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My mom told me the knife made this look scary so I was scared to post it, but I actually think Sofia did a great job here so imma post it anyways :)
Esta foto no fue un encuadre que vino naturalmente a mi, de hecho fue una de esas fotos que salieron luego de haber estado mucho tiempo recorriendo los alrededores y fotografiando otras cosas. Sin embargo, dentro de aquel paisaje, sin duda atractivo, se encontraba este pequeño árbol, alejado de las rocas y terrenos áridos de la montaña; y al mismo tiempo retirado del lago y los reflejos del cielo, se encontraba en la mitad, sin mucho que ofrecer a primera vista. Así que antes de movernos hacia la cercanía del lago, decidí acercarme y darle protagonista a aquel árbol que parecía tan tímido. Este fue el resultado. ¿Creen que se logró algo interesante? ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ #Agameoftones #Artofvisuals #AOV #Bogotart #Colors_of_day #Colombia #CreateCommune #Exklusive_shot #FatalFrames #Fartoodope #Gramslayers #hsdailyfeature #HeaterCentral #Illgrammers #IG_masterpiece #Instagramers #ilovebogota #igvo #igworldclub #ig_world_colors #Milliondollarvisuals #Moodygrams #Maestro_i #Natgeolatam #Shoot2kill #Streetdreamsmag #Uncalculated #visualambassadors #Way2ill #Worldcaptures
04.13.18 // Lausanne, Switzerland
#tbt to my first trip to Mt. Tam. Swear imma edit some new shots eventually. 😬🦄🤮
The glow of having the whole world in your hands at the mere age of 3. cc: @arabellas_mommy2014
Coffee time. Sign board
o p e n r o a d
that cold morning
fun in the sun
So close no matter how far...
How it’s meant to be
Sit back and enjoy the ride
I don’t think he noticed me 🌺
Kokoda 2017 If you have ever thought about doing the Kokoda trail I highly recommend you getting off your back side and doing it. It really puts into perspective the harsh conditions our soldiers were fighting in through World War II. Next time you think your life is tough. think again.
Hey 👋🏽
The @themandiribeachclub sitting in first class keeping their feet dry whilst I tread water in the channel haha.
Apart from the fires it was a great weekend
This time last year was fun. Taking photos for @secretsumatra and there guests! Hanging out with legends like @shedlife.co and @deanfergus everyday and nursing a hangover every morning.
What a weekend it has Been! @bbrandonjohnson too bad I got swept down the beach whilst you were standing tall inside an absolute beast! A wave I’ll have to just keep in the memory bank.
Old honey pot having a gay old time. @shedlife.co
Time for another surf trip! @secretsumatra @shedlife.co
A favourite from a wile back.
Yummm.. Prints are available people.
Solitude ~ . . #curlmag
Water + light
I picked up the camera again this morning and I have a few photos I would like to share 👍 #curlmag
Merry Christmas ya filthy animals...
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