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Perfect form, probably. DM for private rock skipping lessons, it's BYOR though. #ModernAdventurer
The day I met Happy Hour on The #PCT . If you crush 2.5 trails and 3,000ish miles with someone and still have lots of foot/butt/real-life stuff to talk about, you've found a good friend. Happy Birthday to my trail bff @adamntaco.
Mt Jefferson Wilderness- one of the areas many PCT2017’ers didn’t get to see due to fire closure. 📷 @jake_gustafson_ #trekthepct #thetrek • • • • #pnwhiking #hikeoregon #exploregon #mtjefferson
#SummitSaturday featuring @ryankodakbrown - "Continuing our stroll down the Pacific Crest Trail, we arrive at the famous Goat Rocks Wilderness: Here I stand in splendour overjoyed at the majesty of this place. We worked hard climbing the steep mountain as fast as our feeble legs would carry us. Our goal is a fabled campsite on the Knife's Edge. We watch the sun sinking as we hike 'round the ridgeline. It was sketchy. Mystery Man posed for a photo below some cliffs. Loose rocks tumbled down missing him by inches. Shaky legs settle. We continue on. Just as we reach our destination, the sun sets the world ablaze. A thin cloud of smoke amplifies the color, a brilliant gold that fades to red as hot as lava. You would think that Mt. Rainier, looming large across the valley, was erupting. Then, as darkness reigns, the full moon rises to pierce the shroud of night. We setup camp thankful for more than just the light. This moment is a highlight of my life, not just 2017. What truly made the moment special, however, was the company I was with. Without Mystery Man there beside me, it was just another sunset in another beautiful place. What was it Christopher Mccandless scratched into the side of that bus?" #happinessrealwhenshared #anxiety #endthestigma #pacificcresttrail #trekthepct #thetrek #pctsobo #pctig #sunset #mountainscape #backpacking
In Tehachapi, CA, there lives a hiker with legs of steel and a heart of gold. Her name is @christyrosander (aka Rockin) and over the past five years she has been the driving force behind "Think Outside", an amazing outdoors program that teaches 5th to 8th graders about the Pacific Crest Trail. : The course focuses on safety, gear, nutrition, and the joys of simply getting outside. I had the honor of giving a talk to Rockin's class back in 2014, and to this day it remains my favorite presentation that I have done.........heavy emphasis on bears, snakes and alligators! If you aren't already doing so, I highly recommend popping over to her instagram page to follow the progress of this year's students. : #pcta #pct2018 #pctig #tHInKoutsidE #thehikinglife
Remember when you get to Crater Lake on your thru to be sure and look around, as there's a whole lot more to see than that big blue lake.
PCT | I remember on day two of the Pacific Crest Trail sitting under an overpass. It was too early to admit to each other that we didn't know what the hell we were doing quite yet. Hikers melting in the shade, hikers with their hats over their faces, hikers with their feet beat up. All of us questioning why we were here, as we lay sprawled in the dirt letting the air dry our shirts stiff with salt - Not yet understanding what this journey would unfold to look like, how much determination it would demand from our hearts or exactly what it would mean to each of us, but the air felt electric and full of promise. The promise of something we couldn't quite touch yet. Desert it has been a lifetime - ready to see you again old friend. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 P.s that was one heavy pack.
Class 2 - tHInK outsidE kids learned a bit about the diverse environments on the PCT, trail names, thru-hikers, trail angels, and what to bring on a day hike to keep safe. Next week we are hitting the trail on the first group hike. #tHInKoutsidE #pcta #pctig
Well, I’m official! The #adventure starts April 4. 🏜🏕🏔 #pct2018 #pcta #pctig #permit #nobo
Anyone remember where this is on the PCT? #NorCal #norcalhiking #highplaces #pct2018 #pct2017
Section N in California is the beginning of the Volcano hopping section of trail. From this point through Oregon there is seemingly always a prominent volcano on the horizon ahead. Here Lassen features in the center of the frame. #pct2016 #pctig #pct #trekthepct #hiking #trailchat #optoutside
Throwback to when my only job was to filter water...and check for cell phone reception 😆 PC: @zac.ripley
"I'll show you a catnap." - Manzanita aka Trail Bait aka Trail Kitty aka Number One ♢#humansofthepct ♢ • • • That's all folks • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● • • • • • • • • • #pcta #pctig #pctclassof2017 #pct2017 #pacificcresttrail #pacificcresttrail2017 #pctstory #heygirlhey #optoutside #cats #wanderlust #wander #travel #explore #smile #latergram #hiking #camping #trailcrew #traillife #tentlife #backpacking #kitten #pctdays
Who’s hoping to see a Sierra that looks something like this when they trek through? 📷 @santi.son / @westcoastgirl_xo #trekthepct #thetrek
May 10, 2016. Pacific Crest Trail. Day 22. Approximately Mile 350. Another favorite cowboy camp site on the PCT--a ledge overlooking Swarthout Canyon just north of Cajon Pass and the I-15 Freeway. After completing the PCT right of passage that is stuffing myself at the Cajon Junction McDonalds, I found this choice campsite that provided me a pastel sunset enhanced by the SoCal smog as the freeway slithered through the mountain range like an illuminated snake. The next morning, I met my buddy Sebastian (@stepintonature ) in a NSFW story that involved my campsite, my trowel and a cat hole with a view.
By special request: #pct Trail Angel decals and patches! Decals are $6 and available in 10 colors. Patches are $7.50 and available in any embroidery colors. DM to order, prices include shipping. 🏕🤓🏞 #trailangels #pct2018 #pcta #pctig #hikertrash #thruhike #hiking #backpacking
Big news! (After no news for quite awhile 😬) All four books in our Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail guidebook series are finished! ⚡️🤩✨ Link to purchase and preorder on Amazon in profile 🍾 Here’s a quick peak at all four covers! This series is gorgeous (full-color with lots of stunning photographs), inspiring, practical, and easy to use! Each book features easy to read maps and elevation profiles, suggested hiking itineraries (broken down into manageable sections), detailed information on water sources and resupply points, and trail favorites personalized by each author. If you’ve ever aspired to explore the Pacific Crest Trail, whether for a day, a week, a month, or over many years, these books put a lifetime’s worth of PCT adventures in your hands. #pct #pctig #pct2018 #hiking #backpacking
“Come to the woods, for here is rest. There is no repose like that of the green deep woods. Here grow the wallflower and the violet. The squirrel will come and sit upon your knee, the logcock will wake you in the morning. Sleep in forgetfulness of all ill. Of all the upness accessible to mortals, there is no upness comparable to the mountains.” –John Muir #Zpacks #ZpacksTents #HexamidSoloPlus
(3/3) "As the sun spread like melted butter over the mountain scene, it brought about both the end of the day and the end to my most beautiful stretch of trail on the PCT." Read and see more of the story at https://bradlanewriting.com #pct #pctig #pct2018 #pacificcresttrail #pcta #bpmag #clymblife #washington #goatrockswilderness #thruhike #optoutside #usfs #wildernessculture #wilderness #idiotoutwanderingaround
I'm reviving my Instagram with my all new photoblog from the PCT. I will try to post once every day. Link in bio.
Peakbagging is a version of “summit fever.” We hear it’s contagious. Dr. Science also hypothesizes that, once inflicted, there is no cure. Who’s got it?!? Check out Episode 008 and spread the symptomatic giggles. 📸: @tylerhikes #FootStuff #Podcast #Peakbagging #Brave #OptOutside #California #MountWhitney #PCTig #PacificCrestTrail #johnmuirtrail #sunrisehike #summitfever #hikernews #adventuretravel #hiking #theoutbound #todsl #ic_adventure #outside_project
Tried out the new gadget today. The Garmin InReach+ is going to keep me in touch with friends and family while I’m on hiatus this year. 66 days to go. Walked 14 miles today from McCullough to Anthem East. Thankful for the KUber ride provide by TrailAngel @keekeebon #memoriesaheadmilesbehind #pctig #garmininreachexplorerplus #thetrek
Plucked from suburbia and dropped like a pin in the middle of nowhere, by yourself or with a stranger - a common premise in today's TV shows. For the most part the participants have scant resources, sure, but it's the displacement variable that flushes these transparencies with drama. What some of us wouldn't do to have a taste of it for the first time all over again. Like a great book, to flip the page and not know the coming plot twist, to give yourself over to the particular cadences - many of us keep chasing the discovery of that feeling - of surmounting a pass only to see unending wilderness on the other side; to walk down valleys carved by glaciers, hopscotching over freezing brooks, the runoff coming down the top of the mountain; to have your heart quicken, not at the peril, but the beauty. I continue to be excited about the other long walks in my future, populated by characters I'll grow to love and topography that'll map itself out in my memory, but your first is your first. I still think about the #PCT everyday. #pctig #tbt #fbf 📸: #sunset on the @pctassociation in Washington
Throwback to that one time I hiked all the way from Mexico to Canada 🎉. Check out my latest video where I talk about some of the reasons as to WHY I HIKED THE PCT. Link to video in my bio 🎥.
One of the more rainy days I had on the PCT. Some folks decided to set up camp, others kept going. And some people were crushing miles like @thedosukinuta who was basically running by while I ate a late lunch. I think you were at 30+ for the day with 3 hours of light left Dosu. #beastmode
Joking around with Salamander shortly before Donner Pass and having a look at all those beautiful mountain flowers. Little did we know that just a few miles downhill moskito hell was waiting for us... #mexicotocanada #PCTig #california #mountains #hiking #flowers #happiness #trail #sisters
Missing these lunch breaks #pct2016 #pct #pctig #trekthepct #optoutside #trailchat
"Yay I get to backtrack and hike back down the Devils Slide Trail...yay..." - Hat ♢#humansofthepct ♢ • • • Meet Hat from #SanFrancisco by way of #Georgia • • • We met Hat as he came by out basecamp in the Mountain Fire Closure. Unfortunately we had to tell him no one was allowed in the area as the #PCT has been closed for repairs due to the Mountain Fire • • • The map he'd looked at made it seem like it was open but we had to inform him the trail would be closed for a while. • • • It was getting dark and he'd hiked UP Devils Slide thinking he'd been making great time, which he was. Alas as a trail crew working on repairs to a heavily damaged Section of trail we had to turn him around • • • He was bummed but still in good spirits as we chatted about his SOBO journey. He was the first official SOBO hiker we'd run into all season! It is definitely a different experience than NOBO • • • Remember, especially you PCT 2018 folks the Mountain Fire Closure is still in effect, but 2 more miles have opened. Please stay out of fire closures as the trail has not been deemed safe for hikers or stock • • • Follow Hat on his adventures @mommysbigboy • • • Be safe and #happytrails • • • #pcta #pctig #pctclassof2017 #pct2017 #pacificcresttrail #pacificcresttrail2017 #pctstory #trekthepct #optoutside #wanderlust #wander #travel #explore #smile #latergram #hiking #camping #trailcrew #traillife #tentlife #backpacking #southbound #shortshorts
(2/3) The Most Beautiful Stretch of Trail on the PCT - the trail continued on as #mtadams loomed impressively to the south. Notice the insignificantly small hikers in the foreground. For the full story on this stretch of trail, head on over to www.BradLaneWriting.com #bpmag #pctig #optoutside #clymblife #washington #pct #goatrockswilderness #backpacking #outdoors #osprey #idiotoutwanderingaround
Sierra’s sunsets
The Sierra Buttes are beauts #pct2016 #pct #pctig #trekthepct #trailchat #hiking
108 people sent in 90 second videos telling us why they were thru-hiking in 2018 and why they wanted to win this year’s massive Badger Sponsorship. The field has been narrowed down to 12. Your vote helps to determine the winner. Check the link in our profile to watch these videos and make a lucky they-hiker’s year. #trekthepct #thetrek
#thruhikerthursday The feeling when you arrive at the #halfway point after about 2 months of #hiking , you are still in #california , and you know you have to walk the exact amount of miles again!! . . . . . . . . . . . #pctig #pct2016 #thetrek #takemeback #motivationiskey #thruhike #usa #mexicotocanada @thetrek.co @pctassociation
Just a man grinding through the Sierras all by his lonesome 💪😬🗻. I found this gem from Kings Canyon NP digging through some photos from my first attempt at the PCT in 2016. #pct #pctig #tbt #kingscanyon
This would be one of the first things on my mind 😂😂 . How much do you think Bitcoin will be worth a year from now? Comment below
This is the spot where I saw a mountain lion. I was going on 5 or so nights without sleep. It was snowing and looked to keep snowing. We were falling short of our daily mileage-and running out of food because of that. I wasn’t sure how the next few days would pan out, and thankfully everything worked out. The cat was to the right in the picture, in the middle of the river walking on the rocks. No more than 20 yards away at a given point. It casually walked away from us. As tough as times were, I was happy to see such a beautiful animal and thankful I was safe too. I didn’t sleep that night either though. It was just too cold. #pctig #trekthepct #yosemite #mountainlion
Sunrise in northern California. Funny that before I started hiking I slept in a lot, but on trail I loved the early mornings. #pct #pacificcresttrail #pct2017 #pctig #thruhiker #thruhiking #mexicotocanada #ultralight #trekthepct
There is something so fucking special about lying down to sleep under the trees after a hard day of hiking. About making your bed amongst a soft layer of pine needles. About waking up on the forest floor. Moments like these are some of the ones I miss the most. #pctrewind
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