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It’s a wedding day! Coffee’s drank, bible’s read, baby is kicking, we ready!
It’s a good day when you have an awesome wedding party who are laid back, fun, and a cooperative and even better when you can hand the reigns over to your second shooter and trust that they’ll know how bring it all out them! Big props to the amazing second photographers we work with! I feel like we don’t always show enough appreciation to them but it’s truly a blessing when you can trust someone with your art💛 Thanks to the wonderful ones I work with!
Dance like no ones watching ✨
Filling photo albums today. I had a mild panic attack the other day when I cracked my phone’s screen. It hit me that if something would happen to my phone at any moment, over 8,000 irreplaceable memories would be completely gone! That was terrifying to think of. I remember the joy I would get and still get going through my moms albums and boxes of pictures. I know what my parents and family were like when they were young. I know what my great grand parents look like. I know what I look like as a baby. I lost my dad at 5 and had it not been for those boxes of photos, he’d only barely exist in my mind. I just couldn’t imagine my kids not having those tangible memories. Our generation is a selfie, cell phone picture, hiring a photographer but never getting pictures printed, lost digital files generation and I had definitely fallen victim to it. So here’s to getting those pictures printed every few months to make sure something real is left behind💛
When it rains during your session, kiss and make magic ✨
Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers! 💛
💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 I hope you dance and laugh until it hurts today! Happy Saturday✨ #imoff 😆
Strong alone. Unstoppable together✨ It’s Thursday right?!
I’ve always had a thing for hands. I think hands are story tellers. The first hands I ever fell in love with was my grandfather’s. They were huge, course, and he was missing a pointer finger on one of them. Every time I looked at them it was like they spoke of his life. Hardworking family man and farmer, sacrificing anything for his family, working until he simply couldn’t anymore. It spoke of a dad who once held his babies and comforted his wife. They wrapped around me when I was sad and they patted the boys on the head when he was proud. I remember peoples hands so vividly. If you’ve ever been a part of my life, I could paint a picture of your hands without looking at them. When my grandmother was sick in her last days, everything changed about her but her hands. My father passed when I was 5, but I remember his hands. Hands hold, mend, work, wipe tears, button wedding dresses, clamp bracelets, feed babies, protect, praise. They speak unspoken stories of a persons life. They’re truly the most beautiful body part to me and one that I remember most ✨
Had so much fun second shooting with the talented @karafarah with this wedding. The inside of this church was so swoon-worthy!
#NewOrleans #Lousiana I’m there July 27-30 ‼️ Where are the #neworleansphotographers at? #LetsNetwork while I’m there 📸
Stepping into a new week and the 6th month of pregnancy like💃🏽 #letsgo
After 6 wedding weekends in a row, it feels great to be having a relaxed Saturday! Engagement session with a sweet couple from NYC in NOLA this morning and meeting with a new couple! & maybe an order of beignets 😛
Now Showing?
“I got lost in him, and it was the kind of lost that was exactly like being found.” . . . From the moment I met these two last year, I knew it would be a special journey I’d never forget. In the end, they felt more like family than clients. Watching them marry one another was like hearing two hearts finally beating to the same drum. I’d never cried that hard at a wedding. Knowing their story, witnessing this union was a “seeing God” moment I will forever hold in my heart💛
Silhouettes. Part 2.
One of my absolute favorites from Christina’s maternity! Definitely feeling some nostalgia from my own pregnancy. She was literally glowing as bright as the sunset. How beautiful it is to watch someone carry another life. 💙
Kristen is like a real life princess. She’s sweet, and just as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. I loved her classic, sheet bridal look for her Southern Wedding. I’m sharing more from her session on the blog this week!
I am honestly not sure if we were allowed to jump the gate when we took this shot...but we did. I’m so glad they were down to break some rules with me 💁🏻‍♀️
I don’t know what that letter from his bride said, but I know it was good!
My boss at my day job, this stunning lady, commented on how she liked my current vibe. Gave her the faded and blue touch. . . . #neworleans #bosslady #localnomadsla #nolamodels #truck #sky #faded #blue #sonya6000 #sonya6000club #mood 😈 #portraits #portraitoftheday #portraitmood #neworleansphotographers #nolaphotographer #visionofpictures
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