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Good morning, Universe! How it’s like to be a mom of four? Doesn’t really make a big difference of being a mom of three!😄 The only thing that counts is an age difference. . . Доброе утро, Вселенная? Каково это быть мамой четверых? Если честно, не особо отличается от того, как быть мамой троих. Сложность в основном там, где есть разница в возрасте. С малышом делаешь одно вещи - один режим, со старшими - другие, другой режим, и вот когда они накладываются, приходится не просто. 😊 К примеру встать сегодня в 6, чтобы отвезти Сашку на паром (едут с футбольным клубом на турнир), ну а мелкого естественно с собой 😀😀 - спящего. Поэтому #маматаймменеджмент Тип - если есть возможность, не одевать - просто перенести тело в одеяле и положить в автолюльку 😂 А вообще, это же самый кайф, когда малыш спит в машине, и можно взять с собой кружку какао и просто поездить, побыть в тишине, послушать музыку 😄😄. Вот такие вот делааа.. Всем позитивного дня! . . . . #baby #babyboy #sisters #brothers #kids #kidsofinstagram #ecofriendly #lifestyle #love #our_everyday_moments #familytravel #travel #reiki #childhoodunplugged #motherhoodalive #thewowmoms #myeverydaymagic #travel #travelwithkids #мама #мамаблог #momblogger #mom #candidchildhood #wanderlust #uncle #lifestyle
Her cheeks just slay me. ❤️❤️ I never knew that being an Aunt could even compare to being a Mom. Not only does it compare, it has opened up a whole new world of loving on babies!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #documentyourdays #mom_hub #dearphotographer #our_everyday_moments #childhoodwonders #childrenseemagic #cameramama #kidsforreal #dearestviewfinder #storytellingmama #momswithcameras #shamoftheperfect #beunraveled #simplychildren #hellostoryteller #jj_its_kids #magicofchildhood #wildandbravelittles #candidchildhood @jenderitter @adam_deritter
My whole entire heart belongs to this little man. Otto is my 2 year old (he’ll tell you he’s 8). He is getting so smart and brave and playful. I’m obsessed with him and am loving the little adult he is becoming.
If you've been watching my stories you will have noticed that this guy has issues with naps and going to bed at night. Since we put him in his big boy bed he has become harder and harder to get to sleep. It can take us hours to get him to sleep at night, we have to stay in his bed with him until he falls asleep. During the day he fights naps but just can't last the day without falling asleep at 4-4.30pm. He is awesome at staying asleep once he is down but it is such a struggle to get him to sleep! I'm sure there are plenty of you that have the same issues, any tips?? He gets so upset if we leave him and constantly asks to be cuddled ❤ last night we caved and let him sleep with us and I'm next level tired today because of it 🙈 📸 @keepingupwiththekendricks
Soy más de verano que de invierno. Adoro la playa y esta tendencia natural de improvisar y alargarse por todo sin ningún motivo. Viva el verano 🙌🏻 * #descobreixcatalunya #incostabrava #igerscatalunya #catalunyaexperience
Soooo excited....
Last night I watched one of my old favorite movies-Cool Runnings-and in one part, Yul gives a pep talk to his teammate looking to find his inner confidence: ⠀ Yul- "Look in the mirror and tell me what you see."⠀ Junior- "I see Junior."⠀ Yul- "You see Junior? Well, let me tell you what I see. I see PRIDE. I see POWER. I see a bad-a$$ MOTHER who don't take no crap off of nobody!" ⠀ And it hit me hard—MOM GUILT is real and it’s easy to get caught up in feeling like you’re not doing enough. So on those days, stand up straight, look in the mirror and remind yourself that you will have pride in who you are becoming, you are powerful beyond measure, and that we are some bad-a$$ MOTHERS! 💥🙌🏼💪🏼
What is your boat of choice for a gorgeous lake day with a view? The giant swan or the classic boat? I mean when else are you going to get a chance to ride around on a giant swan in the middle of Europe..just sayin 😘
. If I had a dollar for every time I've been asked if I was still breastfeeding... I'd be rich by now! . . It seems the closer baby gets to a year the more curious people are in regards to how long I plan to breastfeed. I don't even know the answer to that. I don't think it'll be anytime soon. This kid is too attach and LOVES his boobies. . . When did your bf journey end? Did you wean baby off the boob? Or did you let them self-wean? . _________________________________________ . Photo shared by wonderful IG.Mom, @mommyinmpls . Beauty of MotherHood is in Everyday Moments. Celebrating ALL Mothers & Your Precious Miracles. . 💖SUPPORT to INSPIRE💖 . Follow & Tag #ig_motherhood Featured by Anupa: @denupzter 🌈 _________________________________________ . #igmom_mommyinmpls . . . . . . #MagicofChildhood #pixel_kids #candidchildhood #momlifeisthebestlife #teammotherly #motherhoodsimplified #dearestviewfinder #cameramama #joyfulmamas #smile #momswithcameras #clickinmoms #childofig #dearphotographer #lightinspired #our_everyday_moments #kidsforreal #dailyparenting #childrenoftheworld #mom_hub #humansofjoy #momtogs
Flashback Tuesday to our little family trip down the coast. I never noticed painted walls before @colhounclan made me aware of them and now I seem to demand my family take photos when I find them! Today I ventured to @urbanore with all 3 kids to purchase a desk for Lyla (because the $700 one she found in a magazine was awesome and all....😩) and we did our best to replicate it with only 2 trip to the hardware store! Check my #igstory to see the final result- we think it rocks. Lyla started golf camp today and the little ones hung out with me while we waited for her to finish. It was a good day friends. How about you?
Doesn’t get much better than two scoops in a waffle cone at Disneyland, man. 😌
A year ago today I was traipsing around Europe. Missing the amazing colours and views tonight, as I reminisce. #europe_vacations #capturetheworld
. 毎日水遊び日和𓂃𓅹❤︎ . 去年のプール大きすぎて空気入れも仕舞うのも大変であまり遊ばなかったけど、小さいやつ簡単すぎて毎日遊べて最初からこれにすればよかった。笑 . #おうちプール
I have really good friends. They give me times I’m supposed to be places 15 minutes earlier than the actual time because they know I am late to everything. They text me and ask if I’m ok because I didn’t IG story today and that concerns them. They do my hair while I have a video call with a client because they know I’m busy but also REALLY need my hair did. They laugh and tell me I’m a good mom even when I tell them that I think Joey locked himself in the outdoor fridge (he didn’t, don’t worry). They come to my house to take photos of me and my boys even when we are basically just a mess of cookies and wine and toys and dog hair. Find your tribe. Love them extra hard. @northern_daisy and @heatherselzer I will be spamming these photos for a while. I love them.
It’s funny how 120Ib 19 year old Shaina felt so little confidence. Don’t get me wrong I still struggle but at 31, 145Ib (geez did I admit that publicly), with the start of wrinkles I look at this picture and feel beautiful cellulite, back rolls, and all. It’s taken plenty of time but God has helped me to see my value. The less I focus on me, the more I focus on Him, the more I do for others and ultimately stop worrying so dang much. Don’t get me wrong I want to be healthy and could certainly change a few things but I don’t let it bother me. I see arms that hold my baby. Ridiculous nursing breast that I have no clue how to dress but has fed both children. Some less than tight thighs that play soccer, Simon says, and run around (almost) anytime my son wants. I love this photo. I would have torn it a part 10 years ago but so grateful for it now and all it represents. #nathandrakesulli #p52radness
Stand off at 6:00AM. Penelope protecting the garden from the flower eating doe. Cat wins. For some reason deer are fearful of felines.
Внимание! Девочки👯‍♂️ В чем суть моего фитнес марафона? _______________________________ Марафон проходит 21 день. Цель-похудеть и подтянуть тело ✔️ Каждый день вы будете получать от меня видео задание и программу питания. Каждый день я буду контролировать вас. От вас будет требоваться фото отчёт питания и тренировок 💁🏼 Тренировки выполняются в домашних условиях. В день занимает 30-40 минут. Если вы в другом городе или стране и хотите принять участие - welcome 😘 Все вопросы можете задать в Директ 😉 С удовольствие всем отвечу♥️ Фото , #girlswithink #vickyzhao #finnishgirl #oppai #portraits #our_everyday_moments #soulsister #seancephotobebe #instagrammers #girlboss #snäpmenow #oiloncanvas
Can we all just take a minute to recognize that my sweet baby girl is officially growing up & turning into an insanely beautiful young woman?! Pour one out for me, friends...I’ll be over here melting 😭 || On a side note: she’s currently living her best life & my heart is bursting with joy and gratitude. I always expected myself to be the person that made all her dreams come true, and it turns out it really does take a village. So grateful for my in-laws. ✨
Vakantiepret! Verplaatsen jullie kinderen zich ook graag op wieltjes? Wij gingen gisteren even naar het skatepark. Verkiezen jullie kinderen skeelers of rolschaatsen? #k3rollerdisco #k3rolschaatsen
Mini Bryn 💛 This was only a year ago. She’s grown out of those jammies, her hair is now halfway down her back, and she’s no longer the baby of the family. Today she’s an awesome big sister who loves preschool and insists on buckling her own car seat (she actually can do it, but makes us about 10 minutes late for everything) 🙄 #almost3
Я катастрофически мало сплю. Что это? Синдром "бабушки"?))) Причем не из за дел, а из за переизбытка бодрости. Лечь в 2, встать в 5 - мои глаза не успевают отдыхать😖 _____ Как у вас с этим, с бодростью? . . . #yourkidssmile #deti_ne_dlya_ramok #новаякаховка #фотографноваякаховка #фотографхерсон #фотографкаховка #детскийфотограф #детскийпортрет #novakahovka #portraits_ig #семейныйфотограф #forest #фотовлесу #летняяфотосессия #our_everyday_moments #featurememozi #bicfp @deti_ne_dlya_ramok #big_baby_boom #beatyfulgirl #portraits_ig #kidsphotographer #kidsphoto #fairytale #photographyoftheday #kidsmodel
• Water Birth magic, and that knowing little smile 😍 Did you have a water birth? Both my second and my third babes were born in the bath and they were truely amazing experiences. Many midwives and mamas report that birthing in the water can have benefits including increased relaxation for mama and the pain relief action of warm water, while promoting a peaceful labouring and birthing experience. Warm water is also said to aid in the gentle stretching of the perineum which may assist in minimising tearing and damage during birth. Personally, I found having a wider range of motion - being able to twist and turn around in the water while floating - made dealing with the pain of contractions much easier. I’d love to hear about your experiences with birth, in the water or on land!! Yep, I’m a total sucker for a birth story ☺️ Amazing capture via @artshapedphotography
TUTORIAL | The Ultimate Lifestyle Newborn Photography Guide . We teamed up with #ClickLoveGrow graduate Alana Prosper @alana_prosper_photography to write the ultimate guide to help you rock your baby photos... . ...and Alana rocks this style so you won't want to miss it! She shares: . • Light • In home locations • Posing inspiration • How to get a tonne of variety without a tonne of different set ups • How to deal with reluctant subjects • ...and so.much.inspo! . Pop this into your browser and check it out... . ===> bit.ly/clg-newborn . PS. I know, I know, it's NOT a clickable link. It's not you, it's not us... it's Insta. You'll need to type it in yourself (I know, like you're not busy enough! We hear you!) but we make it something easy to remember, because we're nice like that. . #CLGGrads #OnlinePhotographyCourses #CLGPhotographyCourses #LearnPhotography
{mercoledì} FELICITÀ \ di vestiti leggeri e vento \ Che strana estate è questa, dove passo dopo passo vado avanti senza poter programmare più di tanto, che per me, la regina delle liste, equivale a sentirmi un po’ mancare la famosa terra da sotto i piedi. Che strana estate è questa, che sembra tutta un “buon non compleanno” perché i compleanni si sa, a volte carichi di troppe aspettative ti deludono, mentre un giorno normale che tutto ad un tratto ti diventa speciale lo avverti come un regalo a sorpresa. Che strana estate è questa fatta di primi sorrisi, di piccole vittorie, di mani appiccicose, di emozioni intensificate che fanno assumere più o meno importanza a tutto il resto che mi gira intorno. *Mi è sempre servito scrivere. Per ricordare dove ero e dove sono arrivata, chi ero e chi sono diventata. Per lasciare libero su un foglio bianco quello che a tenerlo dentro occupa troppo spazio. Tu scrivi? #cosedaweekend #tempoalletuepassioni #goodvibes #creativemamy #ischia
Summer #VSCO
•HIGH TEMPS 🌡• If your kids are like mine ~ when they’re sick at home they’re pretty much knocking on deaths door ~ but the minute they step into the doctors surgery their symptoms have miraculously disappeared 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ve been using the #braunthermoscan over the last few weeks and in a matter of seconds I can see just how unwell they really are 😏 #boom #mumwinsagain #thedoctorisinthehouse
This little sleepy, cheeky face. It gets me every time. 😍😁 Not much longer to go before my little boy won't seem so little anymore, and I'll have a new little one instead!
Day 1821: 唔好咬我呀~~😵🦖
❤️My last session before baby arrives. Arlene & Helmy are expecting a week before us and it has been so refreshing to have a friend at work to go through this pregnancy with. Lots of lunch dates and sharing with each other our weekly ups and downs. I can't wait til our little ones meet each other.
Summertime fun the kids on the block playing baseball ⚾️ and they all had on @dodgers shirts .
“Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.” Lilly Pulitzer #fresh48 #haileyhabermanphotography
Wednesday’s are my ‘work day’ (in commas because let’s face it, running your own businesses-as-one (or two, with @nourishingthemother , every day is a work day 😂🤪) so I tend to descend on a cafe and stay an uncomfortably long time. Lucky for me @storefifteen are friendly AND they stock the delicious creations of @kinandcoast ~ who will also be delighting taste buds at ‘The Gut Movie’ next Tuesday evening. Doors open 5pm at Shirley Burke Theatre for our THREE sessions of the film at 6pm, 7.30pm and 9pm. I hope we see you there! 💃
Last nights maternity session with this beauty has my jaw dropped to the floor 😍 can’t wait to show off more!!! xoxo love to you mama // @dolliciousbeauty
A whole world to explore, and they always seem to find the same little spot.
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