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A @djmelod “Philly In Da Buildin” moment ・・・ Here’s a tribute to one of my favorite Hip Hop albums of all time 👉🏼 “Where’s the Party At?” by @therealdjcashmoney & Marvelous was a major influence on me when I started learning to DJ in the late 1980s. Unless you had a mentor or a friend that was dope on the wheels, back then the DJ’s primary resource for learning was the ear and the ability to understand x digest recorded sound. I remember studying this album so closely and picking up the needle non-stop in an attempt to decode every single scratch Cash Money would do. His style was like no other and he always had so much finesse on the crossfader, sht used to blow my mind. Apart from the ill cuts there were so many great things about this album - the production, the samples, the good natured braggadocio x boastful party rhymes... In addition to being a great Hip Hop record, one of it’s most defining ingredients was that literally every song on the album featured a Cash Money solo, which speaks to the greatness of the DJ x MC formula we unfortunately don’t see as much anymore in Hip Hop. If you go back and listen to any DJ x MC albums from the 80s (Jazzy Jeff x Fresh Prince, Low Profile, EPMD, Rodney O & Joe Cooley), the DJ essentially wrote x WAS the hook, straight up. Their creative manipulation of words, sounds, and phrases to compose entirely new sentences and write choruses was sheer genius, and a big part of what makes all of these albums so special in Hip Hop. I encourage anyone that aspires to be a competent Scratch DJ to go back and listen not only to this album, but to all of the DJ x MC LPs from this era 🎧 Here’s a routine of “The Mighty Hard Rocker”, one of the 12” singles from the only LP Cash Money & Marvelous ever released 🔊🔊🔊🔊 #HipHop #Scratch #DJ #Turntablism #DJCashMoney #BeatJunkies #hiphopculture #organicsynergy #repost
Effective leadership is crucial for changing mindsets and leading whatever else is necessary to move the Black community forward. 💯 • • • #answers #comments #positiveenergy #hiphopculture #organicsynergy #ymicc #nipseyhussle
A @mar.blackwell #realtalk moment ・・・ Marbaby details his dream that modern society would find value in appreciating themselves and stop glorifying what they see on line. 🎬@auccam @arriagoro #nipseyhussle #positiveenergy #hiphopculture #organicsynergy #morehousecollege #ymicc
Who are your Black leaders? What does leadership look like to you? How can educators, parents, political representatives, and other concerned individuals support the future generation of Black leaders? • • • #questions #comments #nipseyhussle #positiveenergy #hiphopculture #organicsynergy #ymicc
Most #martyr are considered holy or are respected by their followers, becoming symbols of exceptional leadership and heroism in the face of difficult circumstances. #nipseyhussle #blackleadership #hiphopculture #organicsynergy
A #martyr is someone who suffers persecution and death for advocating, renouncing, refusing to renounce, or refusing to advocate a belief or cause as demanded by an external party. This refusal to comply with the presented demands results in the punishment or execution of the martyr by the oppressor. Originally applied only to those who suffered for their religious beliefs, the term has come to be used in connection with people killed for a political cause. #nipseyhussle #blackleadership #hiphopculture #organicsynergy
🙏🏽#Meditate 🙏🏽 An excellent method of cleansing your mind from all negative and stressing thoughts. Refresh and think positive. Whenever you feel heavy or burdened, or even when you feel tired of doing work or feel irritated by something or someone, take a deep breath to relax. Focus on your breathing, while you exhale and inhale. Focus on how your body acts when you breathe. Visualize that your mind is going blank and focus on emptying your mind. • • • #notetoself #bushido #positiveenergy #hiphopculture #organicsynergy #afrosamurai
👑#Focus 👑 'Concentrate and stay focused' should be the motto of your life. When you are focused on your work, you are able to accomplish more and in an efficient manner. Concentrate on the work that you perform and give it your best. This helps to finish your task faster and in an efficient manner. Therefore, always remain focused on the goals you want to achieve. • • • #notetoself #bushido #positiveenergy #hiphopculture #organicsynergy #afrosamurai
And this is it!! 😂😂😂 My @tonybakercomedy All time Favorite -No.01 is “CRAMuel Adams” w. Commentating • • • #hiphopculture #organicsynergy #voiceover #comedy #repost #tonybakervoiceovers
My @tonybakercomedy All time Favorite No.02 😂😂😂 “Community Parenting” • • • #hiphopculture #organicsynergy #voiceover #comedy #repost #tonybakervoiceovers
Shout out to @tonybakercomedy 😂😂😂 Always keepin a ninja in stitches. I got three jawns that make me laugh out loud if I think of them. When I’m into something heated They keep me cool. Usually whoever I’m with thinks I have lost my mind, BTFU and gives me space. Thanks Brotha that priceless. 💯✊🏽 • • All time favorite No.03 “The Casserole Dish Full of Delicacies” • • • #hiphopculture #organicsynergy #voiceover #comedy #repost #tonybakervoiceovers
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