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“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” We are all waiting impatiently for some snow here! Precious baby Saint ❤️📸 // Indoor session? Why not!#brookenguyenphotography#neworleans#neworleansphotographer#thatlacommunity#makeportraits#children#familesareforever#nolaphotographer#vsco#vscocam#toddlerfashion#nature#visualoflife#photography#babylove#postthepeople#peoplescreative#creativehappenings#livefolk#family#familyphotography#onelove#winter#babyboy#hisbirthday#birthday#blackandgold#makeportraits #saints#nfl
Bought this $10 stole from Uniqlo for Coachella. Now I'm not going but it's nice for photos. 🙏☺️
The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved...the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars. J.K. #selfportrait #autoritratto #home #photography #mirror #creativeportraits #peoplescreative #visualoflife #bnw #bnwportrait #bnw_souls #bnwsouls #bnw_creative_pictures #self #portrait #selfportraits #selfshot #portraitphotograph #selfportraiture #portraitmood #portraitmode #instagood #instamood #shadow #lights #light
I love photoshoots with my friends... I just hand them the camera and they get to go crazy. 💋 @redheadriley Pics of her will be up tonight!
Stone street
“her own thoughts and reflections were habitually her best companions” -jane austen and at least in the case of margot it could be added “as well as all the loud folks who oblige me with all the attention I pretend I don’t want” #mycatmargot
sorry for the inactivity, college sucks. But just picked up this beauty. No matter what though, DSLR > phone camera
“What makes you feel free?” Photo by @bradspuravida #northwestcreatives
Where to next? 🌿
My favorite thing about photography, particularly, modeling for it, is that I get to be somebody completely different than myself for a minute. In this picture, I like to think I look like a very busy business woman who is rushing off to her meeting.
A memorable sunset with good friends.
LATENIGHT Skillhouette / #nikon #d3300 #eastmidlands #longexposure
A year ago we set out to create a family of like-minded individuals chasing the permanent vacation. What we found is that this community lives life to the fullest wherever you are. Whether that’s having a cold beer at the office or jetting off to a new location. You guys are legends. #permanentvacation #partypants
I refuse to look outside because this weather in ATX is so dreary. But you know what's not dreary?! THIS! Not only do I adore @danapadg26 I also happen to think that this engagement sesh by @featherandtwine is a freaking dream!
Yesterday I felt called to skip the crystal project and use my creative play time to create a womb illustration. As women, our sacred womb is the centre of our creative power, the source of our intuition. I'm super excited to colour and finish this beauty! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Prioritising creative play twice a week has had the most beautiful ripple effect on the rest of my life. It helps me drop into my creative flow state, and leaves me feeling super inspired as I dive into my client work! Those of us who create for a living are often guilty of not creating for the sake of joy, but it's so liberating!
I finally got the snow day I’ve been waiting for and boy was it magical❄️ What’s your favorite snow day memory?
Who dis?
#storytime ❌READ❌ In the land of dreams, anything is possible. The man who sat on the rock would sit there patiently waiting for the man on the moon 🌙 the man on the moon to show him a sign, some guidance to help him manifest this dream he has in his mind. He will sit there (shirtless) 😉 every night glancing towards the stars with nothing but hope. For this man never received a sign and he never got offered guidance. Until one day he lost hope and lost faith in the man on the moon. He no longer believed his dreams were possible. This man, feeling helpless and lost thought he would give it one more go, he would chase his dreams alone, without the guidance of the man on the moon 🌙 For this was only the beginning, he quickly learnt it's with hard work that achieves his dreams not the help of one other. . Story time with @itstylerjamess 😂🤗 Did you enjoy this? Comment below if you would like to see more story times
I’ve been getting to know some local makers this week and having the best time learning about their work and what inspires them. One of them is the lovely @tankturner whose work I first saw in Aspen’s own @makerandplace. I’m so pleased that there is a brick and mortar shop where people can look at and touch beautiful handmade items and learn about the craftspeople behind them. Friends who make, check out their website and see if your art is a good fit for their shop! Friends who love beautiful things, check out their feed. Also, founder Michaela Carpenter Olson has guest-curated a collection for Sotheby’s - check out the amazing pieces! What's your favorite shop to browse around in?
The crunching snow and ice under my boots, the silence of snow falling, and the scent of my garden dewdrop perfume drifting through the air… ✨
What’s the special sauce? ⭐️
Give me what’s real, what’s consuming. Not what’s watered down and mediocre. There is no magic to be found in settling. In accepting luke warm over fire. We are a tribe. 🔥
The full 12-piece Mod Squad ready for 2018!! Now booking 2019 #thejacksons #events
Green machine #chevy
The only magazine I ever buy and it happened to be pink and covered in avocados. I’m soooooo posting thisssss!!!
After I asked them how it felt to be married! 🥂🤗
This Tuesday has been slayed. Hoping all of you have kicked this Tuesday in the butt and have had a great productive day! I almost always start my day with prayer and worship. It helps me mentally prepare for the day that’s ahead. #happytuesday . . . 📷: @cuevaslinimprint 💕👟 . . . #vsco #bloggerstyle #urbanwear #mutemath #denim #peoplescreative #modestbeauty
- There is someone walking behind you - . . . . Even your shadow leaves you in the dark.
Day 16/365 I can't even with this weather. It's only a dusting, but it's too much for me. #365strikesagain
Winter sights
Ivan and Carlos, Los Angeles. Carlos: “Being gay means everything to me. Growing up as a kid, I always knew. Was it tough? Of course it was. It is for a lot of us. I was going to Catholic School and hearing what the bible was preaching, it sure didn’t help. But I somehow did not care, I loved myself too much and just knew I was different and special . Besides, I was too young and innocent and had no control over it. Growing up at home I definitely had to keep it a secret. My dad had 11 brothers and no sisters. Very old fashion Mexican upbringing and not a single known gay relative. So yeah it was tough. I remembering answering the phone at 12 years old and the neighbor who was calling told me I needed to man up my voice because I sounded like my sister. As hard as I tried to be straight, and please everyone else, I just always knew better. Turned out my neighbor is gay also. He hasn’t spoken to his dad in over 3 years. That’s tough. His dad was my role model growing up too. Funny how life works. Throughout my years in Jr High and High School I too was bullying alongside my friends sometimes, just to “fit in”. You know I grew up in the city of Cerritos which is just 25 min away from LA. The friends I had and the life I was living was just not the environment to come out in. Once I moved to Hollywood with my older brother who was already living there, I was just shocked. Gays everywhere. Even West Hollywood was up the street, but it was almost too much all at once. I mean sure it made me feel at home and made it more easier to explore. But there were still challenges. When I finally did come out to my parents, it really did feel better like they say. No it wasn’t easy and yes it took a while for them to come around. Just like it took me a while to be comfortable with it. I mean I wanted to marry and have a wife and kids of my own also you know, and letting go of that reality was not easy either. Something people don’t talk about. [23] years later I am in a much better place. It’s true, “It does get better”. Sure I made some mistakes along the way but I’ve never been happier.” #thegaymenproject
way to neverland ✨
I almost threw this away when I wasn't too happy with how the mouth on the tree came out. Which was the first thing I did. But honestly, anytime I "mess up," I create something new with that. Which is really fun. ✨🌱
Rising with the sun has its perks
up above the city🌇
Simple doesn’t mean boring 📷 vía @dos_ombre
Inspired by @code.red although I feel like his edit would have been wayyyyy better
We are stoked to have another app we designed in the App Store! Meet PoopStop. Yup that’s right we said Poop. . PoopStop is your new favorite road trip companion, helping you find clean public restrooms on all your adventures. We had a blast working with this team to bring quality, user rated bathrooms to you! And yes, potty humor was on stun this entire build. But who doesn’t love a good poop joke, am I right? 💩
180116 you can’t see the whole picture yet because you’re still stuck in that cage you call your world.
Nostalgic days... 👤:@linda.yz
wut //
Look into the light and scream. ‘Maritime’ Art Director: @ceciliadipaolo Model: @bethanyelisee_ Full series on Website (in bio)
Surround yourself with beauty 💜🦄🦄🦄🦄
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