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Old man Piri leading everyone on a bark session. Miss you boo . 피리 어르신 옆집 참견 왈왈. 보고싶다요 ❤️ . #imissyoupiri #pirivideogram #mypiriboo #pirisplace #피리네집
We say bye to Oliver, Chloe and Cricket today 😊❤️ . Piri’s Place will be closed for several days - we’ll be back next week! . . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #pomeranian #chihuahua #피리네집
Extra hooman to hang out with today 😊🐶🐶🐶 . . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #피리네집
Just went to check the mail, guys! 😅 . . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #피리네집 #pomeranian #chihuahua
Getting ready for their 10th nap of the day 😆 . . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #피리네집
Oliver 😍 (Yes! I’m smitten!) . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #pomeranian #피리네집
Quick walks for everybody this morning 😊❤️ . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #chihuahua #pomeranian #피리네집
Saturday at Piri’s Place 🐶🐶🐶 . . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #chihuahua #pomeranian #피리네집
Hello! . We welcomed back Oliver, Chloe and Cricket back to Piri’s Place last night. They settled into their usual routine without skipping a beat. Like they never left 😊❤️ . . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #chihuahua #pomeranian #피리네집
So the adventure begins again. . A little late but, Happy New Year. Yangkyu and I began January 1st with a story of our Sunflower Gang packing up their gear to go on one of their epic adventures. They left at night and so when we woke up this morning there were already a few stories of their latest shenanigans. Mainly though, the Sunflower Gang is having fun. Lady is having fun. They are all incredibly happy and I smile hearing about their teamwork. I know they won’t be lonely. . I spent the day cleaning and decluttering. I sometimes find myself trying to find more storage and space in this little home of ours only to forget that instead of finding new storage space, we could do with less. It's a concept we tried to embrace last year and did fairly ok but we know we could do better. And so we have recommitted to not buying unnecessary things (and they are almost always necessary) and in the process try to waste less, produce less waste and be a bit more mindful of how we consume. (If you'd like to know what gave us the inspiration, you can Youtube "The Life cycle of a shirt" and Google how much water it takes to make a pair of jeans). . We're also back in the kitchen making our meals again. It took me over 2 months to get back into this and today it felt like another part of my life is finally functioning the way it used to before October 30, 2018. And it felt good. . Yangkyu and I also got back on the yoga mat today. This too stopped back in October and it may sound silly but it took a lot more courage to get back on it. Today’s session was tough and incredibly hard to concentrate but we hope to stick it out and continue to have yoga as part of our regular routine. . Our home feels lighter. Our hearts and minds feel clearer. And we look forward to what 2019 has in store for us. . #yogaatpirisplace #pirisplace2019 #imissyouladybugyoo #ohmyfairladyyoo #ladyvideogram #pirisplace #피리네집
Good morning! Happy 2019! . We made it past midnight 😆 and Chloe did incredibly well with the neighborhood fireworks that went off till about 12:30. We were all pretty much asleep by 1 am and began our day at 7. All the dogs have done their morning business, ate their breakfast and now snuggled in beds and blankets for their naps. . 😊❤️ . . #pirisplace #dogsitting #피리네집
Hello! We’re ringing in the new year with Oliver, Chloe and Cricket 😊❤️ . Hope you had a wonderful 2018 and hope you’ll have an even better 2019 🎊 . #pirisplace #roversitter #pomeranian #chihuahua #dogsitting #피리네집
These tiny guests are coming by today ❤️ Lady and I had such a good time with them when they were here last. . . #pirisplace #dogsitting #ohmyfairladyyoo #imissyouladybugyoo #피리네집
Our last holiday guest dog was supposed to leave on Sunday but there was a last minute change and everyone ended up going home yesterday. We have a few nights off before our next guests arrive on New Year's Eve. . Thank you Loki, Spootie, Clover, Titan, Nala and Mochi for making the holidays cheerful and fun here at Piri's Place! . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #피리네집
From a couple of days ago 😊❤️ . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #피리네집
Sometimes we play real life version of Tetris on the bed with the dogs ❤️😊 (Good morning video over at @pirisplace ) . . #pirisplace #roversitter #피리네집 #dogsitting
Good morning 🐶🐶🐶🐶 . . Loki and Nala went home on Christmas and we say bye to Mochi, Spootie and Clover today ❤️ . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #terriermix #cockapoo #피리네집
Playtime bonanza at Piri’s Place 😊❤️🎄 . I love it when Clover pops up our of nowhere 😆 . . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #dogsitter #피리네집
Walks for Mochi and Titan . #pirisplace #roversitter #피리네집
Good morning! Happy Christmas! . A special Christmas breakfast for all our guest dogs 😊🎄 . Ho ho ho! . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #dogsitter
We’re gonna all have a slumber party downstairs tonight. It’s sort of become a tradition in a way to sleep next to the tree on Christmas Eve with all our guest dogs 😊❤️🎄 . . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #피리네집
All our holiday dogs are here! . Titan came this morning and Nala just before. Everyone was excited to say their hellos - some had reunions while others are meeting for the first time. . After all the romping around in the backyard, everyone is taking a nap (Titan on my chest, Nala on my leg, Loki at the other end of the sofa, Clover on the playmat, Spootie on the dog bed and Mochi near the patio door) . 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 . . #pirisplace #roversitter #피리네집 #dogsitting
We rummaged through Piri, Bartles and Lady’s old winter wear and did a little photo shoot with our @pirisplace guest dogs 🎄 . Doesn’t really scream holiday cheer 😆 (more like #holidaymugshots but they were such good sports! We made it quick and short because no one really liked wearing the head gear 🙄 yummy treats made up for it though! . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #dogsitter #holidaysatpirisplace #피리네집
😅😅😅 Thanks for being such good sports guys! . We went through our collection to pick out all the winter/holiday accessories to do a photo shoot with the dogs. . They had no idea what they were in for 😅😅 . #pirisplace #roversitter #피리네집 #dogsitting #holidaymugshots
After morning walks and poops and pees and foods and medicine 😊❤️ . #pirisplace #roversitter #피리네집
Breakfast time for Spootie and Clover 😋 . #pirisplace #roversitter #cockapoo #피리네집
Wrapping gifts for guest doggos. . Thanks @jessbaum_ for designing having these gift tags and having them available to download! . . . #pirisplace #피리네집
🐶🐶🐶🐶 : Are you eating bread? We like bread. 👩🏻 : 🙄🙄🙄 . . #pirisplace #dogsitting #roversitter #피리네집
@pirisplace is open! . Our holiday dogs are here - Loki, Spootie, Clover and Mochi. We’ll have two more coming on Christmas Eve 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 . I can’t help but think how much Lady would’ve loved having all her friends over for the holidays. . Miss you Lady girl. I think they all saved you a spot. And for Piri and Bartles, too. 🌻🌻🌻 . . #pirisplace #피리네집 #dogsitter #dogsitting #roversitter #cockapoo #australianshepherdmix #imissyouladybugyoo #imissyoupiri #imissyoubartles
It’s a full house! . We welcomed Spootie and Clover this morning. This will be our crew until Christmas Eve when we have two more friends joining us ❤️ . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting
Good morning from Mochi and Loki 😊❤️🐶🐶 . . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #피리네집
Hello! Our holiday guests have started to arrive 🐶🐶 . Loki and Mochi came just a short while ago. We have two more joining us tomorrow and then two more again on Christmas Eve 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 . Happy Holidays! . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #피리네집
Hello! We wanted to pop in and share a special day with all our friends. . Today would have been Mr. Bartles’ second Gotcha Day! . Looking back on all the photos of him and his Piri’s Place friends makes our heart full. He took on the helm of being the host dog and led everyone on so many adorable shenanigans and tag teamed for extra treats! 😊 . We miss you a whole lot, Mr. B! Hope you are having a ton of fun going on all your amazing adventures 🌻 . #pirisplace #피리네집 #ohbartles #imissyoubartles
hi homies! this is my handsome fur brother, billy (📷 @meyouandpirisplace ). although he crossed the 🌈 bridge, he told me he has a favor he wants me to ask you all in IG world ☺️. since this is the season of giving, can you find it in your ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 to do a small donation to a special fur mama named jane? she’s kinda REALLY awesome and is probably one of the most selfless humans on 🌏 we know! just click on the link in my bio above and...hook a sister up with some 💰💰💰 to help and support asan angels sanctuary in south korea! 👌🏽👌🏽 #billyhan #obgcockerrescue #pirisplace #cocker #cockerspaniel #cockerlove #cockermix #mansbestfriend #asanangelssanctuary #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #donate #givegivegive #happyholidays #adoptdontshop #fosterfailure #pawgstagram #pawgstagram #cockerspanielsofinstagram #cockerlove #cockerspanielworld #cockerlife #cockerspanielheaven
We’re closing out Spootie and Clover’s stay in a short while! . Piri’s Place goes back on break and we’ll be officially back with our holiday guest dogs on Saturday! . #pirisplace #roversitter #cockapoo #dogsitting #피리네집
Spootie found her Christmas present 😅😅😅 . We’re coming out of our break for just one night to look after Spootie and Clover so their parents can dress up as Santa and Mrs. Claus for the neighborhood kids 😊 . . As soon as Spootie came in she found the Kriser’s bag which is filled with presents for our holiday guest dogs. I hid it but she found it again 😅 . It’ll be ready when you are here over Christmas Spoots! . . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #cockapoo #피리네집
Thank you for showing so much enthusiasm for us as we adopt dogs again. . I feel like I woke up a different person now that we have firmly committed. I think Yangkyu noticed a change in me as well - the old Jane is back! While making coffee this morning I said, “Wow our home feels so Christmasy, doesn't it?" He had this clueless look on his face because we've had our decorations up since the day after Thanksgiving. It feels like that allergy commercial. Where things looked blah and then after you apply the eye drops it looks all clear and bright? That's what it feels like today. . Yangkyu had to leave for school just before and will be studying all day for his finals next week. Just two months ago being home alone left me with unbearable dread. About three weeks after, being alone didn't leave me feeling scared and dreadful but I literally spent my days doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. I tried to pick up a book or knitting or coloring or cooking and I just couldn't do it. Maybe picking up mail off of the floor was the only thing I could accomplish. Evenings when I went out with Yangkyu to a nearby cafe were the only moments I was looking forward to. But now everything feels different. I get to think about trivial things like - should I keep their names? What size collar would be a right fit? What should I feed them? How should I arrange their beds? Where should we go for our trip as family? . There was just so much sadness and anger but now there is happiness too and I know within time happiness will win out. . Thank you @dmarie6974 - I feel like our meeting came full circle yesterday. From the time with Lady’s adoption to now with these dogs from Asan Angels Sanctuary. And thank you @alicia.oh for filling me in on the whole flight process for dogs. Not so nervous anymore. And thank you friends for getting just as excited as us. You get sad with us, some even angry with us and happy with us, too, year in and year out. Thank you. . I'm coming out of hibernation to open up Piri's Place for just one night. We're welcoming two dogs for an evening drop on Fri. and we officially open up for the holidays on Sat. ❤️ . #pirisplacevideo
I tend to dream a lot. And Piri seems to find his way into my dreams quite often. And he is always so happy and healthy. . This boy came out again in my dream last night. I must have been sitting our friend’s dog too because they were together and Piri, Yangkyu and I were moving to a new place. It felt so real walking them and hearing the sounds of their leashes, to us opening the door to our new home to even the footsteps and our voices. . . I can’t remember when this video is from but it around the time when we probably first moved here. That bush in the corner is still there and it’s when Gizmo first stayed with us and was a playful puppy. . . 누나 꿈에 자주 찾아오는 피리. 고마워. 사랑해. . #imissyoupiri #pirivideogram #mypiriboo #pirisplace #피리네집
Cody here to bring you a little Monday cheer. . He had just gotten his neuter surgery after being rescued (he was being given up on Craigslist 😢). As soon as he found his new home, his mom had to undergo surgery and so her friends stepped up to care for him while she recovered. And her friends in turn asked me if I could make extra room to care for Cody and their pups (Spootie and Clover) while they go away even though we were already fully booked. I said, of course! 😊 . Sometimes it takes a village! . #pirisplace #chihuahua #피리네집
You know, two nights ago, I had a dream that I had like 10 dogs staying at my house. I remember opening the back door to let them out and there were so many happy paws running about and Yangkyu and I were both laughing. I even woke up with a smile on my face. I think that may explain why I was in such a good mood yesterday. And so my conclusion is that dogs are magic 😊 . . This is an old video of Lady and her friends napping all at the same time - Leo, Spootie, Lady, Mochi, Cody and Clover . . #pirisplace #imissyouladybugyoo #ohmyfairlady #ladyvideogram #dogsitting #dogsitterlife #피리네집
Hello! How is everyone? . We’re still on break and recharging and getting ready to host our Christmas guests. . In the meantime, we’d thought to pop in with an old video of snuggly Angel enjoying the warmth under the blanket! 😊 she just curled herself under there and took a sweet nap ❤️ . . #pirisplace #roversitter #chihuahuamix #피리네집
(Wait for it....) . In this episode of the X-Files.. 😊 . . #pirisplace #dogsitting #ohmyfairladyyoo #imissyouladybugyoo #ladyvideogram #xfiles
I know we’re all about senior doggos around here but did you know during the very early days of @pirisplace we also took in puppies? . This was Cookie and Jacky, Jack Russell Terrier puppies who came to stay with us 😊 they played hard and napped hard! . We stopped taking in puppies when it was harder for Piri to tolerate them. They always wanted to play with him, bite his ears and legs and ram into him and he was just so unstable, falling over and trying to get away. And so slowly our home became more open to senior doggos and adult dogs who liked to nap and chill 😊 . This seems like it was ages ago but I remember them and their stay like it was yesterday. I remember there was a lot of laughter. . . #pirisplace #피리네집 #dogsitting #lifeofadogsitter #jackrussellterrier
I loved the way she showed her excitement and happiness ❤️ . . #imissyouladybugyoo #ohmyfairladyyoo #ladyvideogram #yangkyuswelcomehomecommittee #pirisplace #피리네집
Queen status. . Lady never budged and made everyone else around her move 😊 whenever Yangkyu would tap her to scoot over a little so he could stretch his legs she either looked at him only to fall back asleep or just didn’t look up at all 😊 we laugh about these moments but they are still always followed by a sigh and pain in the heart. . We’ll be taking a long break from Piri’s Place starting today until the 21st. We had originally taken off to spend time as a family, with Lady and take her to see all the holiday things around DC. I wish we had more time with her... ❤️ . . #pirisplace #ohmyfairladyyoo #ladyvideogram #imissyouladybugyoo #피리네집 #morningsatpirisplace
We say bye to Spootie and Clover today ❤️ . . 📌 We’ll be taking a break. Piri’s Place is closed from today until December 21 🏠 . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #cockapoo #피리네집
Just a random video of Bartles hanging out with his Westie friends, Nala and Boo. . I love how he’s just casually roaming and exploring and just being Mr. Bartles ❤️ . . #pirisplace #ohbartles #imissyoubartles #bartlesvideogram #피리네집
Dogs have a way of making us smile ❤️ . Piri and Murray :: Piri had many close friends from Piri’s Place but Murray always brought out his playful side. Murray was afraid of cameras, the slightest sounds and the backyard when it was dark. I remember one night Piri ran in and out of the house showing Murray that it was ok. We were all surprised by his energy and eagerness. . Piri also let him sleep on top of him and while he would go the other way if a dog was in his way, Piri would squeeze by Murray, even if the space was narrow. So out of character for Piri, but something must’ve let him know that Murray was a fun guy to hang with. A kindred spirit. . Murray was a regular at Piri’s Place but when Piri got sicker we took in fewer guests so that I still had the bandwidth to care for guests and give them all my attention and also care for Piri who became more hands on. And slowly we lost touch. Murray was 13 when we first met and I wonder where and how he is. ❤️ . . #pirisplacestories #pirisplace #피리네집 #imissyoupiri #mypiriboo
Flower girls Lady 🌈 & Loki . . #imissyouladybugyoo #pirisplace #ohmyfairladyyoo
Just a little play time after their walkies 😊 . . #pirisplace #roversitter #dogsitting #cockapoo #피리네집
Sometimes we had bookings where it was just all senior doggos. Like a vacation getaway house just for them, where they could nap all day long 😊 . Piri 🌈, Britannia 🌈, FayLynn, Bambi . . #pirisplace #피리네집 #mypiriboo #imissyoupiri
Never missed out on a chance to get belly rubs ❤️ . . #pirisplace #roversitter #피리네집 #cockapoo
Clover’s ready to play 😊 . . #pirisplace #roversitter #cockapoo #피리네집
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