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Let’s play a little game of have you ever... Have you ever had dinner guests for the first time in like a year and right before your 3 year old has an accident and takes his pants off while flinging poo all over the bathroom? 🙋🏻‍♀️#aboutlastnight Have you ever woken to your other 3 year old crying at 6am and picked her up and she puked all over you? 🙋🏻‍♀️ #aboutthismorning So my week is going well, how about yours? 😂 Poor kids, hopefully we’ll be healthy in time for Thanksgiving, finger’s crossed! P.S. If I’m keeping count and comparing the number of times I’ve been puked on (not counting baby spit up) compared to my husband, I would say that’s like 10 for me, 0 for him. I think he’s #Winning at life. 😂🤪 Also I cant convince Reagan that this is not the way to wear sunglasses. 😎 . . . . . . #cameramama #the_sugar_jar #simplychildren #celebrate_motherhood #motherhoodrising #clickinmoms #momswithcameras #motherhoodunplugged #childhoodmemories #portraitmood #portraitphotography #lookslikefilm #lookslikefilmkids #lowkeyphotography #tsj_indoor #pixel_kids #photography_lovers #worldofportraits #magicofchildhood #childrenof_instagram #joyfulmamas #parenthoodmoments #parenthoodunplugged #myhonestmotherhood #mnac
When Baby Model needs to snack during photo sessions mamarazzi got to wait 🤨she cute though❤️
💛 Smoove 💛
One step at a time.... loving today’s challenge theme from @blearyeyedbaker .... a lovely little reminder that each little step gets you to where you want to go. We might have only ventured to Grandma’s today but it’s still a win AND I also took a cuppa with me. #winning #bebhashtagchallenge 💜 . . . #motherhood #mom #mum #honestmotherhood #honestmum #parenthoodunplugged #momsofinstagram #mumsofinstagram #newbaby #newborn
"Where you lead, I will follow, anywhere that you tell me to. If you need, if you need me to be with you, I will follow..." Oh baby boy, how fast you're growing. For now you follow close, but soon you'll run away. I'll miss these moments that I find myself complaining about sometimes. Before I know it, you'll be the one leading. And I'll try my best to follow.
M A N I C M U M D A Y . . . At this second in time I feel like super mum! (I say second as it won't last much longer than that!) Cleaning all done, Christmas cards written, presents wrapped (few more still to get though!) Now going to pound the treadmill! Can I get a hell yeahhhh! 😂🙌 . . . #justanothermanicmumday #selfie #mumsofinstagram #mumswithcameras #parenthoodmoments #candidparenting #parenthoodunplugged #laurendywerfashion #shopsmall #supportsmall #handmade #jumper #ladiesfashion #winterfashion
I love documenting families over time - seeing the transition from boyfriend to fiancé, fiancé to husband, and husband to dad.
Let your child show you the simple joys in life. The smell of a dandelion, the feeing of sinking info the mud, the beauty of shadows. The world throigh a child’s eyes is a wonderful sight to behold.
Today was a “pick up every leaf and flower off the ground” kind of day. . Oh, and “let’s skip the afternoon nap” was on our to-do list too. . Thankfully, not much off “let’s scream till Amma feels like her ears are going to bleed,” but then I think she’s saving it for tomorrow. . Well, we’ll see. 💁🏻‍♀️ . . . 🚲 Laddoo’s cycle is from @rforrabbitbaby purchased from amazon. Exact product name and price details are in the highlights titled “Our Toys.” . 🐽 The Peppa Dress she’s wearing is from @aztuckerbox . . . . . #LifeofRealMoms #aheadofthecurve #happyselves #thechildrenoftheworld #ourchildrenphoto #littleandbrave #Letthembelittle #candidchildhood #childofig #simplychildren #letthekids #thebloomforum #thelifestylecollective #toddlermom #motherhoodunhinged #mymotherhood #realparenting #honestlymothering #myhonestmotherhood #motherhoodalive #parenthoodunplugged #toddlerhood #toddlergram #lifewithtoddlers #thehonestlens #thenarrativesociety #realmoments #momentslikethese #shotatpalava
Here I am... Trying to shoot a video for an IG ads funnel that I am creating as part of my marketing campaign... Does anyone else feel as awkward as I do when recording video?? Is that really what I sound like?? 😂😂😂 Anyways... If this is the hardest part of my job then I'll take it! If you would like to learn how to master some of the things spoken about above then click my link in my bio and lets get you started on your own marketing campaign ❤ #WorkFromAnywhereMom #LifeUnplugged #MomLife #GratefulLiving #ParenthoodUnplugged #WorkHardPlayHarder #LifeLover #WorkFromAnywhere
E X P E R I E N C E ˑ Ellie doesn’t have school this week so I have my game face on and we are in full vacation mode. Usually our Monday’s are spent home bound and we spend the day cleaning. Yesterday, we mixed it up and went to the @childrensmuseumdenver ! ˑ We were gifted a season pass to the museum a couple years ago and absolutely LOVE having it. It offers us a place to go, a change of scenery, that contains SO many choices of fun things to do for both kids inside and out. ˑ Im really into this type of gift, the gift of experience vs STUFF. There is more and more research coming out about how #lessismore and that open-ended toys inspire creativity. As an educator, it’s something I’ve seen and felt over the years and am glad there is finally information out now that supports these ideals. ˑ So, if you’re looking for a gift to give...consider shopping at small local spots or Etsy (avoid those large corporations!), purchase an experience or family annual memberships at a museum! ˑ ˑ ˑ #shopsmall #shoplocal #wholeheartedliving #amamabearsblog #raisingtinyhumans #motherhoodunplugged #holidayparentingtips #holidaygiftideas #giftbuyingtips #intentionalparenting #intentionalliving #instamom #momlife #gentleparenting #consciousparenting #honestlymothering #parenthoodunplugged #mindfulmotherhood #wholeheartedparenting #consciousparenting
Check out our Preschoolers' Scientific Thinking class to learn more! Link in profile. #eMommyInTheKnow
Reality ✅: you CAN lose something in a 500 sq ft house! ...We couldn't find the kid's favorite toy cars for a nail-biting 24 hours this past weekend, which was quite unsettling. He was asking for his cars all night and all morning before we found them. We've never lost something that "important" for that long, which begs the question: 👉 what do you depend on so much that if lost or taken for a FULL day would render you a rattled wreck? 👈 Is it coffee? Phone? ...I think for me I have to have my bullet journal w/in reach at all times. I'd survive w/out phone or food no problem, but not my bullet journal! 😅📔✍️ ...Oh, and we finally found the missing toy cars not in the couch cushions or washing machine or trash bags... They were sitting on the top of this window frame you can see here. 🙃 #toddlersofig #toddlersofinsta #toddlersofinstagram #parenthoodunlocked #parenthoodunplugged #lostandfound #cantlivewithout #realitycheck #realitychecktuesday
•mums & tots groups • . . . Do you go to groups with your littles? We go to a few and absolutely love them! Lots of play and learning opportunities, (read learning to share!! 🙈) snacks, activities, songs and adult conversation!! . . . 💕 She was twinning with her chum today 💕 . . . #unpluggedparents #parenthoodunplugged #toddlerlife #betterthananytoy #playathomemummy #mumswithcameras #Childledlearning #childledplay #learningthroughplay #playbasedlearning #openendedplay #freeplay #toddlerlife #childhoodunplugged #naturaltoys #invitationtoplay #imaginitiveplay #rainydayplay #montessoritoddler #earlyyears #thosepigtailsthough
Did you know it was Self Care week last week? No, neither did I. . Was it because you were too busy: a) being like this lady b) running around like a headless chicken trying to juggle a million things and look after everyone else? . I’ve become increasingly aware of how important self-care is when you are caring for others. It’s a tricky one. It often feels like if you don’t put your little ones first, you will ultimate pay the price later anyway. And so “self” inevitably gets pushed to the back. Would you agree? . So, we are going to start some posts on self care for mums. Sometimes it just isn’t possible to get away, or set aside 5 mins for yourself, especially at the times you need it most. It may be easier to incorporate self-care alongside kid-care. Little things, like doing your evening skincare ritual in the bathroom during kids bathtime. Ways to stay sane and look after mum. Anyone got any tips for self-care habits you can do whilst looking after the kids?
Cute though, When she’s not playing😄🙈❤️...... warning ⚠️
These photo are taken 9 months apart - the first on the day Lil Pudding decided to join the party on her Due Date and the last, last week, exactly 9 months later... . 👶🏾👦🏾I have two babies under 2.5 years 💤Most Days I’m knucking fackered ⌚️I workout at home, 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week 🥗🥑🍎I eat healthy 85% of the time 🍷🍨🍕I still enjoy wine, pizza and Magnums when I fancy it 🤷🏾‍♀️I don’t stress over the way I look but I focus on the way I FEEL 👯‍♀️I have a community of kind, supportive and strong women - my Fit Fam who hold me accountable . That’s it - No magic pill, no quick fix, no waist trainers and definitely no luck - just consistency, hard work and patience 👌🏾 . I’m kicking off our biggest Online Bootcamp and challenge ever with my sis @bhteamuk in January 2019 and we’d love to have YOU join us! Our Sneak Peek Info Group is OPEN with all the deets about the program that has helped us both transform our minds and bodies this year and we want to share it with you! If you’ve been watching us and wondering whether you could do it too - let me tell you that YOU CAN and we’re gonna do it with you! If you’re interested in joining us, send me a message with your email address and I’ll contact you with with all the deets on how you can join us for a Total Transformation in 2019! 🙋🏾‍♀️🙌🏾
Sending a Cute little smile this cold morning 😏😊
Sweet family moments.
2018 has taught me a lot about myself... . . I’ve learned that I am capable of so much more than what I give myself credit for. That I can do anything when I put my mind to it. That I am greater than my self limiting beliefs. That I am so much more than the doubts and the number on the scale. That I am beautiful and confident. And most importantly, I am STRONG. . . 2018 has been a saving grace for me. I not only got in the best shape of my life but I learned so many valuable life lessons along the way. I also graduated grad school, married the man of my dreams, faced scary heath news, started my new job, and then was blessed with the greatest gift of all and my new purpose in life - my little love 🤰🏼👶🏻. . . I still have many lessons to learn, but one that thing that has never started me wrong was my gut and my heart and I will continue to follow it during good times and in bad; during timed of fear as well as times of doubt. I will never stop living this life for ME.
➰ On her throne ➰
Five months of this cheeky little smile 😍 . And yes that is dribble all over the lounge, no filter is going to hide the dribble stains on the lounge in this house #teethingisabitch
Ok. So. This is me. 👆🏻 #WartsAndAll . 🤪 . And tonight I am just a BIT excited, because I have some HAPPY NEWS to share... Wanna know what it is??!! 🤫 . Oh Em Gee, NO! I am NOT pregnant! But, I dooooo kinda have a new baby. Or, two new babies I guess you could say 🤗 . Baby no. 1. The Blog. It’s time for a name change people! Woo! From the end of November, my blog will be known by my ACTUAL name - “Ellyn Shepherd”, so when you see posts from Ellyn Shepherd coming up in your feed instead of mummalifelovebaby, then just know that it’s me! I will still be giving you all the giggles that you are used to. But I will also be giving you a little bit more. ❤️❤️❤️ . Like, my second baby...... . Baby no. 2. MY NEW PODCAST - The Ellyn Shepherd Show! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 . Yes, you heard me, I will be launching a podcast in December! It’s where I share bite sized snippets about the hilarious ups and downs of my life with you, so you can listen and laugh with me on the go! ❤️ The launch date is stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill TBC, but I am so excited about it that I just couldn’t WAIT to share this news with you all ❤️ . So, stay tuned people. Coz things are a-changing around here. And I can’t wait to share more of my journey with you soon. ❤️❤️ . What do you want to hear me talk about on the podcast? And do you have your own parenting stories that you would love to share? Leave a comment below and let me know!! Xxx . Rad 📸 by the photographing genius @jessworrallphotography
Hands up, who has a little escape artist like this at home? How are you dealing with these crafty little beings? Repost by @dearestchildren.
🙎🏽‍♂️🙎🏽‍♂️My man behind the scenes 🙎🏽‍♂️🙎🏽‍♂️ 🧡 My biggest fan, My number one supporter 🧡 My rock, My world, My best friend, My partner in crime 😉, My husband 🧡 Thanks for travelling through this life by my side and joining me on every adventure we’ve had so far and those we’re yet to embark upon 🧡 Thank you for showing up and being my babies Daddy 🧡 Thank you most of all for riding this wave 🌊 of craziness while we adjust to our new family, with everything else we’re currently juggling 🤹‍♂️
Some 3.3 of those hours were spent on mobile, which is responsible for the overall growth in digital media consumption. . Sowi Screen Time Balance can help you teach your kids healthy digital habits. . Try now for free #linkinbio . #screentime #screenfree #screenfreekids #lessscreentime #parentingproblems #toddler #mumstuff #dadandson #dadanddaughter #momproblems #mommyhood #parent #parentlife #parentproblems #parentblogger #kiddo #edtech #digitaldetox #digitalhealth #techfree #parenthoodunplugged #childrenunplugged #momlife #dadlife #dailyparenting
Brrr! Is it us or is today a bit on the chilly side?! ❄️ we’re just getting ready to head out to Arthur’s swimming lesson (his first in a while as he has had a rotten cough/cold recently), packing a lunch for the day & generally pottering about (read as: I tidy things away, he puts things back where they were). So happy & grateful to just be at home with him today ❤️ . . . #babyboy #catsofig #gingercat #gingercatsrock #gingercatsofig #homelife #motherhoodlife #motherhoodmoments #parenthood #parenthoodlife #parenthoodmoments #parenthoodunplugged #cuddlesarethebest #babycuddlesarethebest essexmum #essexmama #essexmums #essexphotography #essexphotographer #essexphotographers #babyphotography #ukphotographer #photographerforhire #photooftheday #picoftheday #hireme #nowbooking #familyphotographer
Tried on these jeans yesterday and the waist band was so tight I couldn’t join ends together. First thought, fuck I really need to lose this weight I’ve gained recently. Second thought, nah these jeans were always a bit snug,must’ve shrunk in the wash. Later that night I sat down when the kids were sleeping and eat curly wurlys (yes plural). Third thought 24 hours later, gonna take my old tight jeans to the dress maker and see if she can stitch an elastic band or some shit on these with extra space this time, why? “Just incase”. It often takes a full journey through different thoughts extending hours-days-weeks-months to find the mindset you’ve worked so hard to believe for yourself, what’s right for you. You can’t always believe the first thing that comes to mind as if it’s the final solution. For me, that thought is usually drastic,negative ol bully. On that note- ELASTIC WAISTBANDS FOR EVERYONE🙌🙌
No biggie, just doing some evening grocery shopping 😌 #wholefoodsmarket #littleFi #14monthsold
Bom dia 🍂 ! As COOL PARENTS ✨ são como o toca e foge... mal chegam, desaparecem logo! Hoje, mais um lote delas acabadinhas de chegar! ⭐️ Encomende já a sua, estas mochilas são do mais prático, espaçoso e útil que pode haver 😎 e os pais não se importam mesmo nada de as usar! Disponíveis em: • www.annathegang.pt • @annathegang @childhome.be #annathegang #babybackpack #parenthood #parenthoodunlocked #parenthoodunplugged #backpackkid #maternity #maternitystyle #dadlifestyle #dadbackpack
❗️Black Friday Special❗️$19.99 #baby jacket in sizes 12M-3T. While supplies last.
Amazing colors during this #familysession @denverbotanic Gardens. . . . @seraphimfirephotography @kellyguth
Cuddle buddies! #bear #drew #bffs #aboyandhisdog
Nope daddy I am not going to sleep, so you can't sleep either. 😂 Seriously don't have a clue how he's gone from a perfect sleeping baby waking once around 4am to waking up at 2 hour intervals.............🤔🤔🤔 #nosleeptonight #awakebaby #badparenting #dadscomm #mumscomm #dadsofinstagram #dadsofinsta #dadsofig #dadlife #dadtribe #dadblog #dadblogger #bloggingdad #bloglife #instadad #magicofchildhood #childhoodunplugged #my_magical_moments #parenthoodunplugged #fatherhood #myhappycapture #dadventure #family #dailyparenting #dadventures #lifeofdad #celebrate_childhood #thedadnetwork #parenting #documentyourdays
And sometimes your baby, whom you love very much and take very good care of, falls while doing something totally routine and hits his eye... giving him a black eye for days after. And even though you know it happens to every baby at some point, when you’re a queer parent it’s terrifying to have a kid with a black eye. . I haven’t wanted to go anywhere with Leo all week, because I’m terrified someone will look at him and think he’s abused or neglected. People tell me, “No one is thinking that! It’s all in your head!” but trust me— I can feel it when I walk into the neighborhood bakery and people see him and wonder what kind of a dad I am, to let my baby get hurt like that. When you’re a queer parent, people are always looking at you, trying to figure out how exactly you’re messing your kids up. And an ouchie on the face is such a clear answer. . And so I present him to you, black eye and all, to face my fears of being deemed a terrible parent. He was just too cute as he “helped” when I was cleaning today... how could I not share this moment, even with his scabbed face? Be gentle with your responses, friends. I promise we take good care of him!!! . #babyouchie #imperfectparenting #babycleaning #parenthoodunplugged #candidchildhood #authenticparenting . Outfit by @modernrascals
Eating is a wonderful way to bond with your family. On the other hand, going to a restaurant as a family can be daunting, especially when you have toddlers. As nice as it is to stay at home and eat, sometimes you’re just tired and going to a restaurant is just the best option available. Don’t let your toddlers intimidate you into staying shut in. You can create fun memories when you eat out and spend time with your kids at a restaurant. 1) Pick a restaurant you feel comfortable at. There’s no use in going to a not-so-kid-friendly restaurant (even if you’re craving their food). Your experience will run much more smoothly if you go somewhere where you know the customer service is excellent and your kids will be fine there 2) Order drinks and snacks ASAP: if the restaurant of your choice has complimentary bread, chips, or something, make sure you fill up your kids 3) Bring a special activity: whether you have a doodle board, magnetic blocks, or a special toy, make sure what you bring for your kids is something they only do in restaurants. 4) Don’t lose your cool, don’t be afraid, and don’t expect too much: toddlers know that if you don’t have it together, they can easily take control of the situation. With that in mind, kids will be kids, so don’t be harsh when they start spilling drinks, knocking over salt and pepper shakers, or start throwing their food. The more you keep your cool, the better your situation will be. What is your favorite place to eat at with your kids? . . . . . #famtastic #famtasticapp #toddlerlife #toddlerproblems #hamburger #cheeseburger #toddlertips #parenthoodunplugged #motherhoodunplugged #parenthoodunlocked #mommylife #daddylife #momsofinstagram #twinmom #ohheymom #boymomsrock #girlmomsrock
My little artist 🙄
This is so powerful- resonated so much with us here. Thank you for sharing @shesbackuk #Repost @shesbackuk with @get_repost ・・・ Excerpt from one of our articles from this last week - discussing how important it is to listen to the stories of those who’ve stepped back from work - as they begin their journey back to work. The article also highlights the flip side of the argument - how important it is to maintain your network whist you’re ‘away’, play the long game and have a plan and a strategy that’s fit for the jobs market when you do decide to step back up. You’ll find a clip up on stories at the moment, in our highlights and you can read in full via LinkedIn or our vibrant and lively Facebook group. Tap the ❤️ if this quote resonates. And of course, the book has stories, tips and strategies galore to help if you’re in this phase. If you’d like to win an audio version of the book, we have a competition running on the grid that we’d love you to enter. The competition marks our book moving to audio - which we’re delighted about, and is quite a milestone for us. . . . . . #recruitment #recruitmentprocess #womansupportingwomen #championsofchange #shesbackbook #bookcompetition #instacomp #booksofinsta #instabookfeatures #careersuccess #careers #yourstory #longgame #returntowork #newmums #instamums #parenthoodunplugged #thejuggleisreal #motherhoodinspired
Wherever you are beauty spot! That older brother of yours is never very far away! . . He loves you something crazy, cares for you so much, he looks out for you already! Long may it continue 🙌 - he doesn't really like your dribbling though does he? 😂 - doesn't stop him being near you 24/7 though. . . #NoeliaQuinnFox #siblings #siblinglove #brothersandsister #brotherandsister #yourcarer #yourprotector #soulmates #mumofthree #pblogger #momblogger #mummyblogger #parenting101 #mumofonegirl #mumoftwoboys #parenthoodunplugged #familybond #siblingbond #oldestandyoungest #babyjewellery #spanishbaby
This Thanksgiving week I’m thinking about what we should truly be grateful for and having a healthy family at home together is at the top of this list. I was so honored to capture some of these simple moments for my friends Sally and Jeremy after a long journey to bring their newest little girl home.
No Monday blues here ❤️💓💕⭐️
This is one of my favorite shots from our family portrait session. Just me and Big Bean, being silly.⁣ ⁣ In the craziness of packing up our lives and moving into our first home, I was reminded how important it is to spend one-on-one time with each of my kids.⁣ ⁣ After we spent the whole weekend cleaning our old apartment, I could tell Big Bean was starved for attention. ⁣ ⁣ I don't blame her. Any extra energy we had was directed toward Little Bean, who hasn't quite figured out how to entertain herself (understandable for a 10-month-old).⁣ ⁣ So I've been trying to give her my full attention when she's telling me a story or asks me to "come see her mountain" downstairs or wants to dance in the kitchen.⁣ ⁣ And when our lives settle down again, I want to make it a point to go do something just the two of us.⁣ ⁣ What are your favorite one-on-one bonding activities?⁣
🌿 New Blog Post 🌿 As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I believe good communication is one of the most important things in a strong martial relationship (or any relationship for that matter). . Today’s blog post focuses on nonverbal communication. After all, “To love means to listen.” . Link in bio✨
this pregnancy is going so fast, i’m almost in my third trimester(wwhhhaaaatt)!! This week I have started to feel like i’ve found my rhythm, everything has been so different this time around. Do you ever feel prepared for a new babe no matter how many you already have??? I love my oily fam we have a rad motherhood group that I have thoroughly tapped. I now know so much about what oils to use in each trimester, during labor and postpartum I feel so calm + ready to meet this little love, come in March 🐣 What are some of your fave things to do to get ready??? . . . #pregnancy #momlife #boyorgirl #nesting #motherhood #family #squadgoals #community #bossmama #healthymama #healthybabies #mindbodysoul #rollwithit #wellness #financialfreedom #plantbased #reallife #naturalliving #oilymama #kidfriendly #familyhealth #glutenfree #motherhood #healthylife #toxicfree #ancientmedicine #parenthoodunplugged #clothdiapering #switchandditch #imlovingit
Snot season 😡😨
I must say more and more the day is getting closer and happier I am 🙏 people keeps telling me I won’t sleep! I answer: I already been sleeping for 47 years and happily will have few months of shorts nights!! .. others are saying : you are brave! I answer : is not about being brave but giving !! . . . . . . #twins #titotwins #dadoftwins #dads #singledad #daddyblogger #surrogacy #ivfjourney #parentinggoals #parentinglife #parenthood #parenting #parenthood_unveiled #parenthoodunplugged #ourcandidlife #parenthood_moments #fatherhood #nesting #singlegaylondon #thinkpositive #happyliving
looking at old pics and thinking “can I just wrap this kid in bubble wrap!?” he is so active & I just want to keep him safe forever 😭🙏🏽#isthattoomuchtoask
✨HAVE YOU ENTERED?✨ . One lucky winner can win $500 in PayPal Cash. It takes less than a minute to enter by following the steps below. Open worldwide. . To enter: 1️⃣ Follow Me. 2️⃣ “Like” this post. 3️⃣ Go to @bloggersinchargegifts follow their account AND EVERYONE they follow. . Ends 11/21 at 11:59pm EST. . . . #christmasshopping #thehappynow #mytinymoments #mynameismama #acupofmotherhood #stopdropandmom #motherhoodinspired #igmotherhood #parenthood_unveiled #motherhoodsimplified #lifeasmama #parenthood_moments #motherhoodunplugged #parenthoodunplugged #honestmotherhood
All #BunnyBaby Bodysuit’s Are Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off!!
Don’t compare yourself yourself to other mothers. We are all loosing our shit...some women just hide it better than others. #truth #momlifebelike
The road we've been travelling on since we found out we were pregnant with Sienna has both been amazing but daunting. Sharing part of that in a blog post was not only healing, but I wanted to help other women who have struggled with their pregnancies and or birth. To have it now published on @kidspot is nothing short of incredible and validating. I can't wait to continue sharing more with you all. 💗
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