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Now thru Sunday, get 15% off any order of Sweets2Go using promo code:  AUGUST18.  Sweets2Go is a travel-sized container of nut-free candy - a must have for summer vacation where cross contamination with nuts is hard to avoid!  We like to bring ours to the ice cream store for a safe topping and we always stash one in our carry on bag!  Link in bio.
My office for today: nut allergy provocation test at the hospital. Takes about 6 hours, so I try to get a little work done whilst hoping that the allergy is not too severe... #onlineentrepreneur #neveradullmomentwithhim #nutallergy #nutallergymom #laptoplifestyle #mobileoffice #mompreneurlife #mompreneur #brainstormingsession #ecommercebusiness
It all begins with transforming your mind and the rest will Come together! Trust me! You can’t out work a bad diet! These are 3 progress pictures when we did a 21 day nutrition only focused program and I think the results are pretty clear! Fuel your body to run like a machine you need good fuel to run well! You eat crap your body will feel like crap! I share this journey because all it took was one post I happened to see on Facebook that started my journey and thank God I did and I am never looking back! Are you ready to get started?!?! • • • • • • #soccermom #grayhairdontcare #alwayscooking #earlysunrise #strongasshit #stretchmarkmama #asthmamom #nutallergymom #foodallergymama #giftedchild #fixingupourhome #homerenovation #carpentersesposa #disneyworldfreak #anxietysurvivor #cleaneatsarenumber1 #endometriosissurvivor #endometriosisisnojoke #premie #soccermommylife #soccerforlife #softballmommylife #homeremodelingcouple #houseworkinprogress #familyremodelinglifestyle
So you see this lotion? I bought this huge bottle off amazon when the babies were a month old & target runs were impossible. . Well I just noticed, it has sesame seed oil??! 😱🤯😩😰 Now I need a new lotion. ☹️ Ugh. Food allergies aren’t only about food. 🤷🏼‍♀️ . . . . . . #babieswithfoodallergies #foodallergymom #foodallergyfriendly #foodallergyawareness #peanutallergy #treenutallergy #sesameallergy #checktheingredients #plantbased #peanutfree #nonutsvegan #nutallergyproblems #nutallergymom #newlotion #crueltyfree #veganproducts
👋 everyone! We are so excited to introduce Bo & Ty’s #AllergySchool101 - your new source of weekly content with tips on keeping your nut allergic kids safe. Rachel & I have a combined 15 years of experience with children with severe nut allergies and we consider ourselves “experts” on this sort of thing. We also want to help all of you who don’t have a nut allergy but who host a play date or bday party with a 🥜 allergic🧒. Each week we will be posting tips & tricks - if we miss something or you want us to post something, DM us here and let us know! XO, Bo & Ty Sweets #allergy101 #boandtyallergyschool #treateveryone #nutallergy #nutallergymom #nutfree #nutfreeliving #foodallergy #foodallergies #foodallergymom #allergy #allergies
Phew good thing I burned off all the bad food I ate yesterday that tasted damn good! That’s the best thing about this four day a week program three days off and one cheat meal day crushed it today! You ready to join me?!?? • • • • • • #soccermom #grayhairdontcare #alwayscooking #earlysunrise #strongasshit #stretchmarkmama #asthmamom #nutallergymom #foodallergymama #giftedchild #fixingupourhome #homerenovation #carpentersesposa #disneyworldfreak #anxietysurvivor #cleaneatsarenumber1 #endometriosissurvivor #endometriosisisnojoke #premie #soccermommylife #soccerforlife #softballmommylife #homeremodelingcouple #houseworkinprogress #familyremodelinglifestyle
Do you feel so extremely accomplished after your workout? My at home workout never leaves us hanging we know exactly what we are up against each day we push play and feel #soreaf and #strongaf 💪 when we are done!! There is no roaming around the gym wasting time we get a trainer in our own home telling us what to do! Back and biceps 💪 for the win !! • • • • • • #soccermom #grayhairdontcare #alwayscooking #earlysunrise #strongasshit #stretchmarkmama #asthmamom #nutallergymom #foodallergymama #giftedchild #fixingupourhome #homerenovation #carpentersesposa #disneyworldfreak #anxietysurvivor #cleaneatsarenumber1 #endometriosissurvivor #endometriosisisnojoke #premie #soccermommylife #soccerforlife #softballmommylife #homeremodelingcouple #houseworkinprogress #familyremodelinglifestyle
I was never one where confidence came easy! Teenage years were tough I suffered with bad acne and was teased horribly at age 13 because of it. While I was not overweight being teased because of the acne really kept my confidence gone throughout my childhood and teenage years. That is the best part of this whole health and wellness coaching part of my life not only am I helping others get healthy I have never had more confidence and peace and happiness in my entire life! opportunities don't always come out to find you! when you're given the opportunity to take that leap of faith do it because it is so worth it there's no turning back! every aspect of my life has benefited but my confidence is the biggest. And with that I'm instilling in both of my daughters to always be confident no matter what life throws at you! #confidence #confidencecomesfromwithin #dontfear #teamcourage #teambeachbodyuk #teachthemyoung #cleaneating #clearmind #anxietysurvivor #anxietysucks #iamgettingstronger
I don’t usually post other people’s food, but fellow @theculinaryinstituteofamerica Group Leader @richardblais @getcrackshacked is impeccably executed. Everything we ate was delicious and there are no nuts in the whole establishment which makes this #allergymom so incredibly #happy . #proud2bcia #nofilter
Chloe’s like “What you drinking Savannah ? “. The girls were so happy to pick up some sweet treats from @patisserievmarie. The owner Vanessa was so kind she even went to double check that the desserts the girls wanted were 100% Nut free. Thank you @patisserievmarie for taking the time to ensure that my daughter’s could safety enjoy a sweet treat. 💙 . . . #nutfree #nutallergy #nutallergymom #bakery #desserts #momsofinstagram #woodbridge #instakids #instagood #chocolate #buns #dresses #sundayfunday #esspreso #coffeeshop #allergyfriendly #2bonagirls
Timing is never perfect start now so you don’t have to look back and wonder what changes could have happened!!
@joelfreemanfitness knew what he was doing when he developed this lift program! I used to dread shoulder day now I love it! Embrace the challenge!
I’ve avoided eating nuts all week due to Emma’s possible allergy, so I’m finally enjoying my perfect bar at work instead! Do moms out there avoid nuts too if their kid is allergic??? Help! I don’t know how careful is too careful 🤷🏻‍♀️
Love them to pieces ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pine tree 🌲 is gone!!! Thank God too because it was hollow and rotted! God 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 def has been watching over us during winds!
She believed she could, so she did! #teambelieve
Took my office to the park today. I love that I can work wherever I want! #fitnikdiaries
Done by 6am on a day off! Bam 💥 got goals! Lift chest day!
Barley time for me to shower and get ready for my client, an I know I’m going to be working through dinner so I’m so grateful for my healthy shake!!! Tasty and healthy! Can’t beat that! #fitnikdiaries
Lunch 🥗 on point!
And like that week 1 is done ✅ legs baby!!
Got my leg workout in!!! If it’s anything like the other workouts this week I might not be able to walk tomorrow! 😂 but I’m feeling good! Now for date night with the hubs!! #fitnikdiaries
This spoke to me today! #truthbomb #fitnikdiaries
I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot! I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe miracles! - Audrey Hepburn 🙌🏼 I also believe that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to! #teambelieve
Packaging and food safety labels are critical consumer touch points. They lost me at nut-free pistachio. #nutallergymom #saynotogelato
Workout done!! This program makes me feel so strong!💪🏼 I love it! Check out a video of my workout in my stories!!! #firnikdiaries
The very fact that you worry about being a good mom means you already are one!! Take a deep breath and keep going! Be the example! You’ve got this!💜😘 #fitnikdiaries
Tie dye day at camp! Love them so much! #mywhyisstrong #mywhyishuge
Beautiful day out! Decided to do some work and eat some breakfast on the porch today!! #thisisthelife #viewfromtheoffice
Day 1 is a wrap! My 💜 is so full today! My husband is 100% on board with the program this time too! Watch us crush the next 8 weeks! #thisisajourneynotarace
I had seen @the_allergymom post Alexi’s story on insta. My first encounter hearing Alexi’s story aloud was on Megyn Kelly’s show this morning @megyntoday. One bite. 90 minutes. Two epipens. And a beautiful precious child gone. Anxiety creeps back in. My 9 year old watched with me. My heart feels like it is physically sinking for this daughter, for this family, for my own daughter. For this allergy community. We want to be free of this anxiety & be encouraged by what we CAN do. Then the reality of what if’s enter in. And this is my driving force of allergy conversation on my lips: continually educating my daughter and those around us. We fight against her allergies but also our own human error. We are but frail humans. How can we overcome? LORD, help us every step of the way. Every day. today.com/video/15-year-old-has-fatal-allergic-reaction-to-peanuts-megyn-kelly-roundtable-1279190083910 #kidswithfoodallergies #nutallergymom #foodallergymom #foodallergyawareness #familieswithallergies #nutfreefamily #nutfreekid #peanutfree #treenutfree #nutfreeintexas #nutfree Thank you @megyntoday @megynkellyofficial for bringing awareness. And thank you @the_allergymom for continually bringing allergy awareness.
Today we embark on a new 8 week journey! #thisisajourneynotarace
Look what we found on tonight’s grocery run! @luigisrealitalianice Blue raspberry and watermelon 🍉 Luigi’s Real Italian Ice! We haven’t seen these flavors before! Perfect for this weeks’ post swims. #luigisrealitalianice #peanutfreetreat #nutallergymom #foodallergymom #kidswithfoodallergies #nutfreefamily #nutfreeliving #nutfreeintexas #treenutfree #nutfreezone
#huntleypenthouse @thehuntleyhotel One of my favorite summer memories so far. Our Cali fam truly treated us with this yummy brunch and simply beautiful ocean view. The restaurant staff was attentive and kind...our waitress communicated with the chef to accommodate Reese’s peanut/treenut allergy. One expectation I had of SoCal was easier food options. While there are lots of Vegan & GF options in LA, most menus were full of nuts. They just didn’t meet our comfort level. So it was refreshing to be at a restaurant knowledgeable about allergies, allowing us to relax and enjoy family time. #cousinlovin #sisters #sisterswhoarebesties #kidswithfoodallergies #nutallergymom #foodallergymom #treenutfree #peanutfree #nutfreefamily
I used to struggle with anxiety, I used to feel depressed about how I looked and refused to get my picture taken or leave the house. I would lay on the couch and cry wishing I was a better mom for my boys and a better wife for my hubby! Here are four steps I took to change all of that. 1. I woke up and decided if I want things to be different I need to take action and change some things. . 2. I started working out. It wasn’t pretty at first and I couldn’t do a whole 30min, but I kept trying! Kept pushing! . 3. Started eating better and drinking my superfood shake! It gave me loads more energy and nourished my body! . . 4. I started reading personal development books and my bible DAILY!!!! I didn’t think I really “needed” this step, but I gave it a try and it has changed my life. . These four tools have shifted my thinking, given me energy and confidence and helped me become a better mom and wife! I’m so grateful for that day when I decided enough was enough!! #neverlookback #fitnikdiaries
Have you ever read the book Girl, Wash your face by @msrachelhollis ? Well, it’s inspiring! We were not put here on this earth to live a mediocre life! That dream that you have deep down in your heart, that was divinely put there! You are meant for great things! Don’t hide it because you’re afraid of what others might think! Who cares what they think! One of my favorite quotes from this book is “what other people think of you, is none of your business” live your life, be kind, help others, and forget the naysayers!! Be YOU!!! #fitnikdiaries #girlwashyourface
The results are clear when I stick to a nutrition program it works! As we jump into a new one starting on Monday that allows one cheat day and only 4 workouts a week this is for busy working families and I can’t wait to rock the shit out of it! My before picture Monday morning for this will look much more different than the final picture of the post here because food has been not dialed in! Bring on the changes! #endometriosissucks 💛 #ivecomesofaralready #thisisajourneynotarace #dialedinnutrition
Change doesn’t happen overnight! But change does start as soon as you decide to commit and begin! So put aside the excuses and let’s do this! #startyourjouney #doitasacouple #ifwecandoitsocanyou
Even seasoned allergy moms still have to read and reread labels. All this is fresh but my balsamic vinaigrette has the cross contamination label. Who would have thought??? Lucky for me RJ is more thrilled about her side of steamed broccoli! #nutallergymom #kidswithfoodallergies #crosscontamination #readyourfoodlabels
On our way to the splash pad! 💜 #fitnikdiaries
Whole 30 who has done it? Can’t wait to find my food I get from endometriosis this will be a great learning experience! #endometriosissucks 💛
Love them more than anything in this world! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Anyone else obsessed with #pesto ? 😆 With a northern Italian father, I grew up eating garden fresh pesto (made the traditional pine nut + pecorino romano way 😎) and have made my own each summer ever since I moved out... With our relatively recent embrace of a whole foods plant based diet (all while navigating nut allergies with the baby), I just had to find a way to make pesto, that was still delicious and highly satisfying 😋 Packed with green power nutrients and healthy fats & omegas, pesto is easy & quick to make, can be prepared in large batches, freezes well and is ultra versatile - which makes it a fabulous #postpartumfood too!! I always make it by eye but here are the basic proportions for at least 2 family meals: ▶️ 4 cups packed basil ▶️ 2 cups fresh baby spinach (or other herbs you enjoy) ▶️ 1/2 cups hemp hearts (adds delicious nutty flavour) ▶️ 1/3 cups nutritional yeast (for a great cheesy taste) ▶️ 3 cloves garlic or more to taste ▶️ 1/2 cup good quality olive oil (sometimes add more after to get it to the perfect texture) ▶️ salt and pepper to taste ▶️ blend in food processor until smooth and store in small jars or in a larger one if you plan to use it within 5-7 days in the fridge! 💚🍃 Hope you enjoy this as much as we do!! 😘
Can this really be true??? I see more @southwestair flights to Houston in my future! ✈️This is good news. A turning point. {link below to article} ✌🏻❤️🚫🥜 . . https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2018/07/09/southwest-airlines-ditching-peanuts/ . . #peacelovenonuts #southwestairlines #travelingwithnutallergies #nutallergymom #kidswithfoodallergies #nutfreeintexas
Getting my workout in today felt sooooo good! I pushed through some of those limiting beliefs! Every time I wanted to quit I thought of my goal! That goal gets further away if I quit! Every time I push though it’s gets closer. It’s as simple as that! #fitnikdiaries #strongerthanyesterday
How I feel when I can eat what you’re eating!!! A sweet mama just texted me tonight’s 4th grade girls book club snack and we are 👌🏻 good to go. ✌🏻❤️🚫🥜#nutallergymom #kidswithfoodallergies #foodallergymom #nutfreeliving #nutfreezone #nutfreehealthysnacksforkids #nutfreeintexas #treenutfree #peanutfree
Epipen dilemma! Back home from Cali and walked into a hot house. From one heat wave to another! A/C unit fried and sitting in 89 degrees on the kitchen counter was the “back to school” brand new epipen. I had left it out for the sitter on our last date night before leaving town...packing older epipens for the flights. Still clear but I am not super comfortable with this. At least I have back ups. Going to have to talk to pharmacist. #kidswithfoodallergies #nutallergymom #epipendilemma
Everybody loves chocolate chip cookies! @safeandfair makes snacks and cookies in an exclusively nut-free facility and sources from nut-free vendors. All natural, non-gmo and whole wheat four instead of white flour. Use code DB30 to get 30% off your first order at www.safeandfair.com!
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