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When the person you hate the most is also the person you love the most.
Gazing. New York | 2017 #SquawVision
Every location can be pretty, is just how to you composed.
The weather gmfu plus AC at work is broken too?!? 😒
Guard your heart. Not everyone deserves the love you long to give.
Rays. Brooklyn New York | 2017 #SquawVision
I been trying to find neon sign but no clue. Thanks to @chanallison for knowing a spot in downtown
Been working in boba industry for two years now. I have to say in this I meet countless people from place to place. What nice is that some keep in touch even I left from one place to another. I also have to thanks Gongcha that giving me a lot of opportunities from barista to a higher position and vice versa. Plus seeing how all other store run by a different way and taught me a lot of management. PS: Westgate team you guy are the best. Aka drama free
still dunno if i truly like this one
city vibes
I like this image... but I do not know why lmao
i’m not afraid anymore.
My content has been lacking not because I don’t have photos to post but I’m lazy to post 👻😅
Black is Power. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
Almost Time. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
Detention in Mind. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
Mayve Music. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
Lines. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
This shoot was real fun
Just like the 80’s films | @danielhadfield |
& we're back back again
Won’t live here without you | @kmvalor |
Merry go round 🎠🎶
More night shot. 🌃📸
I have nothing clever to say about this photo but I am glad to report that I am alive after today’s outdoor wedding with a heat index of 105 degrees. (75% humidity). My army green skirt turned a LOT darker shade of army green. Gross. BUT it was still beautiful... and love is beautiful.
“We arrive in this world as energy. Messy, raw, and continuously perfect in our chaos. Release the need to control and instead surrender to your natural rhythm..” (📷: @lenswithjason ) (👁: @spooky_eyes , spooky white out) . . . . . . . #globe_people #moodyfilm #portraitpage #moodyports #agameoftones #portraitmood #portraitvision #portsinspired #pursuitofportraits #portraitstream #moodyfilm #gramslayers #bravoportraits #bleachmyfilm #doports #creative_portraits #ourportraitdays #xelfies #portraitgames #bleachmyfilm #nextvisualportaits #ourmoodydays #themoodoflife #777luckyfish #featuremeseas #doports #withportraits
She want the stuffed animal. Too bad I’m only here for the picture.
23 Hours. Brooklyn New York | 2018 #SquawVision
*excuse me, can you direct me to tourist information*
Dilly. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
*training at 6 but gotta shoot at 7*
*take me back to where I belong*
*full supporter of hentai*
Habitual rituals | @kmvalor |
Adidas X Palace impeccably shot by Alasdair McLellan. To be worn at Wimbledon this year.
*getting back into a routine is a feeling I can’t describe*
A 1000 Times. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
Zesty. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
You Feel Me. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
Broke Another Heart. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
California summer weather is either too hot or too cold. 🙃
Burst of Life. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
Lesson learned: bring insect repellent when walking into a place with so much tree and grass. 😒
Queen Mentality. New Jersey | 2018 #SquawVision
Maybe Tomorrow. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
When life does not go the way, you wanted it to be.
Always Down To. New York | 2018 #SquawVision
Don’t stop your loving Don’t stop for nothing | @danielhadfield |
Look pretty in the picture but in reality those grass hurt like hell. 🤫😅
Just a simplicity life.
Allison in wonderland? 🤷🏻‍♂️
From one of the clip. PC: @mnph4m
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