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The Lloyd Years #35mm
- Just A Casual Walk With Your Deer - Nothing to see here.
MODEL: @remille_ WARDROBE: @jellomomvtg by @katelynmitchell_ MUA: @annastrother of @unstructuredbeauty HAIR: 10+ mph winds ✨
Before Sunrise
This is one of my favorite images. The scene unfolded at an airport while I was having coffee. I noticed the light and geometric shaddows and waited for people to cross. These two should get an oscar for perfect timing.
Among the worlds
. . . . . .
Good morning. How are you doing?
Lead in. Mamiya 7 / Kodak Portra 400. Sydney. So aside from cars, I’ve got a bit of an undeclared love of all things plane related in case you didn’t get that already from a few of my photos. Anyone of the rest of you have a love for mechanical birds?
Are you ready? Our upcoming series "Numbing Motion" portraits the never ending circle we all live in. Because baby, it's like watching a snowstorm: At the end of the day all flakes unite with the wild sea.
Nourish your body with good fruits and your soul with lazy day off 🧘‍♂️ #stelymag #onlinemagazine
📷 Minolta SRT101 🎞 expired Fujicolor NPH 400
Mind your style! Choose eco friendly brands and sustainable clothes. #stelymag #sustainablefashion #zerowaste
nuclear sunset pt. 1 - (1/3)
Life is just a game, nothing can be really serious, so all you can do is to play and enjoy! #stelymag #onlinemagazine
Nishinotoin dori
Hazy miss daisy
Es maravilloso ver una perspectiva diferente de la torre Eiffel. Esa tarde en Paris, mientras trataba de acomodarme el cabello y observar a mi esposo tomarme la foto, supe que sería uno de esos momentos que quedarían guardados en mi memoria con mucho sentimiento.
I follow him so his shadow
Need a warm bed in this cold world #portra400 #yashicamat124g
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