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The HWT Project
The HWT Project
The HWT Project
The HWT Project
The HWT Project
The HWT Project
The HWT Project
The HWT Project
The HWT Project
Should I do more levitation? 🤔
She is so bright that even my camera cannot adjust proper exposure. 🌝
All these beautiful flowers are blooming yet Spring allergies is killing everyone.
When the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the wind. -African Proverb
Skin. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
I forgot what you do to me | @tmoromisato |
Take me back to those Nashville streets, bars, coffeè, but especially the food🤤🙌🏼
Positive this has been one of the most emotional weekends EVER. Loosing someone is never easy & I’m not sure really how to handle it. But, this is a reminder to tell the ones you love how much they mean to ya & squeeze them extra tight😢😌💕
Untamed Vibes. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
Let’s all forget about our worries and run away into the mountains to cuddle with flowers. Yes please. 💐
all the spring outfit vibes🌷
Introvert. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
‘It’s more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art’
Trying to balance life like...
Friday & niceish weather??? Just the 🍒 on top
Scope out the lies that the enemy is trying to tell you... Stare at them until they run away in fear of the power that you hold. 🔥🔥
Find your own freedom. (Edited with @tribephotoco wolf pack)
Summer Wine. New York | 2017 #SquawVision
Looking forward to this Easter weekend full of family, friends, & sunshine💛 🌻spring is coming, goooodbye winter
The Indigo Child. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
If you love me baby let me hear you say it, I know I'm you're favourite | @_alisaremi |
u can tune a guitar but u can’t tuna fish...🐠😅😂 & yes I spent time looking up “guitar jokes” & laughing lol
Far and Wise. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
Power Girl. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
Second attempt of posting this photo which was previously censured by myself and which I don't understand why was erased by Instagram. Please guys, even if it was uncensored (which it wasn’t), move forward, it's just a nipple, my mother has two of them and so do I
I do very little people photography, I love it but I'm not so good at it (not that at everything else I'm something special), unless I'm asked or there is a good chemistry with the subject.
Brightening up your Monday. #mondaymotivation
Almonds. Long Island | 2018
Snipe. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
I’m not sexy Itty Bitty Titty Committee Don’t take me so serious I just like to make a fuss | @jordan.taffe | #internationalwomensday #empoweringwomen
EP DROPPING SOON. New Jersey | 2018 #SquawVision
When your haters hate, just smile.
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