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Princess Pixel hanging out with her favourite human slave @mr_charpau
When i think no one will find me..Why is it so hard to find a nice quiet place to zzz?!
Our papa made us a round concrete slab to chill on! Love it! 😻
I‘m sure my Hoomans & Pixel will not be able to find me..meow! ~ LadyLuna
The self-proclaimed baby! 😸
Chilling on mama‘s yoga mat 😽
Practicing Meowga!
Posing for mama, how do I look?
The fluffy Princess all snuggly under the throw!
Chilling on her fave orange chair!
Little Black Panther 🐱
🐱 Luna turned 4! 🎉
Luna battles the evil USB Cable!
I am a clump of fluffiness!! Cuddle meeeeow!
Good Meowning! Let's do a little yoga to start the day!
Pixel: "i love sitting on my baby hooman bro's high chair, it's comfy!"
Luna: "Do i get treats for posing for my pic to be taken?"
Acrobatic Cat!!
A nice photo of Luna being affectionate & Pixel has to photobomb!
Meow! Enjoying my tummy & neck rub!
Patiently waiting for missy lizzie to drop from the ceiling! Meow!
What?! I'm not lazing around doing nothing! I'm exhausted from all the food I had to eat today! (=_=")
20.03.15 ~ Luna turns 3!! 😻
Chilling out! 😸
Too full from all the CNY feasting that she can't moves...lol
Looking like a lil' kitten!
Peeping out from her basket!
Practicing yoga in her sleep 😄
There is meow to life, without an addiction. Instead of being a foodaholic, i think i can make better use of my time hanging out with my hoomans..meow!
Oh SOoo Yummy!!
Beware of the cat! 😼
Luna 😸
Snuggling with Mommy on a lazy afternoon...
Lady Luna 😍
Princess Pixel 😍
Snuggling side by side!! (a rare sight)
Snuggling with her toys!!
Enjoying the daybed!!
I ❤️ Daddy!
Dinner was really good! 😋
New hideout for the kitties!!
Her new cushion!
Chiling at her fave place in the house ☺
Somebody faceplanting at the tv...😅
Dinner Time!
Pixel is just plain depressed over Spain's early exit...
Luna didn't get the memo about Spain being knocked out of the World Cup. LOL
Roll over for mommy to take a photo..lol
Luna sleeps...
What did she spot?!
Chilling in her new big carton box
Manja Pixel enjoying her neck scratch
It's too damned hot!!! Look everyone!!! I am melting into a puddle of butter!!!
Lazy Pixel bums around after dinner. She is clearly too lazy to move about. 😴
Lady Luna poses elegantly for a photo :)
Pixel's fisheye selfie!! LOL!!!
OMO!! Princess Pixel caught in an unglam pose while grooming herself! 😱😱😱😱
Luna looks cute with her red polka dotty bowtie!
😨 dun come near me!!!!
Pixel looking pretty in her red polka dotty bowtie made with 💕 by Daddy & Mommy!
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