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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” -Helen Keller #roamnewroutes
This one! 5years old and almost did all 6 miles! I did have carry him a few times esp the last mile, but he was a machine and he loved every moment! My Lil adventurer in the making! ❤️🌲
Waking up to this view 😍
Don’t go chasing waterfalls..unless you’re chasing semi frozen waterfalls with friends new and old. Had to give this classic one a visit yesterday. So fun meeting you @naturechola. Love this Instagram community that constantly brings like minded folks together 💕
Grateful to #womenwhohike & #deuter for this awesome pack! Got to take out my new Future Pro 34L SL on a perfect snowy hike. Comfortably fit all my #10essentials , my new snowshoes, and so much more! Hiked up to a hot spring with my tribe, on the one clear day between storms... Couldn't have asked for a better bday weekend!
Life is better at a cozy cabin 🌲✨
I guess I'm a day late and a dollar short on this post, but I wanted to mention that on December 7th I had the opportunity to attend an event at Momentum Indoor Climbing in support of a talented local artist, Nikki Frumkin. She is an artist who truly captures the spirit of the PNW with her unique paintings that she creates while on hikes or mountaintops. The event also featured a live performance from local musicians The Musical Mountaineers, and a public engagement by activist group Washington Wild who seek to create an open dialogue in favor of protecting Washington's fragile public lands. There was a great turnout at this event, and I'm happy that I was able to attend. It was good to see so many friends at that event, and to meet some new ones. #pnw #seattle #drawntohighplces #wa_wild #momentumclimbing #themusicalmountaineers #art #pnwilderness #pnwp #pnwbyphone #wanderwashington #washingtonexplored #cascadiaexplored #ourpnw #pnwonderland #artofvisuals #in2nature #northwestnature #explorewashington #folkscenery #the_folknature #choosemountains #thenwadventure #pnwroamers #roamtheplanet #stayandwander #ourwild #upperleftusa
Ring-billed Gulls are one of the common birds seen in western Washington at this time of year. They frequent the shoreline and inland fields. Their grace and flying ability are remarkable. These were feeding in the shallows at #Nisqually , all seem to be adults. #ourpnw #birds #birding #Washington #pugetsound
Breaking trail with my fellow #mountaineers . A perfect weather window between storms and a safe route in otherwise poor avy conditions
🔶“I choose mountains because they allow me to disconnect from all the distractions and stressors of society. They give me clarity, allow me to see things from a different perspective, and never fail to instill a child-like sense of awe in me and for that I am so thankful!” . //photo and caption by: @thenationalparksgirl . . chosen by: @natebbrown #choosemountains @choosemountains choosemountains.com For features, tag us ✌🏼
Good morning Seattle! Thanks @wildnorthwestbeauty for this gorgeous capture! - - #repost #seattle #pnw #ourpnw #upperleft #pnwisbest #206 #seattlephotography #stayinspired
You can always catch me with a smile on my face, don’t got time for that negativity.
Winter Blues
Late afternoon jog down the mountains with snowshoes is definitely not so great, if you don't have the trail broken down by other hikers before Fresh snow, definitely a calming experience to your mind #ourpnw
Evening meditations: “the victim stance is a powerful one. The victim is always morally right, neither responsible nor accountable and forever entitled to sympathy.” -Z.I.S. Some people play it so well. Brb, going to the mountains to get away from your constant bullshit. 😂 photo by my girl @jessica.sagnella.
It was that kind of day in the mountains today After a perfect Friday evening, I head out late to the mountains to get some blue bird moments before the snow storm hit us again Need to find some more hiking/scrambling buddies to go in rain or snow!! #ourpnw
Love that our kids love adventuring as much as we do. #kidswhohike
Fall is by far my favorite season BUT winter is so close that it’s almost a tie! Today was a journey with 2 kids but so worth it! We love our family adventure time!
"Enlightenment isn't found with a full stomach, or on a soft pillow." -- @conrad_anker
Rosie's first time in the snow! Twas a beautiful day for snowshoeing.
Day 2 of 365. Year 28 out of who knows how many. Today was a good day, and that's all that matters❤️
During our decent of Tusk O Granite. Great day to be out on snowshoes, in the right places. I was kind of mumbling because I had my glove in my teeth to film this. It was stinging cold. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #pnw #PNWonderland #ourpnw #pnwlife #washingtonexplored #wildernessculture #discoverearth #earthpix #earthculture #stayandwander #keepitwild #artofvisuals #instagood #modernoutdoors #greatoutdoors #mountaineer #mountaineering #getoutside #choosemountains #GOATworthy
I keep telling myself that 2019 will be my year. You shall elude me no longer Tahoma! Get behind me Mono!
Had a wonderful day out at Mount Rainier taking the Mountaineers basic snowshoe class. We had great volunteer instructional leaders and we couldn’t have had better weather. #ourpnw #washingtonhikersandclimbers #explorewashington #optoutside
Leg day with hints of (loud) powder. #day2 #earnyourturns #ourpnw #kendalltrees
Snowshoeing Stevens Pass.
Pacific Wren | Most recognizable for its incredible song, a complex high-pitched whistled song that fills the air of the dense, moss covered forest. Amongst the ferns & thick under brush resides the guardian of the forest floor. The Western counterpart to the Winter Wren, this bubbly songster is more often heard than seen. . . . . . . . #birdwatching #birdphoto #birdphotography #woodland #forest #evergreen #pacificwren #wren #pacificnorthwest #wildbird #naturephotgraphy #enjoynature #birdwatcher #bird #birdsofintagram #birdoftheday #evergreenstate #intothewoods #thegreatpnw #igbirds #birdnerd #birdwatchingphotography #trailtreasures #birdphotographer #naturephotographer #ourpnw #dofnature #green
I've done nothing all day, about to have brownies for dinner. Tomorrow though... Tomorrow I'm gonna do stuff.
I just made the best veggie lentil stew! Soup is probably one of my favorite things to make when it’s cold outside. I think it’s because my mom always created the best stews when I was growing up. I remember my sister and I would turn some music on and sing and dance in the kitchen while she was cooking. My dad in the other room eating a bag of chocolate chips that he had snuck from the pantry. Seemed liked she was cooking for hours but then we all sat down at the table with her efforts nourishing our spirits as well our tummies, and we would forget about what time it was, just that we were all together. What’s your favorite thing to cook on these cold Winter days?
@aaronloveswaterfalls website said it was a 1/4 mile bushwhack. I don't remember reading the part where it was SOLID devils's club most of the way! I usually don't like that much pain for such a small waterfall, but if it wins us the @nwcanyoning contest then it'll all be worth while. 😅 . Type 2 fun in the Chuckanuts today with @hiker_katherine @latitudeslongitudes and @fieldstoferries . .
So lucky that views like these are only a quick hike away 🤩
. Christmas vibes strong in Snoqualmie today. Cold, clear, and consolidated - dream conditions at the box.
A beautiful, powdery, 10 miles of snowshoeing to Mowich Lake. #pnwonderland #ourpnw #mountains #mountrainier #mountrainiernationalpark
@jackicarr wearing our burgundy #choosemountains beanie on her goals hike! 🎄🎄🎄 . //photo: @jackicarr . . chosen by: @tiarevincent #choosemountains @choosemountains choosemountains.com for features, tag us✌🏼
See that rock? It’s a special rock. The first time I snowshoed here four years ago with @kellie.beth we made Aeropress coffee and named all the peaks we could see while sitting on a snow couch just below that rock. It’s days like that where I first began to have big mountain dreams. I always think of that day when I visit this ridge ❄️💕 #ourpnw #optoutside
Today we hiked instead of ran! Super chill fun day on mailbox! Saw lots of friends along the way and had some gorgeous weather at the top! (MINUS THE INSANE WIND) but it was amazing.
It’s amazing how art allows you to see the world differently. For example, in this photo, I would typically pick out the volume of the different colors of the sky and the foliage, but now, my sight goes directly to those awesome shadows and light 💡 #mountainart
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