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I found @rosariodawson so profoundly moving at #oyw2018 we ended up asking her mum for a pic with her because she had sat beside us for one of her presentations. Rosario is part of the #onebillionrising and #metoo movements. A genuine inspiration to us throughout the summit. @pegah_086
A selection of emotions - „One Billion Rising“, photoshooting #düren #2014 #photography #photo #photooftheday #arthouse #obr #onebillionrising
“Nel 1997 io e alcune donne attiviste progettammo il VDay. Come in tutti i misteriosi happening della vagina, noi facciamo la nostra apparizione, il lavoro di base e le Vagina Queens fanno il resto. Il 14 Febbraio 1998, il giorno di San Valentino, nacque il nostro primo VDay. Duemilacinquecento persone di misero in fila davanti all’Hammerstein Ballroom di New York per il grandioso evento. Whoopi Goldberg, Susan Sarandon, Glenn Close, Winona Ryder, Marisa Tomei, Calista Flockhart e molte altre si riunirono per recitare “I monologhi della vagina”, lanciando il movimento VDay! Il miracolo del VDay, come quello dei “Monologhi”, è questo: è successo perché doveva succedere. Un invito forse, un mandato inconscio. Forse. Mi arrendo alle Vagina Queens. Qualcosa si sta rivelando. Qualcosa di mistico e pratico al tempo stesso. PER LA SOPRAVVIVENZA DELLA RAZZA UMANA, LE DONNE DEVONO ESSERE AL SICURO E DOTATE DI POTERE. È un’idea ovvia ma, come una Vagina, ha bisogno di grande attenzione e amore per essere rivelata” Repost @eveensler #vday #riseresistunite #vdaymovement #onebillionrising
Audiobook sneak peek! I’m not willing to be uncomfortable for you. :: Tune in for 4.5 hours of loving validation, sisterhood, understanding, stories & support. Link in profile. ❤️ . . #secretbadgirl #audiobook #metoo #ibelieveher #posttraumaticgrowth #healingtrauma #cptsd #onebillionrising #boundaries #sexcoach #silencebreakers #timesup #timesupnow #consentissexy #empoweredwomen
Thank you Christine Blasey Ford, Julie Swetnick and Debbie Ramirez for coming forward. You're my heroes. You have gone beyond the call of duty for this country. I stand with you. #womensempowerment #womenrising #onebillionrising #believesurvivors
Hi guys! Questa è la freschissima pagina IG del gruppo di attrici, attori ed aiutanti umpa lumpa per lo spettacolo VDay 2019 a Castelfranco Emilia! Nel primo post sono doverose alcune informazioni: COS’È IL VDAY? Il VDay nasce il 14 Febbraio del 1998 quando, nel teatro di Broadway, vennero messi in scena i monologhi tratti dall’opera « The Vagina monologues » di @eveensler ! Da allora ogni anno, da vent’anni, in tutto il mondo nel mese di Febbraio lo spettacolo viene riproposto in tutti i teatri delle comunità che aderiscono al movimento! La città di Castelfranco Emilia é alla sua nona edizione dei monologhi, ormai diventati un appuntamento fisso per i suoi cittadini! CHI SIAMO NOI E COSA VOGLIAMO? In questa pagina intendiamo tenervi aggiornati sulle iniziative legate al movimento VDay, sulla preparazione dello spettacolo di Castelfranco ma soprattutto PRESENTARVI « I DICIOTTO » cioè le attrici e gli attori che riempiranno il palco quest’anno! In questa pagina troverete foto, video delle prove e piccole anticipazioni! QUANDO SARÀ LO SPETTACOLO? Venerdì 22 Febbraio 2019 presso il Teatro Dadà di Castelfranco Emilia #savethedate (orario momentaneamente non disponibile, la preghiamo di riprovare più tardi!) PERCHÈ DOVREI SEGUIRVI? Se guardi Fedez che imbocca Leone con la pappa di mela per otto stories siamo sicuri che potrai seguire anche questa divertentissima pagina! E con questa chiudiamo e ti diamo appuntamento al prossimo post! #vday #onebillionrising #lalottaéfiga #justbeaqueen
Out of the mist, "One Woman Rising": demanding an end to violence against women of all ages. Sculptor: Phil Proctor. . Body Painters: Scott Fray, Madelyn Greco. . Installed: 2013, in Freedom Park, in Atlanta (Candler Park neighborhood), Georgia. . Photo taken 2017: link in profile. . . . #OneBillionRising #woman #statue #sculpture  #art  #publicart  #fog #park #urbanpark #FreedomPark #CandlerPark #Atlanta #Georgia #Olympus #EPL1 #getOlympus #microfourthirds #m43 SETTINGS: 14 mm | 1/250 | ISO 200 | ƒ/4 69/365
"Just get over it" they say... This is what I have to say about the #stopkavanaugh movement.. First of all, whoever put this on their vehicle in the sunset, thank you for speaking out! I feel supported I feel heard! I also want to take a minute and recognize a very serious issue in our world, #sexualassault and #domesticviolence As a multiple incident Survivor this topic does not come lightly for me to discuss. To me it is disturbing that it took some allegations of one person to come out in the media for people to all of a sudden start caring when its been happening for centuries. People like myself and other survivors have yelled out and spoken out and I've never received the recognition or restitution for what has happened. So shame on humanity for just now seeing the problem! If a woman comes out about what happened to her #BELIEVEHER #believesurvivors it is not a joke and it is something we must carry our whole lives and fight out of our minds our whole lives. Stop the B.S. and stand for survivors because one day it could happen to you and then what? Oh and p.s. never tell a survivor to simply "get over it" if it were that easy we would. #survivor #supportsurvivors #dannicalifornia #blueribbon #purpleribbon #activism #community #humanity #healing #currentissues #restitution #voice #speakout #togetherwerise #onebillionrising #passionatelife #lovelife #respect #respectsurvivors #metoo
https://youtu.be/UN-nTr6F8gQ #Repost @laylaelkhadri • • • The Feminine RISE is here! ⠀ It´s time to restore balance on the Planet! It´s time to bring the Feminine Energy back to its sovereign place. ⠀ You are being called to take part in a planetary revolution, a movement of human awakening that takes place within each and every individual. ⠀ This short film features dancers and artists from all over the world, who have used their real-life experience to create a powerful piece that speaks of the rise of the feminine that exists within each human, outside of gender. ⠀ The time to step up has arrived. ⠀ It is only with the help of epic humans such as yourself, that our message of truth can rise to reach as many ears, eyes, and hearts as possible. ⠀ Please share this video! (YouTube link on bio) (request instagram trailer via dm) Written & Directed Layla El Khadri Filmed & Edited @gianlucafellini ⠀ With the Support of @one_billion_rising & @malayarosa1 ⠀ Soundtrack by @s.baptiste Photography by @gaelynl_photography ⠀ And the epic participation of an amazing crew of artist who pours their hearts, souls and real-life experience to create art! ⠀ Watch full video - link in bio #womeninspiringwomen #thefemininerise #artasmedicine #onebillionrising #rise ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #art #creativityeveryday #manifestation #soulcoach #consciousness #mastery #innerguidance #trustyourintuition #intuitive #visionary #spiritualawakening #highvibrations #loveritual #mindbodysoul #mindbodyspirit #namaste 🙏 #quantumleap #Radiance #rituals
A call for men to join the one in three women who will be beaten or raped in their lifetime, that is ONE BILLION women. . 'We're simply saying that when a woman says she's been sexually assaulted, it is extremely likely that she is telling the truth.' — Men must make sure other men believe women. Here are three reasons why you should believe her, and #BelieveWomen .”- @NOWTHISPOLITICS . Watch the full op-ed, here: https://bit.ly/2NA0lGt . #BelieveSurvivors #1BillionRising #UntilTheViolenceStops . #Repost @eveensler with @get_repost ・・・
“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” Many of us are grieving, heartbroken, and livid about what’s happening with the Patriarchal Agenda. Mother Earth weeps with us. But she’s fierce. We must find that Pele fire 🔥 within us, and gather all of our strength. We’re gonna need it. 🔥🔥🔥 #selfcare #womenempowerment #womensrights #divinefeminine #sisterhood #recharge #rejuvenation #rebirth #smashthepatriarchy #onebillionrising #witches #coven #witchy #witchywoman #witchesofinstagram #witch #feminist #feminism #activist #activism #feministart #feminists #womensupportingwomen #womensmarch #womenempoweringwomen #riseup #resist #endrapeculture #thefutureisfemale
Absolutely appalled at the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court justice. Taken at one billion march, Bristol. #metoo #photography #onebillionrising #documentaryphotography #blackamdwhitephotography #stopkavanaugh #rise
The news of Kavanaugh being confirmed as a Supreme Court judge was a devastating blow. Our country’s leadership continues to send the message that victims of sexual assault who come forward will not be believed, that their abusers will rise to power regardless of the tremendous courage it takes to undergo the retraumatization and cruel judgement that comes from sharing their testimony. I can’t imagine the feeling of hopelessness that sexual assault survivors are feeling at this time. But please remember that no one can ever fully undermine your strength. Your power was stolen against your will, but you are not powerless. You are brave and strong and deserve the deepest amount of respect, empathy and dignity. Please do not suffer in silence. There are so many who do care, who will listen, who will guide you through the path of healing. As @hannah_gadsby greatly declared, “there is nothing stronger than a woman who has rebuilt herself.” We will rebuild our nation. Citizens have the power to make change. Please show up to vote on November 6th. This election is unbelievably important. Our future and our freedom depends on it.
The revolution and women's liberation #Women #VDay #HeForShe #Equality #OneBillionRising #RienSansLesFemmes
Your First Home Love and respect women Love and support women Love and stand with women Love and cherish women Love and defend women Love and believe women Love and fight for women Love and praise women Love and protect women #Women #VDay #HeForShe #Equality #OneBillionRising #RienSansLesFemmes
#Repost @eveensler ・・・ Today our brother, our man of grace and love and fortitude and courage, our man who has stood up to denounce rape as a tactic of war and violent resource extraction, our man who has given and risked his life for the women of Congo, has won the Noble Peace Prize. We salute him, we celebrate him, we cherish him and we call on all men to follow his lead. We love you Doctor Mukwege ❤️Photo by Paula Allen #onebillionrising #vday #cityofjoy #vaginamonologues #nobelprize
We will rise like the Lotus. Through the mud, through the suffering, through the thick injustices and brutality, through the power hungry, through the abusers, through all who try to stop us as we fight for equality and freedom. We will emerge from this darkness and bloom. We will push on until the sun shines and bathe in the gratitude of our collective strength. Thank you to the men and women who have fought throughout history, to the brave survivors who have the courage to tell their stories. Thank you to those who aren’t giving up and who continue to press on despite all that is against us. Good will win. Love will win.
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