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With just 1️⃣ day left until our season opener, Coach Clifford has named #NikolaVucevic , #AaronGordon and #EvanFournier as team captains! 👏 ・・・ I was a little confused to find that Evan was chosen as a captain, but I’m assuming he’s taken more of a leading position this offseason. ・・・ Congrats, fellas! 🙌 ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
Head Coach Steve Clifford has named his Team Captains.
Reports: #TerryRozier and the @Celtics will not agree upon a contract extension before Monday’s deadline, making the 24-year-old point guard a RFA in 2019. (@247sports ) 👀 ・・・ Rozier’s mindset is clear - he wants to be a starting point guard in the NBA. If Orlando could facilitate a trade surrounding #NikolaVucevic and Rozier, would it be a smart move? 🤔⬇️ ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
Is Nikola Vučević a top 10 center in the NBA?🤔🔥 Original 📷: nba.com #Vucevic #Vučević #NikolaVucevic #NikolaVučević #Magic #Orlando #OrlandoMagic #NBAPhotos #NBAEditedphotos #NBAEdit
Vucevic’s preseason? 🔥🔥🔥 ・・・ Vuc is 7th in the league in points, 12th in rebounds, and 18th in blocks per game this preseason 👀🙌 ・・・ Does everyone still wanna trade him? Or would he be a better option next to Bamba? 🤔⬇️ ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
Top performances from yesterday’s action! Who do you think had the best game? I’m goin with Joel Embiid • #ZachLavine #JoelEmbiid #VictorOladipo #NikolaVucevic #CarisLeVert #StephenCurry #BuddyHield #DangeloRussell
El clásico de Florida fue para Miami Heat. Venció con lo justo a Orlando Magic en el American Airlines Arena. Goran Dragic 16 puntos Rodney MCGruder 19 puntos Nikola Vucevic 22 puntos, 14 rebotes. Aaron Gordon 12 puntos, 8 rebotes. . . . . . . . . . . . . #nba #nbapreseason #basquet #basketball #baloncesto #miamiheat #heat #heatculture #gorandragic #orlandomagic #magic #puremagic #nikolavucevic
[FINAL] Magic fall to Heat, 89-90. Nikola Vucevic: 22 PTS, 14 REB, 3 AST
Your @OrlandoMagic starting 5️⃣ for tonight’s match vs. @MiamiHeat ・・・ ☝️ - DJ Augustin ✌️ - Evan Fournier 👌 - Wes Iwundu 🖖 - Aaron Gordon 🖐 - Nikola Vucevic ・・・ Isaac (ankle), Ross (foot) and Mozgov (finger) will not play tonight. ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
Yesterday, Coach Cliff played #MoBamba at PF and #NikolaVucevic at C during team practice. Surprisingly enough, it went pretty well. (Josh Robbins) ・・・ Clifford: “I liked a lot of it, a lot to build on. And they liked it, you could tell.” ・・・ Seems like we could be running plays this season with both Mo & Vuc on the floor. Question is, what do we do with AG? Obviously, we know he can’t effectively run the SF role, meaning one of them couldn’t start games. ・・・ Thoughts? How comfortable would you feel running Mo and Vuc together as a tandem? 🤔⬇️ ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
It’s #GAMEDAY , Magic fans! Orlando hosts #AndersonVarejão and @flamengo tonight at Amway for the 2nd game of the preseason. 👀 ・・・ Game info: 📍Amway Center, Orlando 📺 FOX Sports Florida / NBA League Pass 📻 969 The Game ⏰ 7:00 PM EST ・・・ #Flamengo is one of the most traditional and successful basketball teams in #Brazil , winning the Brazilian National League title 6 times. NBA Champion and former Cavalier & Warrior @andersonvarejao18 will be in action tonight. ・・・ Who ya got? #ORLvsFLA 🤔⬇️ ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
🗣 Vucevic has faith in Coach Cliff. Do you? 🤔 ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
Mentre continua l’intenso dibattito social fra Embiid e Mo Bamba sul poster di cui sopra, caso vuole che il nostro #30teamsin30days faccia tappa oggi proprio a Disneyland. Pochi sono stati gli stravolgimenti fatti nel roster rispetto al recente passato; gli eventi più importanti di questa off-season sono stati la sostituzione di coach Vogel con l’ex Hornets Steve Clifford, il rinnovo multimilionario di Aaron Gordon e la scelta al draft del predetto Bamba. Proprio la front-line si annuncia nettamente il punto di forza di questa squadra: Gordon, Bamba e anche il secondo anno Jonathan Isaac (visto quasi per nulla nel suo primo anno causa infortunio, ma grande prospetto) costituiscono un trio davvero esplosivo sul piano atletico e ovviamente futuribile; se non si pesteranno i piedi, potranno fare ottime cose già nell’immediato. Il tutto, è chiaro, senza dimenticare la certezza Vucevic sotto canestro. Molte più incognite riguardano la rotazione degli esterni, che vanta comunque giocatori di esperienza quali Fournier, Jonathon Simmons, Ross, Augustin. I dubbi maggiori riguardano la regia, dove anche Jerian Grant avrà una chance, ma sembra mancare quel punto di riferimento che il playmaker deve essere. Accantonato il progetto Payton trade deadline, occorre capire quale sarà l’alternativa. Il nuovo coach avrà le mani piene ed è atteso da un grande lavoro per migliorare la squadra, ma i giocatori con margine di crescita non gli mancano! @orlandomagic #disneyland #aarongordon #mobamba #jonathanisaac #nikolavucevic #evanfournier
Sporty Nerd Analytics MVPG —————————————————————— (Most Valuable Player Graded) ——————————————————————- Sporty Nerd Analytics PGG Player Game Grade (Played 20 Minutes or More) #NBA Date: 10/1/18 Score: Magic 114 - 76ers 120 Team: #Orlando #Magic Player: #NikolaVucevic Position: C Height: 7-0 Weight: 260 Age: 27 College: #USC #Trojans PGG: 104% = A+ Versus: #Philadelphia #76ers ——————————————————————- OBSESSED With BEING THE BEST I would love to only concentrate solely on basketball analytics for a team,organization/company. —————————————————————- SEEKING SPONSORSHIP Marlawn Heavenly VII SportyNerd@ymail.com Text Only: 1-313-444-6712 ——————————————————— #Marlawn #Heavenly VII #NewYork state of mind #Analytics #Stockbroker / #Wallstreet blueprint #Entrepreneur / #Business mind-state Self #investing #NBA #ESPN raised #UFC / #boxing #Hiphop forever #NHL #Basketball #Atlanta (King KD) Grinding like I'm from #Houston #Arizona or #Miami / #Florida Retirement ————————————————————-
Sporty Nerd Analytics PGG Player Game Grade (Played 20 Minutes or More) #NBA Date: 10/1/18 Score: Magic 114 - 76ers 120 Team: #Orlando #Magic Player: #NikolaVucevic Position: C Height: 7-0 Weight: 260 Age: 27 College: #USC #Trojans PGG: 104% = A+ Versus: #Philadelphia #76ers —————————————————————— OBSESSED With BEING THE BEST I would love to only concentrate solely on basketball analytics for a team,organization/company. —————————————————————— SEEKING SPONSORSHIP Marlawn Heavenly VII SportyNerd@ymail.com Text Only: 1-313-444-6712 ———————————————————————- #Marlawn #Heavenly VII #Analytics #Coaching #Obsessed / #Scouting #Entrepreneur / #ESPN #investing advice platform #Basketball #Football #UFC / #boxing #Hiphop forever #Rugby #Hoop #Soccer #NBA #Sports #NHL / #Dunk —————————————————————————- “Data Say What” Marlawn Heavenly VII
FINAL: @OrlandoMagic falls to the @Sixers 114-120, on a team-high 20 PTS from Captain Vuc ⬇️ ・・・ Game stats: ____________________________ 🔹 #AaronGordon : 10p // 7r // 4a ▫️ #JonathanIsaac : 2p // 1r 🔥 #NikolaVucevic : 20p // 5r // 2a 🔹 #DJAugustin : 12p // 6a ❄️ #EvanFournier : 3p // 4a ▫️ #JerianGrant : 5p // 2r // 1a 🔹 #JonathonSimmons : 6p // 2r // 2a 🔥 #MoBamba : 12p // 3r // 2a // 17 MIN ▫️ #WesleyIwundu : 6p // 2r // 1a 🔥 #TerrenceRoss : 13p // 2r // 1a // 15 MIN 🔹 #AmileJefferson : 4p // 5r ▫️ #JarellMartin : 4p // 3r 🔹 #KhemBirch : 2p // 1r // 2a 🔥 #IsaiahBriscoe : 11p // 1r // 1a ▫️ #MelvinFrazier : 2p // 1r 🔹 #TroyCaupain : 2p // 1a ____________________________ Overall tonight’s game wasn’t terrible. We could’ve done a few things differently to have slowed down Philly’s offense, but let’s look at some positives. Briscoe and Bamba showed out in their preseason debuts, both dropping 11+ PTS apiece. ____________________________ Don’t be surprised if Briscoe will be in the running for starting PG. Up next, Orlando hosts #Flamengo at Amway on Friday. ____________________________ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
#JoelEmbiid provided a dominant 22 minutes of action in the #76ers win over the #Magic - #NikolaVucevic : 20pts, 5rbs, 2ast, 2blk, 9/17fg
Philadelphia 76ers VS Orlando Magic Highlights | NBA 2018 Pre Season 10/1/18 Final Score: Sixers 120 - Magic 120 Player of the Game: Joel Embid ( 21 PTS, 2 AST, 7 REB, 9 FGM - 15 FGA, 60% FG% ) • • • • • • • • • • • #nba #basketball #nbabasketball #nbapreseason #nba2018 #nbahighlights #basketballhighlights #nbagameresults #nbagame #nbagames #ryansreports #philadelphia76ers #76ers #philadelphia #philly #bensimmons #joelembiid #markellfultz #orlandomagic #magic #orlando #aarongordon #mobamba #nikolavucevic #jonathanisacc #evanfournier
At the half, @OrlandoMagic trails the @Sixers 49-60, on Vuc’s team-high 12 PTS. ⬇️ ____________________________ Stats: - #NikolaVucevic : 12p // 4r // 1a - #AaronGordon : 8p // 7r // 4a - #DJAugustin : 9p // 4a - #EvanFournier : 2a - #JonathanIsaac : 2p // 1r - #MoBamba : 7p // 3r // 2a ____________________________ Mo is looking NICE! Not gonna lie, I think Vuc & Mo could actually play on the floor together. 🤷‍♂️ ____________________________ Thoughts on the game so far? 🤔 ____________________________ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
Your projected starting 🖐 for tonight’s match in #Philly . 👀 ・・・ The lineup may change, and if it does, expect Simms to take the 3, Ross to take the 2, and Bamba to take the 5. AG and Vuc will most likely have limited playing time. ・・・ Who ya got? @sixers or @orlandomagic ? 🤔⬇️ ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
#NBA_Issue 올랜도가 최근까지도 트레이드 가능성을 내비쳤던 니콜라 부세비치에 대해 트레이드 의사가 없다고 밝혔다. 팀의 리빌딩 과정에서 이미 새로운 루키들로 빅맨진을 구성한 올랜도 입장에서는 그들에게 더 많은 시간을 부여하기 위해서라도 니콜라 부세비치를 트레이드 시키고 대신 미래를 위한 준비를 하는 것이 낫다고 판단했었을거다. 그러나 올랜도의 제프 웰트만 사장은 인터뷰를 통해 그를 트레이드 하지 않겠다고 못을 박았다. 팀원들에게도 많은 인정을 받고 있는 만큼 트레이드 보다는 모하메드 밤바와의 적절한 조화를 택한 듯 하다. 올랜도도 꽤나 재미난 리빌딩을 하고 있는 만큼 다음 시즌 그들의 로테이션 배분도 흥미로울 듯 하다. . . #올랜도 #매직 #니콜라부세비치 #NikolaVucevic #트레이드반박 #사장님이말한거니지킬테지 #NBA
Can he accomplish these goals? — @youngheirgordon
魔術隊總經理Jeff Weltman接受訪問時透露球隊將不會尋求交易Vucevic,他說: 「他對我們的球隊非常重要,而且十分具有價值,我甚至不會將他用於炒作新聞。」 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 我們現在已經開設了Facebook群組,大家可以在我們的個人檔案中找到連結加入。 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/basketregion/ Whatsapp群組:https://chat.whatsapp.com/5L2Tu8tj3G4JK0SVWhR598 Facebook群組:https://m.facebook.com/groups/254900638494231 #籃社 #魔術隊 #NikolaVucevic
Rebatendo todos os rumores o presidente das operações de basquete do Magic, Jeff Weltman, informou que o Magic não tem planos de negociar ninguém agora e completou dizendo que @nikolavucevic9 é muito valioso para equipe. #nba #ClutchClass #nbabrasil #magicbrasil #puremagic #espnbrasil #espn #sportv #nikolavucevic @orlandomagicbrasil
🔥Bosanci, Slovenci i Crnogorci u NBA! 🔥 👉Ko će biti najbolji ove sezone?👈 . . . . . #jusufnurkic #dzananmusa #gorandragic #lukadoncic #nikolavucevic #nbabalkan #balkan #svezakosarku #samokosarka
Training camp starts today. Basketball is OFFICIALLY BACK! 🔥👀 ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
#OMWTradeTargets : Our final trade target of the series highlights @SacramentoKings forward and former high school phenom, @skal_lab ⬇️ ・・・ ➡️ STRENGTHS - 7’2” wingspan (perfect for Orlando’s culture) - Runs the floor quickly & athletically - Has a good 3PT shot for a PF (35.6% thru career) ・・・ ➡️ WEAKNESSES - Not an outstanding shot blocker (0.7 thru career) - Lacks intensity from time to time - Not very consistent offensively ・・・ ➡️ BENEFITS FOR ORLANDO Labissiere, 22, showed tremendous potential at the tail end of his high school career, and had high expectations heading into his first season of college ball at #Kentucky . However, after his disappointing inaugural NCAA year, Skal landed in #Sacramento after one season with the Wildcats. He’s known for his offensive upside and ability to knock down the 3 ball, and could provide some offensive depth at the F/C spot behind Isaac & Bamba. ・・・ ➡️ TRADE SCENARIO - ORL receives: #SkalLabissiere , #FrankMason , 2020 2nd-round pick - SAC receives: #NikolaVucevic , #TimofeyMozgov ・・・ Thoughts on a potential flip with SacTown? Who would you give up for #Skal ? 🤔⬇️ ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
🗣 #NikolaVucevic says it’s time to switch things up in O-Town... ・・・ ... if he’s still here next season. ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
They’re back... 🏀🏀🏀. @orlandomagic begin training camp tomorrow... but first —> Media Day 🎥📺. #HappyMonday #OrlandoMagic #MoBamba #NikolaVucevic #JonathanIsaac #AaronGordon
Big man edition 💪 Jusuf Nurkic. Jonas Valanciunas. Nikola Vucevic. Start one. Bench one. Cut one. Be sure to follow @startbenchcut_nba for the best and most controversial NBA start bench cut questions! Follow the NFL? Check out my @startbenchcut_nfl account. Have a suggestion for a SBC? DM it! 📩 #jusufnurkic #jonasvalanciunas #nikolavucevic #portlandtrailblazers #torontoraptors #orlandomagic #nba #startbenchcut #startbenchcutnba #zcsbc #zcsbcnba
Team: Orlando Magic Projected Record: 23-59 Projected Seeding: 14th in East Projected Awards: Mo Bamba - All-Rookie Second Team The Orlando Magic since Dwight Howard’s departure have been a textbook example of how NOT to restructure a roster for playoff contention. They have made several questionable decisions including trading a great young player in Victor Oladipo for Serge Ibaka, who they gave up on after only half a year. Also, the drafting of Mario Hezonja when players such as Devin Booker and Myles Turner were available has been highly scrutinized as both have solidified themselves as great young players. Hezonja on the other hand has struggled to find his footing since being drafted, and it looks like the organization certainly made the right decision by letting him walk to the Knicks. However, their selection in the draft this past June, Mo Bamba, certainly looks promising for the future of the team as he should provide shotblocking as a freakish interior presence from the time he steps foot on an NBA floor. The development of Aaron Gordon should definitely help this team win some games, but they will still struggle without any real starpower or significant depth on the roster. The team must also find a competent starting point guard before the start of the season. Look for the team to trade Nikola Vucevic for a few bench pieces and/or draft picks before the deadline. ———————————— #nba #magic #orlando #orl #orlandomagic #basketball #ball #nba #nbadebate #nbaanalysis #mobamba #aarongordon #victoroladipo #mariohezonja #nikolavucevic #teamreview
Let’s settle this before the season begins. Bamba or Vuc? 👀🤷‍♂️ ・・・ IMO... give the rookie his minutes and move Nikola for a POINT GUARD. 😤 ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
(2015) #NikolaVucevic turns for the fadeaway game-winner over #RoyHibbert and the @Lakers ! 👀🔥 ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
The Orlando Magic have been a non-factor in the Eastern Conference for a long time and that will likely continue for this upcoming season too.
The Orlando Magic have been a non-factor in the Eastern Conference for a long time and that will likely continue for this upcoming season too.
#OMWDebate : @ESPN released their annual top-100 list heading into the 2018-19 season, having @youngheirgordon ranked at #41 , and @evanfournier10 barely cutting it at #99 . #NikolaVucevic did not make the list. 👀 ・・・ Evan’s ranking seems fair to me, it really depends on how consistent he is this year. As for #AG , it’s nice to see him getting some recognition. I know #ESPN makes god awful lists, but they got this right. ・・・ Notable players ranked behind AG: - Mike Conley (44) - Andre Drummond (46) - Steven Adams (47) - DeMarcus Cousins (68) ・・・ Thoughts on this list? Y’all can’t tell me Gordon isn’t a top-50 player heading into next year. 🤔⬇️ ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
Orlando no debe hacer mucho para superar su mala temporada 17/18 el quinteto cuenta con Aaron Gordon como estrella. Base - D.J. Augustin. Escolta - Evan Fournier. Alero- Jonathon Simmons. Ala Pívot - Aaron Gordon. Pívot - Nikola Vucevic. Como sexto hombre al rookie Mohamed Bamba. . . . . 👉@todo.nba.ok . . . . #DJAugustin #EvanFournier #JonathonSimmons #AaronGordon #NikolaVucevic #MohamedBamba #NBA #Orlando #Magic #Basketball #Basquetbol #MoBamba
My top five centers in the Eastern Conference. Agree or disagree? - #Sports #NBA #Celtics #JoelEmbiid #AlHorford #AndreDrummond #MylesTurner #Nikolavucevic
Power Rankings: #22 Orlando Magic Do You Agree With My Rankings? #orlandomagic #mobamba #aarongordon #jonathanisaac #nikolavucevic #nba #east #houndspowerrankings2018
The @orlandomagic come in at #28 in the #ftnba2018nbapowerrankings ! #aarongordon got a $84m contract over 4 years to pair him with the 6th pick#mobamba . They still have #evanfournier and #nikolavucevic but overall the #magic have a boring team to talk about. However Bamba I think a good pick at 6 and if #jonathanisaac can have a bounce back year after a rough rookie season #orlando could see potential flashes. Overall expect the Magic to have a rough season and finish near the bottom of the #nba . (Last Year: 26)
Reports: HC #SteveClifford beloved to think that centers #MoBamba and #NikolaVucevic could mesh well heading into the season. (@clutchpoints , ORLMagic_Nation / Twitter) 👀 ・・・ Honestly, I see what Coach is saying here. If Vucevic was willing to take the backup PF spot, he could play well as a stretch when AG is out or at SF. 🤷‍♂️ ・・・ However, Clifford’s words on how these two may glue together next season might be overlooked by the FO. Expect Vuc to still be gauged on the market. ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
Here is the most ideal lineup for the Southeast Division. Anything you’d change? . . (#HoopsSource x @sidelineaccess )
Here’s a look of my 2018-2019 Orlando Magic potential starting 5 and stats predictions. With The addition of rookie Mohamed Bamba this will give the magic more protection at the rim stretching the floor for others which should transition into a lot of fastbreak and threes but will it be enough for the @orlandomagic to make the playoffs??? Leave your feedback in the comments below on how the Magic’s will do this season 👇👇❗️❗️Double Tap 📲📲if you agree ❗️❗️
Okay okay okay Orlando is going nowhere right now, BUT can we at least turn up to ‘Mo Bamba’ every night? (yes) Aaron Gordon will be your team MVP this season especially after developing a solid three-point shot over the course of last season. Nikola Vucevic is still extremely underrated, but sooner than later he’ll be overtaken by Mo Bamba and shipped off for draft picks. THIS TEAM NEEDS A POINT GUARD. Jonathan Simmons needs more playing time... not sure why he came off the bench in a handful of games last season, but that will change with Vogel out and Clifford in at HC. Evan Fournier continues to be a solid wing. Jerian Grant is going to play too much, not that he’s bad, but cmon... there’s better NBA Point Guards you can get on your squad. Timofey Mozgov will play as a change of pace, backup Center until Mo Bamba gets a feel for the league and serve as his personal mentor... he’s the key addition for this team whether you see it on the floor or not. Expect another Orlando Magic-type season in the bottom half of the league, but wait for them to take some leaps and bounds come next offseason... also, they’ll trade for a PG at the trade deadline & they might come out the gates red-hot and then fall off a month into the season... wait on it. #NBANation #NationPR19 #NBA #OrlandoMagic #Magic #Basketball #AaronGordon #NikolaVucevic #MoBamba #JonathanSimmons #SteveClifford #ExplorePage
ORLANDO MAGIC Season Preview: Orlando è da 5 o 6 anni che staziona nei bassifondi delle classifiche. Nonostante l’ottima partenza della scorsa stagione, alla fine si è riconfermata come una delle squadre più inconsistenti, arrivando a vincere 29 partite. Ciò che contraddistingue il roster di Orlando è la singolare scelta di firmare ben cinque centri (Mozgov, Vucevic, Bamba, Speights, Birch) e affiancarli a due play di livello come D.J. Augustin e Jerian Grant. C’è da dire che in generale la squadra non è del tutto da buttare: Aaron Gordon viene dalla migliore stagione in carriera, con quasi 18 punti e 8 rimbalzi a partita, Vucevic e Fournier, difesa a parte, rimangono più che discreti giocatori in attacco (16 e 17 punti a partita nella scorsa stagione), Jonathan Isaac ha stupito in Summer League e, fisico permettendo, forse avrà la possibilità di mostrare il motivo per cui è stato scelto con la 6° chiamata. Al Draft i Magic hanno scelto Mohamed Bamba, giocatore dalle enormi potenzialità: il fisico imponente gli permette, almeno su carta, di riuscire ad essere sin da subito un ottimo rim protector (2,16 m con un’apertura alare di 2,39 m); inoltre, ha tutte le carte in regola per diventare un lungo moderno a-la Embiid, se non migliore; lunghi di tale stazza nella lega ce ne sono davvero pochi e se riuscisse a improntare il suo gioco a quello di Davis o Towns, potrebbe diventare un giocatore con caratteristiche del tutto nuove. Difficilmente vedremo Orlando in post season, soprattutto dopo gli effettivi miglioramenti attuati da molte squadre a Est; la dirigenza è avvolta dal caos e non si riesce ancora a capire quale direzione voglia prendere, ma siamo fiduciosi sullo sviluppo di Bamba che, se verrà educato a dovere, potrebbe diventare il degno erede dell’ Howard che ha incantato tutti in maglia bianco-blu. #seasonpreview #nba #orlandomagic #aarongordon #nikolavucevic #evanfournier #mohamedbamba #garbagetime
Good afternoon. Today’s history lesson, why the magic drafted Shaq. You see, this guy in the pic, Mark Acres, was given nearly 25 minutes a game. He averaged 4.5 ppg with all those minutes... yep you read that correctly...but @pathetic90s , he was a center! Not his role; he probably had a ton of rebounds! Wrong. 5 a game, what Steph Curry averages. And the kicker? He got just as many minutes the next year and averaged 4.2 ppg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌. Annnnnd time to draft Shaq
@ClutchPoints dropped a “perfect” proposed trade between the @OrlandoMagic and @Lakers , involving #NikolaVucevic and #KentaviousCaldwellPope . ⬇️ ・・・ Proposed deal: - ORL receives: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, 2020 & 2021 2nd-round picks - LAL receives: Nikola Vucevic ・・・ Thoughts? What would you change about this trade? 🤔 ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
#OMWTradeTargets : Coming in as our 9th trade target of this series, let’s take a look at 2018 MIP candidate @sdinwiddie_2508 of the #BrooklynNets . ⬇️ ・・・ ➡️ STRENGTHS - Strong free throw shooter (81.3% in 2018) - Great court vision & passer (6.6 APG in 2018) - Clutch on offense when needed ・・・ ➡️ WEAKNESSES - Lack of assertiveness and consistency - Has a tough time creating his own shot - Not the strongest 3PT shooter (31.5% thru career) ・・・ ➡️ BENEFITS FOR ORLANDO Dinwiddie, 25, took over as Brooklyn’s starting point guard when #DAngeloRussell was out due to injury last season, and absolutely SHINED in his spotlight. Finishing as a top-3 candidate for the #MostImprovedPlayer award, Dinwiddie will most likely have to play behind D-Lo, if he isn’t traded before the season begins. ・・・ ➡️ TRADE SCENARIO - ORL receives: Spencer Dinwiddie, #JoeHarris - BKN receives: #NikolaVucevic , 2020 2nd-round pick ・・・ Thoughts? What would you give up for Dinwiddie? 🤔⬇️ ・・・ #PureMagic 🌀🌀
@SportsIllustrated dropped half of their NBA Top-100 list (heading into next season) the other day, and here is where your Magic players ranked: ・・・ 92 - @evanfournier10 90 - #NikolaVucevic 66 - @youngheirgordon ・・・ I’ll say it once so we’re all clear... #AaronGordon is without a doubt a top-50 player. Prove me wrong. ⬇️ ・・・ Thoughts on these rankings? 🤔 ・・・ 📸: sportsillustrated.com #PureMagic 🌀🌀
#OMWHotTakes : NEW SERIES! This series will focus on fan-submitted hot takes focusing on what YOU GUYS think Orlando should be doing. First up: Tank for RJ Barrett, while sending away Vuc and Evan. 👀 ・・・ This fan take suggests we should expand Nikola and Evan for a shooting guard, preferably a rental, while also tanking for college stud @rjbarrett. Thoughts? 🤔⬇️ ・・・ Submit your hot takes via DM for a chance to have yours posted! ・・・ Submitted by: @tyler.j.scott #PureMagic 🌀🌀
#アーロンゴードン が率いる #マジック ! 今季は低迷から抜け出せるのか?? → @wade_heat03 ← のプロフィールリンクから記事が見れます!! #NBA #バスケ #magic #orlando #orlandomagic #aarongordon #mohamedbamba #evanfournier #nikolavucevic #jonathonsimmons #jonathanisaac #terrenceross #DJaugustin
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