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Sheared a beautiful sunrise in eildon this morning. Vanlife never gets old.
Life’s goin’ pretty well, y’all.. 👅💦 Stay fucking rad! 🙏🏽🍕🙏🏽🍕🙏🏽🍕 #rosieriott #Indonesia
Crystal healing is a holistic treatment. It works on all levels of a person. As crystals conduct light and colour, they naturally bring a 'lightness' into your being. Everyone's experience is individual, though you may experience any of these effects: Physically - relief from aches and pains, more energy, a de-toxification, restful sleep Mentally - relief from stress, calmness, clarity, more focus Emotionally - a release of "old" emotions, a sense of well being, balance Spiritually - a "lightness" of being, more connectedness, more purpose pic @faristudiosart Is an AmazIN Human Being & HeARTist go follow him🙏💚🙏 Follow my Healing Page @kosmichealer ✨✨✨
It's a rare opportunity to come here. But I absolutely love to come yo the top of the hotel and take a look at the breath taking views. You can see the sea right at the end of the undulating hills. Here I find peace and quiet as only the sound of the wind and birds reach my ears.
Got your #travel plans all set out for 2018? Make sure you carry these 6 Travel Essentials for the Adventure Seeker in You {link in profile}. Just check out this ultra cool multipurpose lifestyle mat/bag by @sidlanbag , photo via @imnotgic. ❤ . . . #traveltips #travelessentials #travelguide #travelph #nomadiclife #nomad #passionpassport #globetrotter #beautifuldestinations #wanderlust #GoLocalPH #TryLocalPH #wander #explore #lakbaypilipinas #exploreph #discoverph #discovermnl #tastecompany
What is it that I want with my life? In order to find out I’d first have to find a way of getting rid of all the clutter around me. Not only physically, but also in my head. But this jagged city lifestyle I was leading was getting me nowhere, there was nothing but chaos - and my good plans and resolutions kept leading to putting the bar even higher. And the harder I tried, the more I disappointed myself. Funny thing is, right now my life is whackier than ever, but somehow there’s also a peace and quiet I had never felt before. And all of a sudden I realised that it’s not about smoothing out the bumps and imperfections and unwelcome circumstances, it’s about listening to yourself and adhere to that. This is what will ease you down, because you will finally feel at home in your own life because finally you’re actually living it the way it suits YOU instead of other people you look up to or are jealous of. No need for an unreasonable longing to a faraway cabin in the woods, you’ve carried that peace of mind with you all along. (Shout out to springtime of last year when this photo was taken and shout out to Olaf, who’s been bitten by a big dog yesterday and has been awfully un-Olaf like since. But he’ll be okay. Check out Jeroen’s video of yesterday for more on that, you know where to find the link.)
Yolculugumuzun ilk bir ayinda yaptigimiz 2.000 km.. Ikinci resimdeki ulkenin butunu uzerinde baktigimizda cok kucuk bir alan ama yasamimizda cok buyuk bir yeri var. Yolda olmanin, yeni yerlerin, yeni insanlarin tanindigi ilk bir ay... This is the first 2.000 km which we travelled for the first month of our journey. When you compare with the whole of the country on the second photo, it is too small. But its meaning is too big for us. It is the first month that we experienced being on the road, new places, new people..
🏙 Melbourne was Jack's oyster from the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower! - Every window we looked out of made his little face light up with excitement, arms and legs stretch right out and the cutest little amazed look as he took it all in 😮 😵 - He is fearless! - And so was Mee that day! Usually afraid of heights, he showed no fear of looking as far over the Skydeck's edge as he could... despite being nearly 300 metres above the city!! - It was the perfect start to our day exploring the city because I could show Mee where we came from, where we travelled and where we were going to explore during the day (Yes, we really could see that far!!) - We saw eeeeevery Melbourne icon from the Dandenongs to the bay. - And thanks to @leclubaccorhotels it was only $22 (buy 1, free 1) for all three of us to zoom up to the 88th floor! 🙌 - All Melbournians and tourists have to fit this one in! - #workfromhomemoms #workfromhomemum #workfromhomemommy #stayathomedad #stayathomedads #workathomedad #workfromhomedad #workingdad #dadpreneur #daddyduty #doingitforthekids #digitalnomads #digitalnomadlife #digitalnomadgirls #nomadiclife #nomadiclifestyle #nomadstories #nomadness #nomade #nomadgirls #nomadfamily #nomadenisme #nomadiclifestyle #wanderingsoul #wanderful #businessplan #businessplanning #entrepreneurialmindset #entrepreneurwoman #entrepreneurspirit
Warning signs in Thailand... 😄
Yesterday was a long day full of adventures! A 9 hour drive from Nairobi to Karatu in Tanzania. Saw some giraffes 🦒 and zebra 🦓 on the way! Then got stuck after the road collapsed in the rain and we had to take a detour through the bush! Arrived at a lovely lodge and had a great nights sleep. Now fresh for what today will bring! #day2 #karatu #tanzania ✨👌🏻🦓🐘🦒
Today was simple, and you look happy. ☺️ And that’s all I need. 📸 : @elisecook + #ThisisVanlifeing #CamperLifestyle
Is it even possible to wake up on the wrong side of the bed in Patagonia? Not when you're surrounded by mother nature in her most beautiful form. 📸 : @neilldrake + #ThisisVanlifeing #VanlifeMagazine
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Aftermovie | Movie Premiere „City Royale“ 30.09.2017 Arena Trier 😎 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ IF YOU LIKE MY PIX MAKE SURE YOU DON'T MISS THEM: ✅ subscribe to my channel ✅ hit ••• to turn on your post notifications ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT ME AND MY PIX: ✅ hit ••• to share my profile ✅ hit ••• to share my posts ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ SOME HASHTAGS I LOVE: #ingoinfluencer #cityroayle #lovemyjob #crewloveistruelove #workation #workations #travelandwork #offtime #likemindedpeople #ichoosefreedom #grownyourown #futureofwork #digitalnomadlife #coliving #remotelife #workonline #workremote #workanywhere #locationindependent #nomadiclife #coworkation #digitalnomadlifestyle #travelpreneur #traveltime #travellove #traveljunkie #travelstyle #travelworld #travellover #travelholic
Travelling on the tram yesterday and I just love watching the love between these two!! . . . . . #morocco #moroccotravel #moroccotrip #rabat #tramway #familytravel
Sexyiness of brownness #dishwithash #nomadiclife #brownies #weekend
I’m a strange digital nomad, I don’t like to work from the beach. Have I disappointed you? I’m sorry. Let me explain. Working directly from the beach sucks. In tropical countries (which are popular for picturing people while working from beach beds) it is often too hot, sunny, windy, not comfortable and the annoying sand gets directly into your equipment. I’m not even talking about the humidity or the distracting people in bikinis and boardshorts running around! How do I know it? I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I damaged my fancy MacBook Air because I was playing it cool… right after I was detached from the typical office life while creating my beach life. Don’t get me wrong. Beach life is amazing 😎 But... Let me give you an advice... don’t live in a dream and stop focusing on working from the beach. Find a suitable workspace, a coworking, quite coffee house or your own room and get to work. Be productive and save your equipment and Instagram feed from bullshit. You will have more time and money for getting crazy on the actual beach… whatever that means to you. And if that means posting beach offices, fair enough, I just wanted to throw my 5 cents into this talk... last but not least, if you want to have a good laugh insert “working from the beach” into your Google image search 😀
Visiting old and new friends :) WHAT I LOVE ABOUT BEING "HOME" IN GERMANY FOR A WHILE? Being able to connect with people that I've known for a looong time (or a short time but all of their lives:)) and are very close to my heart. Having lived abroad and travelled a lot recently and knowing there will be a lot more of that soon, I try to be as present as possible and fill my free time with quality moments with these people. WHAT I'LL LOVE ABOUT BEING AT MY NEXT DESTINATION? ✨Meeting lots of new people ✨Being surrounded by people who work on their own terms, location-independently, opportunities to co-work and exchange ✨Milder climate, sunshine, gentle winters, please :) ➡️What do you love about being home? ➡️And yet, what would you love to have or create more of? Wanna chat about the latter? Send me a PM!
☀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️💛 @thaisjoy
Otra alegría lectora en estos días por otro primer libro de una autora en un género, la novela en este caso. Aparte de ciertas afinidades literarias personales (mi novela en ciernes también aborda los años de la Guerra Fría y otras hierbas, aunque más al Sur y más al Este que Berlín), 'La hija del comunista', de Aroa Moreno Durán (Caballo de Troya, 2017) me parece una feliz noticia por tres motivos. El primero, el descubrimiento de una narradora honesta, a quien parece importarle más la solidez y el sentido de la historia que intenta contarle a los lectores que, teniendo recursos, el lucimiento personal entre escritores. El segundo, la valentía y la humildad de una autora que decide escribir a contracorriente de modas, tendencias y empanadas teóricas, porque el material (el emocional, el histórico y el literario) entre manos se lo pide. Y el tercero, al hilo de lo anterior y en la voz de una joven narradora, la enésima constatación de que, le pese a quien le pese, mientras continúe la odisea del ser humano sobre esta tierra no hay ni habrá "muerte de la novela" a la vista. No sé si hay que decir más alto la palabra "enhorabuena" o la palabra "gracias" por este libro, pero aquí dejo las dos por escrito. #Lahijadelcomunista #2017 #novela #novel #AroaMoreno #libros #books #Berlin #leer #reading #vidanomada #escribir #escritura #diarios #viajar #travel #writing #diaries #nomadiclife #literatura #literature #CaballodeTroya #GuerraFria #ColdWar
I bet I can't find anyone who doesn't like Buenos Aires!🇦🇷 This city has something for everyone - it's a wonderful clash of barrios, neighborhoods, ranging from rich to poor, colorful to dull, and historical to modern.🇦🇷 Have a beautiful Saturday! . . . . . #buenosaires #passportready #buenosairescity #instatravel #travel #wanderlust #traveltheworld #ilovetravel #buenosairesphoto #travelblogger #buenosairesciudad #argentina #laboca #ontheroad #backpacking #latinamerica #santelmo #colorfulcity #bohemianlife #southernhemisphere #buenosairesargentina #wildandfree #labocabuenosaires #roadtrip #nomadiclife #digitalnomads #travelphotography #traveler #girlswhotravel #digitalnomad
今日の ふらっと #coffee ホテルか なんかの 建物に 入っている もちろん Wifiフリー こーひーも よい 音楽も よい 人も少ない 次から Mayaの 帰り道は ここ に決まり カフェ 穴場 リスト 増えていく◎◎ @nature @nature_trip_ #coffee #coffeelover #coffeebreak #natute #happy #coffeeholic #travel #travelpic #一人旅 #女子旅 #写真 #旅する足元 #コーヒー #カフェ #カフェ部 #カフェ巡り #のんびり #ノマドライフ #チェンマイこんさんぽ
Nomad triathlete freelance life is not only travel and daily training... it's also daily, night and week-end @ work! 🤓🏊‍♀️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️🌍
Beautiful contours and details of the Park Royal Hotel in Singapore. Also a great place to work with free WiFi and inspirational views . . . #interiordesign #details #hotel #hoteldesign #hotelinterior #architecture #buildings #modern #contour #mirror #wood #bar #bardesign #terrace #woodworking #travel #nomadiclife
Looking back from where I was and who I was a year ago is truly amazing. . I was working a tedious and soul sucking 10 hour a day job..Scrolling through instagram and dreaming of walking the beaches in the Maldives, eating my way through Italy, hiking the Grand Canyon, or diving in the Great Barrier Reef. . My dreams seemed so large and far away at the time, and if I hadn’t made the decision 4 years ago to learn how to earn an income for myself online, I might still be stuck at that job. . When I first got started online I was hesitant to say the least. I saw so many people making an income, so I knew it was possible, however, I was holding myself back, because I kept telling myself “what if I can’t do this”. . I kept saying to myself, “I’m not a tech guy. I’m not great on computers. I don’t have a lot of followers on social media.” . But I realized something….I realized that if I wanted to chase my dreams and live a happier life, that I needed to stop saying “what if I can’t” and START saying ‘WHAT IF I CAN”. . If you want something bad enough, you’ll make it happen, and that’s exactly what I did. . A year later, I’ve experienced one of my biggest weeks online while walking the beaches in the Maldives. . My dreams are becoming a reality and I want you to be able to say the same..I’ve already done all the hard work for you and now I’ve mapped out a path to success for you. . All you have to do is follow my lead, and it’ll set you up to have the EXACT same (or greater) success I’ve experienced. . Go to the link in my bio and see for yourself what I do online and how I’m helping hundreds of others do the same.
Title - If mirrors could speak 🌸🌸 She had questions for you, M The day you texted her "lets go back to being strangers". But she decided to let it go!! Coz she had had enough shit from you.... To a heart full of feelings for you, that's what you gave in return. . . . And all she wanted was your time. You know she used to talk about you a lot, M . . Although I didn't appreciate it. But she couldn't contain herself everytime you bumped into her. She talked about that night when your lips couldn't stay off of hers. The first time you kissed...... But she failed to see it meant nothing to you!!! She blamed herself for your deceit She said she was blind... To put you on a pedestal And let you put her down every chance you got You told her you kinda sorta missed her when she went away.... But you couldn't even call her "your friend"? . . And all she wanted was you to be a part of her life, M It wasn't easy for her to get rid of those feelings for you.... It was a daily choice. An everyday struggle!! . . But now she sits right across from you at that same cafe With the glass window overlooking the memories of that bus stop and you.... . . And when she came home to me, she let out a breath "I saw him today after 10 months" "And?" I asked She plainly replied, "Our eyes locked but He doesn't move ME anymore....." .. . . . . #travelpic #travel #travels #travelstory #reflectionshot #solotravel #wandering #wanderer #wanderlust #nomadiclife #nomad #travels #travelblogger #traveler #thegirlwhotravels #ocean #iphonepic #phonephotography #solotraveller #travelmore #traveldiaries #wanderingsoul #wanderings #TheNomadicDiary
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