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Morning everyone i hope your all okay 💖 i took too many pictures like this in the leaves 😂😂 this one is a little different as they are different leaves 😂. Have you all had a good weekend so far? . . #disabledteen #fighting #notgivingup #love #loveyouall #girlonwheels #nature #determination #naturephotography #fluffysocks #lovinglife #wheelchair #wheelchairlife #wheelchairsrock #paralysed #wheelsnoheels #photographyislife #photographysouls #photographyeveryday
This is to all those people who doubted me in the past, those who laughed at my dreams, those who told me I couldn't, those who wouldn't even give me a second glance or thought. 🌸 Here, this is what I am today. I am the same person, same shell but underneath I've progressed heaps and bounds. 3 years ago, I would've never foreseen this. My mistakes made me who I am and you know what? I'm happy I went through hell and came back alive. 🌸 Discouraging words no longer cut through me to the point I start to re-evaluate my dreams, nobody can shake me till I fall anymore. Even when I fall, I make sure I rise back up, stronger and with more determination than ever. 🌸 All throughout life there will be people like this, but y'all can say whatever y'all want 'cause your girl here gon' keep fighting. I'm not giving up on myself, there's still more to achieve. It's always just the beginning. 🥂
This is what I wish for all of my students...that the magnetic PULL of time to create be stronger than a notification or video on their cell phone. #notgivingup #classroomengagement #art Because that text won’t matter a year from now but learning to cope and communicate through art WILL 🎨 #Henkelovesyou
Wow what an awesome 10th Birthday Celebration we had. It sure is a blessing to be part of Christian Concern and stand for love, justice, truth, freedom and hope. We were blessed to see so many who make that difference and who stand together to bring hope to our nations and it was so good to see many of our supporters who stand with us, pray for us and give financially so we can continue our work. Glad to be part of a team that worked so well making our Birthday celebration one to always remember and we are so thankful to all our amazing volunteers who helped us. I'm sure many of us are exhausted this morning, but it was so worth it. Please get involved with us, sign up to our weekly newsletter, let others know about us, support us by praying for us and you can support financially which will help us with all the work we do. For more information please go to www.christianconcern.com "We can't know what we are to do until we understand our task according to the creation order [understand God's image for us all]. We need to deploy a Christian lifestyle. Always stand up for the truth. Don't give up and don't let the world dictate to you, you stand. You cannot pass on what you don't have, you got to have faith in Christ in order to pass it on. We got to pass on the gospel to advance it. Don't be silent, speak out because if you don't speak out someone else will speak and the truth will not be known. Don't let fear overtake you, you stand up” #CC10YEARS #ThankYouJesus #Love #Justice #Truth #Freedom #Hope 🙌🙏🎉🎂🎉✝️ #ChristianConcern #Blessed #Thankful #EventProfs #BirthdayCelebration #HappyBirthday #London #Law #Government #Media #Arts #MakingADifference #NotGivingUp #Goodtimes #Yummytimes #10 #Westminster #EmmanuelCentre #UnitedKingdom #LookToJesus #Strength #Victory #Boldness
Out of The Four Agreements, I believe that this is both the hardest to do consistently and the most important. 💞 I'm learning and it's getting easier as time goes on because I also believe that 1. Most people are not deliberately trying to hurt me specifically. We are all just doing the best we can to navigate our own personal experience and this naturally leads to conflicts of interests. 💞 2. Even those who are trying to hurt me are only doing so as an extension of thier own pain. 💞 Learning to see life from this lens is FREEING me from wasting ENERGY unnecessarily trying to understand or figure out why someone did or didn't do something. It also helps speed up the healing process when I have been hurt in some way. 💞 All of this to say, try not to take what people do personally. 9 times out of 10 what they are doing or not doing really isn't about you at all. 💞 Then you can FOCUS and make sure that you are living from a place of personal TRUTH and AUTHENTICITY.
Stylized self-drawing✌ #drawing #nightowl #expressyourself #notgivingup
Exactly 48mins from dress up then back to work. #hustlelife
My first baby who is not a baby anymore! Two more years he will be taller then me. #inablinkofaneye #gottocherishthesemoments #nineyearsold #imgettingold #weeklyhiking #notgivingup
I took this picture after having a small emotional breakdown. After my (tmi sorry not sorry) cycle I noticed I plateaued. I continued to do everything right with my meal prep and went to the gym after 2 rest days. I felt really upset and weak minded. I was craving hella bad food all week. And most of all 🍫. But I didn’t budge. After crying for a good 5 minutes, motivational words from my best friend, and remembering why I’m doing this, I wiped my face and took the picture. It’s really all I needed 💪🏻🖤🐰 #notgivingup
Got my first workout in in a very long time. 2.11 miles on the treadmill, and some light weight high rep deadlifts and squats. I feel fantastic! Been eating bad so I need to make sure I keep myself in check. I felt completely fine during my workouts and took any breaks I needed. Over all, the workout was a success. Before anyone says it, I know my form is absolute crap.... it’s been so long since I’ve picked up a barbell and weights, I have to keep in mind that my balance is shifting and I need to keep my toes on the ground. I am trying my best to be healthy for me and my baby. . . #Workout #Pregnancy #17weekspregnant #pregnantwomenwholift #cardio #strength #balance #technique #weightlifting #runner #fitnessmotivation #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #healthyformeandmyfamily #empoweringwomen #personalfitnesstrainer #issacertified #notgivingup #goals #healthandwellness #mentalhealth #depression
Do you question yourself? There are days I still question myself.... am I working hard enough, am I doing enough. Am I seeing results. Cause the scale has been stuck. I’ve been in a plateau. It was my old thoughts that were creeping back in trying to make me doubt myself and what I’ve been doing. Then I get this photo from my coach. When I started my journey going to a workout class that felt like I was line dancing. It was what I needed to make the start of my journey fun. This photo brought tears to my eyes on what doing my best everyday has done. That simple few words has gotten me here. It works, I’m proof. Do you need help I have been where you are I can help you. Let’s start your journey..... let’s continue to just do our best! #doyourbest #whatnotgivinguplookslike #proof #myjourney #lookwhatayearcando #momof5 #absagain #alldoneathome #notgivingup #imworthit #metime #freakingawesome #soproudofmyself #bikini2019inprogress #autismmom
Super, duper tired after swimming at #homewardboundgoldenretrieverrescue ‘s pool today; the vet rec’d swimming as the best activity to help our sweet boy’s mobility retention. So grateful to Jodi for allowing Hunter to use her heated pool!! And boy, is he a swimmer!! He loved it!! Also a fabulous pool cleaner; he kept trying to eat the leaves floating around 😂 Planning to go back on Weds or Thursday, depending on how he feels after acupuncture/chiropractic adjustment on Tues AM. ❤️❤️❤️our #goldenretrieverrescue #oldgolden #ageisjustanumber #notgivingup #f —-caninemyelopathy
Just a bit blurry but watching my 2nd favorite movie breakin' 2 💞 #saveourstreets #breakin2 #yourewhackman #notgivingup
You’ll always be special to me and I’ll always pick you over and over again. #notgivingup
I would say I'm significantly more uncomfortable than I was for the first half of my first Ocrevus infusion on this second half. I know that some people have no problems with side effects, but I guess I'm not one of those people after going through this again now. It doesn't surprise me as I have some sort of reaction to everything I put into my body. 😕 Today, I hit peak ouch at day 4. The headache was unreal and the nausea (ginger chews are life) has kept me from eating anything of substance which only compounds the symptoms I'm having. I feel like I'm floating, dizzy, numb but achey and incredibly weak. I haven't left the bed much at all today and I give great thanks to my husband and sister in law for keeping Dolores occupied so that I was able to rest, although I wasn't able to sleep much due to the headache. BUT...I'm still remaining hopeful that it will follow last one's pattern and that things start getting better on tomorrow's day 5. I'm still confident that this medicine will help me get better and accomplish my goals in the long run. 💜💜💜 #Ocrevus #DMD #diseasemodifyingdrug #multiplesclerosis #MS #MSwarrior #autoimmunewarrior #autoimmunedisorder #autoimmune #chronicillness #invisibleillness #thisisMS #igotthisshit #notgivingup #MSCANSUCKIT
Snuck off to watch the sunrise this am, let my little metal head rock out, hung some blinds, week 1 of meal prep.... you know, “adult things”...... no I still haven’t found my megaladon tooth #notgivingup #teamStarkey
"The great and glorious masterpiece of man is how to live with a purpose" #montaigne Photo by me on my bday! 💕 I am very proud of the person I am and what I have accomplish at 35. I know, I know I look 28, but lying about my age has never been a thing for me. Though I still catch myself saying white lies here an there, with out thinking about it. Is definitely something I am working on, and I am sure we all do it. Do you? #anyways ... Where I wanted to go with this comment is... Actually, who many lies you keep telling ourselves to avoid stepping out of your comfort zone? Or to take some time for self care? Or___________... You name it! So the big question is: Are you walking on the right direction and living a life with purpose? What is your dharma? What micro movement can you take today? I am still not clear of mine. But I feel it in my ♥️ that I am going on the right direction... Baby steps but moving forward. #namaste #theuniversehasmyback #elpasoyoga #livepainfree #nopainyoga #goals2018 #iamstrong #Ihavewhatittakes #dharma #whynot #elpasotx #bosquedelapachenationalwildliferefuge #texas #newmexico #upsanddownsoflife #usa #theorangeguys #trainspotting #notgivingup
Sometimes your world gets turned upside down but its about smiling through it knowing something great is on the horizon!! #notgivingup #myjourney #thrivingnotsurviving
Hey now! I know it’s Saturday night and your mind may be elsewhere. Keep sipping that wine 🍷, taking a bite of the appetizer 🍤, another scrumptious forkful of cake 🍰... No, like seriously, I’m not guilt-tripping you. I just had the same thing. 🙋🏻‍♀️ But what if you do it in a way that’ll STILL give you results like these guys 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 I’ve got something for ya that will TAKE YOU right up to Turkey Day!!! ✨ohhhh and if you like presents: Next 5️⃣ ladies to commit will get a special gift package with a few of my favorite things👯‍♀️🛍✨ Registration is about to close...NOW through SUNDAY is your chance for my SHIFT into 2019 re-launch party! ☄️ I was obsessed with this one when it came out last summer and helped me get in the BEST shape everrrrrrr (no, really, this one takes the 🎂!!!)... But it’s back and revamped and even better than before!!! ⠀ You will have BRAND NEW workouts, think: "FIT TESTS" to measure your speed and agility. ⠀ And if you have that inner competitive side 🏅, just stop reading now and message me that you’re in! You’re going to love this!!!🤗 ⠀ Test your physical strength while shaping your mental strength. Which by the way, during this B U S Y time of year, I think we all need BOTH 💗. ⠀ If you are head nodding with me right now and considering joining my virtual BOOTCAMP, 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 🧚🏻‍♀️7 days of prep 🤸‍♀️21 days of all-in commitment 👯‍♀️A community that is stronger by the end We start Monday friends! With the opportunity to be part of a B I G cashpot of money to be won! 👏🏻 👉Private, virtual community of other women working towards their own goals 👉An easy to follow (and personalized) meal plan PROVEN-personally 😉to help you get amazing results 👉30 day supply of a dense superfoods that will likely knock your socks off 👉Digital streaming access to the workout programs so you can workout when it fits YOUR schedule from your laptop, phone, TV, computer ***limited spots left*** Comment below "LETS MAKE THE SHIFT" or JUMP INTO MY INBOX 💌 Don’t give up!!! We still have 2 months of 2018 left, to crush your goals 🙌🏻!!! #notgivingup #momfidence #busymomsgetitdone #holidaysarecomingsoon
When your first commute to work attempt went south quickly, so you’re out doing fixed gear recon to nail it next week. #NotGivingUp #IDemandToFreezeMyAssOffThisWinter #Hashtag #FixedGearPSL #ItsFallYall
#truestory I went to my doctor in January ready to begin my weight loss journey - for real this time. I got blood work done. I made an appointment with a dietician. I joined a gym. And I hit the ground running and I’ve been getting it for the last nine months. I’d love for this post to be a story of triumph, but it’s not. In nine months, the scale has not moved; not up, not down. Nothing. Well, I did lose two inches on my waist and get my visceral fat down to a healthy range, but not a single pound came off or went on. This stumped my dietician, so she sent me back to my doctor. On Friday my doc advised me to start a #ketodiet . She said some bodies need a shock to restart a sluggish metabolism, which she suspects I have. Under her medical supervision, I’ll be starting this leg of my weight loss journey. She’s confident that keto + weight lifting focusing on legs + moderate cardio should do the trick. I refuse to believe I can’t lose weight. This was unexpected, but I welcome a challenge. Here goes nothing. #inspired #notgivingup #weightlossjourney #atleastimsolidlybuilt
If you havent noticed, I haven't been in the mood to workout lately and I can tell its affecting a lot with my body so we got home from grocery shopping and I told Jack I'm going downstairs to workout maybe it will make me feel better. -- It felt great to work my legs and do some HIIT. I'm not sure what is going on but I dont like it at all and I am trying to pull through and keep going that's all I can really do because there is no going back to where I came from. Not an option! #season #funk #workhard #journey #notgivingup #itwillcomeback #bloat #givemehealthyfoods #backtoit #listentoyourbody
Lemon Blueberry Cake 3 layer cake with lemon and blueberry buttercream interspersed Naked-ish not by choice, but it was a good move #lemonblueberry #lemonblueberrycake #seminakedcake #lemonisthebest #fromscratch #bakingfromscratch #notgivingup #eatup
here's to learning how to watercolor on crappy paper! yay... . I've missed a few days of inktober, but I'm not giving up . . #notgivingup #watercolor #taemin #leetaemin #shinee #shineeart #shineefanart #kpopfanart #traditionalart #traditionalartwork #traditional #paint #painting #shineetaemin #fanart #illo
Thank you @mililani24hourfitness for giving me your 150% and baring with my 75% of physical effort. Although I did bring the 100% of personality hahaha Doctors orders.... out of the boot and into my shoes with Plantar inserts. It actually helped teaching zumba today. Sadly...no more cardio in my line up this week(except in the pool) Just weights and water stuffs until @miyukichan156 and I #partyinpink on Saturday the 27th at 1130-1245 followed by snacks and a give away!!!! I'm not gonna lie and tell you that I'm happy it is what it is. When it first happened I cried and felt like my world was over again.... But that attitude isnt gonna fix it. So instead I need to live by example and work on my #roadtorecovery so I can go full throttle!!!! #notgivingup #slowandsteady #comeonefeets #onestepatatime #ivefeltworse #slightlymorebareablethanithpught
Happy Saturday Everyone 😁 If you want more out of #life ... you better start doing something different. If you continue to do what you are currently doing... YOU will continue to be where you are!!! My #fitnessmiles for #week42 (October 14 - 20, 2018 ) is 33 miles. So from January 1 - October 20, 2018 my miles are 1,405 miles for the year. #GodFirstinMyLife #inspiredbyfitness #FitnessJourney #Fitbit #fitnessmotivation #instafit #fit #workouttime #workout #TeamBabyGotTrack #Traxx #dedication #adventure #lifestyle #BetterEveryDay #HealthyBody #MicheleKnott #notgivingup #noexcuses
Round 2 at #planetfitness today 😋💖 I’m super pumped with all this gym and exercise! 👊🏻💪🏻 I’ve never been the athletic type my entire life so I’m surprising even myself! 😋😬 it def hasn’t been easy but it’s def getting easier 🤗👏🏻💖 #changes #ificansocanu #yesimlazy #notgivingup #tightlikeatiger 🐯🐅🤣
The Lord must be doing something big..I put all my hope, trust and faith in him. God is in control in all areas of my life. Trying to lead by example in every area of my life to be pleasing to the Lord. I'm not perfect and I fail daily but I can only improve and keep dusting myself off and try again. #Imhuman #Godhasme #notgivingup #ImanOvercomer #Godsplanisalwaysbiggerandbetter #holdingontoGodspromises
Hawaii @ironmantri World Championship contenders are elite athletes right? They are genetically gifted with a rare Ironman tolerance gene? Something as big as this couldn’t be conquered by a ‘normal’ person right? WRONG! I first met Lee at my second ever attempt at parkrun. After blitzing her 5kms she came back to keep me company. She’s wonderful like that. Since that moment Lee has been a massive support and a fascinating person to get to know. I first heard about the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in the 1998. I joked with my mother, ‘hmmmpff maybe I’ll do that one day.’ Although I never really thought of it again after that. A few months ago Lee qualified for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships. I found myself feeling like a teenager again watching a story about this epic race. Dreaming the impossible and now here 20 years later I’m cheering for someone I know competing in it! 3.8km swim. 180km bike ride. 42.2km run. Lee did that! A Mum of four whom decided she needed to get in shape just crossed the finish line of an event that I actually thought was untouchable. I watched her train through an excruciatingly cold Australian winter while still working and being present in her kids lives to ensure she was as ready as she could be. Lee was focused, disciplined, prepared and it absolutely paid off. Look I’m not saying I will ever become a Ironman Championship contender, however what I take from witnessing this amazing feat is that no dream is too audacious. Nothing is impossible. Don’t let fear dictate your thoughts or self doubt fuel your motivation. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing how Lee felt post race. She describes the start like this, “a cannon fires and after you finish thinking that there’s been a terrorist attack you put your head down and go like the dickens trying not to get drowned by everyone else trying to find their place in the water. It’s a frightening and exhilarating start and it just gets crazier from there. Lee will be writing a race report for her beloved @ironmums for which she is an ambassador for and I will be sure to share that with you all. Congratulations Lee, this achievement is awe-inspiring! Legendary! 💜
My parents said this would happen #grownup #middleage #adultproblems #notgivingup
Saturday’s I like to dress up and pretend I’m going to do somewhere fun; going to the laundry room for the WIN! #momlife #nodaysoff #alwaysdrowninginlaundry
6 WEEKS OUT BABY!!! Feeling amazing! Body changing everyday. Im in it to win it! 🙌💪 Staying motivated, dedicated and most definitely disciplined. Mind Over Matter! #swolette #figuretraining #gainsgainsgains #feelthepump #lovingit #embracingmyjourney #pushingmylimits #cantstopwontstop #positivevibes #fitnessmotivation #dedication #notgivingup #staydedicated . . . . . Coach: @_tonynichols_fitness 💪 @musclecontest December 1st
Amazing bicep workout! This is easily my most difficult, yet favorite exercise. It really makes you feel the burn. Get a barbell and do 7 full reps, 7 top to half reps, and 7 bottom to half reps, for 4 sets. Try and stay in control of the weight while going at a slower tempo. • • Got any questions? DM me or comment them and I’ll answer it as well as I can! • • #lacrosse #lax #grind #reps #nodaysoff #lovethegrind #hardwork #passion #dedicated #notgivingup #training #fitness #motivation #letsgetbetter #getbettertoday #FSUTCOB #offseason
My reality: At nineteen I hit rock bottom. I lost all purpose. The last year I have been pushing myself to take control of my life back. And now I am stuck. I want to move but need a full time job and in order to do that I need these appointments for my health. But I am basically being told ‘To bad Emileigh, you just have to put your life off.’ So here I am just crying for the third time today. #mentalhealthawareness #mentalillness #depression #anxiety #survivingmentalillness #strongerbecauseofit #notallsunshineandrainbows #livingwithanxiety #livingwithdepression #mentalillnessawareness #mentalillnessadvocate #notgivingup
I’m a work in progress and I’m not giving up! #notgivingup #healthygrandma #goalsetter #healthydoesabodygood #improudofmyself
Everything in me wants to eat bad food today... But I know I would instantly regret it... So chicken taco salad it is! 😁 I refuse to let my mind get in the way of my progress! #itsnotalwayseasy #irefusetofail #healthylifestyle #weightlossjourney #fitby40goals #notgivingup #iwantmuscles #iwillsucceed #fatgirlfedup #strongisbeautiful
Took a while to get this out, but I made sure the mixing was good. Let me know what yall think! Link is in the bio 👏🏽 • • • #olskool #hiphop #mpk #flstudio #lovehiphop #instrumental #learning #improvement #crafting #gettingbetter #notgivingup #keepworking #sounds #inspired #mixing #soundengineer #advice #engineears #goals
First Instagram video post. Quick vent session. Been feeling in a funk lately and haven't been eating healthy or working out lately like I should. Hoping for a restart come November. #momconfessions #struggling #inarut #candy #foodstruggles #inafunk #needarestart #onedayatatime #october #notgivingup #slowlybutsurely
Hey guys, I had to take a break from #inktober cos... life. But I am not giving up! And I think I might do the prompts I missed, too. For now here is a simple day 20. #inktober2018 #breakable #micron #sharpie #ink #notgivingup
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