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So...they shut down Volcanoes National Park. Deemed too dangerous for people to wander around without rangers, the government shutdown is felt even out here. We’re feeling very lucky indeed we spent last week exploring this amazing place - left on Friday after a morning spent learning the hula on a volcano. #parksonwheels #sadness
Last gift from our National Parks hikes. After 12 miles, we were blessed with a magnificent rainbow over lava beds, next to the ocean, where we saw 2 humpbacks eating dinner. Can’t ask for more. #parksonwheels #rainbow
And lava videos are even better than pictures... #parksonwheels
I lava the Hawaii Volcanoes. 12 miles through the lava beds of Kilauea to see fresh lava oozing out of the earth. Silvery and spectacular, brutally hot and sharp. The hike? Our last big one at our 49th National Park. And it was a worthy foe, as hiking though lava is no joke. #parksonwheels
A year of hiking around the national parks makes a body strong. Or, lava rock is full of holes (shhh) #parksonwheels
It’s a Big Beach indeed. Farewell for now Maui! It’s been a blast and we can’t wait to come back. #parksonwheels
And here are my pacers. Wish I had some shots of them breaching but i could only justify so many stops along the race. 😆 #parksonwheels
Another race down! This may be my favorite so far, as a humpback whale and calf we’re my pacers for 2 miles, frolicking only 50 yards off the shore. Doesn’t say much for my speed but can’t think of a better running mate! @findingpeaceintheparks decided to run faster and placed first in his class. Also, nuclear-disaster-averted humor. Good times all around, thanks #maui ! Woot! #parksonwheels
There wasn't, but we did. #parksonwheels
Jen's not downing. She's just excited about having a tropical lagoon all to herself. #parksonwheels
Waking up on a massive volcano is stressful enough, then this. And it took over 1/2 hour to find out someone pushed the wrong button. #parksonwheels
Perfect place for a morning swim. #parksonwheels #bluelagoon #maui
Moving over to the waterfall side of Maui for a week. Missing my beaches, but just barely :) #parksonwheels
Life is pretty sweet these days. #parksonwheels #maui
Another day, another dozen rainbows. #maui #ilovehawaii #parksonwheels
A different kind of windsurfing on #Maui . #parksonwheels
West Maui. #parksonwheels
Not a bad place to wake up in January #parksonwheels
Where East and West meet best. #spamforspam #maui #hawaii #parksonwheels
This was one insane cloud formation off Mt Hood. Inverted fog formation? High winds? Who knows but #nofilterneeded #parksonwheels
Miles and miles of sand dunes. On the Oregon coast. What unexpected windswept loveliness. #parksonwheels
Favorite thing about Hearst Castle. The man would only entertain surrounded by priceless European tapestries and under antique Renaissance oak ceilings in a castle on top of some of California’s most beautiful coastline. But there must be ketchup and mustard on the table at all meals, cause that’s how he’s keeping it real with his childhood love for camping. #parksonwheels
Sometimes trees are just too cool. #parksonwheels
A glorious month in Utah in a second a day. Capitol Reef, Bryce, Zion, Canyonlands, and Arches...30 Days wasn’t enough! #parksonwheels #1seme #1secondeveryday
A Beijing Airpocalypse sunset off the coast of Santa Barbara. Worlds colliding. Our best to the firefighters in SoCal that are fighting those tremendous fires. #parksonwheels
Anatomy lesson for a cannibal... #parksonwheels
Pelicans looking beautiful and colorful for mating season #parksonwheels
Sunsets are pretty nice in civilization, too. #parksonwheels
The seals of San Diego are adorable #parksonwheels
Canyonlands is amazing, and getting off-road via White Rim Road is even better. Even with 50mph winds threatening to blow me off the plateau. #tbt #parksonwheels
Hello sunny San Diego! #parksonwheels
And all too quickly, we’ve spent 10 months on the road and seen all the National Parks in the lower 48. Thanks #47 ! Farewell Arches! #parksonwheels
Hiking along fins, deep into fiery furnaces, seeking out arches. #parksonwheels #arches
The road goes ever on, even if any one journey ends. #parksonwheels
Disappearing into the maze of the Fiery Furnaces #parksonwheels
Having a marvelous hike at the last National Park we needed to visit in the lower 48. Arches in Arches. #47 !!!! #parksonwheels
Watching the sun set through the Windows at Arches. #parksonwheels
Jen inching her way through the Fiery Furnace. #parksonwheels
The last of our “can’t find a bad camping spot in Utah” series. We’ve been in Utah for the last month and it’s been a wonderland of colors and geological mysteries. Living at the edge of the deep canyons of Canyonlands has been the perfect end to the month. #parksonwheels
The Colorado Plateau has to be one of the most strange and wonderful places in the world. #parksonwheels
Another view of the magical sunset at Canyonlands. Island in the Sky is a pretty amazing island. Glad we changed our plans to spend another week perched up here :) #parksonwheels
Canyonlands at dusk. A lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving and this year. #parksonwheels
It was great to have family with us for our final two parks in the Lower 48. Just Alaska and Hawaii left! #parksonwheels
Nephew's first slot canyon. #parksonwheels
The views never cease to amaze. Especially when the roads were shut to cars (Thanksgiving traffic jam!) and you had to bike and hike up up up through Zion Canyon and towards Angel’s Landing. Working up a sweat always makes the views better, doesn’t it? #parksonwheels #happythanksgiving
When there aren’t blue skies and clouds roll in, you can be grateful for the most amazing sunset they create. #parksonwheels
Sunsets in Zion. #parksonwheels
Continuing my “never a bad campsite in Utah” series. Because there isn’t. #parksonwheels
When you live in the Whale and the National Parks, even a rest day/football Sunday is full of autumn colors and sunshine. #parksonwheels #myrivetedlife #airstream
Into The Narrows. #parksonwheels
The Watchman, at dusk. Am I posting too many pictures of Zion?? It can’t be helped, really. Too pretty. #parksonwheels
Zion in the first stages of winter... leaves bright yellow and a storm brewing #parksonwheels
The moment between a sunset and a storm creates some marvelous colors. #parksonwheels
Now that it’s newly winter, a blog post on Springtime in the Smokies and the art of a wildflower pilgrimage. Blog @ https://parksonwheels.com/2017/11/05/great-smoky-wildflower-pilgrimage/ www.parksonwheels.com #parksonwheels
Oh yeah, I was there too! Seriously though, are we or aren’t we rocking those waders? #parksonwheels #whoneedsrealgearwhenyouhavewaders
Training for my next half-marathon doesn’t hurt so bad when this is the running track. #parksonwheels #zionisawesome
Did I mention how there are no bad campsites in Utah?? #parksonwheels #zion
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