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White Elm at its best... Eigentlich ist diese Flatterulme gar nicht besonders dick. Sie hat aber unfassbar ausladende Brettwurzeln. Letztes Frühjahr im Schwonauer Gehege bei Malente, Ostholstein. #whiteelm #ulmuslaevis #baumdesjahres #roots #hugsfortrees #besondererbaum #forest #wald #nature #schleswigholstein #malente #brettwurzeln #oldtree
Gammelt tre, tåke og morgensol~
Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees. . . .
Nella mitologia il Pino è l’albero in cui viene trasformato Attis, protagonista insieme a Cibele di una delle storie più intricate del mondo mitologico. Attis è il paredro di Cibele, il servitore autoeviratosi, che guida il carro della dea. Attis fu adorato in Frigia e chiamato il Dio di Pessinunte; alcuni autori dicono che Cibele lo trasformò in una quercia per cui questo albero fu a lei sacro, ma i più vogliono che l’albero sacro a Cibele fosse il pino, ed in pino fu da lei mutato Attis. https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attis • • 🌳 #trees #tree #toptags #landscape #nature #branches #oldtree #treespleasure #treescape #treeframing #treeshunter #treetops #treestagram #treelove #treelover #treesofinstagram #tree_pictures #tree_love #naturelovers #tree_captures #treescollection #forest #view #tree_shotz #tree_magic #treestyles_gf #tree_lovers #tree_perfection #ww_nature_trees #scenery
Faith is defined as being the complete trust in something or somebody. But there is something even more solid at the source of faith. And that is INNOCENCE. From there faith is not even an object. Is to BE FAITH. Beyond any doubt or fear that we are not going to manifest our wishes. And to get there we just need to observe the mind purging all those thoughts fruit of all those times we got disappointed, let down, betrayed...and don’t let any of them affect our purity. . When we are children and we dream about something we don’t doubt is not gonna happen or that somebody will disappoint us, we just know that something magical is going to take care of it. That’s innocence. Purity of thoughts. . Then somewhere along the way the ego starts forming and thoughts start popping in, and then somewhere further along we think we lost faith. But what we have really “lost” is innocence. We disconnect from the purity of our soul. To see through the eyes of our inner child. To KNOW that our desires do come true. To believe in magic. To feel excitement for what makes us happy and simply discharge what doesn’t. . You don’t often see a child compulsevily playing with something they don’t like. But as adult we do that often. Then be miserable because we are not happy. And even more shocking is that we settle for it. As it was normal. The pain, the constrition, illness, any struggle is the way of our soul to make us see we are settling for something we are not, that we have closed off to innocence. . >>❤️When we purify our heart we open back to that INNOCENCE, but as adults is integrated with WISDOM. And together with LOVE is a three-some that bring paradise on Earth. ❤️<< • Today I wish that everyone would think of their true heart’s dream with the innocence of when you were a child and don’t allow any thought, any conditionings or any “adult” to make you doubt for even a second that you are the magic that will manifest it. See as a child Dream as a child Put your ego to bed and let the wisdom of your heart show you the magic* . Ps. Look at me, 36 and still enjoying chatting with old trees 🧝🏼‍♀️🌲. Truth is, we create what we believe.
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