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Another one..... lil boat
@friendswithbacon and @lilpinay06 suggested ginataang pako (fiddlehead fern cooked in coconut milk) when I posted fresh pako last Saturday, so I made ginataang alimasag, tahong at pako (blue crabs, mussels, and fiddlehead fern cooked in coconut milk) for today’s #pinoyricebowl . . . . #feedfeed #thefeedfeed #huffposttaste #foodie_features #foodoftheday #foodpost #foodaddict  #foodlife   #foodinsta  #foodgram   #buzzfeast #foodgawker   #foods4thought #foodblogfeed  #places_wow #instapassport   #instatraveling #igtravel  #instago #mytravelgram   #travelingram   #sharetravelpics #filipinofoodmovement #filipinofood #pinoyfood
These never get old apparently cause I keep taking them. Enjoy it, love it, love it....
Bella has been feeling much better lately now that I got rid of her flea collar. Though I was hesitant to do it, she had been developing progressively worse asthma and a sore on her neck in the exact spot where the collar was. (You can see it in the photo.) Now that I’ve removed it, she’s started doing all the things she used to do before I put the collar on. She runs around the house like a greyhound, jumps on the couch without help, and even humps her favorite pillow. In short, she’s herself again. #markallmywords
Weekend stroll 🚶
|| It won’t be dark forever. || • • I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Find your power , start the work week off right. Get at it.
Baby Duma ❌ @birdsnbeesbaby
Staircase to paradise.
Playing around with my new GoPro Hero5. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m having fun while on vacay 📸 #photographer #photographyislifee #goprohero5 #outdoors #star #starynight #longexposure #canada #nightscape #nighttime #nighttimephotography #kashwakamak #photography #photooftheday #photographyislife
I flew to NY for the second time to see him for his birthday in January, with the intent of coming home 4 days later, and never left. I wore recycled outfits for 3 months, that I brought in just a carry on. We braved the NY winter and hated/loved every minute of it. Hated it because we hate the cold and loved it, because we were together. I told him in November, standing beside Longboard, in St. John, that I’d follow him anywhere... and i meant it. We’ve been in lot of crystal blue water since this was taken, in November, but those 11 days will always be some of my favorite times. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing, being with you is my favorite. Thank you for blessing my life with adventure, peace, ease and so much love 💛 #favforlife
📸NDP 18 NE SHOW 2🇸🇬
Accade che le affinità d'anima non giungano ai gesti e alle parole ma rimangano effuse come un magnetismo. É raro ma accade. Può darsi che sia vera soltanto la lontananza, vero l'oblio, vera la foglia secca più del fresco germoglio. Tanto e altro può darsi o dirsi. Comprendo la tua caparbia volontà di essere sempre assente perché solo così si manifesta la tua magia. Innumeri le astuzie che intendo. Insisto nel ricercarti nel fuscello e mai nell'albero spiegato, mai nel pieno, sempre nel vuoto: in quello che anche al trapano resiste. Era o non era la volontà dei numi che presidiano il tuo lontano focolare, strani multiformi multanimi animali domestici; fors'era così come mi pareva o non era. Ignoro se la mia inesistenza appaga il tuo destino, se la tua colma il mio che ne trabocca, se l'innocenza é una colpa oppure si coglie sulla soglia dei tuoi lari. Di me, di te tutto conosco, tutto ignoro. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Balance. . . . . 📷@soultrauma
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