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#Repost @therealtracibraxton ・・・ NYC!!! I’m coming to your city to speak at the Faith Love and You Empowerment Summit On Aug4th #newyorkcity This will be an event like no other. Join me, @ceoazarel @boutiquehush & other amazing speakers! There will be break out sessions on confidence, building an online business, branding, creating films, tv series, book writing,  becoming unstuck & more. Get Your Tickets at www.faithloveandyouevent.com #tracibraxton I Wanna See Y’all! #FaithLoveAndYou #FLY #iamwoman ##supportoneanother #network #fashion #media #business #selflove #selfdevelopment #entrepreneurs #NYGirl #branding #selfpublishing #grow #learn #giveaways #Manhattan #Brooklyn #Queens #LongIsland #LongIslandCity #WhoRunsTheWorld #Girls @tmispeaks @askdrmissy @wendihayman @melodyehunter @lisabethwillis @iamkiraj @yvannabright @yourhealthrox @iamshawnakaye @msdvny @asettaramsey_ @fayethompsonnow_
(Croyde, July 14)
Just @theforum looking pretty as fuck 💫💫💫
I'm 💝💘💗💕💔💓 #XFactorUK (London, July 17)
Official: Louis is the new XF judge #XFactorUK (London, July 17)
Niall and Hailee 💖💖💖💖 (NYC, July 16)
Pink mood 🍭with #louisvuittonbag
🔝Perfect 2D volume set by LashMaker Dasha @dashatkatchenko 😍 It's a pleasure make my clients more beautiful! If u like our photo, please don't forget to like❤ it! @lashsnsebrooklyn #lashsense_2D
♠Volume 2D for my lovely client♠ 🔝 Wear lashes, be beautiful every day🔝 ✔LashMaker Dasha @dashatkatchenko ♠ I’ll be glad to see YOU! @lashsnse #lashsense_2D
I have learned very early throughout life that if I needed anything to work in my life that my prayer life had to be tight. I know a lot of people and yes...I have many friends that I can communicate with. However, it doesn't compare to the way I can communicate with the Lord. I can pour our my joys, sorrows, frustrations, anger, dissatisfactions, disappointments, and any other emotions that I may be experiencing and the best part about it....it stays right there. I don't have to worry about the Lord leaking my business to anyone. Having developed a prayer life at an early age taught me dependence on God. It taught me when to talk, when not to talk, who to talk to and who not to talk to. I know for myself that prayer is the key....and it works!! #strength #peace #prayer #prayerworks #thepowerofprayer
Just be yourself. Let people see the real imperfect, flawed, quirky, weir, beautiful and magical that you are. #fitmom
#tbs Miracle New York City ✨🌇🏙🌃 Happy summer time with my girl yuliiam 😍😜 #backtotravellings #mytravelgram #NY #newyork #us #summer #nygirl #nymodels #blonde #picoftheday #aroundtheworld
🎉 Transformation Tuesday!! 🎉 . These pics are at the same stage of my 2 pregnancies— the left is 5ish months pregnant with Ella, and the right is 5ish months pregnant now. . So even though I could definitely be doing better with my nutrition, I think I also need to give myself some grace. Because #confession ... the mental struggle has been REAL over here. I’ve been seriously beating myself up over my weight gain and puffy face while constantly comparing myself to others. 😕 . But seeing these two pictures side by side reminds me that I should probably just stick to comparing the old me (the one on the left who never worked out and ate fast food DAILY)... to the new me (the one on the right who works out consistently and eats healthy MOST of the time). I should try to remember that every body is different, and mine just happens to be one that ALWAYS gains weight in the face before anything else. 🙄 . So although i definitely do want to be better about my nutrition and slow down my weight gain a little bit (and hopefully will with this new program i just started!), I also want to stop being so hard on myself and try my best to just enjoy the rest of this pregnancy! 🤰🏻🤷🏻‍♀️
PLEASE—> OWN WHO YOU ARE 👌🏽💥 • “There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself! Comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me that is the essence of beauty.” Dr. Steve Maraboli • Don’t change yourself so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will LOVE you! #Facts #BarsOfTheDay • Happy Tuesday Kings & Queens 👑 #BeYou 🙌🏽 #Unapologetically #EveryoneElseIsTaken #Jetsetter #Wanderlust #USA 🇺🇸 #ThenWhat ✈️ #NYGirl 💛 #HerbalifeGirl 🍃 #PA ❤️ #Grateful 🌸 #RosalynChronicles
I didn’t set out to make this a full time thing at first. I really just wanted to bring in some extra money so that I could help pay for our wedding and maybe travel a little more. I didn’t decide to even work very hard with this until last year. 😳 . The thing is you can make this anything you want it to be... . Want to pay for your cell phone bill? No problem. Want to pay off debt? I can help you get there. Want to travel the world and see new places? THIS will get ya there. . Whatever you want, if you’re willing to work for it, you can have it. So here I am... WORKING on my time for my dreams. 😍
Hi 👋 I’m Ashley, health and fitness coach, and proud owner of a double chin. 💁🏻‍♀️😂
Rockin to jay rock on this rainy day! 😍🙏🏾 #gamergirl #gta #jayrock #hoodgonluvit #thick #31yrs #scorpio #nygirl
You guys. I literally just took a full week and a half off of working and i still got paid! Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a lot.. but it was something and it was helpful!! Especially since i didn’t even work!! 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Even though it’s not guaranteed and it all depends on how much work you put into it.. I make abouttttt $200 per week. Sometimes more, sometimes less.. but that’s about my average for the amount of work I’m doing right now (about 1 hour per day, 5 days per week). That’s like $40/hour! Uhhh yes pleaseeee! 🤑 . I get paid from my “real job” monthly. So at the beginning of every month, I pay all of my bills and put the rest in savings (I usually leave a little bit in my checking account just in case but not much because #creditcardsforemergencies ). But that means my coaching income is JUST my spending money. About $200 a week just to spend on whatever! . And let me tell you... that extra spending money in my pocket is making my month-long visit with family SUPER stress free and enjoyable! WOOP WOOP! 🤗 . Let me know if you’re interested in learning more about what I do! I’m always looking for people (WITH A GOOD WORK ETHIC) to add to my team! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️
I promised the ladies in my Bootcamp I would share my “before LIIFT4” photos with them. . It took me 4 seconds to look at these photos and be angry and annoyed at what I saw. After those thoughts ran through my head, I told myself enough is enough. Quit bitching about how you feel and what you look like and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. So that’s what I will do these next 8 weeks, and the 8 weeks after that and after that! 🙌🏼 I’m taking ACTION so I can feel confident, feel healthy, have energy, and love myself from the inside out. ❤️ . Nothing about this is going to be easy... the workouts, the discipline to stick to my meal plan on my non-cheat day, staying consistent, letting go of the negative self talk... it’s hard. BUT WE WERE MADE TO DO HARD THINGS. I’m thankful for a group of awesome people who support one another, lift each other up, motivate, and inspire another! ✨💓 . Enrollment for my July Bootcamp is now closed. BUT, enrollment for my August Bootcamp is now open! 😃❤️ Drop your favorite emoji below or send me a DM and I will send you more info! 💐✨👇🏼
Leaving one of my favorite places... the office silly!... giggle #lovemyjob #glr #nygirl #lexusgirl #realestate #realtorlife #nyluxuryrealestate #ctluxuryrealestate #girlswithglasses
Hi, dear friends! 👋 We present to your attention our heading "VOLUME BATTLE" between volume 2d lashes💫 💕What lashes do you like more?1/2/3/4/5? 👉Vote in the comments, we want to know your opinion!😉 @lashsnse #lashsenseentertainment
Hi, dear friends! 👋 We present to your attention our heading "VOLUME BATTLE" between volume 2d lashes💫 💕What lashes do you like more?1/2/3/4/5? 👉Vote in the comments, we want to know your opinion!😉 @lashsnsebrooklyn #lashsenseentertainment
Prove them wrong. #theglamorizerlookbook summer collection, #new www.glamorizeher.com
If you’re a snacker like me and love dipping your food, try dipping your raw veggies in cottage cheese... delicious 😋
M O T H E R ☠️ H U S T L E R FT working mama of✌🏼away from home. PT online/work from anywhere health & fit coach. Two babes under three. 5 months postpartum. Full time breastfeeding/pumping mama. Busy on the go ALL of the time. Basically. I’ve got to be comfortable. But I have a passion for fashion & edgy behaviors. So dressing up joggers are a M U S T 👌🏼 H A P P Y T U E S D A Y **join my mother hustler movement-link in bio**
🌐 @cocoa.colaa // @djdoublevision Shot By Sean Diamond Ive created a lot of magic out in LA in one week. This photo was definitely one of my favourites. On that same note, book your sessions today so we can create some magic too! Exclusively for sscLifestyle www.seansignaturecollection.com _______________________________ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ssclifestyle #thisthingofours #torontogirls #djdoublevision #lamodels #torontogirl #torontomodel #chicagowomen #ladj #chicagogirls #torontophotographers #lamuangels #lamodels #newyorkmodels #miamimodel #nymodels #torontophotographer #chicagogirl #lagirls #nygirl #nygirls #modelcitizenmedia #laphotoshoot #skynmagazine #lashooters #internationalmodel
Day 2...no cardio makes me a happy girl but damn...my muscles are feeling it 💪🏼 .... more please 🙃🙃 . It’s never too late to get your butt moving... it just may be your thing 🤷🏻‍♀️👊🏼
😍Classic set 😍 👉🏻 Wear lashes, be beautiful every day 🔝 LashMaker Dasha @dashatkatchenko ☎ For an appointment call me: +13477944214! 💋 I’ll be glad to see everyone! @lashsnse #lashsense_classic
😍Classic set 😍 👉🏻 Wear lashes, be beautiful every day 🔝 LashMaker Dasha @dashatkatchenko ☎ For an appointment call me: +13477944214! 💋 I’ll be glad to see everyone! @lashsnsebrooklyn #lashsense_classic
Who said that women’s can’t do it all? Well being a women’s means that you can be independent, work a full time job, be entrepreneur and be a mom 💪🏼 #maiapenelopecrespo #fitmom
Day 1 of the “ѕєℓf ℓσνє ѕυммєя” online bootcamp is in the books! ✅ The girls and I are all focusing on how we can ℓσνє ourselves MORE by pressing play on our 30 minute at home workouts 🏡 drinking our nutrient dense superfood shakes 🌱 🍫 and staying accountable to our goal👯‍♀️ Its incredible to be surrounded by women that are so eager to improve their lives through health and fitness 🙌🏼😍🙏🏼It truly is the motivation needed to press play everyday! My goal for the next 21 days is to fit into dem shorts🤪so you know ⓐⓒⓒⓞⓤⓝⓣⓐⓑⓘⓛⓘⓣⓨ is gonna get time there👊🏻 . Before I started this whole thaaang, I payed for a gym membership for an entire year and NEVER WENT 😳🤦🏻‍♀️ wanna know what I got for $600?! Access to machines and weights, THATS IT🙃Wanna know what I get NOW for $160 a year?!😏 . -50+ workout programs -20+ yoga sessions -1 cooking show to teach me how to whip up healthy noms -FREE 30 day supply of my superfood shakes -shaker cup -meal plans created to help me get RESULTS -workout calendars -music playlists -grocery lists -portion control containers so I know how much of what food to eat -access to a wellness community for 24/7 love, guidance & support -monthly bootcamps bc SLAAAAYING your goals & staying accountable with people just like YOU = RESULTS -FREE 1:1 guidance from my coach to help me find the best programs & discuss my progress . So yup saving 💰💰💰 and getting MORE is how I roll😎so stop paying for the membership you say your going to use and join me already! If your interested in this whole thing but still aren't quite sure yet, hop into my 7 Days to Slay FB group. Its the perfect way to dip your toes in to see how AWESOME this all is! 🤩💃🏼Link in bio to get started!🌸 • • • #manifestation #lawofattraction #bootygains #bootyworkout #summervibes #wildwomen #womenpower #curlyhairbabe #naturalcurls #lifestylechanges #girlbosslife #selflovewarrior #spiritjunkie #spiritualbabe #womenempowerwomen #bartendinglife #athomeworkouts #empaths #athomefitness #soultribe #feminineenergy #goddessvibes #goddessrising #nygirl #pugmom #dogmom #westchester #adventureseeker #emotionaleater #restaurantlife
.. you can’t really know where you’re going til you know where you been.💫 • • • • • • • • • • • • • #Monday #Struggle makes #Strength #Strong #Woman #Italian #Irish #NYC #NYGirl
If actions aren’t reciprocated, it’s not worth a second breath; #Understand the #Analogy 🙌🏼 #MindSet #Balanced #LeveledUp #Focused ✌🏼#Progress Not #Perfection 👌🏼 #MondayNightVibes #NYGirl #SoFloLiving #Boom 💥
Help a girl out, wheres your favorite spot to buy pretty new dresses and tutus?? I'm tired of my closet of clothes! . . . #chihuahuasofinstagram #chihuahua #teacupchihuahua #chiwawa #dogsofinstagram #dailydog #dailydogfeatures #NYchihuahua #newyork #upstateny #nygirl #NYchihuahua #dogsofinstagram #nyfashion #ny #fashonista
3 D A Y R E S U L T S I honestly did not have some crazy results. That wasn’t my goal Friends 🛑 I did however, loose 2 pounds and INCHES. I feel like I look more toned up which really means I did lose some bloat. - probably from all the beers & shots I had - Down a full inch in my hips and half inch in my pooch & waist. NOT TO MENTION 1.5 inches in my thighs🙌🏼 Overall though. I feel refreshed. I feel more energy. I feel way less bloated. & breastfeeding mamas! For some crazy reason I fee like my milk production has gotten better 🤷🏼‍♀️ Going in to my new program completely ready to destroy! My goals for the next 8 weeks? T O N E T H E F U C K U P! Gain muscle in my legs. Stay on track with my nutrition plan (cheat meals included! Finally get back to running 3x a week!
Day 1 of my new summer fitness program ✅ . I was literally dripping in sweat. Suchhhh a good feeling! Can’t wait to see what Day 2 is all about! 🤗🤗
Sister.sun.swimming 👯‍♀️☀️🏊🏼‍♀️ #backyardchillin #longisland #newyork #sistersister
Tanto per avermi, poco per perdermi..😜⚔💎
💗 If you want to keep your lips protected and hydrated throughout the day make sure you try the #lipduo #lipbalm from @preventivemeasures101 not JUST a lip balm! #SPF30 with an encapsulated time release formula. When you smack your lips together you release the super fruits to moisten and keep your lips hydrated 😉 Thankyou #preventivemeasures101 😚 #nyc #lips #kiss #spf30lipbalm #love #smile #nygirl #relax #spyder #lipcare #night #day #loveyourlips #beauty #sleep #look #glam #spring #newyork #linda #ny #style #pink #black #amor #latina
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