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Have you ever stopped to really think about Turkeys? Have you ever tried to think about what they might feel about the Thanksgiving holiday? If you do, you know in your heart it is not a happy day for them. Turkeys are not here for you to mindlessly slaughter and consume for the sake of "tradition and holiday" let alone celebrating a day that should be a peaceful and loving day. I plead with you to choose NOT to eat a turkey on Thanksgiving. Start a new tradition and express thanks and gratitude for the abundance of blessings in your life WITHOUT needlessly paying for an innocent life to be taken. I know you have compassion. Please extend that compassion to all living beings and LET THEM LIVE. Are you thankful for you life? Turkeys and all other animals are thankful for theirs too. Don't take their entire life from them. Please. Eat. Something. Else. To you, it's one meal. To them, it's their life. Choose the compassionate choice. Please. Go vegan. 💚🦃 #vegan #govegan #veganism #normalizeveganism #utahvegan #plantpowered #plantbaseddiet #plantbased #turkey #turkeyday #thanksgiving #loveALLbeings #loveanimalsdonteatthem
Good evening, friends. Hope you had a good Wednesday and you're ready for Thanksgiving. Many friends have asked me about my last post – the apple roses – and how to make them with only two ingredients, apples and cinnamon? Here's how. Ingredients🍁 . - 2-3 apples . - cinnamon powder Preparation🍁 - To begin, cut the apples in half, from stem to stern and remove the cores and seeds. - Then, to make the rose petals, cut halves into thin slices. - On the stove top, heat a half cup of water in a pan the water comes to a boil. Add apple pieces and reduce heat to simmer for a second on two, and turn off the heat. Remove apple pieces to a plate to prevent apple pieces from being broken. - Next, using a peeler, gently peel the skin of an uncooked apple, making a continuous peel of about 5-6 inches. - Lay cooked apple pieces on the apple skin string, overlapping the pieces. I used about 4-5 pieces of the cooked apple to make one rose. Then gently roll the apple peel into – a rose. Sprinkle cinnamon over the rose and set it in a small baking cup. Do this until use up all the ingredients. - Turn the oven to 360 degrees and bake the roses until turn golden brown or until to your liking. I baked my roses 25 mins and they turned out quite well. Serve🍁 - When ready to serve, I like to sprinkle some coconut flour over the roses and serve them at room temperature. They're a wonderful addition to an oatmeal breakfast or simply enjoy them just as they are. _______________________________________ . . #healthy  #healthyfood  #veganfoodshare  #vegan #thaiveggiewithb  #appleroses #vegansofig  #veganrecipes #letseatvegan  #plantbased #plantbaseddiet  #eatplants #veganusa  #vegancommunity #veganfoodlovers  #veganfoodporn #cookveganeasy  #fallfood #vegansofinstagram  #veganfoodie #veganvision  #foods4thought #heresmyfood  #picoftheday #f52grams  #dairyfree  #crultyfree #veganisum  #veganworld  #inspiration . . _______________________________________
My second pie of the night!
Tune out the toxicity with past episodes of #yourhighnesspodcast . We are so thankful to all the amazing pioneers in #cannabis who were gracious enough to give us a chance. If you like what you hear, please share the love! #cannabiscommunity #womenwhoweed #cannabisculture #hemplife #plantbased #higherself #hempsavestheworld #cannabusiness #plantsaremedicine
The tiny little strawberries from my garden taste so different to the ones from the supermarket, it’s like they are an entirely different berry. The flavour is difficult to describe - more like rose perfume and definitely less sweet. I wish there were more but the bugs got to the rest of the crop.
Repost from @gardein It's. The. Night. Before. Missing anything? (*HINT HINT*) *Vegan Product of the Day-Countdown to Thanksgiving* #gardein #veganthanksgiving #turkeycutlets #happythanksvegan
Cheeky little #vegan dessert pizza from @576megapixels House made chocolate hazelnut spread, toasted coconut, banana and ice cream.
Hi, everyone! Just popping in to remind you that we're going to be closed for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Our doughnuts will be back at @organicmancoffeetrike on Saturday, which will also be the last day to try our Pumpkin Spice flavor before we retire it for the year. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday filled with plenty of love and gratitude.
Cheerful Chai, Blackberry Energy Fizz Sticks and the ULTIMATE GENIUS ULTRA DEAL!!! Plus so much more!! . I <3 BLACK FRIDAY!! . DM to get yours! . www.cherikelly.arbonne.com . #puresafebeneficial #arbonneconsultant #smallbusiness #smartchoices #getthembeforetheyregone #yummy #blackfriday #arbonnecanada #sale #bonus #deals #discount #healthyliving #vegan #plantbased #proteinshake #lovewhatyoudo :-D <3
I resonate with this right down to my core. For such a long time, I spent all my energy trying to prove my worth to everyone else. Slowly learning that I don’t have to do this anymore, and that people that really care about you, will never ask you to prove your worth; instead will celebrate your small and big wins, push you when you need a push and encourage you when things get tough ✨you are enough.
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