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Getting closer and closer to my target... #crossingsouthamerica 🇨🇴 . Sempre più vicino alla meta! #attraversandoilsudamerica #colombia 🌎
Making my way towards Punta Gallinas to complete the bottom-top #southamerica journey. Super excited!! 🇨🇴 . In cammino verso #puntagallinas per completare la traversata del Sudamerica da sud a nord. Super carico!! 💪#colombia
Shopping and laughing. It always happens where they are together, but this time there was a #phototaker to capture the joy and the spontaneity of that moment. #pelooc #photolovers #pelooccrew
Plan for the weekend... what about you? #hottubtime 📷 @pelooccrew #phototaker @marie_thepetit
Not always everything goes as planned but... just follow the flow and enjoy the journey! 🇨🇴 #laguajira . Non sempre tutto va come da programma ma... l’importante è rimanere in carreggiata e godersi il cammino 💪#colombia
Day 285 - When you lay on the beach and the nature sends you a bit more of colors... 🇨🇴 . Giorno 285 - Compagni di spiaggia, per via che la #colombia è piuttosto colorata... #palomino 🌎
The gaze you give when they ask you to play Jingle Bells for the 10th times! 😆 Christmas is coming folks, are you a Grinch or an Elf? #pelooc #pelooccrew
Though I’m a huge supporter of small independent coffee shops, I couldn’t keep my curiosity down and I had to pay a visit to the first Starbucks location in Italy. And I have to say I’ve been positively surprised. It’s nothing you’d expect from a regular Starbucks store. The building is well known in the city for its beauty and the interior design comes along quite well! The coffee selection is wide so it took me a while to pick my drink, and the cakes by @princi are heaven. It’s definitely not a spot to chill with a book, or to work while drinking coffee, but it’s an immersive experience. Last but not least, the whole staff speaks English, they are very friendly and let me say... pretty cute 😊 #starbucksreserveroastery
“I think an artist is anybody who does something well, like if you cook well.” AW. The wall says. #quoteslover 📷 #phototaker @marie_thepetite
"Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul." What if we tell you there is a new way to make money while living an adventure? #beaphototaker Link in bio...
Today I’m little sad, because starting from this morning my bearded man and I will apart for more than 2 weeks... again 😕 So, do you wanna play a little game with me to cheer me up? Here is the quiz - in the picture you can see my beauty essentials (eye cream, bb cream, compact powder, mascara, blush, lipstick) but among them there is one that I never apply with my regular make up, can you guess which is the intruder? #letsplay
One day a #photolover found a #phototaker on #pelooc . They started a journey. Hand in hand, click by click, post after post, they discovered a secret place and they took a magic shot that sealed their friendship. The End. #peertopeer #pelooccrew ⠀ 📷: @fede.fuso.photography
I already made myself a little Christmas present! 🎁 #welcomedecember
This weekend The Milan Coffee Festival is on hair... and guess who is in Italy, yet will miss it? 😒 @milancoffeefestival
All the fears washed away Photo by @marie_thepetite for @pelooccrew
Down there there’s Panama, here Colombia. If I just think that a few months ago I was in the South of Argentina... 🌎 . Là in fondo Panama, qui la #colombia . Se solo penso che qualche mese fa ero nella Terra del Fuoco... 🇨🇴
I love to wander around the city and find unique crafts. And Milano is the perfect place to do so. Don’t you think coffee would be tastier in one of these? #coffeemugs
A regular Thursday with a coffee and a new picture to take. #pelooc #pelooccrew #aslowmoment
If when it comes to drinks I’m obsessed by coffee, my fashion fixation is all about hats. So now tell me please, what is your signature garment or accessory? #fashiontalks photo by @marie_thepetite for @pelooccrew
Spend your time doing strange things with weird people #beaphototaker Link in bio
I’ve spent last week in Milano, working and (for those who followed my stories) eating 😅. For the whole time I stayed at my bff’s place and I’ve been sharing the space with this cutie. Yesterday was my first day back to the loneliness of my hotel room. 👩🏼‍💻Which is cozy and beautiful.. but... now it actually feels too quiet. I miss you P. 😢 Can’t wait to be back in the city to play with you again 😘🐱 #pelooccrew
Fashion blogger mood on 😊 but hey, this pic is simply gorgeous! Captured by the amazing eye of @marie_thepetite for @pelooccrew
In my teens I was so ashamed about my squint that I couldn’t look at people straight in the eyes. In my early twenties I fixed my eyes, but feeling prettier didn’t help gain self-confidence. It took much more sweat, tears and work to become a woman, to be able to look at the world and wear a gaze that says “Here I am - an imperfect, fierce, beautiful human being” #myeyes photo by @marie_thepetite for @pelooccrew
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, no espresso today, only Americano! #happythanksgivingday to all my American people, miss y’all! ❤️
When I first saw this picture I noticed the little line beside my mouth and I thought I could photoshop it. But the truth is that I also instinctively had a warm feeling of joy. I loved this shot since the beginning, especially because of that little wrinkle. Because it’s the sign of all the reasons to smile I’ve had in my beautiful life! I don’t think we must look perfect, pretty and young at any cost in this world. But I believe we can and we deserve to be happy. And this picture makes me happy, exactly the way it is, so I didn’t want to alter it, and I hope you’ll like it too. Photo by @marie_thepetite for @pelooccrew #happylifeproject
Bricks, pipes and concrete... I love every detail of this place especially their coffee, of course! @milanoroastery
“You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.” C.B. - Stop saying you don’t have time and make time for what really matters to you. Can you make a little time for a little thing that makes you happy, today? Photo by @marie_thepetite for @pelooccrew
It’s Monday, it’s cold and it’s raining... at least we have coffee ☕️ #mondaycoffee Photo: @marie_thepetite for @pelooccrew
Sunday seems a lazy day. For some it's for rest, while others are working, but no matter what you are doing, this day is infused with a sense of calm like no others. Even when I used to live in Dubai and Sunday was a regular weekday, I could still perceive the difference. It's like everything slows down. So why not to indulge in this sensation and find stillness, shift our sight on something forgotten or yet unexplored? This Sunday for me is neither about resting or working, but to change perspective and focus on new details. #sundaythoughts Photo by @marie_thepetite for @pelooccrew
"L'amore che hanno le persone per il sole è commovente." - Alberto Casiraghi @saraavans ed io ci siamo conosciute una mattina di novembre con i sogni pieni di ombre da scaldare tra le mani con un caffè ed un po' di sole. E abbiamo capito subito, o un poco prima, che avevamo una storia da raccontare. Piano piano lo faremo. (Per @pelooccrew ) · · · #peoplephotography #postthepeople #humanedge #pursuitofportraits #igersemiliaromagna #theweekoninstagram #diewocheaufinstagram #weekendstories #pelooccrew #portraits_mf #theportraitpr0ject #portraitmood #portrait_shots #littlestoriesofmylife #top_portraits #kdpeoplegallery #portraitgasm #portraitsfromtheworld #portrat_vision #inspiremyig #the_hub_italia #thephotosociety #postitfortheaesthetic #liveauthentic #apartmenttherapy #globe_visuals #ourmoodydays #autumnaesthetic #style #untoldvisuals
California dreaming. #sunsetbeach #happylifeproject #pelooc
At first sight you may think I'm alone in this picture, but I'm not. Marie is with me, her presence fills the whole image as much as mine. As a creative person I'm very aware of what I aim to depict, my vision is so neat in my mind, but it's hard to project that imagery for someone else to see it. But with Marie the creation process is immediate and flawless, it's like our eyes overlap and see the world through the same lens, and we barely need to talk. Have you ever experienced this kind of creative connection? For me it's one of the most fulfilling sensations ever. Photo by @marie_thepetite for @pelooccrew #alonetogether
We love the perspective of this shot by @saraavans. It drags you into the scene. We really appreciate when a #phototaker has an angle and creates images that tell a story. Technic is worthless without emotions. #pelooc #pelooccrew #beaphototaker
Le donne più care che conosca faticano a ritagliarsi anche mezz'ora al giorno per sé, che dico mezz'ora, dieci minuti. Molte la ritengono una perdita di tempo o peggio un senso di colpa. @saraavans sfogliando @marieclaireitalia immagina e crea. In un attimo solo suo. Per @pelooccrew. Mentre posto questa foto sto ascoltando "All the colors of the dark" di @marissa_nadler , che vi consiglio. "All the colors of the dark Of all the colors of the heart All the colors of the dark You had left your mark." · · · #peoplephotography #postthepeople #humanedge #pursuitofportraits #details #theweekoninstagram #diewocheaufinstagram #weekendstories #pelooccrew #portraits_mf #theportraitpr0ject #portraitmood #portrait_shots #handsinframe #top_portraits #kdpeoplegallery #portraitgasm #portraitsfromtheworld #portrat_vision #marieclaire #the_hub_italia #thephotosociety #postitfortheaesthetic #liveauthentic #apartmenttherapy #globe_visuals #lookslikefilm #autumnaesthetic #style #untoldvisuals
“She can read me like a book” this is what I thought after I met her. Our connection is something impossible to put in words, so I’ll let the images tell the story #tobecontinued #mywomancrush photo credit @marie_thepetit for @pelooccrew
One of the best thing to do in Italy is walking. Stop to take a picture on the way and then walk again #streetsofitaly
Coffee memories @bianca.uae #dubaicoffee
Remember the beginning of the movie Clueless? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Cher has a software that helps her match outfits, and it just blew your dang mind! Well guess what, bbs? I can make that YOUR reality! Signing up with SLAY means getting access to your own virtual closet, organized with curated outfits from a personal stylist that just gets you. Not to mention, ideas for how to supplement your closet and kick it up a notch, no matter what your budget is! 💵 Still dreading your closet and just guessing what works? AS IF! Call for a consultation to learn how you can upgrade your life and make those spoiled girl dreams come true ☎️ . . . 📷 by @pelooccrew photo taker @saraavans #slaystyleco #slay #style #fashion #atlantastylist #atlanta #atl #weloveatl #personalstylist #virtualstylist #clueless #growtheeffup #wardrobe #atlgirlgang #pelooccrew #decatur
Fresh air has arrived in Atlanta. A laid back weekend and it’s time to check in again. Next week: California. #americanlife #fearthebeard #pelooc
Sunday is for #sleeping
Chilling, thinking, coffeeing ☕️📖 #saturdaycoffee
Small plates, big fan 😍 what’s your favorite Pour small plate? . 📷: @saraavans @pelooccrew #pour #brookhaven #atlantaeats #pelooccrew #discoveratl #wednesday
There are people you would never stop to spend time with, so better to meet them in a place where you can say “Hi” at breakfast and “Goodbye” after lunch! #breakfastdate #coffeeandfriends 📷: @m_azzurro for @pelooccrew 😉
Do you like to drink coffee in a glass? I usually prefer when it’s served in a thick ceramic cup. But this... happy to make an exception #sundaycoffee
Autumn vibes 🍂#flowerpower
Love is in the air... and in the coffee! A weekend with @andrea_dea is the birthday gift. was waiting for! 💛 #cappuccinolover
My scary crazy crew. Love you to the moon and back monsters! #halloween 🎃👻
What do I do for Halloween? 🎃 Drink coffee as every other day, to keep me awake and go pick up my bearded man at the airport! Finally seeing @andrea_dea after four weeks apart. Can’t think about a better way to celebrate! And you? What’s your plan? #treatortrick
🎃 HAPPY HALLOWEEN 👻 we think our ~spookiest~ cocktail, the smoking gin, would be a great way to start your night! Are you dressing up this year?? Let us know in the comments! . 📷: @pelooccrew @saraavans #pelooc #pelooccrew . #happy #halloween #pour #brookhaven #spooky #october #atlantaeats
I am so excited that I finally found a dairy-free coconut yogurt with full of probiotics from only good ingredients by @coyo_is_coconuts ! It comes in different flavors, I tried the chocolate one that is made from raw cacao and apple juice concentrate! It is preservative free, no added sugar, gum free, NON-GMO, soy-free, and it tastes so good, silky and creamy! I randomly found it in a @savi_buckhead , they actually always have surprises for me as a #healthandwellness junkie! I always say the fewer ingredients it has and the more natural and organic it is the better! This coconut definitely won on the clean eating test of mine! (not a sponsored post) Have you tried it before? Do you have other fav dairy-free yogurt brands? . . . . #dairyfree #dairfyfreeyogurt #refinedsugarfree #goodingredients #coconutyoghurt #soyfree #gumfree #vegan #paleo #nongmo #goodfind #cleaneating #healthyyoghurt #healthyeating #goodfood #nonprocessed #probiotics #guthealth #healthygut #goodforyourtummy #natural #healthylifestyle #yummy #coconut #foodmatters #healingfoods #guthealing #healthyandloved #pelooccrew
What I love about my job is that I never know what crazy stuff I’ll find myself into! This was definitely one of the most unpredictable situations - me shooting @lucasgotstyle aka @lucalombardiphoto aka the best photographer I know! I’d say #phototaker ’s goals! 💪 Shall I mention how tense I was? Think about cooking dinner for a Michelin starred chef... that’s the feeling 😬 but it was a so much fun as well! Thanks Luca and @barberiavito I had such an amazing time with y’all! #pelooccrew
For being the kind of person who doesn’t like celebrating her birthday this year I completely crossed the line and went beyond my comfort zone! The reward? Tons of love and homemade cake, baked by my sis @matilde.avanzini 👩‍🍳 #coffeeandcake
My heart is tuned to the quietness that the stillness of nature inspires. #sundaythoughts
• This one’s about to pop and as you can see from my face I still can’t believe she’s having a baby! 👼🏻🙈🍼Love you Sandrita 💕 Ready to share this new adventure with you!👭•
Weekend treat #saturdaycoffee Cheers!
Another lap around the sun completed! I feel wiser, happier, healthier! In love with life and @andrea_dea more than ever. You wanna make my day today? Just give me chips and a hug! 🙏 #hbtm * Photo by @pelooccrew Phototaker @mariannagatto Editing @saraavans
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