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Need a new breakfast idea? Say hello to these honey butternut squash breakfast tarts, made with @siggisdairy 4% touch of honey yogurt for a higher protein combination and not a lot of sugar. Easy to make and packed with simple ingredients. Direct link in bio! [sponsored] #dailysiggis #nutritionhappens
Teaming up with @Lipton to talk about all things wellness this season! Three things I like to chat about with my personal nutrition clients: mindful food choices, movement, and SLEEP. Getting enough sleep affects the quality of our choices during the day - including nutrition! Do you guys have a routine to wind down before going to bed? For me, I usually shut off my computer and (try!) to leave my phone alone before making a hot drink and diving into a good book. I rotate between what I drink and lately it’s been @Lipton ’s Bedtime Bliss Herbal Supplement, a combination of chamomile, mint and orange peel that I like to help me unwind while I read! What does your bedtime routine usually look like? Do you have one? #LiptonPartner #NutritionHappens
Make a salad better with some good toppings: roast chicken sausage + bell peppers tossed in avocado oil at 400F for 20 mins. Use it to build salads or add over more vegetables with a sauce for a quick + easy meal! #nutritionhappens
[ad] Had an incredible dinner the other night at @elskerestaurant here in Chicago that included a fall pumpkin casarecce made with @BarillaUS (part of the Collezione line) so obviously I had to recreate a homemade version! I personally prefer pasta cuts that help hold all the sauce in, so this is why I loved the cascarecce. The Collezione collection is bronze cut which is exactly what I want because it holds onto the sauce better! Made the pumpkin sauce myself from three different squash purees (butternut, sweet potato, and pumpkin) and I added a handful of microgreens (because there’s never too many veggies 👋) + some black pepper on top to finish it out. There are tons of easy recipes over @BarillaUS - definitely browse through for some more inspo! #nutritionhappens #BarillaCollezione
There are so many different nutrients, vitamins and all around goodness going on in this bowl from @foodbyfare that we don’t have room to list them all.
When the muffins turn out 👌🏼 and your apartment also smells amazing 👋🏼 Happy Thursday my friends! #nutritionhappens
Double the toasts via @realgoodstuffco on this Monday AM: tomato pesto or avocado? Bread is local from @floriole , tomatoes are from @mightyvine and the almond cheese spread (just almonds + garlic + olive oil + lime + salt / pepper) they make is one of the best I’ve had around 🤞🏼 #nutritionhappens
Coconut Chocolate Cashew Butter Energy Bars, made using only a few simple ingredients like @siggisdairy 2% coconut yogurt, which is high in protein and lower in sugar. Adding in siggi’s yogurt is the perfect way to make a satisfying, homemade energy bar that’s a little higher in protein. Wholesome enough as a snack, a breakfast bar, or even dessert! Recipe link in bio. [sponsored] #DailySiggis #NutritionHappens
(CLOSED) GIVING AWAY these @lebbysnacks chocolate covered chickpeas 🙌🏻 [ad] You can say I’m pretty serious about my work from home snack selections and these are currently on rotation when I want a little bit of a chocolate-y option. All the convenience of roasted chickpeas without you actually turning on the oven (also great to toss in your bag to-go!). These chickpeas are dry-roasted without extra oil or salt and comes in 4 flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, mocha, and sesame honey (winner receives a variety pack!) To enter, just tap to like this photo + follow @LebbySnacks + tag a friend (as many entries as you want, but one friend per tag please!) Winner announced Mon 11/5/18 #LebbyTime #NutritionHappens #giveaway
Delicata squash season forever 👋🏼 Roasted these at 400F with @traderjoes everything bagel seasoning for 30 minutes till extra crispy 🔥 #nutritionhappens
Chatting with @dogoodlivewell about food choices that naturally provide a source of magnesium: spinach, pumpkin seeds, and hey, even dark chocolate 👋🏼 #sponsored #dogoodlivewell #nutritionhappens
Used @simplemills pumpkin muffin mix in a pre-cut brownie pan and here we are: mini pumpkin bites / squares? Either way, they’re amazing - topped with cashews, pumpkin seeds, and extra dark chocolate chips. The perfect solution for when you want to bake with low effort (aka no measuring a million ingredients 🤷🏻‍♀️) #nutritionhappens
Prep veggie noodles with your usual roasted sheet pan meals so they will cook perfectly and never get soggy 👏🏼 [ad] I used @DelMontefresh butternut squash noodles, but this will also work with their fresh zucchini noodles - you can find both at @jewelosco if you’re in the Chicago area. Pair with your favorite protein + sauce for a quick and healthy meal! Swipe for the easy recipe and follow @delmontefresh for more healthy, fun recipes #NutritionHappens #GoBananas2018
We feel healthier just looking at all these good-for-you ingredients courtesy of @foodbyfare.
(ad) Excited to share the NEW oat beverage coming soon from @Quaker ! It’s made from oat bran, so it is lactose-free, a good source of fiber, and an excellent source of calcium + vitamin D per 8 oz. serving. I tried this for the first time this month and loved how smooth + delicious it is! Great in smoothies, coffee, or just straight from the bottle. Plus, it’s heart healthy: each 8oz serving provides 0.75g of oat soluble fiber, and studies show that 3 grams or more of soluble fiber daily from oat bran, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may help reduce the risk for heart disease. Look out for it to hit the fridge January 2019 in three flavors: original, original unsweetened, and vanilla! #Quaker #NutritionHappens
At @tabosushi , enjoy Chef Takashi’s riff on a traditional Japanese rice bowl with grilled chicken over steamed rice with nori, shishito peppers, pickled ginger and teriyaki sauce 🍲
Come take a bite out our new seasonal avocado toast. 🥑 Here’s what health & fitness TV host, @stepitupwithsteph had to say: “Loved this avocado toast & lunch yesterday catered by @foodbyfare !! Someone on set even said, “This is THE best avocado toast I’ve ever had,” and I agree! Stop in and try one of their bowls, too. Delish! 😊 “ #stepitupwithsteph #foodbyfare
We bet we're the only food hall that can include a Michelin-starred chef as one of its vendors. We’re happy to count Chef Takashi Yagihashi of @tabosushi as one of our own 🍱
Going through another chia pudding phase and one of my favorite ways to naturally add sweetness is to blend it with @DelMonteFresh bananas! [AD] These are on repeat for breakfast: Salted tahini banana chocolate chip chia pudding! Made with @delmontefresh bananas (available at @jewelosco if you’re in the Chicago area) and uses only 6-ish ingredients. It’s creamy, satisfying, and packed with healthy fats + fiber + plant protein. Swipe to screenshot the recipe! More recipes are available over at @delmontefresh. P.S: There’s still time to share a photo of how you stay healthy and enter into Del Monte Fresh’s Go Bananas contest - use the hashtag #GoBananas2018 to enter and winners get a full banana costume (just in case you still need something for Halloween 👋🏼) #GoBananas2018 #NutritionHappens
I’ve been a little off track | haven’t logged my food for a couple weeks, missed check ins with coach BUT today is a new day.... I’m going to get back in my groove of logging my food and guess what... ITS OKAY 👌🏽 don’t sweat the small stuff. Just get back on the road and keep driving • • • • • •
Say “Good morning, Chicago” with the Cece smoothie: cold brew, banana, almonds, cacao powder, and dates. #foodbyfare ___ 📷 : @tayraymond
Fresh avocado + plantain chips = ideal snack situation. Have you tried this combo yet? #DoGoodLiveWell @dogoodlivewell #Sponsored #nutritionhappens
A 6-ingredient oat flour flatbread made with @Quaker Old Fashioned Oats! [ad] This is exactly why I love using oats in recipes – they’re versatile enough for so many different dishes! I love these flatbreads because they are 100% whole-grain and a good source of fiber to help support a healthy digestive system. Plus, the hearty texture is perfect to hold your favorite toppings (also great to dip in your favorite spread, like hummus!) My suggested pairing? With a layer of pesto and roasted zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus, butternut squash, and microgreens. 15 minutes is all you need - full recipe in my bio link! #Quaker #NutritionHappens
It finally feels like fall, and we’re here for it with our new seasonal menu items ! 🍂 #foodbyfare
Weekday go-to’s 😍👋🏼 #nutritionhappens
We’re open during the @chimarathon this Sunday! 🏃‍♀️ Swipe left for more info and come join us for breakfast. #foodbyfare #chimarathon
HAPPY Friday you guys 👋🏼😍Question for you: what’s the most confusing thing about health + nutrition to you? I want to know - tell me everything below! #nutritionhappens
Weekly health chat via @dogoodlivewell - this week = alternative legume-based pastas: currently trending and for good reason 🤞🏼 Fast and easy to prep and much higher in plant-based protein + fiber compared to traditional pasta. Nothing wrong with regular pasta but this is great way to switch it up, especially if you’re looking for meatless sources of protein and / or need a base ingredient for a simple, satisfying meal. Throw it together with some greens and a sauce and that could be your next lunch inspo 👋🏼 (sponsored) #dogoodlivewell #nutritionhappens
Daily greens 🍃 Everything/ whatever is in the fridge salads = at least 4/7 of my lunches a week. What about you - what’s for lunch? 🤓 #nutritionhappens
Fall versions of @siggisdairy triple cream yogurt bowls inspired by the season’s best fruits - including ROASTED grapes! Best roasted with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of flaked sea salt. The texture, taste, and creaminess of @siggi ’s triple cream is absolutely unbelievable: it’s not only lower in sugar but high in protein. Plus, the healthy fats help absorb all the vitamins from the produce and keeps you full (so you’re less likely to mindlessly graze!) Full link to recipe in bio - it only takes 15 minutes to roast! Need a bowl faster? Swipe for a bowl inspired by my favorite fall fruits: pomegranate, figs, and blackberries! [Sponsored] #DailySiggis #NutritionHappens
In a rush but still in the mood for sushi? Order @tabosushi for delivery online at @trycaviarchi 🍣
The usual breakfast 👋🏼 (ad) What’s your favorite type of oatmeal - Instant, Quick, Old Fashioned, or Steel Cut? My favorite way to eat oatmeal is still a classic bowl of hot @Quaker Old Fashioned Oats! All varieties of Quaker Oats are 100% wholegrain and ounce per ounce they offer vitamins and minerals like thiamin + magnesium. Simple, nutritious, and SO versatile - I like to chop up fresh mint and throw them in my oats with fresh berries! #QuakerOats #NutritionHappens
Do you usually eat microgreens? It’s honestly one of the easiest ways to add some nutrients in to anything you’re eating - I’m a fan of adding a handful to any salad or sandwich! (sponsored) #dogoodlivewell #nutritionhappens @dogoodlivewell
The most important meal of the day can also be the most delicious with @foodbyfare 's new breakfast menu. On the way to the office, stop by for an egg bowl, sandwich or wrap from 7:30–10:30 AM 🍳
[AD] Sharing some of my favorite @littlebluedynamos blueberry recipes on stories today and how to use blueberries all year round – even through the fall and winter! Besides just eating on them by the handfuls it’s versatile enough for both sweet or savory recipes (this blueberry avocado salsa with salmon over a flatbread is my go-to lately and it’s 💯) PLUS it’s packed with vitamin c + fiber + antioxidants that help support skin and brain health. Just one serving contains up to 14% of your daily fiber recommendations that help you stay fuller for longer. What’s your favorite way to eat them? #blueberrycouncilambassador #nutritionhappens #blueberries
How you know it’s going to be a good week 👋🏼😍 The great news about avocados is that you don’t have to buy them organic - similar to fruits with peels like mangoes and pineapples, they’ve been tested to have the lowest pesticide load and are the safest to eat when it comes to conventionally grown produce. The more you know 🤓 #nutritionhappens
One of the great joys of my life is watching my friends flourish. This insane dietician and business woman is changing lives. Honored to be apart of your journey @nutritionhappens and can’t wait to try all the recipes you shared with us through @wholefoods. Tag a friend you’re insanely proud of 😭🙌🏽 #nutritionhappens #thefaithfeast #wholefoodschi
Teaming up with @dogoodlivewell (part of @unitedhealthcare ’s volunteer initiative to decrease hunger + obesity) over the next few weeks to bring you a handful of easy to incorporate nutrition reminders to add throughout your day / week. First up? All about the frozen produce 👋🏼 [sponsored] #dogoodlivewell #nutritionhappens
One of our favorite health & wellness bloggers in Chicago, @chickpeainthecity , stopped in for lunch today! Check out what she had to say!! 😊 | very excited about this salmon tahini bowl from @foodbyfare with #vegan and #glutenfree oat chocolate chip cookies on the side 🍃🤞🏻 i’m usually not a sweets/cookies person (besides ice cream tbh) but these literally taste like breakfast cookies and are SO TASTY! if you haven’t checked out @foodbyfare in the loop you must — it’s like a hybrid between dig inn and sweetgreen. they make their own gf veggie patties (made of sweet potato and chickpeas), have a ton of df/gf/veg options and a smoothie with golden milk + collagen. yep i’m sold! ✨ // #chickpeainthecity #foodbyfare . . . . . #wsmchicago #Chicago #Loop #healthy #health #healthyfood #wellness #eatclean #chickpeainthecity #nutritionhappens #chicagofood #igerschicago #chigram #chicagofoodauthority #infatuationchi #eaterchicago #foodphotography #todayfood #alwayshungrychi #312food #mychicagopix #devourpower #sokophoto #chicagofooddude
I eat avocado toast for breakfast most days because it’s quick and easy and actually fills me up. Today I decided to just LOAD IT up• • • One slice of toast Half a ripe avocado One scrambled egg 2 grape tomatoes A pinch of spinach leaves A few mushrooms Sriracha for some spice What did you have for breakfast? #thefaithfeast
Today’s agenda: walk up and down the aisles of @target buying everything I don’t need but can’t live without. Jk. I walked out with orange juice and snap peas because it felt too weird leaving without buying anything. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Which one would you pick: cashew mojito energy bites, a green cashew magic dip, or the cashew chocolate mango bark? Hint: just take all three 🤞🏼Using just a base of raw whole cashews from the @WholeFoods , here are three different snack recipes — ready and prepped for the week! Easy, convenient and just SO good. Remember, all you need is just a few key high-quality pantry items to be prepared with tasty snacks for the week. I hope you love these recipes just as much as I do (full recipes in bio link!) and start making your own with your favorite ingredients from @WholeFoods. 🙌🏻 If you’re in Chicago, I’ll see you at the Lakeview #WholeFoodsMarket on Saturday, 9/8 from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm (Tickets are SOLD OUT!) If you’re coming, we’ll be making these EXACT snack recipes and chatting all things healthy eating and meal prepping. Link to tickets directly in my bio just in case a spot pops open — can’t wait to see you there! #Sponsored #MealPrep #MakesMeWhole #nutritionhappens
From opening shop a couple months ago following years of recipe testing, to launching breakfast this past week, we’ve sure come a long way...Listen to our story in the @wbbmnewsradio link in our bio and see why we’re so proud to be a women-owned business! 💪💪#foodbyfare . . . . . #wsmchicago #Chicago #Loop #breakfast #chicagobreakfast #healthy #health #healthyfood #wellness #eatclean #chickpeainthecity #nutritionhappens #chicagofood #igerschicago #chigram #chicagofoodauthority #infatuationchi #eaterchicago #foodphotography #todayfood #alwayshungrychi #312food #mychicagopix #devourpower #sokophoto #chicagofooddude
Post-long weekend mood ^ along with ☕️ x 10. Happy Tuesday! #nutritionhappens
Need more snack ideas for the week? 👋🏼 Here is how I used a base of raw cashews from the @WholeFoods 365 Everyday Value line to make three different snack recipes for the week: a green cashew magic dip, cashew mojito energy bites, and an easy cashew mango dark chocolate bark. Link is in my bio for the full video, all three recipes AND to RSVP to my meal prep workshop event at the #WholeFoodsMarket Lakeview store on Saturday, 9/8 from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm! #Sponsored #MealPrep #MakesMeWhole #NutritionHappens [video shot by: @c.clinks ]
3 ways to turn @siggi ’s 4% full-fat plain yogurt into a healthy complete meal, currently on the blog. (hint: add tasty vegetables and lots of flavor) For those days you feel like doing minimal cooking, these are the perfect combinations to try for a balanced plate. Plain yogurt is the perfect high protein base to use for these easy, nutrient packed combinations and siggi’s is not only made with simple ingredients, but it’s also lower in sugar - the 4% is super creamy and works perfectly in those combos with the addition of healthy fats to keep you satisfied 🙌🏻 Sponsored #DailySiggis #NutritionHappens #Partner
If you think you can’t meal prep snacks, think again! All you really need is a few simple ingredients, and you can have delicious snacks all week long! Having your own snacks can save you time, money and the frustration of not having healthy food around. The key to this is stocking up on a few basic high-quality ingredients that you can mix and match to keep things fun and interesting! I stock up on pantry essentials from @WholeFoods like nuts, seeds, dried fruit and precut veggies, so I can create a week’s worth of different healthy snacks that I know I’ll enjoy eating. And honestly, it doesn’t have to take more than 15 minutes. Because trust me, I get it - I don’t like spending too much time on meal prep either! So, I’ve teamed up with @WholeFoods to bring you my favorite (and simple!) snack recipes using cashews - THREE ways: a green magic dip, cashew mojito energy bites, and a cashew mango chocolate bark. Over the next week, I’ll be sharing the recipes and meal prep tips here and on @WholeFoods ’s website. ALSO if you’re in CHICAGO, I’m hosting an event at #WholeFoodsMarket Lakeview on Saturday, 9/8 from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. We’ll be chatting about all things snacks and meal prep, AND making our own snacks using these exact ingredients. Full details + ticket link in my bio box - see you guys there! #Sponsored #MealPrep #MakesMeWhole #NutritionHappens
#repost ! from @nutritionhappens : What’s for lunch today? 🤓 For me, most days are pretty simple (re: leftovers or an end of the week, everything in the fridge salad 🤷🏻‍♀️) but lately when I’m walking past @brownbagseafood , I’d pop in for something “quick” but still pretty healthy. I love that you can customize everything and it’s pretty balanced in terms of nutrition - perfect blend of protein / healthy fats / greens 🌱Though I’d definitely still rec the truffle Parmesan tots if you’re in the mood for a fun side 🤞🏼 #nutritionhappens . . . #brownbagseafood #chicago #312eats #312food #chicagofood #chicagoeats #seafoodlover #choosechicago #eaterchicago #chicagogram #chicagofoodauthority #infatuationchi #chicagobucketlist , #buzzfeedfood , #bestfoodchicago , #explorechicago #huffposttaste #fitspo #healthyfood #healthyeating #fish #nomnom #shrimp #lobster #seafood
Not even 11AM yet and I’m thinking about lunch 🤓 I keep a few cans of wild salmon stocked so I can build easy salads for lunch through the week: just pile on your favorite vegetables (or leftovers) + a sauce / dressing and you’ve got an easy lunch in 5 mins 👋🏼 #nutritionhappens
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