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“EXT. STRADA CON FONTANA - BERGAMO - DAWN ——————— OLIVER holds ELIO's forehead as he pukes. Elio stands away from the wall making an "I'm okay now" gesture, and goes to the fountain nearby to splash water on his face. ——————— Oliver looks around to check that nobody is looking and starts kissing him again. Elio lets himself go. ——————— IT’S THE KISS OF A LIFETIME.” ——————— — @cmbynfilm @acimanandre. ——————— photo credit: @katewasowski. editing/coloring: @tediously_brief | @travelingbooknerds | @michellemgrondine. —————— on @tediously_brief : pink off shoulder top: @forloveandlemons. maroon & black cover up: @thezoereport quarterly sub box (fall). destroyed denim: @mellorecalifornia | @irenesstory. black ankle boots: @helmutlang. glasses: @tijneyewear. —————— all dutch braids on both @tediously_brief & @jesyelyse by @katewasowski. ——————