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Slipped and fell out a plane... #skydivingisasportright #exerciseforbackpackers
Menstrual cycle regular, glowing skin & lots of compliments this is our clients feedback.. Manage your pcos naturally with Healthy Mantra by simple lifestyle modifications for long-term. 👍 Nutritionist Ruchita Maheshwari has helped more than 500+ womens to conquer pcos symptoms like conceive naturally, getting cycle regular, manage imbalanced hormones, pcos hairfall & pcos fatigue NATURALLY!! To book appointment contact +919870768893 About Founder | Award Winner Nutritionist Ruchita | Diabetes Educator | PCOS expert (link in bio) - https://healthymantra.co/ruchita-maheshwari Share to help maximum women... www.healthymantra.co . . #pcoslifestylechanges #pcoshealth #weightlossgoals #pcosfitness #skincare #diet #skin #beautyskin #pcosfood #weightlossresults #glowingskin #pcosweightloss #glowyskin #fightpcos #losingweight #weightlossprogress #skinfood #pcos #pcoslifestyle #eatclean #weightlosscoach #glowing #beauty #skincare #glowingskin #menstrualcycle #menstruation #pregnancy
#pcos post & #transformationtuesday 💥 This is what #keto has done for me as far as my menstrual cycles. They used to be all over the place and sometimes non-existent. Now they are leveling themselves out slowly but surely. I know that for a long while they won’t be perfect but I will take what I can get now because I used to get nothing before. 🙌🏻 this just puts me one step closer to being healthy, and to one day hopefully become a mom. PCOS is not something I’d ever wish on anyone and when you go from having a 60 day cycle to finally getting them to average around 31 days, it’s such a relief and I feel like I’ve fought a huge battle to get to where I’m at. Any of my soul cysters out there?! 💚💙 #pcosweightloss #pcosawareness #pcosfighter #pcosweightlossjourney #pcosdiet #pcossupport #pcosjourney #pcossucks #pcosketo #ketopcos #ketoweightloss #ketotransformation #pcosfitness #pcoscommunity #ketocommunity
HEY, YOU!!!!! 👀 . If you could get in shape in as little as half an hour a day from your own home and get paid for it...would you be interested? 🤷🏼‍♀️ . I’m about to take a group of ladies on a journey this year to AMAZING heights... and here’s the best part... ready? 🙌🏻 . I’m looking for women who aren’t perfect... 💯 . I’m looking for women who have tried and failed on their goals, the more fails the better in fact...😬 . I’m looking for moms, wives, single ladies...🤗 . I’m looking for women who don’t have time to workout... 😐 . I’m looking for career women, stay at home moms, ladies are in college or who just part time...🤩 . Look. 👀 . I’m holding the key to your future right in front of you and I require NOTHING in return, just that you are teachable and show your heart ❤️ . Drop into my DM or comment below and let’s talk goals! I want to share my new virtual coaching training with YOU! 🙋🏼‍♀️ . We have a coach OPEN HOUSE on Thursday and I’d love for you to listen in on it! 📢 . 📸 - @photographybyadele
I can't wait to see where exactly it is we go.
This #transformationtuesday goes out to all you Mama’s out there who hear time and time again “your body will NEVER be the same...” or you think to yourself “why even try? My body won’t bounce back like I want it to”....etc etc...we’re all so hard on ourselves. The negative self talk & body shaming is awful & has got to stop my friends! (been there done that...A LOT). . . Well I’m here to say yeah...I agree, your body “won’t be the same”....it carried & created another HUMAN...so yeah, there are things that may not be the exact same but it doesn’t mean you can’t feel GREAT in your postpartum body! It doesn’t mean you have to look in the mirror and dread the next pregnancy worrying it’s only going to get worse...it doesn’t mean you should just give up on becoming a healthier and happier you....because you know who is affected the most!? That little person you can’t get enough of!! That little person you gave a home to for 9 months! That little person who wants you to have the energy to play, who wants to cheer you on & see you succeed in life just as much as you want to see them succeed!! That little person is your WORLD, but let me tell you Mama YOU are their whole universe! They have never known life without you, from the second they were created! Gosh, I know that’s a truth I’m willing to fight to keep a truth for as long as physically possible! I will do all within my power to be here for my babies, my grand babies, my great grand babies! It’s not about the outward transformation, pounds lost & inches lost will come...it is about the mindset I’ve gained, the belief I have, the determination I hope rubs off on my littles, the strength, energy & courage I’ve found as a young Mama! That is all priceless & makes me the best me that I can be for my sweet tribe! That is priceless! #postpartumweightloss #fourmonthspostpartum #breastfeedingmama #postpartumfitnessjourney #mamasupport #pcosawarenessmonth #pcosfitness
#TransformationTuesday . . . Today, I celebrate FINALLY getting back into my morning workout routine after a week of illness (me + Gracie), I celebrate the incredible baby my body created and housed for 38 incredible weeks—and, most importantly, I celebrate feeling more like myself than I have in YEARS. . . . I’m now ~7 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight 🙌🏻 and feeling so much better. I still have a long way to go, but seeing my progress these last several months really helps keep me motivated! . . . Pregnant mama friends, my team is hosting a pregnancy virtual fit club starting next week that will have: 💕pregnancy safe workouts 💕healthy, balanced meal plans 💕superfoods shakes 💕encouragement and accountability 💕me as your personal coach! . . . If you’re NOT pregnant, no worries! My next virtual fit club is starting next Monday for my 8 week program! We will be wrapping up Thanksgiving week! Imagine if you committed to yourself just 30-40 minutes/day, 4 days/week for 8 weeks! Really feel like a new person in time for the holidays! (Check my stories for some before/after photos!) . . . DM me for details or fill out the application in my bio for more details! Let me know which group you’re interested in and I’ll get you all set up!
September is PCOS Awareness Month. Dr. Angela Thyer, our PCOS expert always takes time to read up on the latest International Guidelines for the Assessment and Management of PCOS 2018. Follow Dr. Thyer’s IG page for the latest on PCOS and Food for Fertility @seattlefertilitydoc #PCOSAwarenessMonth #PCOS #RevealTheTeal #pcossupport #pcosfoods #pcosfriendlyfood #pcosfertility #pcosfitness #pcosfriendly #pcosfacts #polycysticovariansyndrome #polycystic #infertilityawareness #ttc #familyplanning #fertilityfacts #fertilitytreatment #fertilityawareness #foodforfertility #fertilitynutrition #mindbodynutrition #seattlereproductivemedicine #seattlefertility
September is PCOS awareness month🖤 #pcosfighter #pcosawarenessmonth #pcosfitness
Buuut seriously. In the midst of tantrum central tonight 🙈😭. . . A full on mom tantrum may occur tonight 🤷🏼‍♀️. Why do toddlers get to have all the fun 🙊. . . May you forever be properly caffeinated 🙌🏻.
Snart får ni höra mer om PCOS 😅 👇🏻 Känner du någon som lever med sjukdomen? Tipsa gärna om min sida, vi behöver varandra ☺️👌🏻 👊🏻 #pcos #pcosweightloss #pcosdiet #pcosfitness #pcoslife
Looking for a community where you can be your true self? —> PCOSAcademy.com
Being brave can not be defined in one way; it is something that has many different forms. . For me, it took quite some time to develop my own bravery and to be honest I still am. Of course, I'm still afraid of things but being brave doesn't mean that you aren't scared of things. If things don't scare you then you aren't human. Being afraid of this is normal. But just because certain things scare you does not mean that you aren't brave. Being brave means that you are afraid but you decide to move past that fear. . Through out my life experiences I have learned a couple things that have helped me become "more brave": . Acknowledge your fear. Pushing it away and trying to deny that it's there will do nothing but hinder you in your endeavors. . Realize that it is completely normal to be afraid of things. You aren't alone and judging yourself because you have emotions is not going to help. . It's OK to say it out loud. Verbalizing your fear makes it seem less daunting. . Figure out where your fear is coming from. They all have roots, so figure that out and then work from there . Decide if this fear is something that is going to hinder you or if it's going to help you. . Do not consider yourself weak or worry about being perceived as weak. We are our own worst critics and most of the time someone else has a fear just like yours and if they don't understand your fear then they really do not matter. . Lastly, let go of the things that you cannot control. The only possible thing you can control is yourself and your actions so don't worry about anything other than yourself. . There should always be at least one person who believes in you and that person is yourself. Never stop believing in yourself, you'd be surprised at what you can accomplish when you put your fears aside.
Don't play with my money Don't play with my mind Don't play with my f**king emotion While you walking out So I'm running miles And I ain't got time to be coasting So look at my file I'm counting piles Of money from dreams and devotion Hippie Sabotage~Running Miles 10 Minute Mile ✔ I was complaining about the #pcos pain and somone said no more #Tenminutemile . 🙅Yes I tried; yes im dieing. #hippiesabotage #runningmiles #ganstergangmusic #theorchardmusic #july2018 #pcosfitness #owch #pcoswarrior #pcosawareness #musictorunto 💪#excersiseismytherapy #bedtimenow
This was the day! The day I’ve been anxiously waiting for my end of 8 days to see my results! I knew I felt different but these numbers and pictures reaffirm all those thoughts! Bring on the next 8 days!!
Always dropping my kids off at school looking like a hot mess. I’m also the mom that forgets to open her sons homework folder until 8 minutes before we have to leave for school. Oh...and the mom who drives into the parking lot 5 minutes LATE jammin KidzBop. ✌🏼 Then have to document my fashion statement today by taking a bathroom selfie cuz I also forgot to pee in the midst of this mornings CHAOS. 🤪 But I did get my workout done! 😂💪🏼 . . . #hotmessmom #hotmessmomlife #doingmybest #preschoolmom #kindermom #pink #longhairdontcare #bathroomselfie #postpartumjourney #pnwmomlife #pcoswarrior #baylage #pcosfitness #pnw #sweat #ponytail #tightsforlife #momthatworksout #goals #notafashionista #liveempowered #tuesdayvibes #iatebreakfast #kidzbop
Lunchtime! Salt n peppa wangzzzzz with a tomato,avocado,cucumber and scallion salad and homemade garlic aioli 😝 . #pcos #pcosfitness #pcosawarenessmonth #weightlosstransformation #fitness #weightlossjourney #cardio #cardioworkout #keto #lowcarb #healthy #healthyeating
YALL!!!! StepBet starts next weeek! Let’s do this! Move. Hit your step goals. WIN MONEY Link in bio #pcos #stepbet #pcosweightloss #pcosfitness https://step.bet/ZuuJU2GcnQ
A little experiment for breakfast this morning. 👌👌
It’s my fitaversary! One year ago today, I decided to commit myself to changing my life for the better. It’s been a long, winding road with twists & turns and ups & downs, but I’ve made a lot of progress. I’ve lost 42 pounds and the way that I see myself has changed drastically. Things have gotten tough lately, and I still have a little ways to go, but I’m still so proud of the progress that I’ve made. ❤️
@lilys_sweets_chocolate milk chocolate and @traderjoes chunky no stir peanut butter (don’t bother with their other peanut butters 🥜) = *better* than Reese’s — I know that sounds like a weenie thing some health nut lady would say but no for real like I straight up shudder it’s like so good I wish I had some more like rn at 9am on the 🚂
Living with PCOS isn't easy or fun. One minute you're happy and ready to conjure anything. Then the next minute you're depressed and just want to hide in a hole. My Instagram page is about the true of dealing with pcos and fitness. We are in this fight together! Let's grow a community of support to help all women that is struggling with pcos. #pcoswarrior #pcosawareness #pcosstrong #pcosweightlossjourney #pcossucks #depression #depressionsucks #moodswings #pcoscommunity #pcosfighter #pcosfitness #pcoslife
Stair master almost got the best of me but nope look at that smile 😂😂💪🏽 the look of a champion
Most days are harder. Mornings are hardest. . . . The thought of getting myself up is hard. The thought of taking on the day is hard. Sometimes it’s hard for different reasons. Sometimes the goals I have for myself are just pushed to achieve later. . . I would be lying if I said making me time was easy. Because it’s not. I got up later than I wanted. Still crushed a workout. But found myself back here. . . . My progress isn’t hurt but mentally days are hard. Ladies we are strong and beautiful. I’ve got this. You’ve got this. If you need that extra support like I do, let’s work together. I could use your help! . . . . . #pcossucks #pcosweightloss #pcoslife #pcosfood #pcosjourney #pcossupport #pcoscysters #pcosfitness #pcosproblems #pcosstrong #pcosweightlossmotivation #plussizefitness #selflovefirst #beyondthescale #beautymeetsbeast #joinusorwatchus #teachthemyoung #huskylove #couplesworkout #faithfully #faithwalk #faithandfitness #embracethesuck #embracethesquish #embraceyourcurls #embracethestruggle #fiercewomen #fiercefitness #fiercefaith
After 4 days of no workouts I could feel my mental health slipping. . . For me exercise is about so much more than just physical changes 💪🏻. . . It’s been how I manage my anxiety and get my mental clarity. . . After only 25 min of low impact cardio, I drenched in 😓, burnt 250+ calories and feel so much stronger mentally- bring it life 🙌🏻.
3 miles today 🏃🏻‍♀️85.09 miles so far of my 100 miles goal this month. I made the mistake of eating too soon before my run today so I had to cut it shorter then I intended to. 😫 #run #runner #running #girlrunner #runnergirl #strongwomen #exercise #excercising #ketoforpcos #fitnessjourney #ketolifestyle #ketofam #pcoscysters #pcos #pcoswarrior #pcosfighter #pcosfitness #pcosfitnessjourney #nike #nikerun #nikerunning #nikeplusrun #nikeplusrunclub #nikeplusrunningclub #nikeplusrunningapp #nomoreexcuses #keto #motivated #ketodiet #100forpcos
It’s my own personal goal to be able to find that comfortable line between relaxing and pushing myself. I still tend to push myself further than I should aka non-stop running around until my body breaks down. Taking a MUCH needed rest day has been great for me to just sit, stretch, drink some tea, and get much needed rest. I hope you ALL can find the perfect balance too ❤️✨
Day 1 on the left, day 15 (today) on the right. I'm super bloated because I'm about to start my period. At least I think I am. I can have all the symptoms in the world and then not start for another 3months. Oh pcos how I loathe thee . 8 inches gone for ever!! 3.5 just from my waist. #BBM90DAYCONTEST #pcosweightloss #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #fitness #gettingfit #pcos #pcosfitness
After a crapshoot of a day (both good and bad) I at least cooked dinner and then prepped my shakes for the mornings for the rest of the week! Now I have no excuse for skipping breakfast because all it takes is 2 minutes to dump this in the blender, add a little milk, a scoop of Shakeo, blend, and out the door we go! 🥤🥤🥤
Starting a new fitness program today. This is my before picture. I have gained 35lbs in the last year from fertility medications and a busy life. I am so unhappy with the way I feel in my own skin. Here's to hoping I fall in love with fitness again. #pcos #pcosweightloss #pcosfitness #before #betterme #endometriosis #infertilityfitness #fitnessjourney #lovemyselfagain
#OMAD YOOO 🍕🍕 one pizza for each of us! 😈😈 omg totally kidding we just had like 40 gallons of left over vodka sauce so here’s lunch, snack, and dinner for a few days 😅 people hate on fathead dough but it’s just like cheese and almonds so what’s the big deal... 😬
Workout done! 👊👊 __ We try to sneak in a workout on my scheduled work from home days. This one did us in (hint: that's not water on Jorge's shirt 😬😬)
Wanna know something bizarre? In the picture on the left, I was following a very spot on nutrition guide created by a super trainer & working out around 3 times a week. . . You probably don’t believe me by looking at that picture😂 For most people, that would have created a flat belly, clear skin, muscle tone, etc., but for me, it caused me to blow up. . . Why? Because I found out shortly after that I was “allergic” to carbs. I’m insulin resistant, so the amount of carbs that MOST people eat when working out (or even just sustaining a normal life) didn’t work for me. So I had to go BACK to the drawing board and rethink everything I had ever learned about health & fitness. . . It made me realize that there is more than one path from point A to reach point B. Everyone gets results in their own way. It can be frustrating when something you’re trying that “works for everyone” doesn’t work for you. I know, trust me - but KEEP TRYING. I had to experiment for months to figure out what worked. . . Our bodies (especially women’s bodies) are such complex organisms. You have to spend some time experimenting to figure out what works for YOU. Don’t give up. Just pause, reflect, and reset!🌀💟🌸
I'm so excited to team up with these amazing ladies and host an open house for our coaching team. 👭 . I have received many messages from many of you who have had a fleeting thought of doing what I do... but exactly WHAT DO I DO?! 🤷🏼‍♀️ . Can anyone become a health coach? Do I need to be at my goal weight? Do I need to be certified? What is expected of me? 🤳🏻 . If you've EVER been intrigued (or you know someone else who has been!) about what I do and how I do it, I would love for you to push any fear aside and RSVP to our coach open house! 🤔 . We will be hopping on LIVE THURS night at 9pm EST but everything will be recorded if you aren't able to hop on the same time as us! ⏰ . I can't wait for you to learn more about how I can help you not only transform your life physically, emotionally, but also financially! 💵 . Comment below with an emoji and I’ll message you the link to rsvp to the event page! 👇🏻
If you think you can’t, you can. Find your reasons why, find your drive, find your passion. Nothing is impossible if you have the right mindset. From the words of my mentor Keith Abrahams - Nothing truly great happens until you become passionate about it. Keep on smiling and have a great Tuesday. #fitnesspassion #ketofood #yummymummy #gymlife #healthierlifestyle #type2diabetic #polycysticovariansyndrome #pcosfitness #pcosfighter #fightingtype2diabetes
Costco find!!! . . Spaghetti squash and butter but squash are BOTH available for 5.99 for a pack of 2!!!! . . Soooo pumped. We traded out the zoodles for spaghetti and meatballs on baked spaghetti squash instead. . . Soooo good, especially topped with some Parmesan 👌🏻 . . Have you ever tried spaghetti squash? What did you think!!? . . Let me know if you want the sauce recipe; made it from scratch in the instant pot with a crap ton of tomatoes our neighbour gave us 🙌🏻.
It’s PCOS awareness month and if you’re a guy this doesn’t apply to you but it affects 1 in 10 women so chances are it will affect you at some point in your life 😳 🤬STORY TIME I’ve been dealing with acne since I was 17 years old and it affected my confidence soooooo much growing up. It’s probably been my biggest insecurity. I used to not want to leave the house if I was having a really bad breakout and I would never leave my house without makeup up on up until This year. •That’s just the surface problems. It also came with extremely painful periods(ew gross get over it)that would hurt so bad I could only lay down in misery for a day or two. Not to mention if one of the “cysts” on my ovaries popped it felt like someone was shoving a knife in my stomach(I would imagine.) After years of being told I was too skinny to have PCOS(which causes weight gain in a lot of women) I was finally diagnosed early this year. Which was a relief because I felt like I could do something about it but scary because I didn’t know how bad it was. I’ve cried many times thinking about the fact that someday I might not be able to have kids. •It’s been a really long and very hard journey not knowing what was wrong with me and I lost a lot of faith in the medical system BUT I encourage anyone who suffers from bad cycles, acne, weight gain etc to do their own research or reach out to me because I wouldn’t even have been diagnosed if I didn’t demand my doctor do ultrasounds, blood work etc. •Today I don’t wear makeup 95% of the time and my skin is nowhere near perfect or clear but I’m making progress and trying to be a healthier ME whether it’s fitness, Diet, Mental health or PCOS related. And If anyone wants to talk to me about it I would be more than happy to help because I know how awful it can be feeling trapped in your own skin.
This is a horse. I'm getting back on it. #pcosfitness #pcos #pcossucks #fitfam #fitmom #fitmomsofig #thissucks
My life is living from a bag & gym clothes... Session 1 and 2 today, who am i with the selfies twice in day, but i did it for myself to look back: today was Allllll tge feelings ,watery. Cravey, skinny, lean, chubby, depleted,all over the place today, but would I change it NOPE 5 a.m start , x2 sessions, new adventure started today, still smiling and ready for a busy day tomo.... . .Point of post.... MY CHOICES 🤗😍 . .#positivemonday #nevermissamonday #trainhard #fitfam #irishfitfam #dublingirl #smile #fullbody #cardio #hiit #liss #cutting #goals #loveeachphase #challenge #family #friends #fitlife #pcosweightloss #hormones #pcosfitness #pose #westparkfitness #leaner #emotions #deditcation #determination #passion #fithobbie
Have not come this far to only come this far #mondaymotivation
And she’s back! A week off with some health issues, and def not the usually energy or excitement for working out... but I showed up and put the hard yards in. I can also change tyres if you ever get a flat 😜❤️ . . . #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #weightlossjourney #weightloss #pcos #pcoswarrier #pcosfitness #pcosweightloss #pcoslife #gym #workout #gymlife #farmtyre
Back on it today after a few weeks wallowing. Found it very hard but proud of myself for getting back on it and know that my body will find it easier this time round #musclememory #pcosfitness
Latest update on my #100forpcos I’m now up to 68.79 miles! Not long left to reach 100 before the end of the month! How are we all getting on? #strongerthanpcos #pcosstrong #pcosawareness #pcosawarenessmonth #pcoscommunity #pcosfitness #pcossupport
We have over 13K Cysters in our FREE online community! Don’t exclude yourself!! Link in bio!
The first day I drank ketones I just wanted to have some energy because twins are exhausting and lose some fluff. - - I had no idea that with that pack not only would I gain energy and I wanted and I lost the fluff. But I would get to travel around the country and me the most amazing people. - - I am a better wife. I am a better mother. I am a better person. And it all started with that one pack. So my question to you is, what do you know about pure therapeutic ketones? . . . . . #ketoandjessi #fitmom #twinmom #momwithmuscle #momwithtattoos #igfit #twinning #pcosfitness #ketoaf #pruviteveryday #teamgainscity #igfit #ketofit #ketones #momsthatlift #crossfit #ketonesandcrossfit #gainscity #pruvit #enjoytheprocess #postpartum #virginiabeach
Push day means triceps 💪🏻 Was able to do 115 for 3 on the bench press but still have a lot of work to do. I'm on day 4 of I.F. and I'm doing okay so far. Haven't cheated yet so that's good 😂 . . . . #fitness #girlswholift #mombod #fitbit #fitnessjourney #lifting #girlswholift #chest #chestday #pushpullgrind #gymlife #gym #pcosfit #pcos #pcosjourney #pcosfitness #liftit #gains #flexcomics #girlswithmuscle #triceps
Killed this upper body workout (my arms feel numb but that’s 👌🏽😂) 4 sets of 8-12 increase weight if you can. 💪🏽💁🏻
What foods are great for #PCOS ? Great question! Eating well is critical to #conqueryourpcos naturally. What should you choose? Grab your free Healthy Foods List here to pin to your fridge: Bit.ly/2NASnBN :) #pcosawarenessmonth #pcosproblems #pcosproblems #pcosjourney #pcosdiet #pcodiet #pcoslife #pcoslifestyle #pcosweightlossjourney #pcosweightloss #pcosfood #pcosfitness #pcosnutrition
5 miles that I hated every moment of, but I did it anyway. I’m cramping and not feeling in the mood to move my butt, so it was rough to get through today. I went over my carbs again because I decided to eat a whole peach also. It was worth it! I’m down 12 lbs in 3 weeks, so I’m happy. I only lost 1.1 lbs this week but a loss is a loss. My diet needs to improve more, but my fitness has been consistent so I’m proud of myself for that. 82.09 miles of my 100 mile goal this month. It’s in sight! 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🎯 #run #runner #running #girlrunner #runnergirl #strongwomen #exercise #excercising #ketoforpcos #fitnessjourney #ketolifestyle #ketofam #pcoscysters #pcos #pcoswarrior #pcosfighter #pcosfitness #pcosfitnessjourney #nike #nikerun #nikerunning #nikeplusrun #nikeplusrunclub #nikeplusrunningclub #nikeplusrunningapp #nomoreexcuses #keto #motivated #ketodiet #100forpcos
Better choices and understanding my body. I haven't starved myself and I haven't been perfect. Even had a sandwich and chocolate the other day. Just gotta keep going. Also had my 1st compliment the other day 😁 #diet #weightloss #pcosdiet #pcosweightloss #pcosttc #weighday #pcoschallenge #pcosfighter #pcosweightlossjourney #pcosjourney #pcossucks #pcosfitness #pcospositivity #pcoswarrior
omg — I forgot to share our most recent #keto take on our @bobsburgersfox cookbook! 🍔 “free to brie you and me” burger, stuffed AND topped with brie cheese (!!!), with Worcestershire mixed into the ground beef (both sides seasoned with salt and pepper), and bedded in caramelized onion — yeah it was stupid good we will be making again like immediately
September is National PCOS awareness month and I’ve let almost the entire month go by without posting about it. I was having a conversation with a friend tonight about how difficult we tend to be on ourselves as women and as someone who battles PCOS on a daily basis, I feel as if I’m 100% harder on myself than most people are. __ I think it’s easy to look at social media and compare ourselves to other people and think that we just don’t measure up. We set lofty goals for ourselves and then when we don’t meet them, we see ourselves as a failure and give up on any goals we’ve set for ourselves. That was me for so long. __ When I was diagnosed at the age of 21, I thought my life was over. I watched my dreams of being a wife and mom go down the drain. Everything I ever wanted evaporated as I sat in that doctor’s office. Having PCOS gives me a higher chance of infertility than most other women, along with leaving me at a greater chance of developing diabetes and sleep related disorders. __ For so long, I hated the person staring back at me in the mirror. All I saw was the excess weight, the hair growth, and sadness. Having PCOS makes it harder to lose weight and for so long, I used my diagnosis as an excuse to not take care of myself. All through high school and college I heard other girls whispering about my appearance and making fun of my weight, and those words became my identity, which just made me sink further inside of myself and believe that I may as well give up, because clearly all those people were right. __ Last year, after countless years of failing at going to the gym, I took a chance and said yes on joining a community of women who were not only striving to improve their health and fitness, but who also were growing in confidence in themselves and their identity. For months, I followed my coach on Instagram and envied the life of confidence she was living and I knew I wanted that. When I finally said yes to this community, my whole life changed. Not only did I find a group of women who supported me and encouraged me, I found confidence in who I was and the strength that had been inside of me all along. __ (Continued in comments)
$30 FOR HEALTHY GROCERIES! . . With meal planning and making a list before I go to the store, I seriously save so much money! Plus I don’t just grab what sounds good. Thanks to a program that helps me know what to eat and recipes for my group I don’t know how I’d do this meal planning stuff! Also shout out to @knockknock for the help! . . . If your stuck with food and what a healthy lifestyle but don’t have the money for healthy food, let’s talk! I know we can find a way that works for you and your family! . . . #pcossucks #pcosweightloss #pcoslife #pcosfood #pcosjourney #pcossupport #pcoscysters #pcosfitness #pcosproblems #pcosstrong #pcosweightlossmotivation #plussizefitness #selflovefirst #beyondthescale #beautymeetsbeast #joinusorwatchus #teachthemyoung #huskylove #couplesworkout #faithfully #faithwalk #faithandfitness #embracethesuck #embracethesquish #embraceyourcurls #embracethestruggle #fiercewomen #fiercefitness #fiercefaith
LAZY EXCUSES You know that feeling at the beginning of the new year. I know I’m not alone. I get super excited! ✔️We make plans to start drinking more water and going to the gym. ✔️We promise ourselves we’ll get more sleep and take our vitamins. ✔️We set good intentions to clean up our diet and start eating better. ✔️ We decide we are going to stress less and love ourselves more. And than we fall back into the hustle and bustle of life. We get comfortable and cozy with our old habits. And well, let’s just say it. We get lazy and make excuses! The kids need me. I’ll start tomorrow. I’m too busy... next thing you know, it’s September. Your self love has gone out the window. You’re still tired. You’re still lacking energy. You still feel in a rut. I know EXACTLY how you feel! I spent years self sabotaging also. I was having major digestion issues. I was a walking zombie functioning on coffee and sugar. I was STRESSED 😩 But, what if I told you it’s not too late? I mean, literally everyday we are making the choices that are resulting in how we are feeling. Everyday WE are the ones making the CHOICE to what our future looks like. I just decided one day.... I DESERVE BETTER And I started being better. One day at a time. I brought natural solutions into my home. Everyday I keep working towards making healthier changes. And whenever I fall, I get back up. Girl, start putting YOU first! YOU DESERVE BETTER Make the choice to love YOU! Click my bio link to see what its all about. xoxo
Today was such an success!! Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for coming out today!!! As of today I’ve hit over $2,000 towards the Fundraiser and so close to hitting my $2,500 mark on GoFundMe. So please tell a friend or family member and help me reach my goal on GoFundMe towards the fight AGAINST PCOS before the month is over. #PCOSawareness #PCOS #PCOSfitness #PCOSFight #PCOS3Kwalk
Day 3 and still no power after the tornados 🌪 hit the Ottawa region, hoping there will be and end in sight soon. . . With lack of power and limited cell/internet I’ve had lots of time to reflect. . . Feeling so thankful for these two, our family and our friends; we’re pretty lucky that all we’ve had to deal with is a little inconvenience being without power. . . Seeing the devastation that some families have had to deal with is both heartbreaking 💔 and humbling. . . We are so thankful 🙏🏻 for how the community has come together to help those in need. . . There’s always a silver lining friends; that’s what PD has taught me - no matter how dark a time your faced with - there’s always light. Hold onto that light and it will make everything else feel less dark 😘
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