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Oh heyyy! Just over here contemplating new, exciting things in the works for Diana Davis Creative and I want to hear from YOU. 〰️ So tell me... why are ya hanging with little ol me (in real life and in these little squares)? 🤔 What do you like? What don’t you like? How can I better serve you here AND behind the lens? What keeps you coming back?? Dish it ALL below. I’m listening. 〰️ And stay tuned because I’ll be announcing a lot of exciting things in the up coming months just for you! Yep. You. 🤗 〰️ 📸 by @nicolewildcollective 〰️ #fempreneur #femalefounder #girlboss
Oh HI! I’ve been a bit MIA around here because I’ve officially landed in my home state of CO for the holidays (if you didn’t already find out from my stories)!🎄 Super excited to see my fam, who I don’t get to see often, and explore Denver’s brewery and food scene (because who wouldn’t?? 😂🍻). And since I can work remotely from anywhere, I’ll also be doing a little coffeeshop camping. ☕️💯 〰️ I wanna know where you’re from too!! There’s a lot of new faces around here. Old and new friends, Lmk below! 〰️ 📸: by the lovely @nicolewildcollective / @nicolewild_photo
Just when you think you’re rolling right along on your own little path, you connect with inspiring people. ✨ I get asked almost every day how I get my “gigs.” It’s simple. People. 💯 I’ve been so lucky to align with so many amazing clients and connections who spread the word. Don’t be fooled, I hustle my butt off to cultivate these connections. 💃🏻 The rising tide absolutely lifts all the boats. I am so grateful to each and every one of you who has told a friend about what I do and what I’m about. 🙏🏻💛
How is it already December when I feel like yesterday I was sweating it out shooting in 90 degree summer heat?? ☀️☃️ If you’re in NYC, there’s only TWO MORE WEEKS for us to shoot together until I’m outta here and off to Colorado to spend time with my fam. 🎄👋🏻 #timeflies #happyholidays 📸: @lomagee
IT’S THE WEEKEND! 🙌 Here’s to doing something in the next two days to move you forward in achieving your goals no matter how big or small. Forward motion. That’s all. 💥 • Shout out to my girl @what.ic.fit 📸☝️because she’s running her FIRST #marathon at the @philly_marathon this weekend. 🏃🏼‍♀️ Talk about #goals . • Second shoutout to @rachelgersten who’s running her bajallionth half in Philly. (She’s a running 👑 so if you need advice, she’s your girl.) • Double tap to cheer these badass babes on! 🥇 #womensupportingwomen #phillymarathon #powerofshe #selfsoulsport #girlgetafterit
✨ NO SUNDAY SCARIES HERE! ✨ I’m not gonna lie, this colder weather has me wanting to hibernate in life and in my career. I haven’t been AS active or shooting AS much but that’s changing. 💯 Tonight I went to a @selfsoulsport sweat sesh put on by my my girl @shannatyler_ (more in my stories). I was reminded of my “WHY” as I sweat my 🍑 off (thanks @chase_willman ) and connected with inspiring women. ✨ YOU are why I’m so freakin stoked to get up in the morning and get behind this camera and capture your story. Whether you’re a #girlboss hustling it, athlete, foodie or company that’s inspiring AF, I’m here for it and stoked to be in your corner. 👊 This week is chalk full of shoots, #girlboss dates and I’m even taking over @themoment ’s IG this Tuesday! I’m looking at it all through a new lens (no pun intended) and I’m ready to give this week my all. 💥 Wishing YOU all a killer week. Can’t wait to have you along for mine. 📸: @shayparesh #nycphotographer #photographernyc
REAL LIFE QUESTION Does #girlboss New Yorker count as a costume?? Cuz that’s all I’m doing today. 🤷🏻‍♀️ This is the scariest face I could muster up for you. 👻 📸: fellow girlboss, @shayparesh
IT’S FRI-YAY and I have a challenge for you. 💥 〰️ Do something, anything, this weekend that brings you so much joy it makes you forget to check your phone. 😱 〰️ @b_sinisi is on his way back from his Pacific Coast 1,093 mile cycling trip and we briefly discussed how important it was to leave his phone alone as much as possible during this life-changing trip so he could REALLY soak it in. ☀️ 〰️ We discussed how this social media world can sometimes get us stuck in the world of #FOMO and then never actually go DO the things we want to do. It also can make us think we need more than we do. 👙✈️🍾 〰️ Is social media important? YES. It has changed me entire career. 💯 It’s all about balance. Here’s to a beautiful weekend friends. 😘 〰️ 📸shoot for @thewellnessrookie_ x @wearablex
Hey y’all! It’s ME! 👋🏻 There’s some new faces around here so I thought I’d do something kinda fun to introduce myself. 😘 Three truths + A LIE... Ready? Gimme your best guesses. 〰️ 1️⃣ I started interning in photography when I was 16 — wedding photography shooting with film at that. 💍 2️⃣ Paris was my first time EVER traveling overseas. 🥐👆🏻 3️⃣ I moved to New York 3 years ago with no job lined up whatsoever. 🗽 4️⃣ I grew up outside of a town of 500 people on a cattle ranch and yes, my dad’s a cowboy. A real one. 🤠 〰️ Ok, let’s hear it!! Which one do you think is a lie and why? 〰️ 📷 by @anneliesegartner
✨ ALL THE FEELS ✨ This week marks ONE YEAR since I became my own boss. 💥 You could’ve asked me 2 years ago if I thought I’d be right here and I would have told you I wanted to be but HOW?? 😳 〰️ Life puts you where you need to be if you let it. For me, it was forceful. 😳 I needed pushed off the cliff and out of my current job. The minute I was falling, the magic began to happen. 🔮 〰️ This year has been the best of my life. 💯 Thank you to every single one of you who have supported me through it. 🙏🏻 Every amazing client, every #girlboss making intros and sharing their experiences, my family and friends lending an ear to all my successes and failures, even my former coworkers at @timeinccareers and @hearst , all of you. There is NO WAY I could stay afloat without you, let alone fly. ☁️ 〰️ If you’re feeling pulled to finally chase a dream, I encourage you to do it. Surround yourself with the right people and get ready to accept some freakin awesome gifts from the universe. 💛💛💛 〰️ 📸 by amazing #girlboss in my network of magical humans, @nicolewild_photo
Pumpkin Spice, just wait. ✋🏻 It will always be Margarita season over here in my world. ☀️ Can I get ANY amens?? 🙏🏻 〰️ Get this super fresh marg recipe over at @the_rasa_life 🥒✨
Just another day in paradise doing what I love. 💛📸 It has almost been a full year of photographing amazing #girlbosses and inspiring companies in this concrete jungle and my heart is so full. 💯 Today I shot in 91 degree weather (you are such a great sport @allisonknottrd ) and I loved every minute. ☀️ (More on my story!) I just want to say to all of you who have supported me, allowed me to capture your story with my lens, followed along here on the gram... thank you. Thank you for helping me make my dream a reality. 💫
Summer’s not over!! ☀️ We still have one full month left y’all. What’s your summer bucket list?? 🏖 Mine is lengthy 👇🏻 Take advantage of every farmer’s market possible 🍑🍒🥕🍅🌽 Rent paddle boats in @centralparknyc 🛶 Go on a bike ride with @b_sinisi 🚴🏻‍♂️ Hit up @coneyislandfun 🎡 Have ONE more drink on a rooftop 🍹 〰️ 📸shoot for @travelandleisure x @ouibyyoplait Model: @cm_leclair
Now taking bookings Las Vegas September/ link in bio. Limited spaces hurry up. Model: Aurelie #lasvegasphotoshoot
💕 GIRL TALK NYC was not only a success, but an INCREDIBLE success. 💕 〰️ It’s crazy how things come into fruition. 🔮 A little over a year ago, my lady friend from Montana, @thewellnessrookie_ came to visit me in NYC. ✨ She literally came up with the GIRL TALK concept and what she calls “Sweat-working” (the best form of networking) 💦 on that plane ride home. She hosted the first in Bozeman, Montana shortly after and I had serious FOMO from afar. 😂 〰️ So what does she do a year later?? Brings it to New. York. City. 🗽 Her and @shannatyler_ came together as a KILLER #girlboss team and brought like-minded women into one room to connect and get really, really real. 〰️ The night was full of inspiration. @headstandsandheels , @healthchefjulia and @shannatyler_ were part of one of the most inspiring panels I’ve heard to date. 🎙 @libbyloveyoga led us in a beautiful flow. 🧘‍♀️ The fabulous sponsors @bumble , @healthade , @tymefood and @matchabar brought their A game. 💯 And I met so many amazing ladies who are ready to support each other at the drop of a hat. 〰️ Thank you for letting me be the one to capture this amazing experience. 📸 I’m so inspired by both of you, @thewellnessrookie_ and @shannatyler_. 🙏🏻 I’m so glad we get to go through this girlboss venture together. 💕
Oh HEYYYYY FRIDAYYY! 💥 Why am I smiling?? Because GIRL TALK NYC is tomorrow with @thewellnessrookie_ and @shannatyler_ and I get to do what I love — snap those photos and connect with all of YOU amazing women! 💕💕💕 📸: @nicolewild_photo
Who doesn’t love a NYC rooftop workout in the summertime?? 💪🏻☀️ 〰️ @thewellnessrookie_ and I went and got our 🍑’s kicked this AM by @travelfitlove ’s sculpt bootcamp at the @arlohotels rooftop and I’m still humming off those good vibes. ✌🏻 〰️ So throwing ya a throwback shot from the @nationalfitnessday rooftop sweat celebration at the @yotel when @jsimsfit led the fit fam in a sweat sesh. 💦
For my people in this concrete jungle and beyond, what makes you feel grounded?? 🗽🌳 〰️ Is it really as simple as a workout, turning up those tunes in your headphones, or #selfcaresunday ? 💅🏻 〰️ For me it’s exploring, walking, breathing in the energy of this city.⚡️And honestly?? Shooting. Photoshoots put me on a level of gratitude and inspiration and I absorb energy from the amazing people I get to shoot with. I almost ALWAYS leave a shoot on a high. 📸☁️ 〰️ Here’s one of my faves from my shoots with the amazing and always encouraging @afitnessmoment. 💕
So excited for this weeeeeek!! 😁 It’s full of shoots with amazing wellness women (looking at you @goandglowrun and @jess.glazer 😜). PLUS one of my favorite humans, @thewellnessrookie_ , is coming into town TOMORROW and she and @shannatyler_ (the lady with the amazing smile right up there👆) are putting on #GIRLTALKNYC this Saturday at @lululemonnyc. 💥 What are YOU excited for this week? Let’s fill these comments up with good vibes to give us all a kickstart. ⚡️ I know we need it. #byemercuryretrograde
💥MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT!!💥 K, most of you who follow me know about my gal pal @thewellnessrookie_. She’s a kickass, real AF wellness lady. 💪🏻 She and I go wayyyy back to my Montana days. 🏔 〰️ Last year she started GIRL TALK, which is an event to “bring women together to collectively sweat on the outside and connect on the inside.” 💦 〰️ These events are freakin magical and usually held in Montana... ✨ BUT on August 11, she’s coming to New York and hosting the first GIRL TALK NYC with none other than @shannatyler_ and her community @selfsoulsport. 💥🗽💥 〰️ Ladies. ✋🏻 You don’t want to miss this. 🙅🏻‍♀️ It’s going to be a room full of badass, likeminded #girlbosses hanging out at @lululemonnyc ’s space, @hubsevent flowing together, connecting with each other, hearing panel discussions and enjoying swag from some badass lady brands including @bumble. 🐝 〰️ I’m the lucky duck shooting this event and I can’t be more excited to be a part of this. 😭📸 What are you waiting for??? Go snag your tix in the link in my bio and use DIANADAVIS10 for 10% off! 💕 〰️ SEE YOU THERE GIRLFRIENDS!!
Model Emma Cochrane #mariyamovaphotography is coming to Vegas, Olympia Weekend. Book your fitness photo shoot now. Limited places left. Movafoto.com
I woke up this morning and had one of those “pinch me” moments. “Wow, I really do work for myself! This is real! ✨ 〰️ I’m literally living my dream of being in NYC not only working for myself, but actually working on my passions of photo and design every damn day. 📸 〰️ Join me tomorrow from 6-8 at @thefinancialgym for the BOSS BABE panel along with @jera.bean , @shannatyler_ , @cbquality and @livingminnaly as we chat about being our own bosses in creative industries in NYC. The panel discussion will be led by @theshannonmclay. It’s going to be 💥 and there will be 🍷. 〰️ Use code BOSSBABE for a free ticket! Link in bio. 📸 by #girlboss @nicolewild_photo
ll be over here on cloud 9 if you need me. ☁️ Today’s shoot with @liveyinsa was magic, a dream shoot really. ✨ From yoga in the lavender fields of @lavenderbythebay , 💜 to the aqua water of the North Fork beaches, 🌊 to the abundance of fresh produce at @harbesfarm farm stand, 🍑 it combined all three of my passions in photography — fitness, wellness and food. 🧘🏻‍♀️ I am so grateful to be doing this as a living and for ALL OF YOU who support me and allow this dream to continue. 😘
Last weekend I was blessed to meet and get to know an incredible group of women who particpated in Krista's @fitbodybykrista fitness photoshoot challenge. Each completely rocked out being a model for the day! I had a wonderful time with these gorgeous souls who celebrated reaching their goals! Here is the first sneak peek! Makeup by @litemakeup Hair by @s_a_ok12 Model: Nerissa #hudsonvalleyfitnessphotographer #hudsonvalleyfitnesschallenge #newyorkfitnessphotographer #fitnessphotochallenge #fitnessphotography #healthyandfit #hudsonvalleyportraitphotographer #fitbodybykrista #fitbody
Summer vibes on full blast. 💛☀️⚡️ 📸shoot for @thewellnessrookie_
Weekend vibes! 💙🥥🌊🌴 (even tho I’m shooting for most of it 😂) #dowhatyoulove {📸shoot for @thewellnessrookie_ + @wearablex }
Not only does this weather have me jumping for joy 🤸‍♀️ (is spring FINALLY here?? 😩) but so does inspiring AF women like @afitnessmoment (see babe above☝️)! She took to the New York City streets 🚕 in her gorge @athleta suit and rocked that body. 💪👙It’s about as public as you can get. 💯The whole point?? To spread those body positivity vibes and step out of her OWN comfort zone. ✌️🍑 You can’t preach it unless you’re livin’ it. You can catch Amanda literally preaching body positivity at 5PM this Thursday at the UES @athletanyc. I’ll be there. Are you joining me?? 🙋‍♀️ #powerofshe #athleta #bodypositive
⚡️Get it girl!⚡️Go ahead and take that compliment from that voice inside your head telling you you got this. 💪 {📸shoot for @danceloverun }
I’m totally going to the gym on January 1st, so I can eat what I want till then. I should look like this by St. Patrick’s day of 2024. Goals!!!! Even unattainable ones are good. #nycphotographer #nycfitness #nycfitnessphotographer #nycfitnessphotography #nycfitnessblogger #newyorkfitnessphotographer #newyorkfitnessmodel #newyorkfitnessblogger #fitness #gym #heavyweight @jasonhugehuh #jasonhugehuh #fitnessgoals
010 || the gates of mt olympus. july 2017, brooklyn ny @_rsa_streetviews_ x @portraitsnyc present... #HardKnockLight . 📷 | @kevinhwangphoto #model | @trevorbell