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I stepped out into a cool, misty morning and was greeted by delicate sunbeams gliding through the light fog through the leaves of our aspen tree. I couldn’t quite capture the faint rays with my iPhone camera (you can see what I did capture in my story), but that golden like gut reminded me of this spot in western Oregon where I stood at a similar time of day, bathing in the light that poured down upon me through the mossy conifers under Mount Hood some four years ago. Both equally magical moments, saturated in sunlight, watching the dewdrops burn from spiderwebs as the world awakened.
“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” -Mother Teresa
“Daddy I would really like, we very soon could go on camping again”. #borzoi #camping ⛺️#sighthound
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Blue hour, shot at Light House Park 📸🤟🏾
🙆‍♂️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️🤱🤦‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♀️💁‍♂️🏃‍♂️ #ส ังขละบุรี #กาญจนบ ุรี #thailand
More than just a dream 🌷 • It was pretty fun and exhilarating to witness the scale between the mountains and this individual on a pristine, blue glacier lake ..
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The red tide shots will continue until the brilliant colours of Howe Sound go away, seriously amazing. Get out and see it this weekend!
A stunning peak in the distance, on the hike to Mt Cheam
I am a sucker for two things, candid moments & black & white! 😍 @mahermarnie
Just a girl who loves the water and her pup! ✌🏼
day 4: hiked ~13 miles through meadows bursting with wildflowers and over snow covered mountain divides. i cried once (i was tired and hungry and hit my head on a tree) BUT surprise lakes, like this little beauty, 😍 kept me moving forward. 📍unnamed lake • • • • #exploreidaho #visitidaho #idahoexplored #idahogram #idahodaily #hikeidaho #onlyinidaho #ig_idaho #idahooutdoors #cramerlakes #cramerdivide #ednalake
/ sideways / #ladybug
▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ • • Be different🔍 Be real 💣 Photo by ➤ @kellycalvillo • Official tag for sharing ➤ #contestcaromicc • • ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ •#explorebc   #letsgosomewhere #exploremore #ourcamplife   @photoshop #packandgo   #travelingpost #exploreeverything   #sonyalpha   #alifealive #cascadiaexplored   #lifeofadventure   @thatpnwlife #outbackcollective #pnwwonderland   #campvibes #nrthwst   @northwestcreatives #wildernessculture #travelstoke   #northwestisbest   #pnwdiscovered #visualscollective   #instagoodmyphoto #outdoorsupply   #ourplanetdaily   #liveoutdoors #stayandwander   #visualsoflife   #adventurethatislife
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Hot mess 🔥❤️❣️🔥
Wait... First I have to fix my web... [Wespspin | Wasp Spider]
Сегодня мы с вами поговорим об идеалах и образах, буду очень рад, если вы ответите мне на вопрос в конце поста🙏🏼 ___ Люди всегда создавали себе определенных героев, создавали образы идеальных людей, идеальных личностей ___ Даже сейчас то, что вы видите на этой странице - это образ, и лишь немногие знакомы со мной лично ___ Построение подобных образов - это и хорошо и плохо. Хорошо потому что вы развиваете свою фантазию, придумаете интересные исходы событий, в общем, создаёте определенный сюжет. Тогда как сам объект, вокруг которого создаётся подобный образ, может не соответствовать вашим представлениям и ожиданиям в реальной жизни ___ В этот момент возникает конфликт сознания и реального мира ___ Давайте проведём аналогию с покупкой нового авто. Вы смотрите не него, думаете, как классно было бы погонять на этой тачке, копите деньги, покупаете машину, садитесь за руль, нажимаете на газ и на секунду оказываетесь обладателем той самой эмоции, которую вы так долго ждали! ⠀ А что происходит с теми же ощущениями, но через две недели? Кажется что машина едет уже не так быстро, в салоне не достаточно шумоизоляции и т.д. У вас просто рождаются новые ожидания ___ Так вот к чему я это все говорю, как только вы перестаете жить ожиданиями чего-либо, а переноситесь в "сегодня", здесь и сейчас ваша жизнь координатно меняется, голова больше не занята лишними мыслями, о том «как было бы классно», вы становитесь чуточку, но счастливее;) ___ Мне сложно задать вопрос под данным постом, так как подобные тексты - это больше и длинных диалогах, нежели о просто комментариях, но все же, вопрос я придумал провокационный! ___ Чего вам бы хотелось в данный момент больше всего? И почему вы сейчас не можете это получить?
Not too bad
~9/9 continued from previous post~ day TWELVE: T finally hands us our wages when we realized its only half of what we had actually earned. we had to recalculate the figures repeatedly before T accepts the mistake. ... she comes back after a long while but this time, T deducted a 10% “GST” amount from our wages. wtf. i’ve never heard of a more ridiculous excuse to take someone’s money. ... we kept driving ourselves crazy with possibilities of why we would be treated so badly; couldn’t get over why she kept trying to shortchange us. T once told us she had trouble filling backorders, which was why she hired the five of us. by the first week, jerome and i managed to fill 1.5 pellets of paperbark as compared to S&Mi’s half pellet. T definitely needed fast workers. • day THIRTEEN: both of us reported for work super sluggishly, with the 10% deduction weighing on our minds when T walks into the shed. we haven’t even asked about the illegal GST deduction yet when she informs us that she needs to let us go. wait. WHAT? ... we started smiling cos at that moment, it somehow made sense that everything came down to this. i asked her if we did anything wrong. her reply was ridiculous; T claims we work too fast and she is unable to keep up with our wages. she sidesteps me when i ask her about the backorders, insinuating we can’t work as a team - referring to the five-person wage split we rejected simply cos it was unfair to us. T also refused to give the 10% back; told us that was deducted for accommodation and food (what happened to the perks promised to us?). only jerome and i got 10% deducted from our wages, the other 3 aussie workers got full wages. ... thank you for making it real clear, T. • on our second night, we were having dinner when the conversation turned to us and i mentioned that people have been so nice to us since we got here almost 4 months ago. S laughed out loud, and said that aussies are nasty and we shouldn’t trust them. frank, also laughing, agreed with S that it’s never safe here cos people are bad. ... as we drove out of seven emu for the last time that day, i had that conversation on my mind - feels like a premonition now. • end.
Sitting, waiting, dreaming 💭
Banff, in its beautiful valley home. Nestled in between the mountains on a clear, sunny Sunday in July. Rarely does the sun come out while I’m in the Rockies, somehow it’s always raining or snowing (yes snow in July is not unheard of) but this day I lucked out. 🌞 #alberta #travelalberta #explorecanada #explorealberta #canada #canadian #prairies #beautyandtheboom #albertabest #picoftheday #canadian_feature #oh_canada_ #igcanada_ #snapshot_canada #travelinspired #outbackcollective #imagesofcanada #albertacanadaoutside #traveledmonton #canadathenorth #brmb #wanderlustalberta #unlimitedcanada #albertaviews
Camping hair and don’t care 🌊🏖🏕 #finally #beachcamping #shishibeach
Nothing I love more than hitting the lake with the boys. // Montana was unreal. I love it there so much. Made some lifelong friends for sure. Now back home to BC for a few days, and Cali is right around the corner.
You can’t leave the Oregon Coast without sandy feet and salty hair 🌅🤙🏼
GUYS I think I am as excited (if not more) to be standing between these sheep as I am about doing BSSM SECOND YEAR!!!!! I need some help getting there though 😘 If you want to see more of me and sheep and Iceland and Jesus and my BIG dreams for all four, then check out the link in my bio to donate towards my second year tuition. On the real though, first year was the most transformational, healing, empowering and life giving year I’ve had to date. I’m honored and humbled and beyond excited to be on my way toward second year. I can’t wait for more!
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Been in Alaska a month now so here are some more thoughts 1. Moose are the worst. They need to stop showing up outta no where. 2. It’s getting somewhat dark (??) we actually learned that Alaska is getting darker 3x as fast as the lower 48 3. Hitchhiking isn’t that bad 4. It’s not grass, it’s tundra. Always wear pants off trail 5. Summer has arrived and will be here for approximately two weeks so I’ve been told. 6. My life sometimes feels like a National Geographic episode 7. I live here ? 8. No, the dog i walk on a leash is not a wolf. 9. My family size pack of Oreos were $7 10. It’s been seven weeks since I’ve had Panda Express 11. Wowowow
#ส ังขละบุรี #กาญจนบ ุรี #thailand
Colorado’s Gore Range as seen from the Tenmile Range. The Gore’s are legendary for their jagged and ragged stature and remoteness. Not a lot of people visit each year and it is certainly on my list of places to explore! #coloradolive #outbackcollective #coloradotography #wildernessculture #blackandwhitephotography #mountain_world @visitcolorado
laying on my belly, looking ⬇
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