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Testing yummy retreat food this evening.. one of many reasons I love my job! ❤ (& my husband - my amazing retreat chef!) Being half Italian and having worked with an Ayurvedic Doctor in Sri Lanka earlier this year, he really is the best when it comes to retreat cooking. Our Andalucian retreat was more cooling foods, some raw, mostly vegan and always yummy! As we prepare for the New Year Nourish in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, I am testing meals that are more warming and being January - Nourishing. Tonight - Costa Rican inspired Black bean and rice with exotic mushrooms, a sprinkling of pomegranate, a side of avocado, coriander and always lots of love! The result - Yummy! I think this is definitely a New Year Nourish Retreat Meal! There is just 1 space left if you fancy the sound of some nourishing you time as we go into 2019. Read more - https://www.transformtobliss.com/copy-of-the-transformational-retrea 11-13th January 2019 1 SPACE AVAILABLE.. And in the words of one of our Retreat students - ''Great food! So tasty, can Marco send a retreat recipe book?' -.Rebecca Join us? ❤ #yogaretreat #januaryretreat #newyearretreat #yorkshireyoga #transformationalyoga #joannemerliniyoga #transformtoblissretreats #acornwellness #retreatchef #ayurveda #yogateacherlife #yogateacherlifestyle #newyearyogabliss
Spark⚡️& Align 💪🏼 Yoga for the New Year @villaamorsayulita in the beautiful town of #sayulitamexico Join @rebeccabellyoga and @aleta_adams to press the refresh button and re-align yourself with your highest vision and life vibration! Gain strength and clarity in the technology of yoga 🧘🏼‍♂️ and allow nature to nourish the rhythms of your body and mind. . . 2 yoga classes per day, morning meditation, beginners surf 🏄‍♀️ break, fresh local meals 🍅 🌶 🍌 and 5-minute walk to Sayulita town. . . Sign up at www.theyogalabbend.com #linkinbio #yogaretreat #vinyasaflowyoga #mexicoyogaretreat
Perma-grins on retreat in Martinique last winter with my sister! Who’s coming this January?? Seven nights, January 13-20. Ample time for yoga, exploration and DOWNTIME after the holiday / new year rush. Our dear friend Trish Perkins, resident of Martinique, hosting. The amazing @adriana_harp co-teaching (also my first “yoga friend” from our teacher training ten years ago! She’s the best)! Yes, I’m pretty excited. Hope you can join in - we will put every effort into cultivating a magical rejuvenating week for all ✨ www.yogawayretreats.com
Good Morning! Begin the New Year anew by bathing your Being in the lush and transformative rainforest in one of the most biodiverse regions in the world spilling over with life in the Osa Peninsula @lunalodgecostarica. Begin the year rejuvenated and inspired with a spacious and awakened heart. Come fill your cup with vibrant energy and life! Join Orameh for this 6 night 7 day yoga retreat by beginning the day with 2 -1/2 hour yoga workshops which integrate asana/ meditation and more along with evening reflective and restorative practices. You will have plenty of time to soak in the magical land and listen deeply to your spirit. . . Take this time to explore, unplug and immerse the Being in the natural biorhythms of life to reconnect and grow in a rich and supportive environment. Practices will be intended to clear the slate and celebrate the Beauty of the life force and our True Nature. The asana practice is suitable for all levels and the practices will invite people to be curious about exploring the richness of the Being and the world we are interconnected with. . . All packages are all inclusive(not including airfare) and include a choice of two add on packages to double your pleasure which include sunset walks, guided hikes in Corcovado National park and/or massage treatment. . . DOUBLE THE EARLY BIRD SAVINGS by mentioning code: ONE to save $200 off of any package by signing up September 1, 2018. Visit www.orarootyoga.com or email orameh@orarootyoga.com to save your spot with a $400 non-refundable deposit. . . . #yogaretreat #yogaimmersion #goodmorning #osapeninsula #costaricayogaretreat #rainforestyogaretreat #corcovadonationalpark #exploration #costarica #lunalodge #hathayoga #meditation #puravida #somaticexperiencing #restorativeyoga #hathayoga #forrestyoga #yogaforeverybody #orarootyoga #yogaholiday #earlybirdspecial #newyear2019 #newyearyogabliss #retreatguru #retreatguru2019
Amidst exam periods and busy work schedules, our ambassadors clock a minimum of 7 classes a week. Beauty is earned, not given. #titikaxme
The biggest takeaway from fitness, is the strong bonds forged. #titikaxme
Been a little bit of a stretch lately with so many events happening. Time to tune in and recharge.
The challenging part was indeed transitioning. Amazing class by @jyan.yoga , who based all 11 participants. It's like we're all light as feathers.
Ladies, GET EXCITED. We’ve got a new bra for you. Dropping TOMORROW at 8:30pm!
In light of all the darkness, bonds between friends must be strengthened. And what better way than to lift your friends up whilst in yoga poses. Acroyoga with Jiamin. 2.30pm this Sunday! Link in bio.
Acroyoga with Jiamin @jyan.yoga 15 Apr 2018, Sunday 2.30pm Sign up link in bio!
In collaboration with @sosdsingapore , we are hosting a dog adoption drive here in CELL. . . 22nd April 2018, Sunday, 1-5pm . . Hatha Yoga 1-2pm (20 slots) Primal workshop 2.30-4pm (12 slots) . . Classes are going at $25 each. Half the proceeds will go to SOSD to support their amazing work with the dogs. DM us to book a slot!
Together with @jyan.yoga , CELL presents a third Acroyoga class. This time we have prepared a flow - three poses done in succession. 15 April 2018, Sunday, 2.30pm. Class is 90min long.  Only 20 slots available. $35 per participant. Link in bio!
While everyone else is struggling, you’ll get into pose with ease in our apparel. The White Traveller’s Tee, paired with the Ash Grey Flex Shorts will turn heads in the gym 😏
Be surrounded by people, yet feel alone. Or be alone with someone, yet feel fulfilled. Find fulfilment in the gym. We can be more than just fitness.
In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. Things may seem random and coincidental but yet mankind still find ways to categorise the baffling and confusing. Maybe fitness can contribute to the difficult process of healing, via self-discovery. Beneath the layer of madness there is a secret system of order. Beneath the tirade of yoga poses is the discovery of absolute knowledge of yourself. Find yourself amidst the fog of darkness. Gentle Flow Yoga with us at 8.30pm every Thursday.
From the disappointments over the years, we thicken the barricade around our hearts. What doesnt kill us makes us stronger yes? I guess our barricades must be as thick as turtle shells now. The shown Asana is a simple heart opener. They help chip away the thick walls around your hearts. And how do we know we're reaping the benefits of this practice? Our relationships with people around us improve. Come breathe with us in Yin Yoga on Tuesday nights 8.30pm.
Happy International Women’s Day y’all ❤️
One of our customers tagged us in this stunning picture wearing her Thalia Flex Bra - We couldn’t resist but repost it! Thank you @charlotteacs ❤️✨
Our apparel gets you back up with a smile after a hard fall 🙌🏻
Dress it up/dress it down, we bring you versatility with our apparel, saving you the trouble of packing an extra set of clothes if you plan on heading to the gym after👌🏻
Not easy to keep still for a prolonged period. Not easy to find stillness in a storm. But those who find it, achieve a sort of nirvana that glows. And when they do, they become beacons of light in people's storms. Find stillness in our yoga classes. Become the light amidst the darkness.
Reach new heights this year - Achieve what you never thought you could with our apparel. We’ll make it happen. #sapporosg
All smiles at our Beer Yoga event, can’t wait to share more pictures with you guys! 😊
Alone, we can go fast. Then crash and burn. Together, we'll go further. But since no change in speed, we'll still crash and burn. How far do you wanna go?
Thanks for showing up yesterday! Do you know we are doing an Acroyoga class for @fitnessfest.sg in May? Tickets are being sold now so get yours and see you there!
These two showing us a simple backbend move. Ezpzlemonsqueezy. Join them this Sunday for a fun-filled Acroyoga class! Also stand a chance to win an Aura yoga mat ($88) from @kydraofficial if you show up this Sunday. 👭: @broadwaybullet @rachelwongggg
Como prometido uma fotografia com o prémio que recebi do primeiro desafio #newyearyogabliss da @lotusjapamala 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 mais uma vez obrigada :) . ‘Japamala (japamālā, जपमाला) é o rosário usado as tradições orientais como hinduísmo e budismo para contar o número de vezes que um mantra é recitado, contar as respirações feitas durante a meditação, e também para a proteção contra energia negativa. A palavra japamala vem do sânscrito onde “jap” significa “murmurar, sussurrar” e “mala” quer dizer “cordão, colar”. Podem ser confeccionados de diversos materiais e decorado de inúmeras formas. No entanto, devem ter sempre 108 contas ou múltiplos deste número. É um objeto antigo de devoção espiritual, conhecido também como rosário de orações no ocidente. É um artesanato muito utilizado para ajudar nas orações e mentalizações como marcador. Temos então duas correntes: uma espiritual, "Japa", e outra material, "Mala". Assim, as energias espirituais invocadas "Japa" energizam o "Mala".’
You base you fly you spot. Acroyoga for beginners - episode 2 11th Feb 2018 2.30 - 4.30pm $35 per person Win an Aura yoga mat! 1. Sign up for class 2. Take a picture doing a pose with a partner on the Aura yoga mat available in CELL 3. Post the picture on Instagram and tag @kydraofficial and @trainercell 4. Two lucky winners will walk away with one mat each 5. Winners announced on 13th February 2018 at 12pm For now, follow @trainercell and @kydraofficial
I started my yoga practice this year with this inspiring, radiant being and teacher ❤️💕💕#janetstoneyoga #yogainspiration #stoneyoga #yogasf #newyearyogabliss @janetstoneyoga
Your day is pretty much formed by how you spend your first hour. Check your thoughts, attitude and heart. 🤔💭♥️
✨✨ Sat-chit-ananda ✨✨ Easily one of my favorite Sanskrit phrases referring to the true nature of our soul. • Sat- truth. That which is unchanging and enduring -eternal. It’s the idea that though our body and mind change and are affected by time our soul stays the same. • Chit - consciousness, understanding and knowledge. The ability to have a true awareness to see beyond the limited lens of our humanness. • Ananda- bliss. An important reminder that by nature we are all blissful beings. We just sometimes get caught up in our bodies and minds and forget our divinity. ✨
Just another day of training! 🤸🏾‍♀️#PYI #yogatherapeutics Essentials course starts this Friday @pureyoganyc. Only 5 blissful spots remain - but DM me soon...@coachescowilson might still be in this supported inversion! #wherethepropsat
Sometimes I get sick of looking at pictures of myself. Honestly. So here is an awesome pic of my friend Jon aka @jkrocket. He takes a lot of amazing shots of himself in crazy poses in the middle of nature. Him and I became IG friends a while back and went from liking and commenting on each others photos to trying to connect for a workshop or kirtan at the @bhakticenter.nyc to me finally getting to a workshop of his this past wknd at @stantonstreetyoga. He taught advanced asana woven with stories from ancient India from the Hindu Epics- The Ramayana and Mahabharata. It was one of the most informative and playful workshops that I’ve ever been to. He taught advanced postures and transitions in a way that was light and humorous and artfully tied in the fascinating stories behind the asanas. Jon is teaching two more similar workshops at @stantonstreetyoga in Feb and March so if you’re around I seriously suggest checking them out and if not at least give his feed a peep. Cheers to IG for introducing me another rad yoga buddy. 👊🏼
Feet up Friday 👣 Making shapes with the ninja @raz.maga. Can’t wait to see my candlelight crew tonight at @pureyoganyc 💋
Versace. Versace. Versace. Or @lululemon. Same same. Today felt super gray in NYC so throwing it back to matching my leggings to the verdant green of Central Park. 🌿
Author F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function." Honestly, it’s difficult for me sometimes to allow for mystery in the teaching. Life has so much uncertainty as it is - we’re comforted when the story we’re being told is tied up in a neat little 🎁. But - it’s not. Life is not so precise - and for that matter, neither is the practice. 🔮This week in training, we’ve been exploring the #negativespace - the pause, the invitation for the student’s interpretation, the poses that are not one-size-fits-all, and the silence. Mysteries and #paradox are the most intriguing, inspiring and ultimately truthful parts of our lives. #embracethemystery
... That feeling in class where you know you the sequence and you’re like 🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️ #downtoflow
🍪 #prettymuch me after 4 privates, 2 classes and 3 hours of teacher training prep! #cookiegoals 🍪
The man who lives in the hallway • I’ve never heard him speak but he always has a smile on his face. He spends his days at the temple and takes refuge at night on a bench in the hallway. The family who own the house have provided him with three meals a day, a clean bathroom and a safe place to sleep for over 15 years. They ask for nothing in return. This is Karma Yoga 🙏🏻💖🕉 • How many of us are ready or willing to practice service at the highest level? How much more can we do to make a difference in another person’s life? • Aum Shanthi Aum ☮️ May I contribute to to the peace and happiness of all beings everywhere 🙏🏻 • #yogalovesss #ayearofyoga2018 #anatomyofselflove #RefreshRenewYoga #SankalpaYogis #NewYearYogaBliss #ConnectingYogis #yogiresolution #thankfulyogis #ForTheLoveOfYoga #30DaysYogaLiving #DOYOUYOGAin2018 #flyhighin2018 #RealYouYoga #YogiPrayersforPeace #flowinto2018 #30dayyogaliving #YogaResetChallenge #karmayoga #karmayogis #karmayogisunite #sivarathnayoga
Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth. Literally. 😂 📸 @lyanlex1 👖@flexilexi_fitness
🇺🇸I get it, US Government. When I feel disrespected and overworked and underfunded and completely off course, I shut down too. #makeamericakindagain 📸@sfreneenyc
🎉 WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT!! 🎉 . Finally we’re announcing the winners of #NewYearYogaBliss !! You all did so great and we definitely started the New Year the best way we could!!! . I want to thank all my lovely and friendly co-hosts from Portugal!! Yoga became so different once I met you three, @rita_ashtangayoga , @aerialyogaportugal and @goodvibes.by.gracekelly !!! ☺️❤️ . So here’s the winners list, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 🎁 @caffeinerdy.yogi ➡️ @ritualscosmetics (DM @goodvibes.by.gracekelly ) 🎁 @carinagmorais ➡️ @iswariofficial (DM @goodvibes.by.gracekelly ) 🎁 @taydacunha ➡️ @be.topissima (DM @aerialyogaportugal ) 🎁 @julzycorn ➡️ @samadhi.pt (DM @sarahuactive ) 🎁 @juanamantra ➡️ @trilhaverao @ntpersonaltrainer (DM @sarahuactive ) 🎁 @cassandrabmaia ➡️ @lotusjapamala (DM @sarahuactive ) 🎁 @ventress26 ➡️ @sashka_co (DM @sarahuactive ) . Outfit: @dharmabumsactive Japamala: @lotusjapamala _______ #yogaportugal #practiceeveryday #shineeverydamnday #loveandalliscoming #igyogafamily #madaboutyoga #getbendy #getstretchy #selftaughtyogi #yogaathome #japalama #yogaselfie #lovemydharmabums #dharmabumsactive #dharmabums
🎉 VENCEDORAS DO DESAFIO #NewYearYogaBliss 💜 E finalmente anunciamos a Lista das Vencedoras, confessamos que foi difícil a escolha com tantas Maravilhosas Participações!! 😍 Gostava de mostrar a minha maior Gratidão aos Parceiros e as minhas Lindas Yogis que fizeram que fosse possível esta Linda união 🙏🏽 @rita_ashtangayoga 🌞 @aerialyogaportugal 🦋 @sarahuactive 🌸 E aqui vai as Vencedoras!! MUITOS PARABÉNS A TODAS!!! 🍀 🎁 @caffeinerdy.yogi@ritualscosmetics (DM @goodvibes.by.gracekelly ) 🎁 @carinagmorais@iswariofficial (DM @goodvibes.by.gracekelly ) 🎁 @taydacunha@be.topissima (DM @aerialyogaportugal ) 🎁 @julzycorn@samadhi.pt (DM @sarahuactive ) 🎁 @juanamantra@trilhaverao @ntpersonaltrainer (DM @sarahuactive ) 🎁 @cassandrabmaia@lotusjapamala (DM @sarahuactive ) 🎁 @ventress26@sashka_co (DM @sarahuactive ) _______
🎉 WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT!! 🎉 . Finally we’re announcing the winners of #NewYearYogaBliss !! You all did so great and we definitely started the New Year the best way we could!!! . I want to thank all my lovely and friendly co-hosts from Portugal!! Yoga became so different once I met you three, @rita_ashtangayoga , @sarahuactive and @goodvibes.by.gracekelly !!! ☺❤ . So here’s the winners list, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 🎁 @caffeinerdy.yogi@ritualscosmetics (DM @goodvibes.by.gracekelly ) 🎁 @carinagmorais@iswariofficial (DM @goodvibes.by.gracekelly ) 🎁 @taydacunha@be.topissima (DM @aerialyogaportugal ) 🎁 @julzycorn@samadhi.pt (DM @sarahuactive ) 🎁 @juanamantra@trilhaverao @ntpersonaltrainer (DM @sarahuactive ) 🎁 @cassandrabmaia@lotusjapamala (DM @sarahuactive ) 🎁 @ventress26@sashka_co (DM @sarahuactive ) #Yoga #yogaposes #warrior2 #yogaportugal #yogagirl #yogachallenge #instayogafam #instayoga #yogalife #yogateacher #yogalove #yogaeveryday #goldenretriver #mydog #sammythedog #yogidog #yogadog
🎉 WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT!! 🎉 . Finally we’re announcing the winners of the #NewYearYogaBliss challenge!! You all did so great and we definitely started the New Year the best way we could!!! . Thanks to my beautiful Portuguese co-hosts @sarahuactive , @aerialyogaportugal and @goodvibes.by.gracekelly !!! ☺❤ and to all the generous sponsors! . So here’s the winners list, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 🎁 @caffeinerdy.yogi@ritualscosmetics (DM @goodvibes.by.gracekelly ) 🎁 @carinagmorais@iswariofficial (DM @goodvibes.by.gracekelly ) 🎁 @taydacunha@be.topissima (DM @aerialyogaportugal ) 🎁 @julzycorn@samadhi.pt (DM @sarahuactive ) 🎁 @juanamantra@trilhaverao @ntpersonaltrainer (DM @sarahuactive ) 🎁 @cassandrabmaia@lotusjapamala (DM @sarahuactive ) 🎁 @ventress26@sashka_co (DM @sarahuactive ) _______ #yogajourney #myyogalife #yogagram #yogastrong #yogapractice #yogalife #yogalove #yogaportugal #yogaeverydamnday #yogi #yogaeveryday #igyoga #asana #yogamom #yogapose #yogagirl #yogisofinstagram #instayoga #yogainspiration #inspiredyogis #yogachallenge #ashtanga #ashtangayoga #ashtangalove #igyogachallenge
Nothing can be forced, receptivity is everything. B.K.S. Iyengar 🦋 There are always a few factors for how I choose poses for shoots. I usually dip into my saved collection on IG for new poses or diff angles that I put aside for inspiration. Without fail there are always a few shapes that at at a first glance look somewhat simple but when I attempt them are near impossible to execute and it’s always a humorous fail. I always have my go-to favorite poses and they’re usually backbends. On certain days I may be feeling a little tighter or experiencing limited flexibility in different areas so that will also play a big part in what poses I’ll be able to access. Also I take into consideration the environment I’m in- indoor shoots with access to a mat or something soft underneath joints will produce diff results as opposed to an outdoor shoot on a hard surface in the cold. In the case of this deep backbend #kapyasana I kind of surprised myself with this one bc it isn’t always accessible in the colder months bc my shoulders are less mobile. My hips and back were nice and open after practicing in the hot room which allowed for me to reach back and grab the back foot. This pose is only accessible if all these factors are in place otherwise I’d be forcing which is no bueno. 📸 @lyanlex1
The world is spinning but Light is winning // Morgan Harper Nichols ✨✨✨ One of my fav shoots in natural lighting with @sfreneenyc ❤️
👻 We don’t regularly post about our shadows. That stuff hides off the social media, in the dusky hours where we are lit by screens as we scroll through feeds like this looking for something more interesting then the moment we are in. Well, the truth is that I have had some kick-ass moments this past year, and I have had some excruciating ones, and my soul has needed both to grow.*** My shadow moments aren’t sexy. They aren’t pretty, but they are NECESSARY. In the moments I can kick back - give myself a break, and enjoy being human, it’s the shadow self that can tether me to this earth in the most satisfying of ways. Shadows always teach you where the light is. 🕯#satya
“Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain... To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices - today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it” Kevyn Aucoin 🦋✨🌴 #youdoyourlife #bohobabes #happiness #behappy #bepresent #bemorehuman #yogajourney #wayoflife #travel #australiancoast #summervibes #family #friends #grateful #goodtime #love #vegetarian #newyearyogabliss #meditation
❤️Krishna says in the Gita, “The worst crime in the world is indecision. “❤️ #ayearofyoga #yogachallenge #yoga #yogalove #oman #salalah
DO first or AIM FOR second, when the first is already easy! ▶️When you start, your aim should be to balance - bend from your elbows so they can support your knees. Press your fingers strongly into the floor and lean forward. ▶️If that is too easy 😉, try to place your knees near your armpits and think about lifting ☝️rather than leaning👇 on your hands. #30dayyogaliving @kinoyoga @omstarsofficial
DO first, AVOID second! ▶️Plank is a great pose to do every day, if you don't have much time for exercises⏳. ▶️It affects your whole body, but especially your core (hold your body straight and don't let it drop down). Strong core muscles make better posture and less back pain👍 ▶️It is an awesome workout for your shoulders if you push your upperback up☝️ ▶️It improves metabolism 🍏 #30dayyogaliving @kinoyoga @omstarsofficial
I wrote a little poem about jetlag today: What day is it? What time is it? Sleep
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