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Feeling like the child on the right today! Mama needs a nap 😅
It was so fun taking photos of a little girl the same age as Scarlett (my daughter)! How sweet is she 😍
Packing up to go do another Mommy & Me! They’ve easily become one of my favorite sessions to do 💞
It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted boudoir on here 🔥
h u j a n .
Indah itu tak selalu ada, senang itu sementara.
Tersenyumlah manisku, sampaikan salam pada orang tuamu —Mustache and Beard
Happy Mother’s Day from Scarlett and I ❤️🌿
He’s the cutest! Look at that model stance 💁🏻‍♀️
Never enough of these photos 💞
these two cuties ❤️
Another sneak peek from yesterday 🌸
So I posted this earlier but realized I posted the wrong edit, which was way too dark and since I’m a perfectionist I had to take it down 😂 Here’s the real before and after!
Something in the way I say your name sends blood rushing to my face • . Model & MUAH: @faithdorgan
I spilled red wine on the carpet, it won't let you forget •
I can’t take how cute this is 😭
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