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I felt good enough to finally fit my new backpack 😃🎒 It got delivered on the same day that I got injured 🤕 I have been curious about it ever since and now the lady thought it was time for me to try it on 😀 Loose and unloaded ofcourse 😉 How do you think it looks on me? 🙂 I can't wait to go backpacking, but I have to wait atleast until contact pressure on my chest won't hurt anymore⏳#backpacking #dogsthathike #dogphotography #instadog #active #adventuredog #outdoork9 #parsonrussell #parsonpower #teamnolin
Workout with company by Anna and Diva today 💪🏻 I put on more weight and he didn't seem to think much of it. I took of some weight after a little while when we were going uphill to not make it to heavy. 😊 He's still young and new at this so we're taking it easy and making it fun 😎 #workout
Monstrosity 😍 #modeldog
Editing gone wrong 😂 I clicked wrong and to fast so I got a three eyed dog 🤣🐶 #editing
After a looong walk in the sun Dexter is sleeping heavily. We took three of our most walked paths in one walk and it was looong 😂 Dexter was happy though, it means alot of peemail, animals to watch, off leash running and playing. He is so tired now he didn't even lift his head when I closed the door to go get some grocery. 😌 I think we'll just cuddle rest of the day and have a new fun day tomorrow 😊🐕 #walkingthedog
Chewing and charging before a long walk with the camera 🙌🏻🐕 #sobeautiful
Dragweight is becoming something Dexter really likes! He's tail is wagging when the harness comes out and he walks focused and tail high during training. Today I bought some chains that he can pull so now we'll start using them. And my plan is to interduce him to start/stop as it's fun, good training and I want to teach him technique as I want to put him in front of a wagon some day. Maybe we'll do it tomorrow 🤔😎 #dragweight
Jeito Windy de dormir 😴
"You said we're going for a trainingwalk today, can we go now, plasepleaseplease!?" 💪🏻🐶 #okimjustwakingupfirst
Special delivery from #oyandoliver thanks @tommiad 💜💜💜WOW 😮 💜🌟🧦 yes, that’s my baby mug on a pair of socks for my mom!! This must mean Im FAMOUS, right?! 🐶🐾❣️ . . . . #jetta_prt #parsonrussellterrier #parson #parsonrussell #parsonrussellsofinstagram #parsonterrier #parsonpuppy #parsonpower #terrier #terriersofinstagram #prt #lovemydog #dogsocks #pawesome #furriends
Throw back to last week on the Chief, 2nd peak, where we were hit with every weather element 💦⛈⚡️❄️🚿(that could possibly fall from the sky) ...and a dog that thinks he’s a mountain goat! 🐐 . . . . #parsonpower #hikingdog #dogswhohike #squamish #prt #outdoordogs
Nightwalk is always a good idea, Dexter was calm and walked better on leash than I expected. He can be a pain in the ass... Very often 😂 I noticed I have to go out more after dark because Dexter is in that period where things in the dark is creepy, we have to make him understand it's the same as it is when it's daytime. He's letting it go fast though but I think expose him to it would be better than keep him from it 😅 #walkingthedog
Houston wir haben ein Problem. Ich hab eine Satellitenschüssel um den Kopf...| Houston, we have a problem. I have a satellite dish around my head ...
The plan was longwalk but I forgot my glasses at home so we just went to the vet and checked his weight (5.9kg now) and then walked to the park to sit and do some practice. He did good 👏🏻🐶 hopefully we'll go on a longer walk later 💪🏻 #dogintraining
Hallo! Gestern Abend war Mami zu Besuch und hat sofort gesehen, dass mein Popo komisch aussah. Eine große rote Beule hatte ich an meinem Popo. Also wollten wir direkt heute Morgen zum Tierarzt. Doch in der Nacht um 1 Uhr fing es stark an zu bluten. Die Analdrüsen mußten ausgedrückt und ausgespült werden. Ich habe eine Spritze bekommen. Morgen wird das wiederholt. #diebestekrankheittaugtnix | Hello! Last night Mommy was visiting and saw immediately that my butt looked strange. I had a big red bump on my butt. So we wanted to go to the vet this morning. But at 1 o'clock in the morning it started to bleed heavily. The anal glands had to be squeezed out and rinsed out. I got an injection. Tomorrow will be repeated.
Life as a stick... Normal size dosent fit Dexter's body type. I bought a raincoat where the seller wrote "probably fits a stick" and it fits well 😂 this on the other hand is a normal Hurtta size 35 and it is way to big around his chest. I could fit one more Dexter in there 😎 I guess we'll buy clothes for sighthounds from now on 🙈 #hardlife
A trainingwalk done today 👏🏻 Added a little bit more weight and got a totally different attitude. A more working attitude. Tail high, eyes forward, not the oh look here, and oh look there attitude like last time where he more or less behaved like he was off leash. It was nice to see him work and that he liked it. Now he's sleeping in his BoT fleece, happily satiesfied 😊🐕 #dragweight
Hun tenker igjennom dagens agilityøkt for den flinke instruktøren 🤩😍: Bodil Mehl Wiik #agility #parsonrussellterriersofinstagram #rusticrussell #parsonpower #rusticrussellpolarsnipe
❤️ #mylove
Dear instafriends, thank you so much for your sympathy the last week 🙏 You're messages we're heart warming 🤗 To update you, the wound is still clean and seems to heal well 🙌 I have to wait untill next week before the stitches can be removed, but at least the vet pulled that freaking piece of plastic out of my body 😌 I can't wait for the physical rehabilitation to begin, I already started walking around the neighbourhood for a short time this morning ☺️ Thanks again for caring about me 💓 #stiched #survivor #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger #parsonpower #thankful #instadog
My precious 😍 #iloveyou
Dexter is sleeping tight now... Because today we've taken a walk to Granngården, walked around and did some training (leave everything and everyone alone, sit when I stop and so on) and made the whole store laugh when he got obsessed with a toy (video if you swipe!). 😂 After that we took the camera, wp harness and our homemade chain and went out on a long walk. He got to try dragweight and walked on like he's never done anything else. But it seemed to be to easy, but I'm not sure if I want to put more weight on him yet. 🤔 At the end of our walk he was so tired he just walked by my side, so I guess it made him tired after all. At least the combination of training, dw and walking 🤔💪🏻 #dragweight
Friday morning breakfast in bed with a nice cup of tea, it was lovely & licky, thanks mum. #breakfastinbed #lickylips #yummy #luckydog #parsonrussellterrier #jrt #parsonrussell #parsonterrier #parsonpower #parsonpuppy
Somehow it seems harder to not eat the food when Link's done eating than while he's eating even though Link always eats the good food and leaves the kibble. It's like... Torture! 😂🐕 #ohyou
Finally we got it 😍🙌🏻 I'm so happy! It fits, it's beautiful and Dexter loves it! He's such an amazing dog to interduce to new things, he just thinks for about half a second and then let go, puts all his energy and will to it. Same today, he stopped for half a second when he felt the weight but then it's like he turns the switch and gets all will, energy and his soul into it. His tail was wagging all the time and he didn't hesitate at all. 💪🏻 Now the only thing remains is to go to his breeder so she can cut out chains to smaller pieces and so we can put Dexter on her treadmill to see how he likes is. I'm thinking about getting one for my bad days and for extra exercise 🤷🏻‍♀️😎 #dragweight
These two ❤️ I guess Link will be in this mess too soon enough 😅 #bff
Percy says he’s not ready for autumn pumpkins 🎃 yet, he still wants to play with summer pineapples 🍍! • We were asked by the lovely @coisty_213_dogs to take part in the 5 things I would never say challenge, so here’s Percy’s! • 1️⃣Ive had enough of playing ball! 🎾 2️⃣I don’t want to go swimming! 🏊🏻‍♂️ 3️⃣I give up, you win! 🤷‍♂️ 4️⃣Ok I’ll be quiet! 🤫 5️⃣No I don’t want a treat! 😋 • 🐶 • 🍍 • 😆 • 🍍 • #dogsofgreatbritain #ukdogsofinsta #pineapplepup #summerpineapple #cutepup #jrtofinstagram #jrtlovers #parsonrussell #parsonpower #dogsarebest #dogsareawesome #dogsarepeopletoo #cutewoof #terrierlove #terriertude #percy #dogsbeingbasic #thingsiwouldneversay #pineapple 🍍 #instajack #jackrussellstyle #parsonrussellworld #parsonrussellsofinstagram #roughcoatjackrussell #dogsarefamily
Hell erleuchtet steh ich da ☀️☺️ #sonnigerherbsttag #istechtkühlgeworden #perfektfürmeinherzchen
Yey, we got out 😎 Ralised I got a flat tire so we didn't go for long but he did great! No hesitation, he just ran, focused on me and "slow down", "stop" and "here" worked fine in this kind of work too! Hopefully when the bicycle get fixed he can start running in front of me and pull, but with all the no-pulling training we've done that might be weird for him. I'll just let him get there on his own, or by a harness for that kind of work and try to teach him the difference between pulling and pulling 🙈 we'll see! #dogintraining
Showing Fjella who is strongest 😉😊 #parsonpower #5k #canicross #doghierarchy
Apparently I’ve been ‘helping’ with the decorating a bit too much ,so now I have to sit in my bed ! #parsonpuppy #puppyproblems #terriers #terriersofinstagram #parsonrussellterrier #jrt #decorating #painting #parsonpower
There was no harness and no bicycling yesterday. Instead we took a short walk in the forest and went home as I got migraine. Dex was such a rock there in the forest, he stayed by my side all the time and you could tell that he new something was wrong. When we got home we went straight to bed and he stayed under my blanket for 4h ❤️ #migraine
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