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Toddlers don’t need to have the most fabulous, balanced meal every night... particularly if they have been to daycare / kindy / preschool where they have a hot lunch during the day! πŸ™πŸ₯£πŸ€— Eggs on toast, toasted sandwiches, baked beans and even porridge have been known to be requested in our house on kindy days! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ My professional advice? Just go with it! Particularly if you have had a busy day too... Tonight we had a look in the fridge together and decided on left over spelt pasta (from last nights spaghetti bolognese), toasted cheese sandwich, cucumber, tomato (a new food) and a bowl of yoghurt with banana to finish off... πŸ‘ All nourishing options and I know she had shepherds pie for lunch as well as fruit and veg at snack time today. #takealoadoff #easydinners #balance #nourishingoptions #qualityoffood #keepitsimple #parentsprovidechildrendecide #comfortfood #workingparents
Dear green smoothie. I love you. Xx
I generally don't eat a lot of wheat or dairy, and I keep most of my meal sizes pretty small (especially the carb portion)...but once a week, I take myself on a #solodate to Indian Buffet where I feast till my belly is stuffed! Indian food has a nice balance of all 5 flavors, which supports healthy #digestion and #bloodcirculation Although I eat meat, I love to fill my plate with all of the #vegetarian options, and I take my time, really savoring all of the different dishes It always inspires me to play with new #recipes at home- I am perfecting my #glutenfree #naan at the moment, and am pretty happy with my #dal recipes Indian food is great for #Postpartum care, as it is full of #warming #nourishing #spices , and you can get a lot of flavor without using #onions and #garlic , which can cause #colic in some #infants Our sister company #nourishingoptions can custom make tasty Indian meals that work for any #nutrtitionalplan or #specialdiet #nourish #nourishyourself #dairyfree #lowsugar #paleo What are your favorite Indian dishes? Which ones do you not eat because of #dietaryrestrictions ?
Exciting day today! We had @pixel_phunk_photography here taking photos of our range! Can't wait to see how they turn out... watch this space!
Cold night... hot choc...
Check us out at @theburgerblock for your low carb and keto friendly cookies, crackers and granola! Living this display too 😍😎
Not quite keto but this was the homemade pumpkin soup we had for dinner. Dollop of sour cream and topped with chives and bacon it was divine! Next time I'm gonna try some broken rosemary crackers! Mmmmm
YES! You can subscribe to your order ans set and forget knowing you will always have plenty of your favourite low carb snacks available! So if you love granola for brekkie, crackers for lunch or snacks and indulgent guilt free cookies for when you want a treat keep them on hand and never run out!
Free from! No soy, maltitol or sugar in our products. We use natural sweeteners erythritol or stevia in our granola and cookies or a blend of the two. Our aim is for the ingredients list to be as nourishing as possible and the food as tasty as possible!
β™‘ 'Festive Yoghurt Bark' β™‘ Can't wait to try THIS one.. yumo! A healthier version of 'White Christmas' (not that I'm a fan of the usual stuff). Recipe courtesy of @activeandnourished. Check out their feed for some top notch inspo πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ #yum #nourishingoptions #cleantreats #christmasyum #festivefood #healthfulwholeful #nourish