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Thanks bathroom wall for aesthetically matching my look ✌🏻 #ponyboys #mirror #meandthiselevatorgonbebestfriends #sweater #winter #vsco #aesthetic
Meeting Macy for the first time😍🥰😍🥰#stickandball #polo #minipony #ponyboys
❎SOLD❎ 2 Size S Pastel Colorblock Button-Ups PRL & Chaps (also by RL). Polo $50 Shipped. Chaps $18 Shipped. $60 for both. Didn't iron them because I thought the 🔥 from the pieces themselves would get the wrinkles out
If you’re ever feeling bored, and you just need an escape, grab a frackin’ hardhat and a couple rolls of tape. #whileyouweresleeping #hotlapcreations #hardhat #ponyboys #ihesrules repost: @tman1674
Best hospitality from a restaurant repping #SOLO #ponyboys #japan #lifestyle #restaurant #living #BE_YA
#ponyboys wishing happy hallowing
He’s gold crews fearless leader, the ruler of us punks, we know he wants to hit the beach, but never brings his trunks. #beachagain #makeworkgreatagain #ponyboys #goldcrew
Thank you Dad and Kathy (Britt & Chad too) for the beautiful wedding gift. Captures Sly and Chester perfectly! 😍 #ponyboys
Winter operations are in session, it’s cold and wet but don’t be stressin’, there’s no water for the boiz to get in, but when this freezes up we’ll get some cheques in. #makeworkgreatagain #makingmoneyandmemories #fracking #oilfield #coiledtubing #ponyboys #goldcrew #beachagain
Never forget where you came from 💎🎃 #sticks #yingang #bongwater #lettucesandwich #ponyboys #sunshine
We’d hit the beach, but it’s been cold, so we re-construct this manifold. In 8 more months, it’s summer then, you’ll find us at the #beachagain . #ponyboys #goldcrew #makeworkgreatagain #oilfield
Panola Baseball...The Boys Are Back! #ponyboys
Zo série bývalý playboy lokál Juhoslávie #haludovo #urbex #fed5 #ponyboys #analogphotography
Blendo hits it with a rinse, Hotlap douses it in foam, cruiser’s lookin fly as f*ck, It’s time to pin er’ home #beachcruiser #makeworkgreatagain #beachagain #ihes #goldcrew #ponyboys
All these years people have been saying to me,"You look like a Jackass!" Is this what they’ve meant? Got to meet @chrispontius after another great @killtonyshow @thecomedystore. 📸by @ladyboner69 #twinsies #stuntdouble #ponyboys #braidbros #blacktees #bluejeans #Jackass #WildBoyz #TheOutsiders #KillTony #NumberOneLivePodcastInTheWorld #MondaysAreForKillTony #TheComedyStore
The summers over & I barely got to ride. I need to fix that this fall. #ponyboys #haflinger #poniesofinstagram #getoutside #goforaride #familyfun #enjoyingfall #farmlife
When I say “BOISE” you say “STATE” #ponyboys #wishiwasyoungagain
Bleed it down and knock it off, through the dust he chokes and coughs, I wouldn’t call Sliptank soft, you piss around his pops go off 🏅🐎 #oilfield #fracking #makingmoneyandmemories #makeworkgreatagain #ponyboys #ironhorseenergy
Big bellied boys enjoying their breakfast 💚 It’s 1 degree here this morning, so these guys think that they are STARVING....I think they’ll be fine...#ponylove #naturesbeauty #ponyboys #fall #firstfrost #sunshine #green #beautifulhues #beautifulponies #lovemyboys #sograteful
Chapter 25 *FINALE* *ONE WEEK LATER* If you’re expecting me to say “Things have calmed down and gone back to normal” then you’re wrong. Pony’s been sick, we’ve all missed a crap ton of school, and nobody’s gotten over the deaths of our two greasers. I’ve kind of fallen into a small hole of depression. I’ve been at my house for a while, just in my room, sleeping or doing nothing. I’ve gone over to check on the gang at least once everyday but I go back home within five minutes of being there. Although it’s Saturday and yesterday was the day Pony first went back to school. I plan to stay at the Curtis’s a bit longer and try to break out of my recent habits. I knock on the door and Pony answers. “Hey y/n.” He says warmly. “Hey.” I reply. “Oh, um, come in. I’m just working on some homework.” He says and he lets me in. We make our way over to Sodas and his room and we sit on the bed. “How are you? Since yesterday you went back I’d imagine you feel better?” I checked. “Yah, it’s okay,” he pauses and then asks me “Y/n, where are we?” I was genuinely confused so I asked him “What do you mean by that?” “Remember that kiss...?” Now I remember. “Well, where do you want us to be?” Please say girlfriend and boyfriend, please say girlfriend and boyfriend. “I like you, y/n. I was hoping we would be together.” He finishes. I think about what I want to say next but instead, I lean in to kiss him, and he pushed his lips against mine. I break apart to say “Me too.” And we both smile. “I have to show you something.” He says and he pulls out pages and pages or writing. As I read, the story looks familiar and I realize.. its our story. “Pony, I’m speechless...” I finally form words. “It’s supposed to be some form of a book as a tribute to Johnny and Dally. This is my homework. I just, don’t know what to call it.” He says. I ponder on this thought, and I say “I know, it’s simple...” I start and he looks at me, “The Outsiders.”
Chapter 24 The officer suddenly looked guilty. “Is he okay?” He asked. “He will be if we get there as soon as possible.” I reply, stressed. “I’ll escort you three then.” The cop says and walks back to his car. Dally starts up his and accelerates as the cop follows. Dal honestly looked like he was gonna break down and I felt so bad for him. “I was crazy,” he starts, “I was crazy for wantin’ Johnny to stay outta trouble, ya know? If he was smart, like me, he woulda never been through any of is, man.” He starts to get angry. “Dally, it’ll be fine, what happened, happened and we can’t fix it.” I say, hoping to calm him down but I don’t know if I’m really helping. “Get tough like me, and nobody gets hurt.” He tells me with force. We just about arrive at the hospital and we all rush in, staggering up to Johnny’s room. I see his room, and a doctor walks out of it. He sees us and stops us before entering and says “Be careful in there guys, he’s dying.” He gently warns us. No. No no no no no, he couldn’t be. My eyes well up and I rush in there and see him even worse than the last time we saw him. Dally walks over to Johnny’s right side while Ponyboy and I go over to his left. Pony looks like he’s about to break down as well. “Heeey Johnny. We beat the Socs man, chased ‘em right out of our territory.” Dally whispers with excitement. “Its... useless.” Johnny croaked. Dally looked bewildered, “What?” “Fightin’ won’t do you no good.” Johnny explains with the little amount of air he has left to spare. Something’s about to happen and I can feel it. My heart is banging against my ribcage knowing whats happening. “Pony...Ponyboy...” Johnny whispers. I nudge Pony a bit to let him get closer to Johnny. He bends down near Johnny’s mouth and I can barely hear him say, “S-stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.” And after that follows a flatlining beep. I didn’t realize my face was wet from tears until now. My hand raised to my mouth to quiet my whimper. “No, no no no no.” I cry-no...sob. I’m in full blown sobs now. Pony wants to ugly cry, I know it, but only lets out a quiet sob here and there. He sees me and brings me into a hug as one hand goes to the back of my head into his shoulder. MIC
The horseman... Wright Park is where you can experience horseback riding one of the oldest activity in #BaguioCity for tourists #BaguioCityGuide #BaguioCity #PonyBoys #Horse #Horses #Tourism #Travel #Baguio
Chapter 23 It has officially started, two Soc’s cornered me. I kicked one where the sun doesn’t shine which caused him to fall over. Then I high-kicked the other Soc on the chin . Okay, y/n you got this. I continue to beat the crap out of them both but I felt someone ram into my side and we tumble. Next, he’s on top of me, and not in the good way. He slugs me in the jaw which hurt like a bitch. I managed to squirm from under him and get out, so I jumped on his back. I eventually ended up making his back give out. I start helping everyone who needs it. As I help Soda take out this one Soc, I notice the rest start to run away and I don’t believe my eyes. We won! “Y/n!” I hear a voice call, as I turn to see Dally. “Dally, h-how did get out?!” I ask bewildered. “Not now, we gotta go see Johnny. Where’s Pony?” He questions. “I don’t know,” I pause and stare at a smaller body attempting to get up from the ground. “...oh my god, is that him over there?” I point as Dally looks in the direction. “I got him.” He says as he runs off to help, with me following. As we jog over, Pony looks like he’s been brutally beaten up with blood dripping from him temple, lip, and cheeks. Dallas picks him up from behind, “You okay? Huh?” He checks, but doesn’t get any response from Pony besides eyes shut tight and a quivering lip. I was about to break down from the sight. “Pony, listen to me, you’re gonna be okay, but we need to go check on Johnny.” I reassure and he nods. I put his arm around my shoulder and help him to Dally’s car. I assist Pony to the passenger side as I climb in the back. I just then realized how much I was actually aching, I bet I cracked a rib or two. As we started to drive, Dallas went around 20 miles per hour over the speed limit which led to police sirens and the red and blue lights that follow. “Damnit!” I ran my fingers through my hair, stressed. “Relax, y/n, Ive got this.” He reassures as he pulls over. The officer walks up to the window and says “You better have a good reason for driving like that.” He starts but then is interrupted. “Yea, these two were in a bit of an accident so I’m taking them to the hospital.” Dally says innocently. Comment below!!
Two wrongs don’t make a right. But two facts make a dead ass. #ayerr #ponyboys
Well everybody summer has come and gone and we made it a great one. We will miss our kids but hope they start their school year off strong. We fit so much in for only 3 months but it was all worth it. We learned about horses and ourselves and the people around us. We made new friends with ponies and people, we worked on our skill and did things we thought we couldn’t do at the start of the season. We jumped, cantered, and some of us even rode for the first time in a long time or ever. We got new kids and said goodbye to old ones. At the end of the day we go home knowing we made a difference and learned something new. I just want to give a huge thank you to the kids in this program that make it all worth it and a huge thank your to the parents and supporters in our program, we thank you for what you have done to support us in any way possible. We say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year weather it’s 7th grade or freshman year and even senior year for some of our kids and even college and new adventures. We give big thanks to(to name a few) Howarth Park, @cahorsesupply , Western Farm Center, @mrsmagygarza , @hilberman , @horsesheartsoul , Shawn, and of course the little kids who oh so much enjoy their pony rides on Peanut(Ms.P), Jack(Mr.Jack/Jackson) , Lucy(Lucy Lu), Sweetie(sweetiekins), Luna(looney tunes, lunacorn, luney, lune bug, Luna tuna), Willow(Willow Bean), Mr.Magoo(Magoo goo bear). What an amazing summer this year and amazing memories(slide show video coming soon😉) #summer #pxpress #memories #ponypals #theponyexpress #ponyexpress #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #ponycamp #rivertrip #sanomacounty #howarthpark #lazydays #ponykids #ponygirls #ponyboys
Chapter 22 We were all running out, the adrenaline was kicking into our systems. Ponyboy jumped onto Darry’s and I saw the gang doing multiple gymnastic tricks. As for myself, I did a cartwheel, and as I landed I jumped and landed a super badass backflip. “Daaaamn, y/n!” I heard Two-bit drunkenly chant. We were all walking to the rumble site. The atmosphere was starting to feel more tense as we watched other greasers walk to the area. Ponyboy and Tim talked to each other for a bit, and I noticed loads of fancy cars coming our way. Everyone automatically lined up, in our own stances. I stood between Soda and Steve and watch Darry and his old buddy Paul exchange a few not-so-friendly “Hi”s. I tense as I feel a hand grab my shoulder, and as I turn to look in the direction from which it came from, I met Soda’s face. “Please be careful, call out for us if you’re in a pickle.” He warned, and I nodded. Then I suddenly turn to the direction of someone yelling, “Aint no rumble a rumble without me!” Next I turn my head to the sounds of a punch which came from a Soc next to a Ponyboy on the ground. “Pony!” I screamed as all hell broke loose.
BT-001 made it to the shop, head to work, hit the beach to make some panties drop. #ponyboys #beachagain #oilfield #fracking #makeworkgreatagain
Today I dressed my momma up and took her for a pony ride. Our matchy smartpak shirts tied the mother daughter theme in so swell. So lucky to have a well behaved beast to babysit her around the farm! . . . Did I mention he’s FOR SALE 😍 . . . #piperbreeches #smartpakstyle #c4belts #ponyboys #poopaloosa
Mares and foals often move in unison but these two, while they live together, are unrelated and yet... #ponyboys #myhorseyloves #insync #horsesofig
Rigging in at double time, on my shoulders Brendo climbs, hammers sound like old wind chimes, then hit the beach with beers n’ limes #riggingin #oilfield #ponyboys #ironhorseenergy
Where’s the solo pony? #slaps #ponyboys #graffiti #minneapolis #maps
When time drags on, and the goal seems out of reach, we’ll do what it takes to get our bodies on a beach. #makeworkgreatagain #ponyboys #beachagain #oilfield #frac #sand #20 /40 @missbekasue
Found a wicked beach spot near Kindersley, for anyone in the oilfield looking to #makeworkgreatagain and relax out of the trailer or hotel room while working in the area, this is the place. #6am #niteshift at the #beachagain #ponyboys #ironhorseenergy @riglynx
#Repost @ihesbeachboiz ・・・ Couldn’t wait to leave the lease, to give Blendo the birthday beats, where the shore and water meet, is the place we call the beach #beachagain #beachboiz #ponyboys #ironhorseenergy @riglynx #oilfield
Couldn’t wait to leave the lease, to give Blendo the birthday beats, where the shore and water meet, is the place we call the beach #beachagain #beachboiz #ponyboys #ironhorseenergy @riglynx #oilfield
Bunch’a guys bunch’a tris (boxed) #lezcano #256 #ponyboys
Since we’re short on S.S Goodtimes floating units, we took a quick float on a ferry in the meantime. @dreamboatsmfg #beachboiz #ponyboys
Beach boiz doing what we do best, picking up trash, leaving beauty for the rest. #beachagain #ponyboys #oilfield
Always good to limber up, before we fill our beach boy cups, the air is cold, most think it’s rough, good thing the beach boys are so tough. #beachagain #ponyboys #6am #kindersley #oilfield
Still the beach boys, even without our beach toys. stay tuned 6am Thursday for some fresh n floaty content cause we’re hitting the #beachagain #floatordie #ponyboys
Chapter 21 “Guys, say something.” I asked, scared of their response. “Y/n, we love you, you know that, and you’re a great greaser,” Soda went on before I interrupted and said “Yes, good things, tell me more.” I said. Sodapop sighed and continued, “I don’t know if you understand how serious this fight is. This fight is winner takes all, basically. I don’t know how bad this will be.” He calmly explained. “But I-I-I have helped fight in the past and I reckon I can cam fight pretty damn well. Come on, please? Steve, what do you think?” I interrogated. Steve glances at Soda and then me, and said “I think we need every greaser there with us, including y/n.” He said. “YES!” I beamed. “Okay, I guess you’re right.” Soda gave in. “You guys won’t regret it, you know it!” I smiled. Soda grinned and walked in on Ponyboy and Darry talking and. I heard Ponyboy say “How come you don’t worry about Soda so much?” which is when I walked in on them and smiled. “Man, that is one kid-brother I aint gonna worry about because I least he can use his head, one thing for rubbing hair on. Lets go!” He shouted and we all ran out, not prepared for the damage yet to come. -COMMENT BELOW
Just a couple pals ponying around trying to look like we belong.... #DeightonCup #PonyBoys #Suspies #PALs
Dbods on the axe and he’s got a heavy hand, pretty good at chopping wood when he can barely stand. #ponyboys #dressedforthebeachagain
One of the oldest bridges in Saigon, built in 1893. #Saigon #Travel #GetUpAndGo #ThatBridgeTho #PonyBoys #StayGoldenPonyBoys #WalkingTheCity
Ayer te solte la rienda para que galoparas solo 🐎 adios 😪 #ponyboys
Beachboiz ft. Uncle Ray Ray on the ski #beachagain #ponyboys @fraymondp
If you don’t know where I am I’m probably at the #beachagain #ponyboys
Another beautiful morning for coffee on the deck and horse watching #kittenneedssomeboundaries #ponyboys
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