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Summer is almost over 😭 #notokay
cairns, you sah hot 🥵 #notokay
only for you
Que nombre le propondremos....? #asco #notokay #univision #televisa
Fuck today sideways #fuck #fucktoday #notokay
self made poem 🖤 first verse of 3! follow to catch the next 2🖤 #nothappy #notokay #help
I’m all up in my feels missin my old boo really wishing he would call and get home already.. #notokay #makstop 😭
Why😔✋ ° ° ° ° #depression #notokay #bye
For the first time in a long time I wasn’t wearing jeans and a band shirt that was 2x my size. I wasn’t working so I was not wearing my Interpreting “uniform”. I wore new colorful fishnets a friend gave me. I wore my pleather shorts I love. I felt comfortable with how I looked and felt in the outfit. I felt good inside my own skin. I was going to see a band I’ve supported for 4 years. A band that always made me feel safe. I still grabbed a jacket because I was afraid of being downtown in a crop top. I love my city but that doesn’t mean I’m not afraid. Walking around to pass the time men kept yelling at me to get my attention. I was scared and felt unsafe I went to the coffeehouse until it was near time for doors. I’m lucky to have been with a friend who understood why I felt unsafe. Inside the coffee house doors I felt safe. Walking back to the venue I was afraid and anxious. Inside the venue doors I felt same I was around people who gave me my first home and safe place at local shows. I can’t believe this was something I had to write but do not harass people. It took a lot for me to be comfortable wearing this outfit and some men tried to take that comfort and power away from me. I dress for me- not for anyone else. Thank you to Craft and Common coffee house for being a safe place for me to hide.
Misunderstood I’m not afraid to say, missin som screws above. Don’t Feel Okay Today #fbz #dreads #notokay
Life’s pretty tough sometimes, but no one said it was easy 🤷🏼‍♀️ #selfie #love #rad #cute #bet #notokay #ohwell
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