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My birthday is coming up and sending a message to the universe to send me any true love as a present. Hopefully *sighhhh...* 😌💕😩🤞🏽
I cannot believe school has already started time is going by so fast😱
When I look in the mirror, When I see myself there, I know I’m not perfect, From my toes, to my hair; But I know that there is, Right ahead, in front, A girl who is somehow, Loving? But loved. Because deep in my core, I know that it’s true, That someone does care, Just as I do, for you. You might think that that means, I’m always okay, Believe me I’m not, We all have a bad day. And I’ll have nagging thoughts, That won’t leave my head, And I’ll say things I don’t mean, Not nice, cruel instead, I’ll beat myself up, About things that are small, Things that to most people, Mean nothing at all. I’ll tell my self words, That I believe right, That I’m stubborn and selfish, And horrid alright. That I’m a pain, I’m useless, There’s no point in trying, But I know I shouldn’t, So there’s no use in crying. But you see that it builds Up inside you,barred such in a cage, And it explodes and roars Till you’re screaming with rage. But somewhere I still see, That I’m better than this, I’ve got a life I could live, And people I’d miss. So why am I saying this? It won’t help you will it? Here’s a surprise, I know that you already know it. You might not think you Have friends who care, Or family perhaps, But trust me, someone is there, You too are loved, You too are cherished, You too are wonderful, And you can & will flourish. . . . Hiya loves! How are you? Different post to usual, do you like it? It’s my profile photo ahah I’m doing my last three mocks tomorrow, French reading and listening and then History Paper 2, then it’s over (apart from drama practical Friday!) Q- If you were to invite three fictional characters over for tea who would they be and would they get along? I’d invite Bilbo Baggins, Sherlock Holmes and maybe Inej, I think they’d get along in a weird sort of way- or they’d kill each other- metaphorically or physically, who knows? What about you? . . . #youngwriters #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #writing #vsco #writingcommunity #poetry #poetsofig #ypn #youngpoetsnetwork #instagram #poetryfeature #bookfeatures #tumblr
The latest #poetrycollaboration comes to you from the pens of @izusiwriter & @archer.poetry. ⁣ ⁣ My coauthor is a sweet and gentle hearted optimist. She has strong desire to spread love and boost self esteem through her writing. It was a pleasure to work together.⁣ ⁣ If you are interested in collaborating, please send me a DM. I’m happy to work together on a piece or write a poem for your artwork and photography.⁣ ⁣ -Archer
Empty in the moments I forget to forget you, I let the memories seep in Filling me Like the tide coming in Only to be let out again How I wish you could only love those that loved you back But it never works like that It seems when one abandons The other The feelings only grow stronger So here I am carrying A burden Wishing for a love that never was watching the tide rise Breathing to the sound of the waves enjoying this moment as much I as I can enjoy any other that does not contained you and I together Wistfully I stare at the sky turning pale already adorned by the moon And that to, reminds me of you. // art by @muhammedsalah_ . . #artistsoninstagram #poetry #poetryporn #poetryofinstagram #poetrylovers #poetryfeature #poetsandwritersfeature #featurepoetry #globalagepoetryfeature #poetsfeature #featurepoet #poems #poemsporn
“The night darkens around you as the grasps of the void lure you into its dreary realm. Lights fade. You stand alone in the midst of your own demons, the nightmares your mind conjures up to prevent the light from entering. The air around you is chilly. It almost feels like a journey that you didn’t ask for, a wish that was never yours. Silence. Pain. Emptiness is all that lurks before your eyes. And then you see a flicker. It’s small, but it’s just enough to fill you with a warmth that would otherwise be stolen by the darkness. You follow the light, as rough and rocky as the path to it may be. Sometimes you wish to return to the darkness, enveloped in its comfortable grasps, still aware of the fact that the longer you stay in it, the more you die inside. You continue to walk. The wounds begin to close, the scars begin to heal. Sometimes, the rocks hurt your feet and the bruises open again, but you go on. You don’t stop. Not until you reach the light. You reach the light. It holds you in its arms, wraps around you with the warmth of a lover, of the sun. You made it. You may never be okay, but the pain will eventually fade. Your wounds will heal. You smile as your darkness dissipates into a thousand hues of dawn.” [my path is my destination] #photography #poetryfeature #photographyfeature #vscoindia #poetsoninstagram #writing #moodycam #iphonexphotography
i hope you find some of you in some of this and think to yourself finally. i am not alone. -to the reader | coming soon 💙
I am absolutely sure⁣ truth is not absolute.⁣ Any subject subjected to subjectivity ⁣ feels the full weight of my faulty filters⁣ ⁣ The lens lends itself to the lie⁣ Hook, line and sink her.⁣ ⁣ - Excerpt from Words with Wordsmith by Archer
We all know this one ☝🏽 @rupikaur_
If you care, you’d be here by my side.
I mess up.⁣ I get weird.⁣ I am weird or maybe I'm just wired that way⁣ ⁣ -Excerpt from “Pretty as a” by Archer
I knew a woman, Frail as could be, Who was breaking and broken, Weak to the knees. And she carried the whole world, In a bag on her back, Though she could not bear That weight, still on her back, a sack. And she carried it around, Like a lion with his cub, She carried it about, Like something one does love. But the world was young, And so it grew old, Greedy for money, Land and metals like gold. For the world was growing, And with it she too, For the world was lazy, But still the woman knew, That if she did not take it With her, everywhere, The world would not function, For the old woman did greatly care. As the world grew up, It could bear his own weight, But he refused to stand, Until it was too late. The old woman collapsed, The world stood, confused, For the old woman had fallen, She had been all used. For the world had taken, All the love that she had, All the care, all the time, All resources for their bad- Their bad actions, Which it seemed they cared not, Their selfish quarrels, The true meaning? Forgot. So the moral of this tale? It seems to show itself, Be careful with what you want; Don’t take more than yourself. For the world was foolish, Not always young and naive, And the old woman loving, With her heart on her sleeve. . . . . Hiya loves! This is inspired by a poem I’ve written but not shared with you because I’m keeping it for a possible book 🥰🙈 which I keep wanting to add to, so we’ll see if it happens. I haven’t asked this I don’t think; where would you like to go? And why? And also MORE importantly, what do you want to say to OUR leaders about selfishness and taking from others? . The poem is kind of my answer! And I’d like to go to America, maybe NYC, or Geneva to the UN. . . This photo was taken in Norfolk, by the coast, where there is a seal population and they are adorable. . . . #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #writing #instagram #poetry #poetrycommunity #writingcommunity #poet #youngwriters #youngpoet #poetryfeature #writingfeature #unicef #climatechange
“Magenta Obituary” -Hans C.M. . . . Act III. The first person to point out the internal poem across the acts correctly will receive a poem written by myself based on a topic of their choosing.
Excerpt from Punishing Dares by Archer⁣ ____________________⁣ ⁣ My post this evening is an excerpt from an old poem out of the archives. I’m not particularly pleased with the overall piece anymore but this one stanza still speaks to me. Perhaps I’ll rewrite it some day and frame the poem around this foundation.⁣ ⁣ Stay inspired my friends and thanks for the follow 💞⁣
Sometimes I just want to runaway and leave this country without telling anyone. And the sad truth is I don’t think anyone would be sad about it here and even the people I hold close to would care about maybe for a week and that’s it. It’s kind of sad and selfish of me to say but I don’t feel like I am important to anyone in my town. Everything is temporary and no one will put effort on you. Everything moves on and I’d be still heartbroken over everyone. But why am I trying to be significant? Idk.
Sometimes I feel like I haven’t really connected with anyone in my entire life.
yet in the morning. the sky turned grey, for the stars, had not danced their dance. and the sun was not ready to shed her light. . . . Hiya loves! A short poem today, just your weekly reminder that you are valid. Here’s a list of what is valid; • Your feelings • your pain • your thoughts • your problems • pancakes • your beliefs • your ideas • YOU Thank you for coming to my TED talk. But seriously, you are valid. Your everything is valid. I talk a lot on here about self worth and confidence (well in my poetry anyway) and I just wanted to tell you, FYI that you don’t have to always feel beautiful. As Sherlock puts it; ‘Beauty is a construct based entirely on childhood impressions, influences and role models.’ It’s okay not to feel beautiful sometimes. But it’s not okay to not love yourself all the time (as in, you always hate yourself) if that’s the case, talk to someone, figure it out. . . . . #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #writing #instagram #poetry #poet #youngpoet #youngwriter #blog #vscocam #vsco #tumblr #literature #poetryfeature #inspirationalquotes
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