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Final By Donation Class at Vital Beat Yoga Friday 23rd Nov 9.30am - 10.30am Get your BOOTY down and on the mat!! Register via the vital beat website #nitajaneyoga #perthisok #perthyoga #perthluxury #yogaperth #perthfit #soperth #perthsummer #perthfitness #perthgym #danceperth #perthmodel #whatsoninperth #perthfitfam #bodyconfidence #bodypositive #hiphopyoga
We have a 3 week spinal bliss backbending yoga course for Tuesdays in December. Bookings close this Saturday November 24th. ❤️😊🐬🙏🏼🌻 #backbending #kapotasana #bowpose #perth #perthyoga #yoga #yogaperth #freo #yogalife #fremantle #urdhvadhanurasana #wheelpose
Open to Receive 〰️ Yin by Candlelight Wednesday 730pm
What's on this weekend? SAT: @SubiFarmersMarket SUN: @PalmyraFarmersMarket See ya there!
Full Moon Friday 🌕
And stretch... . . . Yoga helps stretch and release tension in your body through asana, brings conscious awareness to breath through pranayama and by unifying breath and movement, creates meditative stillness of the mind. . . Happy Wednesday yogis. Set your mind and body free 🙏 . #yogawheel #stretchandrelease #humpday #dharmawheel #chakrasana #yogalifestyle #perthyoga #yogavine #spinalrelease #backbendlove #yogalove #perthcbd #perthcity #lululemonleggings #pranayama #asana #meditateandlove
Lunchtime inspo from my friend @ericashealthylife 😋 ⠀ Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes we over think it.⠀ ⠀ K.I.S.S, keep it simple, sexy and stay focused on all the amazing things you CAN eat 🥗 ⠀ ⠀ ___________________________________________________⠀ #functionalnutrition #nourishment #eatwelllivewell #nourishyourbody #functionalfood #nutritioniskey #healthcoachlife #healthnut #paleogirl #selflovewarrior #mentalhealthwarrior #naturegirl #perthfitfam #healthyfitness #fitnotskinny #perthfitness #perthfitlife #socialclubmembership #perthhealth #perthwellness #wellnesswarrior #healthyperth #paleoperth #perthyoga #perthsmallbusiness #soulpreneurs #bossbabetribe #perthgirlboss #girlbossau #theimperfectboss
“Yoga doesn’t change what we see. Yoga transforms the way we see things.” OH YEAH YOGI WISDOM YEAH. . Tuesday was a good day! Started with a psychiatry appointment, in which I was officially discharged! The psychiatrist believes that with continued psychological therapy, practicing mindfulness and my commitment to getting mentally stronger, I no longer require anti-psychotics, mood stabilisers or an overseeing psychiatrist. I am being prescribed anti-depressants, but more to curb my impulsivity than anything else. . I have episodes still - and I may continue to do so for the time being. Just because I’ve come off drugs doesn’t mean I am ‘cured’. However, generally speaking, over the last few weeks, I have been less volatile, less violent, and more capable to manage my downs. I’m less of a scare to my partner, family and psychiatric team. No hallucinations, no attempts, no voices. I’ve worked hard at this. I’m proud. Imagine that! . I was on a high from that news, so I went to the gym after! I KNOW RIGHT. I trained legs for the first time in eons but I actually steered clear of the squat rack. I want to ease myself back into it. Slow and steady. . Nutrition wise, I am definitely trying not to demonise myself or my food, but it’s really hard. I make good choices 80% of the time, but the other 20%… 🥐🍔🌭🍟 I jump on the scales every morning (I know, I know, it’s not healthy and I need to stop. Josh, hide the scales somewhere I can’t find them please) and the number is slowly creeping up. It’s concerning, but I just can’t seem to not inch towards carbs! Noodles, bread, fries! MY FRIENDS, MY BEAUTIFUL STARCHY BROWN FRIENDS. . I am considering a fat fast next week and skipping my social outings to ensure I’m not tempted but I am worried about doing that. It would be worse if I kicked myself into ketosis hardcore and then gave it all up again. My body can’t take it. . My actual fasting is doing well tho. I’ve hit at least 15hrs since Friday. Hopefully soon I get my shit together well and truly and scale numbers decrease and fasting hours increase!! . I’ve come out hot yoga sweddy, gross and invigorated. It’s a shower, the office and food for me now! ♻️
WHY MEDITATE? "Clarity is part of the mind from the beginning, a natural awareness. Just acknowledge it, simply notice that you're aware. At any given moment, you can choose to follow the chain of thoughts, emotions, and sensations that reinforce a perception of yourself as vulnerable and limited or to remember that your true nature is pure, unconditioned, and incapable or being harmed." - Mingyur Rinpoche @mingyurrinpoche . ===== . Meditation does not have to be hard, you just have to show up and continue showing up. There are amazing apps available (my favs @insighttimer and @headspace ), meditations on @spotify and classes all around you if you look! But really all you need to do is be still, pay attention to your breath, and release. Or if you've built up a fear wall around it and want some support, come along tonight 5:45pm in Scarborough for a beautiful mantra meditation. I'd love to see you there 💕🙏
Happy hump day! Wednesdays call for Dermalux 💯 Stimulate, rejuvenate & restore with the LED red light 💢 @dermaluxledaus #dermaluxaus
Compassionate midcourse correction. Because the best plans inbuild flexibility. (🙏 Marzi @introvertdoodles ) #sparklefromtheheart
Wednesday: keep it simple 🙏 〰️ ~ Image via the gorgeous @kathryngrace_wellness
🌟 COMMUNITY 🌟 as we move into our birthday week, we are SO grateful for the epic community of local artisans, creatives, entrepreneurs and just downright amazing people that make up this beautiful, supportive Perth community! How lucky are we to connect with such a wonderful tribe?! We’d love to connect with you and welcome you into our Yab Yum community today: 9:30 Slow Flow with @brenna.brian 5:15pm Restore + Align and 6:30pm Deep House Vinyasa with @vibe_harryedwards If you haven’t seen already, every day until our anniversary next Monday, we will be announcing a giveaway every single day (yup, you read that right!) with some INCREDIBLE prizes. The winner, being someone who has attended the studio in the past day, will be notified via email each morning. Our lucky winner from yesterday gets to treat themselves to an amazing @saltfloatstudio Float Tank session! Check your emails to see if it’s you! Members can also spread the birthday joy by bringing a friend for free every day this week! We will continue the celebrations on Monday in studio, with delicious treats and extra prizes throughout the day!
Join me for some Chandra Namaskars (moon salutations) and Yin tonight 6pm @twistingpeacockyoga 📸 of Quinn in KROUNCHASANA because I have no new ones of myself 😂
🚨WEDNESDAY IS WEBSITE LAUNCH DAY🚨 It’s time to change things up! ALOT has been happening behind the scenes this year! The Owls have been hard at work putting together a fresh new website that really captures the essence of OWLKEYME. It’s been a long, challenging and beautiful process of collaboration but you can’t rush creativity 😏 We’re very proud of how it’s all come together and so excited to finally share it with all of you! Head to the link in our bio - you might just see yourself 🤩
✨YTT INFO SESSION THIS SAT ✨  The Yoga Garage's annual 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is taking place next February 2019 🙌 Training is run at the studio and finished off on the magical island of Bali! Attend our information session for full details and Q&A's. 📣 INFO SESSION DATES 📣  This coming Sat 24 Nov 12-1pm Sat 15 Dec 12-1pm No need to reserve your place - just turn up to either date. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL 💥 Apply before 3 Dec & save $300 - head to link in bio to claim this offer #theyogagarage
🌸 SUMMER YIN + OILS 🌸 what better way to celebrate the season than with a blissful afternoon of Yin yoga, Oils, treats and @brenna.brian ? Join us on Sunday 2nd December for a luxurious 2 hour immersion. Head to the link in our bio for more information 🌺
Meet our newest student - mastering down dog. Robs inner handy man and woodworker has been unleashed. Not only will you be greeted by our wooden student but the entrance through the rear of the studio takes you past our expertly crafted reception desk where we are ready to welcome you to your next class #yoga #yogavicpark #yogaeastvicpark #stillnessinmotionyogaperth #handyman #yogastudio #perthyoga #downdog #adhomukhasvanasana #beginneryoga #classicalyoga #hathayoga #allwelcome
Sometimes change is good.. Look after your health especially if you are in a toxic environment. #mentalwellness #dradeelmunshi
Full moon report fri 23/11/2019 1.39pm west Oz time... This full moon brings everything back to balance, and imbalance all over again.. it can be a time of spiritual resetting, the space that quantum physics refers to as nothingness from which all is created...of intense anger, or tears, of deep healing or the ripping apart...only to be reformed into something new and Fresh... a time where things feel simultaneously synchronised as if you understand the very fabric of life, your in exactly the right space at the right time, then nec minute as if it is all crumbling apart...and you have no god damn idea - and please get me out of this headspace immediately...how do I get out of here????? Events happening around this time have epic repercussions across lifetimes and timelines, reverberating outwards from the planet across all space and time. It is the time and space for stepping into the heart space, moving beyond our fears, for bringing it back to the baby steps... what is happening right here, right now. What am I feeling, what am I experiencing, what can I touch, taste, hear, see, smell and feel right now... what exists in this present moment and what thoughts are creating separation from love right now. What do I need to let go of.. ?where do I direct my ho oponoopono ? What can I connect to... what are the nature spirits, the animals, trees and plants telling me right now? I have been practicing (sometimes not so well) and teaching much around the mantra ‘be here now’ in a determined effort to mainly remind myself that all I (we)?have is this present moment. We are not guaranteed anything more. So why waste this precious moment being caught in the past or projecting into the future? This only serves us to remain in our mindscape, the ultimate distraction, Complication and diversion from the Heart 💔.True unity begins from within, from creating the bridge from the mind to the heart... More in comments - hope to see you on Sunday at ‘honouring the Divine Feminine’ full moon yoga and sound @soulcoastyoga With @monmct 2-3.30pm book tix at the venue...❤️💕❤️
Shanti shanti shanti 🙏🙏🙏 . . Inner peace, balance and harmony 🕉 . 6am Rise and Shine 9.15am Yoga Foundations 5.30pm Yoga Foundations 6.45pm Yin Yoga
We have some spaces available in our acroyoga master class on December 2nd. Suitable for all levels. ❤️😊🙏🏼 #acroyoga #acro #acrobatics #acrodance #acroyogafun #acroyogis #acroyogalove #acroyogapose #acroyogaperth #perth #perthactivities #perthacro #perthacroyoga #perthyoga #yoga #yogaposes #yogaperth #freo #star #bakasana
Compassion is the answer. It doesn’t matter what the question is. . We’re repeatedly told by external influences that we need to be something different to be worthy. When we live our lives according to these constructs and limitations, we begin to feel lost, unworthy and doubt our ability to be loved. . Our ego thrives while we exist in a fear-state but loving ourselves and gifting ourselves compassion brings us closer to our purpose. It is only from a place of love that we truly begin to shine. . Have you ever committed yourself to a project, a job or a relationship that you were insanely passionate about and you were able to thrive beyond your wildest dreams? That’s because everything done in love is done well. . Majority of people these days are stressed and anxious. Maybe you’re one of them? I know I am from time-to-time. Why? Because we’re encouraged to live from a place of ego, without even realising. In this unintentional ego-state we seek approval from sources outside ourselves rather than looking within. . It is not until we release our judgements and extinguish fear with compassion that we begin to experience what it’s like to unconditionally love ourselves. GET READY! This will create space for the real magic occur💫 . If you’ve spent years criticising yourself and you’re still feeling lost, I invite you to open your heart to compassion. I encourage you to be gentle and forgiving with yourself. Truly having compassion for yourself means that you love the unwanted parts just as much as the portion you deem ‘acceptable’. . Compassion is the answer. Who cares what the question is.
Happilymade Monkeys are so at home in our fruit hampers. Add one to your order 🍓🥝🍌🐒🐒🍌🥝🍓 delight someone today!! #happilymademonkeys #ethicallymade #educationcambodia 🍍 Order online - link in bio
Get excited yogis, it's back! The HFY 12 Days of Christmas Challenge starts on the 24th of November. One challenge per class, complete all 12 before Christmas and go into the draw to win awesome prizes 🎁 Grab your challenge sheet next time you are in the studio ✔
Our Womb Healing Meditation Audio is available for purchase direct through our link tree in our bio! 💛 This is a gorgeous, soothing, guided meditation by the Founder of Yoni Pleasure Place @rosie.rees
Few experts debate the benefit of exercise. If you're like me, exercise is not something that came easily. I was bullied as a child and was always picked last for team sports, so these experiences in my formative years made me associate exercise with pain and stress. It wasn't until later in life that I found a good fit with movement. For me it is yoga. The point of this post is that if you haven't found something that works for you, try something different. If you hate running, try pilates. If gyms and crowds make you feel uncomfortable, find a small facility and go during off peak times, or youtube @fitnessblender workouts. If you are social, try team sports. Love to dance, and looking for a date night idea? Why not combine the 2 and hit your movement goals at a Salsa class. If you're like me, and enjoy time alone with your breath and moving meditation, yoga or taichi might resonate. Dont forget that walking counts too. I always try to get some time in nature with a walk along the coast when the weather permits. The right fit is out there, you just need to keep searching. Dont persist with something you hate. The mental energy you expend hating what you are doing, probably offsets any if the benefits you experience from exercise. #perthexercise #perthfitfam #perthfitness #perthsportslife #perthyoga #perthyogacommunity #yogaperth #exerciseperth
Who wants to try on our swimwear? Guess what...now you can 🙌 Pop down this Saturday to the @summerxsalt markets at Scarborough beach Perth and come say hi 👋 We are giving our biggest discounts yet! Buy 3 items and get the cheapest free ✨ See you on Saturday 💜
I never thought I'd be one of "those" people The ones that wear midriff tops But tonight, I taught yoga With a midriff top and high wasted tights When I started practicing yoga again I was so self conscious of my body and belly mainly due to the fact it has been a mission to tone up muscles and skin when just getting muscles to work correctly/reviving them from the brink of death in the first place has been a continuous mission. Before becoming a teacher, I would always wear long singlets and would feel a sense of shame when my belly would flab out in front of all the lulu yoga bunnies of the world, mid yoga class. #ohthehumanity Did you know some of the "godfathers" of modern yoga actually had BIG bellies? And one in particular was known for their love of ice-cream! Bellies belong in yoga! #belliesbelonginyoga Whether yours is super toned or super squishy If you're joining me on the mat Let ya belly hang out <3 #nitajaneyoga #perthisok #perthyoga #perthluxury #yogaperth #perthfit #soperth #perthsummer #perthfitness #perthgym #danceperth #perthcorporate #perthcorporateevents #perthmodel #whatsoninperth #perthfitfam #bodyconfidence #bodypositive #bellies #plussizeyoga #LikeAQueen @mrsconstancehall #effyourbeautystandards #selflove #selfcare #yogateacher
Hydrate, yo! The yogi’s of THIS Sunday’s Spring Retreat will be sippin’ on Alizè ...erm, I mean, fresh pressed juices from @inner_ego 🍇🍉🍈 to keep them hydrated during our 6 hour long retreat. Tickets still available! Hit up our website👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽
Welcome to day 2 of #modifyyouryoga challenge . Today’s pose is Navasana . Is a challenging pose for me and honestly to hold it for long breaths a use modifications. . Practise the one that you can hold at least for 5 breaths and then move to the next stage. . Slide the picture for some ideas and suggestions. . The greatest challenge of this asana is to keep the lower back lifting, and as you can see I’m still working on it 😉 . #practiseandalliscoming 🧘Hosts: @esteryoga  . @lamirse . @indira.yoga  . @andreamegale.yoga . @temyoga  . . . 🎁 Sponsors: . @liquidoactive  . @liforme . @bekindfolk . @insideoutsideoutsidein . @szmalas . @aurastonesdesigns . The postures Day 1- Paschimottanasana Day 2- Navasana Day 3 - Prasarita Padottanasana Day 4- Tolasana Day 5 - Salamba Sarvangasana Day 6 - Dhanurasana Day 7 - Pincha
We have fallen in love with the beautiful island of Rote, Indonesia. We will be hosting an epic retreat here in June 2019 watch this space. We are also stoked to announce that Zanzibar retreat is sold out 🙌 Don’t miss your chance for the unique Mocean Tribe experience book with us the trip of a lifetime!
Sneak peek at the new Festive Wraps!! ❤️🎄 Limited number of Christmas packs available now, until sold out #perthyoga #mindfulness #artisansoap #bees #beeswaxfoodwraps #beeswaxwraps #reduce #reuse #eco #sustainable #handmade #handcrafted #handpainted #christmas #festive #feelingfestive #perthgifts #happytuesday 💋
Asana for Pregnancy. Assists with fatigue, builds strength, relieves back ache, improves digestion AND sleep. Pregnancy Yoga at Bloom is far more than asana, our classes integrate the philosophy of yoga and apply it to the journey of pregnancy, birth + motherhood for an intuitive practice that will inspire and nurture; come for the asana, stay for the connection 💕 Beautiful artwork courtesy of @yogaprints
Unicorn soap 💞 Setting up in the mould. Looks a teeny bit dark in this pic due to the evening light 💞 This is always one of my most popular bars, and with sparkles and pretty unicorn colours what is not to love about this beauty 🙏🏻 #artisansoap #perthyoga #perthhills #perthsoap #artisan #unicorns #unicornsoap #alltheprettythings #beauty #naturalbeauty #sparkle #ecoglitter #soap #cocoabutter #coconutoil #handmade #handmadeperth #handmadesoap #soapshare #soapmaking #happytuesday 💋🦄
Because glowing skin is always in 💫 Our ladies all the way from India, reminding us how to achieve that gradient glow, ain’t nothing like a good sweaty Vinyasa class. Check out this read from our blog by the incredible @naturalbeautyexpert 👉🏽 https://www.powerliving.com.au/blog/hot-yoga-healthy-skin
Moondance after teaching my Yin/Yang & Restore at @mcraefitness . Thank you to all the members who attended. #nitajaneyoga #perthyoga #perthhappenings #perthfitfam #activeperth #perthgym #perthfitness
Marichyasana F. Apparently this posture is found in the Ashtanga 4th series. Iyengar doesn't list this variation of Marichyasana at all in Light on Yoga. Interestingly, I find this probably the easiest of the Marichyasana poses, which reveals that they are not necessarily named in order of difficulty for many people. For me, this indicates the need to individualise sequences to meet the unique needs of each student, and not solely rely on set sequences as guidance. . . . . . . . . . . . #perthyoga  #yogaperth #yogaaustralia  #iyengaryoga #yogaphysio  #yogaphysiotherapy  #innerfocusphysio #physioyoga  #physio  #yogatherapy #physiotherapyyoga #yogascience  #ashtanga  #perth  #perthlife #perthisok  #perthfitness  #perthphysio  #ashtangaperth #yogatherapy #perthvegan #clinicalyoga #perthmovement #movementculture #yogainspiration #perthfitfam #matsyendrasana #marichyasana #marichyasanaf
Seriously how does it get any better than this! This Sunday @bodhijspa 2hours of total relaxation. I want someone else to run one so I can go please 🙏🙈 details below 💕 . . Join me as we take relaxation to a whole new level at Bodhi J Yoga studio this Sunday 25th November 2018 As we begin to wind down for the year we would love you to join us for a special two hour nurturing class. Unwind and deeply relax your body, mind and spirit to help prepare for the festive season ahead. . . Yin yoga with massage and meditation is a two hour total relaxation workshop where our teacher Caryn will guide you through a Yin Yoga class with gentle massage throughout followed by a guided meditation that will leave you floating on clouds. . . Gentle non-invasive massage techniques will be used throughout the yin yoga class with communication between student and teacher for an amazing relaxation experience. This gentle class is about going deep into yourself to explore practices that support inner peace. No prior experience necessary Includes herbal tea and refreshments after class and a mp3 meditation to take home so you can continue your relaxation journey whenever you like. . . Bookings through @mindbody app, strictly limited to ten people❤️
Bringing my yoga essentials with me everywhere I go 🦋 🙏. I studied music at school and it was my favourite of my five TEE subjects 🤓 🎻 (maths was my second favourite of course 🤫➕➖✖️). We were a class of 7 elite musicians @penrhoscollege 🎶 and to this day I'm still friends with my fellow musos @nicolazawill @kynacosmonaut @corinnecowlingsoprano @rachael_marie @cheralyn5507 Kat. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Honestly though, practicing my instruments was SO hard 😭 (this might be how yoga feels like sometimes), I really dreaded needing to do it every day. Who knew music would come back around. As one of my wise students @msdandav said, "it really never left your life". As a result, now I'm with my harmonium 🎹, my chanting 🎶 and my singing bowl ✨wherever I go. Perhaps I'm answering to the ancient Indian sages 📿who once called out to us to help get our hearts synchronised 💙❤️🧡. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Wednesday: 9.15am - Yin Yoga with @selflove_yoga 12.15pm - Vinyasa Yoga with me (Rosanna) 6pm - Yin/Yang with @karina_paxinos 7.15pm - Restorative Yoga Nidra with @karina_paxinos ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Credit 📷@stephanie_ti
A quick, easy and super effective Pilates routine for the hips and glutes. Repeat on each side, making sure your stabilize your trunk and hips as you move your legs 👌🏼 Tightness in the hips is so common these days. Our daily lives (with lots of sitting down) just don’t allow us the regular range of motion we need to keep our hips feeling good long term. Our hips are the workhorse of our bodies, and tightness can cause lower back and knee pain, as well as make it difficult to do simple things like sit cross legged on the floor! We need to consistently give our hips a full range of motion by practicing exercises like this at home in between our Pilates or yoga classes. Psst - these also help to build a killer booty! Enjoy 😘
Join Renee @rensumich tomorrow morning 7-8 am for yoga, smiles and sunshine to start your Wednesday 🌞Find her at Freo South Beach, 100 m north of the cafe on the grass under the OYF flag. $10 cash/card. Just bring yourself plus a mat or towel 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏾‍♂️ . . . #perthyoga #activeinperth #perthlife #freo #fremantle #infreo #freolove #yoga #yogaoutside #vinyasa #ocean #outdoors #sunshine #summer #beach #westernaustralia #beachlife #community #fitness #perthtodo #perth #perthisok #citybeach #lovecitybeach #cottesloe #perthhappenings #humpday
A long breathe out. An afternoon of stillness in the sun. The moment just after you make love and you’re still intertwined, the world at a standstill. A cup of tea and honey at the end of the day. Taking a sacred pause is so vital to recharging your feminine essence. When you forget these pauses you start to unravel. Everything feels hard or too much. It doesn’t have to be long, hard or even something special. Just something that gives you space again. That lets your whole body sigh in relief and release. ❤️ These should be a part of your daily schedule and to do list. The modern sacred feminine never feels guilty for time to replenish. She’s knows it’s an investment in her radiance and wellbeing. 💐 Join me for a collective sacred pause on the 30th Nov for a sacred women’s circle to honour this year, and set an intention for 2019. Details in highlighted story and bookings please DM. Exchange $48 for two hours of space holding and sacred pause. X
Bali Spirit Festival with my Son and friends. Attendance at Mark Whitwell’s class. The words are Mark’s. #hillsyogaclasses #balispiritfestival #perthyoga #yogajoy #vitalbeat #intuitivereiki
The weather is heating up and it's almost time for the SUMMER OF YOGA to kick off ☀️🔥 Will you be joining us?
Gratitude: Today I am feeling very grateful for my wife. She accepts me for exactly who I am and supports me wholeheartedly. She allows me to experience freedom without being shaped and without conditions. Proven through actions not words.
Start your Wednesday’s off the right way at @tarayogaellenbrook with an hour of breath work, sweet tunes and a vinyasa flow to send you into your day energised and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you! As always there will be some lush stretches and a juicy savasana to finish. This class is suited for all levels and absolutely everyone is welcome 🙏🏻 ✨
Because smoothies must taste better with a rose gold straw right? 🙏🏼 Have you started taking your own bag to the markets instead of using single use plastic? Or intended to and then got their and realised you’ve forgot it once again 🤦🏻‍♀️🌿Started taking a keep cup to get your morning coffee? ☕️ Now what about the final straw.... that is the rose gold reusable straw by @ever.eco 💚 Every little step makes a difference, so start by making one small change and slowly building up until it becomes second nature! Image @ever.eco
Come join us on 29 November 6pm at @theplatform.space ‘s Shop for Good - a super fun Christmas market showcasing Perth-based social enterprises and their conscious and impactful products. Get your Chrissy shopping done with meaningful gifts that make a difference. There will also be food, drinks, and a panel discussion on ethical trade. Join us along with our friends @flowvessel @millenniumkids @foxgloveproject @sageplantations @mudnmusk and many more. Gift well. Do good.
Katie Green is on deck for yin yang tomorrow morning! This is a great class to restore your tissues and work through your issues. 945AM.
Happy Lowenna in last night’s acroyoga class. We have some spaces available in Saturday’s acroyoga master class in Freo and also on Dec 2nd. Get in fast. ❤️😊🙏🏼🐬 #acroyoga #yogaperth #yogaposes #perthactivities #acroyogapose #acroyogaperth #perthacroyoga #perthyoga #freo
Look at that DMK GLOW 💫💫💫 Lee's skin looks so hydrated and clear - how great is her plasmatic too?! 🙌 Pro Alpha is a combination of glycolic, lactic and malic acids that increase free water levels within the epidermis without causing irritation. Add some bounce back into your skin! @dmkperth #dmkperth #bodycentralskinclinic #bodycentral #perthskin #dmkenzymetherapy
We want to wish the team @westcoastfury cheerleading all the very best in the upcoming @aascf Nationals on the Gold Coast this week! It was truly incredible to get down to Fury HQ and watch the travelling teams in action over the weekend as they demonstrated their showcase to friends and family. We have had only a brief insight into just how much work has gone into this! But we know no one has worked harder and it was unreal to see!! Good luck to the three performing teams- Magnitude, Aftershock and @westcoastfury_blackout . We have no doubt you are going to take the country by storm!! 💪🏽🙌🏽🔥 #gofury #furyunleashed #aascfnationals
Guests at our Spring Day Retreat are being treated to beautiful henna - tickets still available for this Sunday! Join us for a 6 hour deep dive of joy & rest Link in profile 👆🏽
When we’re inspired, we are in touch with our essence or spirit. We feel connected to, rather than separate from, others. We are more naturally in touch with our strengths and able to see past our self-doubts. For many of us, we’ve discovered that yogic and meditation practice play a big part in feeling inspired. 🌺What’s inspiring you today? . . #momentumcoachyoga #inspiration #inspired #yoga #meditation #perthyoga #perthmeditation #connection #strength
TADAAAAH Our best Lion King impersonation! 😹 Truth be told we feel a bit like Rafiki this week, proud & ready to present something very exciting 🤩 We’ve got some long awaited announcements coming up this week & we can’t wait to share them with you!!! Can you guess?! Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow 😎
@ellenbrookphysio and @pinksalt_wholefoodscafe are so excited to invite you to this amazing event! Join us on Saturday 24 November from 8am for free fitness classes in the newly renovated alfresco area outside Pink Salt. 8am - Mat Pilates Connect your mind and body to discover your inner strength with a whole body workout which will leave you revitalised and energised for the day ahead. A low impact workout with the help of Pilates rings, balls and resistance bands. 9am - Mobilise/Release Class Welcome the weekend and nurture yourself with a whole body release to restore balance, eliminate tension and reduce stress. 10am- Yoga Combining postures and movements with deep breathing and mindfulness, this class will leave you feeling relaxed and refocused. Pink Salt Cafe will be open and we will also have free organic iced tea and kombucha samples for you to try! You can also enjoy a delicious coffee, refreshing juice or nourishing breakfast after your class - such an amazing way to start the weekend!! Classes run for 40 minutes. No experience required. There are LIMITED SPOTS and you must register for the classes. Please follow the link in our profile to find details on how to register for your spot. 💗
SOUL GLOW DAY RETREAT - this is not any Retreat it’s THE Retreat of all day retreats! . SUNDAY JANUARY 6TH 10AM - 5PM To coincide with the New Moon energy 🌙 . . The Retreat is being held at the most beautiful Bali style property 25mins from the CBD with a custom built yoga Shala and divine swimming pool with all the Bali feels, your going to feel so far away from reality! . Included: * 2 x yoga sessions - Dance Flow Yoga + Yin Yoga * Delicious plant based lunch, fresh fruit platters and mocktails (by the pool) * Create your Dream Year workshop * Creative body art workshop * Pool time and journaling * Connection session * Meditation . . Early Bird tickets $185 until 30th November regular price is $225 . It’s going to be the most incredible day of connecting, relaxing and filling ourselves with self love to support and create our dreams. . . Come hang with me and start the new year right- click the link in bio to grab your early bird ticket 💕✨💕✨💕✨
My Summer yin + oils immersion is live, lovers. I just love sharing these workshops with you. All my favourite things - meditation, yin yoga, aromatic use of summer inspired essential oils and the best part, we get to share my home made treats: December 2nd, 2pm-4pm. Link in bio ☀️
Monday necessities: ✅Coffee ✅IMAGE 📸 @imageskincare @thestylevisitor
Showing off our latest Balinese fabrics at our market stall down at Feathers Yoga Room last weekend. Where you there? . . . . . #yoga #yogabolster #organic #organiccotton #yogasupplies #meditation #handmade #yogasupplies #yogalife #yogalove #yogagram #seamstress #yogalife #Bolsters #cotton #instayoga #nightmarkets #marketstall #perthyoga #wa #yogaaustralia #bali #yogaperth
Just added 'handywoman' to my LinkedIn profile! Anyone care to endorse me? 😉
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