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Hold your head high.. It's going to be a bumpty night.. #worklife #anchor #nytimes
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending part of an afternoon with Sameer Jha for the @nytimes. Sameer was born male, considers himself queer but doesn’t identify with only one gender. He doesn’t mind the pronoun, “he.” He’s still figuring it out. Sameer was born to immigrants to America that have dedicated their entire lives to making him feel safe and loved and heard. As a new father I was keen to get his advice on raising a child without pushing my biases onto them. “My parents asked questions instead of making assumptions, and through educating them I found a passion for spreading awareness and combating misconceptions, especially in my South Asian community,” he told me. In addition to having started a non-profit called The Empathy Alliance, which “works with students and educators to help make schools safer and more welcoming for LGBTQ+ students,” Sameer is interested in pursuing a career as a professor of linguistics. At a time when our country is being led by small-minded bigots pushing racist, hateful, fear-mongering policies that are making a mockery of everything decent and good about this country and jeopardizing the foundation of what made our democracy a safe haven for the persecuted, people like Sameer, and his parents, are a huge breath of fresh air. Big thanks to Mr. Nabers for this opportunity and to Sameer and his parents for their generosity and kindness. And to Sameer’s friends for letting a New York Times photographer crash part of his 17th birthday party. #lgbtq #nytimes #immigration #portrait #photojournalism
A young girl gathers water for her family in a lake near the refugee camp, Dambala Fachana, Kenya. According to the UNHCR, there have been 483,597 registered refugees and asylum-seekers since February 28, 2018. To break that down even further, there have been 27, 825 Ethiopians refugees since then. Refugees are expected to stay for another two months or longer. They have since elected a new Prime Minister in hopes of resurrecting peace. By - @efrancisadventure #UNICEF #conflictphotography #grikart_worlds #lightleaks #nytimes #africa #streetphotography #conflict #thepeoplewemet #canon #documentaryphotography #adventure #redcross #worldpressphoto #portrait #magnumphotos #viiphoto #worldphotoagency #exploretocreate #visualsoflife #passionpassport #streetphotographerscommunity #viiphoto #myfeatureshoot #refugees #womenphotograph #streetphotographers #everydayafrica #Kenya
Pay your attention here instead of staring at the clock,counting the ticks and switching your thoughts on and off, Time is about to lose the earlier step you have passed and to climb up the next one whike gathering the sounds,smells and scents of designed fate, Fears upcoming that would cripple you in the battlefield, If you are seeking temporary smiles then shed it and pay your attentions towards the clustets of truth that life is a single stair at which you are standing alone and that stair step is waving in the air without any way to return, Pay your attentions towards the star instead of counting your steps you took behind in the sunlight or in the moonlight, I know there is an answer at the end but firstly pay your attention to the questions that are rising day by day with your each step. . . . ✏M.Usman . . . .  #poetry #poetrycommunity #writersofinstagram #writers #qotd #deepquotes #inspirationalquotes #wordstoliveby #wordsofwisdom #wordswithqueens #wordswithkings #poemsofinstagram #poems #soulfood #lifequotes #life #greif #etribune #nytimes #dawndotcom #instapoets #igpoets #goodquotes #creativewriting #instagramwriters
Repeat clients are the best. Thank you David W. for your patronage. #headshots
"I Ain't Sorry" Hitting the Red Carpet on the 51st floor at City Club LA Just before the runway show !w/ @skintoneclothing ! #cityclubLA MUA: @mrlrc1
Happy Monday !! #MANBUN #MCM PhotoCred: @conrad2x
Pose for The Camera. #click #click #Beyonce PhotoCred: @conrad2x MUA: @styleprogyrl
It's the first Official day of Summer! -- Y'all Hot yet? #100degrees PhotoCred: @conrad2x MUA: @styleprogyrl
It's Black and White. PhotoCred: @conrad2x MUA: @styleprogyrl
Stay Golden. PhotoCred: @conrad2x MUA: @styleprogyrl
Your Passion Pays for itself- Fashionably Late or Not. 🙌🤗😁 #inthesestreets PhotoCred: @conrad2x MUA: @styleprogyrl
Matt Jordan Photographer: @invictasartphotography
There can only be one!! -Janice Dickinson. So thankful for my loving friends and my new one ! I have so much respect for this woman ! #janicedickinson
I was so honored to help assist the amazing Janice Dickinson at LA Style Fashion week tonight !! What a beautiful person! #janicedickinson
Matt Jordan. Photographer : @invictasartphotography
Matt Jordan. Photographer: @invictasartphotography
Just hangin around. Photographer: @alissakphoto
Matt jordan. Photgrapher: @alissakphoto
Matt Jordan . Photographer: @alissakphoto
I ripped my pants for this picture ! Photographer : @alissakphoto
Cher thang. #nofilter
Just recieved this pic today from a previous shoot with the amazing @invictasartphotography
LiVE YOUR LiFE! Photo: @invictasartphotography
Just Makin the ladies jelly.
Shut up and drive. #nofilter
Matt jordan
iPhone 5s 💁🏻‍♂️ CUT AND COLOR: @styleprogyrl
This could be us -- but you playin. Photographer @rayjohnpila
"Pat yo weave ladies" - Beyoncé MUA: @styleprogyrl Photographer: @ingridhertfelder
Untouched photo from the Aveda shoot! Amazing and talented -- MUA! @styleprogyrl Photographer: @ingridhertfelder
Wanted to brag on my multitalented friend and MUA for this amazing hair color! Photographer: @ingridhertfelder , MUA: @styleprogyrl #iamyourfather #carryfisher
Selfie game strong. #25years #quarterofthecenturyclub #nofilter Snapchat: frikinmatt
Matt Jordan Photocred: @mandystollerart
Mj. Photocred: @mandystollerart
MATT JORDAN PhotoCred:@invictasartphotography
MATT JORDAN. Phototcred: @invictasartphotography
It's a hair-flip. Photocred: @invictasartphotography
Shanghai. Photocred: @invictasartphotography
MATT JORDAN Photocred: @invictasartphotography
Lay me down . Photo cred: @invictasartphotography
If you love it do it. 2015 Photo cred: @invictasartphotography New shots Comin soon :)
Given it to em in 2015. #photoshoot #malemodel @invictasartphotography New shots coming soon !
On popsugar.com , All hair :)
Just so happen to be serving the American Horror Story Actress “Jaime Brewer!” From Coven ! #AHS
Totally just kicked LAPD in the face. Can you spot me ;)) #musicvideo
Come and put your name on it.
Rustic trailers in Malibu.
Kickin it.
Life is about balance.
Mythical Creatures.
I found my passion.
Mask Off.
Whaddup ese?
Batteries not included.
Team Mateo♡
Love his work!
If you just beweavee.
All it takes is Effort .
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