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Just sent off this vow renewal tucked up in the hills of Donner Lake — and I’m friggen obsessed 😭 . Finishing soooo many sessions so if you’ve been on the lookout for yours it’s cominnnn! All galleries will be sent out by Thursday morning, Dec 13th 👐🏼 pulling all nighters and drinking lots of coffee to get your photos to you! You get your photos + I get a work free vacation (kinda) haha, win win 😎
4 friggen days til Kauai 😭🙌🏼⛰⚡️
Chattin about being real and vulnerable and the not so perfect moments in my story today. Let’s talk together and be real (and I mean REAL girl haha) and talk about the ugly and the shit that’s really hard to talk about sometimes. All of our emotions are valid, and I think that’s so important to remember. No feeling should be compared to another because we all are going through something at some point and it’s okay. Remember you’re not alone and your feelings are valid always. I still have to remind myself of this sometimes. ALSO if you guys ever wanna chat and talk I’m always here, so please just reach out if you ever want help or advice on anything — seriously! Now enjoy these babes hiking in 3 feet of snow on the side of the highway 😂🙌🏼⛰🌨 anything for the pic right!? Happy Saturday guys!! 🖤
Hiiii good morning! Just wanted to hop on here and say I’m thankful for you. YOU. Thank you for following along or being a friend or a client or just a rad human who’s here for the fun, thanks for being like family. Haha this is how stoked you guys make me that you wanna be here hangin on this journey with me 😂🙌🏼 I slept in this morning which was life changing haha, and I watched @wanderingwyld + @desertcurlsstudio + @lorawagener live’s and holy cow I’m so bummed I missed that event last night. Just the live’s pumped me up so much so I just know the event was amazing!! And I seriously can’t wait to go to the next one. You babes are awesome!! Now I’m making some coffee (always) and getting ready to head up to Squaw for a wedding today!! 😍🌨 I’ll post a bunch in my stories so you guys can follow along! Anyways, thanks for being part of this community with me and letting me be apart of it too. Happy friggen Friday 🙌🏼🌨❤️
The way he melts into her and the way she gets all giddy about it. Ahhh I just love love. So cheezy haha but it’s true. ⚡️⛰ Missing this adventure so much! @kylie_morgan_ we need to hang soonnnn
I've been hiding this away for a little bit. If you watch my stories or if you follow Autumn, you already know about it, but this is the first I'm posting it on my page. I'm not totally sure why, I think I just wanted to keep it mine a little longer because I love it so much. 😊 . When I was in Yosemite with Autumn and Spencer a couple months ago, they got married (again 😁) for me and my camera. It was so much fun and so beautiful and happy and it showed me what my career really could be. . That's all I'll say for now (mostly because I didn't plan this and don't have a super long or meaningful caption thought up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Hope you love this elopement as much as I do. ❤
Big open blue skies + lil lovers are my friggen jam. ⚡️🤘🏼 Missing this day + these two so much!! So thankful for all of you amazing people that made this year possible, came into my life + trusted me to come into yours. Does that sound cheezy? Idk I just love you guys kkkk😂 Working on blogging the rest of 2018 on my slower days + dreaming about how amazing 2019 is going to be. 😭👐🏼⛰ Happy Holidays babes!!!
Just married feeelz ⚡️ Editing like a mad woman this week to catch up on everything before Hawaii! So ready to turn on vaca mode 🍹🏝
I meaannn who doesn’t want a feather stache after a crazy pillow fight, amirite? 😂 Currently curled up in bed after such a long + productive work day and dang it feels so good. Hope you guys had the best weekend cuddled up at home or out adventurin somewhere!⚡️⛰☃️
Sooo in love with this moody black and white from the most perfect vow renewal up in Donner a couple weeks ago 🖤 Only a couple more shoots + the most epic wedding in 2 weeks before 2018 is over!! @foochiemama + @danwinston gonna be looking so hot in Kauai I can’t even wait 😭🙌🏼⛰ ALSO — so stoked to slow down, catch up on all my work and just chill over the next couple weeks. Once we’re back from Hawaii I’m taking the last 2 weeks off to sleep in, mountain adventures, hot cocoa, work on new projects and goals, get ready for 2019, and just enjoy some down time before all the craziness again. My body is ready.
Gimme all the crazy + silly + goofy + soft and cuddly + over the top kinda love because holy cow it fills my heart with SO much joy. Uh. Seeing people so in love seriously makes me grin so big and overflows my soul with the most passion ever. Like look at how cute they are!? I’m obsessed hahha 😁👐🏼 Come as you and I’ll take care of the rest. 🖤
Honestly feeling super unmotivated today so I’m heading out to a coffee shop for a change of scenery + a lil (or a lotta) caffeine. Whatever works hahhha. Happy freakin Friday babes!!! 👐🏼 also how is tomorrow December already?
Chilly sunsets cuddled up with your love ✨ nothin better — finishing up edits on these babes and can’t even wait to share all of them!! 😍👐🏼
Our trip started with a 3.5 hour flight delay, almost getting stranded in Helsinki, and landing at 1 AM to wake up at 5 AM the next day to catch the new flight. I will admit, it was rough. But then we finally arrived, hopped into the car and drove into the countryside of Andalucia with just the open road and all its adventures in front of us. Those are the memories we take back with us 🏔 . . . . @creativetravelcouples @spain.vacations #californiaweddingphotographer #bayareaweddingphotographer #sfweddingphotographer #sanjoseweddingphotographer #sanfranciscoweddingphotographer #norcalweddingphotographer #bigsurweddingphotographer #californiaelopementphotographer #norcalelopementphotographer #elopementphotographer #radlovestories #loveandwildhearts #dirtybootsandmessyhair #weddingdress #weddinginspo #weddinglegends #justalittleloveinspo #indiebride #bohobride #spain #spaintravel #barcelona #seville #granada #spain_vacations #discoverspain #creativetravelcouples #couplestravel #couplestravelgoals #traveltogether
Some favorite moving details, moments in motion. Michelle moments before seeing her person.
Yesterday’s elopement was a dream. Falling in love with deep blues and shooting at high noon because look at these colors 😭👐🏼🏔
I think this is the most epic photo I have ever taken. 🤩 . Gotta be honest though, I can only take like 10% of the credit. The ocean, the sun, and Kiah & Tabs all really worked together on this one. BUT the real stars of this shoot were the birds. They were swooping around the entire time and really stole the show. Round of applause for the birds. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 . Check my story to see more swoopy birds! Oh, and more Kiah and Tabs. 😉
Can't resist posting another one from Yosemite!!! I delivered this gallery yesterday and I must say I'm in love with it. 😍 Nothing wrong with loving on your own work. In fact, it's a great thing. You can't expect your clients to love your work if you don't love it yourself! 🤗
I always wonder which photos my couples will connect with the most out of their gallery. It could be a simple and timeless portrait or a moment I don’t even know is very familiar to them. Or maybe even seeing themselves in a way they never have before.
It really is the little things.
What I imagine tranquility to look like living in imagery.
I have a question for you. Are you one of those people who can fall asleep anywhere, any time? Like, you want to sleep, so you just DO IT? . If so... I hate you. 😝 Jk. But I don't understand how those people exist lol. I can only go to sleep when my body decides I'm tired enough, and even then, sometimes it just doesn't happen. My sleeping habits are abysmal, and sometimes that's my own fault, but often it's just my body being a douche and not allowing it. Sigh. 😴 . Yes, I've tried Melatonin. It only works occasionally and when it does I get VERY weird dreams. I've tried meditating and I'm not sure it's for me.Currently trying out keeping my phone off and away from me at night, and using a sunlight alarm clock to wake up. I think it's working somewhat... . Meh. I ranted more about this in my story earlier, if you'd like to hear more about it. 😛 What are your sleeping habits? Can you commiserate? Do you have any suggestions? Let me knowwww 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Listening and breathing in spoken words. (I laid on the ground for this one and the fact that the six people present did not notice was proof to how mesmerizing his vows were.)
Flying out to San Fran today for my girl, @newporthairbytiffany ’s wedding tomorrow! See you soon, Mama! — Also, thank you for all the love and prayers yesterday. It truly lifted my spirits and I am so grateful to everyone who reached out to let me know they were thinking of me. I have such a loving community 🥰❤️🙏🏻 - P.S. still loving these photos! 😍 - . . . #morningbirdphotography #bigbearphotographer #bigbearlakephotographer #bigbearweddingphotographer #socalweddingphotographer #norcalelopementphotographer #norcalweddingphotographer
Dang Instagram crop 🙄 ... sorry I’ve been MIA. It’s been one hell of a month! Trying to get all these weddings and sessions back in a timely manner, but I’m just one person 😣 I’m grateful to have such understanding clients/friends, though.❤️ - If you would have told me last year that I’d have seven weddings + a few sessions to edit at once, I definitely wouldn’t have believed you. It’s been a crazy year and I’m still mind-blown that I do this for a living. - Thank you to everyone here, supporting this girls dream. 🙏🏻 - . . . #morningbirdphotography #joshuatreenationalpark #jtree #socalweddingphotographer #socalphotographer #norcalelopementphotographer #bluehour #photobugcommunity
Getting started on these babies today 🙌🏼 Can’t wait to dig in! - Also, thank you to everyyyyone who made my birthday one of the best I’ve ever had! I had so much love surrounding me from my little fam & friends + woke up to over 100 messages via text & social media to wish me a happy birthday. Feeling so blessed and thankful for this life 🙏🏻 - . . . #morningbirdphotography #yosemitenationalpark #taftpoint #yosemite #yosemiteelopement #socalelopementphotographer #socalweddingphotographer #norcalelopementphotographer #bigbearweddingphotographer #wanderingweddings #wedventuremag #allurebridals #wilderlybride #heywildweddings
Excited for today’s session in Joshua Tree with @carissazillner 🙌🏼 Been needing some desert Fall vibes in my life + hot babes🔥🌵🍁 I’m terrible at remembering to do BTS stuff, but I’ll tryyyy to post some lol. - Also, I’m loving this detail shot ✨😍 - Flowers by: @little_green_house_florist - . . . #morningbirdphotography #thebigbearweddingphotographer #bigbearlakephotographer #bigbearphotographer #bigbearweddingphotographer #socalweddingphotographer #socalphotographer #norcalelopementphotographer #norcalweddingphotographer #detailshots #junebugweddings #littlegreenhouseflorist #socalbrideblog #wedsocal
E X C L U S I V E 🌿 One thing about being mentored by an incredible photographer, is that the venues, and vendors are top notch! And having the quintessential professionals run your special day truly makes a difference. This wedding season has been an incredible learning experience! We have one more to go and it will be a treat! 🌿 Booking 2019 weddings now! Link to information in bio!
Officially taking Sunday’s off! I’ve come to point where I realized my mental health comes first. Even though I have three weddings to edit and four more coming up this month alone- ALL of my couples are completely understanding that I need my “me” time too. I used to make myself sick trying to turn weddings around in 3 weeks or less, but have come to accept that it’s okay to take a little longer (like 4-6 weeks) to make sure I get them just right + take time for myself and family! Soo, if I’m not shooting on weekends, I’m not working 👍🏼 - This wedding will get done next and I’m excited to get started on it 😍 I meannnn... look at this closeup with those Fall colors 🙌🏼 These two look like they are having the BEST time in Italy on their honeymoon ❤️ - . . . #morningbirdphotography #thebigbearweddingphotographer #bigbearlakephotographer #bigbearlake #bigbearphotographer #bigbearweddingphotographer #socalelopementphotographer #socalweddingphotographer #norcalelopementphotographer #closeup #junebugweddings #socalbrideblog
Love those cute little kissy faces. 😚 . Today I tested out the 35mm lens I rented! My friends Rose and Jon (not pictured here) let me stick my camera in their face so I could get a feel for this different (much heavier) lens. They are not the biggest photo people but they were total troopers about it. Thanks, guys!! So thankful to have so many great friends who support my craft and let me use them as test dummies. 😁❤
“My sort of sister”
Tonight we are camping in Fort Bragg and the atmosphere feels like a watercolor painting just like this scene with @forest_faun and @cinder_hands ... to be honest, it's my kind of beach weather! What a day it has been- we started out hiking in Jedidiah Smith redwoods (hellooooo- if anyone wants to elope in an incredible forest of giant redwoods... 👋👋👋 let's talk) and then we drove down the coast where we are now sitting by an amazing campfire Blake made. Our last day of the trip has been so fun! ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ #heyheyhellomay #wedventuremag #mendocinoweddingphotography #mendocinoweddingphotographer #mendocinoelopement #portlandweddingphotographer #portlandengagement #oregoncoastweddingphotographer #oregoncoastwedding #santacruzwedding #santacruzphotographer #santacruzweddingphotography #californiaweddingphotographer #montereyweddingphotographer #sanfranciscophotographer #sanfranciscoweddingphotographer #crescentcityweddingphotographer #eurekaweddingphotographer #humboldtweddingphotographer #sonomaweddingphotographer #sonomacoastwedding #unconventionalweddingphotographer #nontraditionalweddingphotographer #bohobride #jedidiahsmithredwoods #norcalweddingphotographer #norcalelopementphotographer
I'm on a quick break from a thru-hike in the sierras and thought I'd say hi! If you don't know me, I'm an adventurer/wedding photographer and I'm passionate about shaping my work around my lifestyle. That means I like to take couples on photo adventures in beautiful places, shape experiences for them, and take time for myself to go on crazy backpacking trips every year in the middle of wedding season. I feel so lucky to have a job that lets me adventure and help people celebrate love in adventurous ways. A lot of people think I'm crazy for taking off several weeks every summer to backpack in the middle of wedding season, but it's such an important piece of my life that I'm not willing to compromise for money. After a big trip I come home refreshed and even more excited to serve my amazing, adventurous couples. I'm currently in the Tahoe area and I've been excited about the added bonus of finding amazing secret places for elopements and engagement sessions! I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for great locations when I'm hiking. If you're interested in doing a fun adventurous shoot/elopement/wedding with me shoot me a DM! ❤🌲 Edit: how could I forget to credit @brittneyraine for taking this great shot? Thanks Brittany! ❤ 🌲 🌲 🌲 🌲 🌲 🌲 #norcalweddingphotographer #adventurewedding #bigsurphotographer #bigsurweddingphotographer #tahoeweddingphotographer #tahoeelopementphotographer #tahoeelopement #truckeeweddingphotographer #renoweddingphotographer #thruhiker #tahoerimtrail #bayareaelopementphotographer #sacramentoweddingphotographer #norcalelopementphotographer #santacruzweddingphotography #santacruzweddingphotographer #yosemiteweddingphotographer #sandiegoelopementphotographer #sonomaweddingphotographer #californiaweddingphotographer #californiaelopementphotographer #adventureweddingphotographer #fridayintroductions
Hawaii or California 🤔
Been working haaaaard on my new pricing guide that will be sent out to all clients going forward...and picking images for it has been SO fun...one of my favs? This one of Liz and Jake 😍 coincidentally, I saw them again yesterday for a little shoot and it got me all the more excited for their wedding at @twentymilehouse in September. - Also, I haven’t announced it here yet, but as of June 30th, 2018 I will be implementing new pricing. If you’ve inquired within the last few weeks or are planning on inquiring, I will be honoring pricing quotes on inquiries made before June 30th, until July 14th. After that date, new pricing will apply to open inquiries and new ones moving forward! - I am so excited to be moving into TRUE full time photography, and cannot wait for all that is to come. Thanks to every single one of my couples for the love and trust you’ve put into me...I am so honored to be part of your best days ❤️
Give me all the greens 😍 and cute couples, obvi. Still trying to fill a free shoot in the Bay Area on Friday night...if you’re local and would like to hang, DM me! And tag yo’ friends! Update: FILLED! You guys are quick!! I do have time around 2:45 for an afternoon shoot at a discount. Email or dm me for deets ✨
Olive groves ahead, a vineyard to our right and a blooming lavender field right behind us. This weekend’s wedding was so beautiful, it was hard not to stare.
These two are getting hitched this weekend!!!! I’m so thankful to have been here to watch their story unfold and for the friendship I have in this girl. I missed her bachelorette party this weekend because of reasons listed in my previous post - but we’re gonna party our booty’s off this weekend!! Happy wedding week, babe! Xoxo 😘
Mt. Lassen, California. I’m dreaming of a styled elopement (or real one?) up here soon...who wants to volunteer?!
***BOOKS CLOSED FOR 2018 WEDDINGS!!*** I booked my last wedding for 2018 last night, so I will only be taking engagement sessions, smaaaaallll elopements (like 10 people and 5 hours or less) and 2019 weddings!! If you’re getting married next year, DO NOT WAIT to reach out to your vendors! - My weekends are also filled to brim for months, so if you haven’t and need to book your engagement session, it will need to be a weekday! - Lastly, I will only be taking out of state elopements or engagements next year (no full weddings). Making a lot of changes around here, so I’ll be posting about it throughout next week; stay tuned! . . . #morningbirdphotography #authenticlovemag #mammothengagement #mammothweddingphotographer #norcalelopementphotographer #socalweddingphotographer #travelingelopementphotographer #mountainelopementphotographer #bigbearweddingphotographer #wanderingweddings #justalittleloveinspo #loveandwildhearts
Currently boarding my flight to St. Lucia for @kel_0x & Eddies epic destination wedding! Can’t wait to shoot those beach babes in more golden coastal light like these two 🙌🏼😍
I’m in the Subaru dealership right now about to bring home my new adventure mobile and I was (still am ish) super excited but honestly right now I think I’m more sad about leaving my sweet little focus here. I feel like she’s my puppy and I’m trading her in for something better and I legit feel so bad about it. WHATS WRONG WITH ME. I know I’ll be 1000x more excited once I’m on the road in a few minutes but right now my heart is sad lol. Please tell me you all get way too attached to inanimate objects too....???