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Felíz de escuchar que una de mis ciudades favoritas finalmente está recibiendo lo que se merece. Lisboa es una de las ciudades mas completas de la zona. Buscas algo? Nómbralo que seguro que lo tienen. Solo espero de corazón que tengas un desarrollo fuerte y sostenible, que no pierda ninguno de sus encantos, ni una pizca de su carácter ⚪️ Happy to hear that one of my favorite cities in the world is finally receiving what it deserves. Lisbon is one of the most complete cities around. Looking for something? Just name it, they have it! I just truly hope that it developes in a strong and steady way, preserving all its wonders and not loosing a bit of its character.
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One Love, two friends. Beautiful Berta gifted her friend Paola with a shoot for her birthday. ⚪️ Un amor, dos amigas. La preciosa Berta le regalo a su amiga Paola una sesión de fotos por su cumpleaños.
You’re the drug I’m told I shouldn’t take, but you’re the only one who keeps me awake | @_alisaremi |
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Oscar Room Mate hotel roof bar, Madrid
They had a party..and I was invited..
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Queen of the day
She really loved her dress. By her smile, you can tell
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