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七月中于杭州 Mid July, Hangzhou
Marian 🦄 @srita_fox
In the mid-1990s I worked at a bookshop in Seattle. One of the girls I briefly worked with drove an old Landcruiser and introduced me to Nick Drake's music. That's all I remember about her. I've even forgotten her name.
Los Angeles, CA I currently have five or six 30x45 framed and matted prints for sale. Swipe right to see all of them. Los Angeles pick up is preferred but I’d also be willing to work out shipping if anyone is interested. DM or email info@stevenclouse.com for inquiries. #subjectivelyobjective #paperjournalmag #imaginarymagnitude #ifyouleave #myfeatureshoot #broadmag
Selamat hari anak nasional #yashicajmini #fujicolorc200
8102 -pt. 6
the world is so small till it ain’t
Stanford Dish
💛 the golden hour
Patient nights in the ferry lineup
happy first birthday to the cutest, most perfect little guy i’ve ever met 🖤 uncle stevie (i forgot my camera so i couldn’t take any newer photos)
fancy fisherman ➖ #porto #douro #fisherman #outdoors
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