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Soon these tiny squares will be filled with images of two little boys instead of one. Those of you have followed me along on my journey know that I feel beyond blessed to be expecting another little rainbow baby. However if I’m completely honest I’m sooooooo freaking scared I won’t love this new baby boy as much as treasure Kai . Him and I share this insane inseparable bond. These feelings make me feel completely awful as a mother. I know once that little babe is placed on my chest I will forget all these insecurities. But currently I’m obsessively showering my first born with tons of love and attention as I try and wrap my mind around our family of three dynamic expanding to a family of four. Don’t get me wrong I’m equally as excited and long to hold this sweet baby boy that grows inside me. The more I feel him kick the more he buries himself in my heart. Most of all I’m beyond excited to see the bond my two boys grow and build with one another 💛 * * * * *
Sandy beaches, watching the sunrise, lazing in the sun, reading, sleeping, and total bliss... was what I dreamed my vacation would be. But I should have known that I was setting my expectations way too high because we were on a holiday with a toddler, and not just any toddler, a toddler who is an expert at throwing twists at me as if I were in a reality game show (which, honestly, sometimes I feel like what my life really is without the 24/7 cameras on me. Oh wait. 🙈) . But the husband and I survived, and so did Laddoo. We all came back in one piece (mentally and physically 😆) and today I prepare myself to face a huge task - handling my toddler alone after 9 whole days. . She’s gotten used to having her dad round and so am I. She’s gotten more vocal and wants to touch and hold everything she lays her eyes on. She’s demands more of my attention and energy than she has ever before. And today, I have to do this alone. I have to survive the day without losing my mind, without getting angry or worse, scolding my toddler who has no idea why her mother is happy one minute and upset the next. . But I just have to make it through today because tomorrow will be easier because I will, once again, have gotten used to it. Hopefully. . Aside from the holiday hangover, there are a lot of things on my mind, many things that need to get checked off my to-do list in the next 48 hours. And most of it depends on my toddler sticking to her nap schedule 😂😂😂 which automatically means that I’m going to be able to do -15% of what I’m supposed to do. At least I’m mentally prepared that it’s not going to happen. . Accepting the situation makes life so much easier🙏🏻 🧘🏻‍♀️ . . . . . #NS_HolidayDiaries #NS_Pondicherry2018 #fromwhereistand #ihavethisthingwithbeaches #ihavethisthingwithred #holidaydiaries #everysquareastory #littlestoriesofmine #mynameismama #motherhoodintheraw #honestmotherhood #honestlyparents #honestlymothering #wearerealmoms #photosinbetween #lovelysquares #inspiremyinstagram #visualcrush #theeverygirl #oneofthebunch #feelfreefeed #seekthesimplicity #darlingmovement #postitfortheaesthetic #pursuewhatislovely #fromabove #liveunscripted #insearchofjoy #abmlifeiscolorful
Пусть утро новой рабочей недели пройдёт в духе китайского завтрака!🙏 ⠀ Традиционный китайский завтрак включает рис с курицей и тушеными овощами, пекинскую капусту с соусом, яичную лапшу, рисовые клецки, булочки с мясом и жареные блины. Пьют китайцы чай и соевое молоко: в него макают рис, паровые или кунжутные хлебцы и кусочки жареного хлеба.🍡🍚🍲 ⠀ Завтракают в большинстве регионов очень рано, причем на обед и ужин подают те же блюда, что и по утрам – сытные и разнообразные. Популярен во всей стране дим сам – лакомство, похожее на пельмени. Традиционным блюдом в Китае также являются пирожки из рисовой муки, которые не пекутся, а варятся.🍥 ⠀ На севере страны на завтрак едят паровые булочки и рисовую кашу со свининой, а в центральных и восточных регионах по утрам привыкли употреблять роллы из риса, суп из прозрачной лапши и жареный тофу. ⠀ 早上好 (зао шанг хао) - скажите этому дню, улыбнитесь и воплотите мысли о путешествии в Китай в реальность.❤ ⠀ 🔹Проконсультироваться по поводу путешествий: +7 (812) 929-31-07 ⠀ #dalitravel #Китай #завтрак
If you've been in the store this fall you've met Timmy. My first cat. A ginger that ruined me for all gingers. He's no longer with us 😿 but he lives on as a mermaid! And surprise- for spring we made him in 2 new colours. As soon as they arrive I'll show and tell!
Ellie, thank you for making me pee my pants. Thank you for collecting cool people. Thank you for planning parties. (And inviting those cool people to them). Thank you for dancing even if you think you look dumb. Thank you for talking without time limits. Thank you for finding value in me when I feel no worth. Happy 22nd Birthday, my dear! You are so so so so so so very loved.
I have a vintage and seascape inspired decor style with a blend of modern mixed in. I want my home to reflect and fit me. I really appreciate beach and ocean vibes paired with vintage pieces. I use driftwood, seashells and sea glass I’ve collected and hang seascape inspired art on the walls. I like to add charm to my home by creating side tables out of stacked vintage suitcases. I also display old books and vintage cameras I’ve collected. {BLOGGED — Link in profile} ⠀⠀ How is your home a reflection of you?
This is actually the exact face I make when I start reminiscing to one of my favorite cities out there 🙌🏻 // My Austin City Guide is now live on the blog! Fair warning: it’ll make you want to eat and drink your way through ATX. If you’re headed to the Lonestar State anytime soon, I’ve got you covered ⭐️ #dametraveler
I sure hope happiness found you this weekend!😊 The best letterpress postcards in the shop from our KC friends @hammerpress. 🌿
Strive for Progress not Perfection🙂
Step into a world of healthy and hearty with our delicious #superbreakfast at #RadissonBlu #RadissonBluPosteLafayette 📷: @s.inlove
Your dream holiday starts here! Unwind at our swimming platform for a relaxing holiday!😎 #RadissonBlu #RadissonBluAzuri 📷 :@kate_laru
This just hit me like a ton of bricks. So much truth.
And though our homes look different. And though we speak different languages. Even though one drives a canoe and the other drives a car, we serve the same God. Our beings are pressed with the image of the divine. We demonstrate God’s diversity, His goodness and his creativity. Thanks, Papa. • • • • • #wanderlust #wanderfolk #explorethecreative #thehappynow #theartofslowliving #untoldvisuals #openmyworld #oneofthebunch #houseoftones #stayandwander #searchthehorizon #folkscenery #livefolk #LiveIntrepid #liveluminous #livethoughtfully #blackandwhiteisworththefight #nativecreative #neverstopexploring #boldbraveyou #postitfortheaesthetic #mytinyatlas #lostatlast #modernvoyage #holdthemoments #lovelytones #beautifulintentions #queekygrams #quiethechaos
Justin and I got to stop by the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library in Indianapolis today! #kurtvonnegutmuseum
just blame it on the aperol 💖🥂
It’s been quite the journey for me when it came to self love and becoming truly comfortable in my own skin, especially in terms of embracing my body the way it is. Having been bullied due to my weight, which resulted in years of near constant self-loathing and comparing myself to others... feeling like I could never measure up and meet the physical ideals of a society that seemed to only cater to those who were of a certain look or size, I’ve now come to a point in my life where I feel like I can just be who I am, and be confident in who I was made to be. 💕 The pressure to conform is off, and my sole aim now is simply to be the healthiest and strongest person I can be for myself, and not because I want to meet someone else’s expectations. Thank you so much @missizacalzado for inspiring many with your own story and encouraging others to find as well as embrace their own unique kind of beautiful, both inside and out. #TheBodyLoveRevolution • • 📸 : @alexisrae.photo
*NEW!* HASHTAG MENTIONS! Our belated Valentines Day present to you 😘! . While creating your next set of hashtags, Plann can help guide you to find the best ones to use. . How to use the new feature to your advantage? Number of mentions will be color coded!: . 1M+ Orange 🍊 Using a hashtag with over 1M mentions will be hard to get noticed unless your engagement rate is spectacular to land you in the top 9 grid! . 500,000+ Dark Blue 🌊 A competitive space but with great content you'll get great interaction here. . 250,000+ Green 🍏 With great content you'll get targeted interaction in a hashtag of this size! . < 250,000: Light Blue 💎 Use smaller tags (even below 50k!) for pointy, targeted niches that could see your content being seen over a few days - rather than hours! . Haven't seen it yet? Update your Plann app to get started researching new hashtags! . p.s. Android coming shortly! 🙂 xx . P.p.s. to keep creating great features we need your help - please rate Plann in the app stores to show Apple/Google we’re a quality app!
I’m not too sure I’m a fan of whirlwind weekends, but I think I know someone who does enjoy the go go go of life.😉
Don't forget to stay on that hustle this week, sister. Just one thing a day. One task a day. Anything to keep forward momentum. 💥💃💥
on a boat through the float(ing village)
Oh my freaking god. The engagement party is done and I’m am overwhelmed with love, happiness, generosity and friendship. I am always blown away by the love and support we get from you all. And mostly, @veroniclesofnarnia , I love you more than anything, thank you for choosing me to spend your life with. You are my home and our love is a miracle. (I literally can’t tag you all because there are too many people! ❤️❤️❤️💍❤️❤️💍❤️💍 👰🏻👰🏼👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
Don’t go, Sunday. ❤️ We gave Kinsley her first golf ⛳️ lesson today (because how else is she going to pay for college without that golf scholarship) and she really loved it. She is also a total cheater. Gotta watch her every minute.
COCKTAIL HOUR. . Quick date at our end of the Chinese New Year table 🤪 at @chinalivesf. . @champagnejacquartus Brut Mosaïque for me, Mai Tai for the mister. . Cheers to Year of the Dog🐶🥂🍾🥡🎉 . I love my bubbles — @healthade Kombucha and @lacroixwater on weekdays, Champers on the weekends ✌🏻💯 . #happyhour #myfab5 #mysanfrancisco . . . . . . . #cocktails #wineoclock #cocktailhour #sfblogger #chinesenewyear #yearofthedog #eater #eatersf #streetsofsf #sfpulse #bbgbayarea #mixedkids #thesweatlife #liveauthentic #wellnessblogger #flexibledieting #ohheymama #momdotme
Donut kill my vibe. 🍩✌ Sunday scaries have no place here. Especially when it's a three day weekend!
PRERELEASE FOR MASQUE NOW AVAILABLE: All Attention 🔥🎧🔊🎵 Link is in my bio ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼 #Nyla #Masque
Leaning on every railing in sight because dis-knee was killin me.
I spent my weekend doing things I love with the people I love and my heart (and stomach) is full.
This just might be one of the coziest bedrooms I've seen in a really long time. It's been a lazy Sunday over here (snow just started coming down to my surprise!), and @thistle.harvest 's bedroom has me wanting to jump into bed early with a good book.
These. Two. THESE TWO! You guys, I’m sittin’ over here not even knowing how to pick a favorite these two are THAT photogenic. 🤦🏼‍♀️ This morning in downtown p-town was just perfection. And God answered all my middle of the night prayers for a slow hotel lobby, and even for the bar at the coffee house to be free. AND IT SNOWED! Magic, ya’ll. God’s magic. 💫 Also, thanks @acehotelportland for providing an insanely beautiful lobby, and also @stumptowncoffee for our daily fuel. You all were lovely and patient while I ran around like a psycho. (Let’s do it again sometime... 😏)
Thanks to the amazing Instagram algorithm you probably think this post is from Valentine’s Day, which doesn’t make me feel bad about procrastinating posting it. 💁🏻‍♀️ This sweater is 25% off & my boyfriend jeans are only $29 👏🏼 Get you some! ❤️ http://liketk.it/2uHjd @liketoknow.it #liketkit #LTKitbag #LTKsalealert #LTKunder100 #LTKunder50 x Shop my daily looks by following me on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app x 📷: @alifetoliv
Sunday sundaesss ❤️🍦
This weekend I had the awesome opportunity to speak to some amazing students (future entrepreneurs) that were specifically chosen to be a part of the “Pathways to Success” program by 100 Black Men of Chicago. These students were SO sweet and SUPER smart & they had GREAT questions 👏🏽 Pathways to Success is a 13 week career and entrepreneurship exploration program for high school students. Shout out to @jeffbeckham for putting everything together.
Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve...wear it on your wrist! Our pretty little Jenny Bracelets now come in five colors - purple, yellow, green, white and turquoise - so you can choose the color your heart desires! 💗 You can find them at {shoppaperandjewels.etsy.com} 💗 • • • #abmlifeiscolorful #theeverygirl #myunicornlife #heartjewelry #bestofetsy #oneofthebunch #thatsdarling #thehappynow #pursuepretty #wandeleurspark #makeyousmilestyle #livethelittlethings #shopthelook #prettylittlething #jennybracelet #thatcolorproject #handmadeisbetter #heartbracelet #paperandjewels #creativityfound #makersgunnamake #lovebracelet #shophandmade #calledtobecreative #makersgonnamake #etsysellersofinstagram #welovecollect #handmadecurator #handmademavens #shopsmall
It's a chilly LA winter evening, but my mind is in Spring. #itswhatsfordinner
In awe. Just, in awe. #winterretreat18
Came for the view
Two hats are on a coat rack, ones says to the other You stay here, I'll go on ahead. 📷 @lachomin
Happy first birthday to Shea! I loved getting to spend the afternoon capturing her big personality! She wanted to keep up with her big brother, steal all his snacks, and dance the afternoon away. Watch out world!
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