to you to see the beauty of everyday things.” 💕#gratitudemonth #attitudeforgratitude #attitude4gratitude @positivelypresent #naturephotography #backyardbeauties #newengland #newenglandsummer #roses #natureheals
That feeling when your home is the homiest home you can imagine. #chachifall40
Sunday morning hikes. #sunday
Ty Law speaking at the Joslin Diabetes gala. Celebrating 120 year of care for the diabetes community. #t1dlookslikeme #t1d #t2d #patriots #newenglandsummer #joslindiabetescenter #joslingala
Planning your meeting for next year? Attendees are sure to be enticed when they lay eyes on this entrance! - @naturalmassachusetts @roadtrip_newengland @igersboston @historicnewengland @newengland_photography @igboston @igersmass @tasteofmassachusetts @onlyinbis @cityscapeboston @ignewengland
Ready for your event to be in the limelight?  #EventTechShowcase  #OurPassionShows
Horrible time but it was well into the 90s and super humid. #july4th #july4th2018 #race #newenglandsummer
🤔🧢🍦 on film, Rockport MA
QUESTION OF THE DAY : The popularity of Stranger Things’ Eleven Halloween costumes led to a massive spike in the sales of what popular breakfast product? #besttriviaever #halloween #halloweencostume #halloweenmakeup
Happy Halloween! 🎃
From all our #CreativeBrandWarriors , Happy Halloween! 🎃👻
Each year, our Lighting Department hosts a “Pumpkin Carving Contest”. The rules are simple: 1.)The pumpkins must be artificial and look real. 2.)The pumpkins must include light-related technology. Check out these awesome entries!👻🎃 #OurPassionShows
Get out of the cold. Stop in for a bite and a beverage at Shades Lounge.
Our Monday batch of trivia shows at @woodbridgesocial and @elsegundosono were way better than sitting at home on your couch watching the freaking Bills. Who the hell wants to watch the Bills anyway? Thanks to everyone who came out! We’re doing it again next week! #besttriviaever #tuesday #tuesdaymotivation
here comes the sun
Video Walls can be of this world. 📡 🔭 ✨
Thanks to the Dolphins getting their loss out of the way on Thursday, Maura and I got to do some Sunday hiking in Middletown. Nature and stuff. #hiking #sunday #sundayfunday #sundayvibes
The Plain White T’s have a song called “Making Memories”. I bet they wrote it about this past week’s Best Trivia Ever shows across the state. Thanks to everyone who joined us at @woodbridgesocial @elsegundosono @blindrhinobar @caskrepublic @stonycreekbeer @saltbar.ct @ordinarynewhaven @gatesrestaurant @bobbyqsct @shermanstaphouse @judysbarandkitchen @noblejaybrew @noworriesbeer @bullswine ! We’re doing it all again this week. You should come! #besttriviaever #sunday #sundayfunday #nfl #football
Come back summer days! I miss you terribly.
What. Is. Going. On. 🍄 Am I in heaven? No, I’m in Wonderland.
Kayla enjoys posing near spray-painted graffiti wings. Kayla also enjoys hosting trivia, and this Wednesday she’s hosting a very special Halloween Trivia Night this Wednesday at 8pm at @gatesrestaurant in New Canaan. Come in costume. Play some trivia. There will be drink specials, a costume contest, all that jazz. Well, there won’t actually be jazz. That’s just a saying. Nothing against jazz music though. Anyways. See you Wednesday night at Gates. #besttriviaever #halloweencostume #halloween #halloweenmakeup
Our annual #EventTechShowcase  is held at AVFX headquarters in Boston. When attendees looked out this window, they thought they were in Brooklyn. 🗽
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