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#30for30 #Selfcare A lot of the stuff out there now tries to convince moms and older women that their appearance doesn’t matter and to embrace old age. That’s great and all but it’s not about impressing anyone when you care. These blogs send the wrong message that “caring” about yourself is obsessing over youth. False. It’s waking up and saying “damn I love that girl in the mirror over there.” Impressing self = loving self. My goal for going into 30 is: keeping up with self care. I hate when I get acne breakouts so I’ve been faithfully using @sundayriley clarifying oil and clarifying acne mask. I swear by it. #selfcare #selflove #milf #hotmomsclub #scarymommy #popsugarmoms #sundayriley
Next Friday we will be releasing our newest collab with @sweetskyenicknacks 🙊😍 We are absolutely dying over these outfits! SweetSkye headbands and new Georgia crops will be available at 7pm CST Friday 🌸 Amazing photograph from @growlovelyphotography 🌿
The love is REAL for our Charlie Boy .... he’s our over the top sweet child, wild man red head, color on every inch of the house artist, body dive off the couch superhero, Kiss your face til you can’t breathe lover, & snuggle bug. I knew he was a boy by the way he karate kicked me every night I was pregnant . He can’t be tamed like his daddy and is his own kind of sensitive . I’m so grateful for my lil fire cracker. Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweetest lil man ( who thinks he’s my boyfriend ❤️😍). 📸 @heididrexlerphotography . . . . #our_everyday_moments #babyboy #newborn #mamasboy ##motherhoodthroughinstagram #momtruth #candidchildhood #bloggermom #momslivinghappy #popsugarmoms #ig_motherhood #lifedailymoms #uniteinmotherhood #mindfulmotherhood #littlefierceones #feelthefeelings #everydaymoments #thatsdarling #babygram #momofthree #reallife #mamasboy * #momlifeisthebestlife #dailyparenting #ohheymama #iluminatechildhood #letthembelittle #jellybelly
So this is it: #ThirdTrimester 😳🙌🏼 I haven’t shared much of this journey. I can’t believe how fast it has been. So much has happened in between. The first thing I’ll say is that it has been far from easy, or glamorous. Some days I feel guilty for not enjoying this process as much as many other mamas/mamas-to-be who make it look so simple. I always hoped to be on that level, and for a while that just wasn’t the case. I appreciate the good days, and do what I can to stay active now....when I can...because for almost 5 months I wasn’t cleared to do much physical activity. There was a point where I was so sick, I was down 10lbs and lucky if I could hold down a glass of water. But I’m back-ish! And it feels good to get my miles in again! Just to be clear, there are still some tough days, and I know it’s not over, (the “morning” sickness is here to stay) but it has been one heck of a ride to get here. I haven’t said it enough, but THANK YOU to my family and friends (especially my mama(s) and my husband). Ya’ll have been so supportive and understanding even when I haven’t been as openly gracious. I wish I could express how whole-heartedly appreciative I am to each of you better, but just know I’m truly grateful for all of your patience, and understanding, and for letting me prepare in my own ways for this next chapter. So this is it: #ThirdTrimester 💪🏼🍼 #MotherRunner
☘ Day 7 in my own popsugarfitness challenge, 1 of 4 weeks complete ☘😀💪
I’m back! Today I did a wedding hairstyle and I did a flower braid. Since I missed the flower braid in the challenge yesterday this post is for that challenge! #30daysnewbraids #30dnbday22 Let me know what you think?👇🏻 . . . #braidchallenge #challengeoftheday #hudabeauty #samvilla #hairblogger #momlife #weddinghair #flowerbraid #bridemaid #updo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #tousledandtangledhair #samvilla #masshairstylist #hairblogger #modernsalon #sweetheartshair #tangledandtrue #braidsinaction #princesshairstyles #haircult #popsugarmoms #pienados #flette #trenza #momswhodohair #itsthelittlethings
Saturday vibes. ☕️
Since it’s #nationalpinkday I’ll just leave this here 💕 . Whos in love with their best life? 🙋🏼‍♀️ #moms #mom #girlmomlife #boymom #saturday #pinkeverything
Weekend hangs 💕
Better together 💓💓 || Happy Saturday friends! Could this sister duo be any sweeter?! || photo via @the.meza.girls
Our week ahead is going to look a little like this 👙 swimsuits, sunglasses & sunshine, plus a cute wet baby 👶🏻 #saturdayvibes
After a 3 hour drive, nearly getting stuck in a sand bank in the middle of wales, 3 beaches later, we finally found a perfect place to stop. I will remember next time to get more organised when travelling 🤦‍♀️😂
The cutest lion in our Nora maxi dress 😍 All maxi dresses come with pockets!! Our favorite detail and sure to be your little ones too. Love this @nativefable bonnet and the perfect shot from @growlovelyphotography 🌿
Yay for the weekend #tgif
Alllllllll the naps 😴 Tag a mama who needs a nap + who loves rose gold! 🙌🏼 . PS. Is it bedtime yet? 🙃 . Shop link in bio // Etsy.com/shop/graceandcrew #mamaneedsanap #isitbedtimeyet #tiredmom #mood #mommy #mama #mamalife
Cheers to the LONGEST WEEK EVER being on its way out AND cheers to this girl being some-what, mostly, but not 100% yet, potty trained.
She’s not officially 3 months old until the 30th, but she was born on Good Friday so we’ve been counting Friday’s. This week she slept through the night twice! She also rolled over this morning. She’s been using her hands to grab at things and she continues to smile and coo and melt our hearts. ❤️❤️❤️
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So excited to bring another new item into our summer mini release!! We are in LOVE with this midi skirt 😍 The perfect outfit for your twirling little ones. Available at 7pm CST on 6/29 🌸 PC 📷: @growlovelyphotography
🌼 Happy midsummer! 🌼 Day 6 workout is now done! 😍
Out with my entourage errday.
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These crazy little chickies making me run in my dress and platforms. #keepmeyoung #beachnights #meglegstravel
Throw your hands in the aaaiiiir cuz it’s summer and ya just don’t caaaaare.. #micdrop #wicawica 🎤 😜#imembarrassedformyself
33 weeks pregnant + this mama couple use a nap 😴 L O V I N G this oatmeal + rose gold color combo + my new nude lip color 😍 . Any other mamas out there that could use a nap? 🙋🏼‍♀️ . Click the link in bio or go to Etsy.com/shop/graceandcrew #mamaneedsanap #goodnight #rosegold #mamalife #girlmom #boymom #twinmom #preggo #33weekspregnant #33weeks #mommyandme #mommy #momlifestyle
We still have some ready to ship 4th of July bows in the shop! Hurry over and check out the collection. Many bows are perfect all summer as well 💙
How I feel about it only being Thursday too 😒 How darn sweet is @suzanne__bryant ’s little one in our blush Georgia crop & cheetah shorties?! So in love with this combo 😍
Never did I think I would be able to exercise like this at almost #33weekspregnant But my goodness does it feel good to do something that makes me feel, well like me, instead of a waddling pregnant women 😂 Thankful my workout buddy has made it easy on me 💪 . . ➡️ Swipe - step shuffle - kb swings - band squat hops
17+ weeks and baby is the size of an Italian lemon 🍋. Not really, but depending on what app you use the baby is always some sort of fruit or vegetable. But seriously, the lemons in Italy were huge and these weren't even the biggest we saw. And yes, I just so happen to be wearing a lemon dress 😉. You know what they say...when in Rome, or in our case, more like Sorrento #17weeks #allthelemons #almaficoast
When one kid ends up with yogurt in their hair and all up in their eyes (WHY😑) and the other ends up with puréed sweet potatoes in their nostrils, you give them post lunch milk baths 🛀🌸🥛
Feeling all the summer vibes with our new Color Block Ollie Romper 🌿 So perfect for this hot weather we are having!! Made in the softest 100% organic gauze from and available in size 6/12 months up to 6 years 🌸
The Sea Breeze bows are in stock and ready to ship, part of our 4th of July Collection! Perfect all year round, with so many ways to style 🌊
Excuse her muddy sandals. 😂 but look at this gorgeous color and this outfit from @salt.and.rain Use code Bellasentme
She is absolutely 100 percent crazy about cats😂 Just like her Mom 👋. Btw. No cats were harmed in the making of this photo👍. Also this has to be one of my favorite outfits from the small shops. So cute . Thank you @carli.and.clo
Mix n match for the perfect OOAK Camera Necklace 💗. Available tonight 6pm pst. @landocolors FB
& Summer officially starts now....Bring on the ice cream 👙🍦👧🏻☀️👶🏻 . . . . (Photo inspo @priscilla_mariexo ☺️)
I love to watch her development 🎀 Each day is very special for us and I know it will never comeback. I’m enjoying this time as much as I can, like every important moment of my life. We don’t need to hurry things, because time flies already!🐣🐥 #love . . . . . #mom #momlife #mommylife #mommy #igkids #momslifeisthebestlife #girlmom #dailyparenting #ohheymama #iluminatechildhood #letthembelittle #pixel_kids #momtogs #our_everyday_moments #motherhoodtroughinstagram #momtruth #candidchildhood #clickinmoms #mommyblogger #momslivinghappy #popsugarmoms #momblogger #uniteinmotherhood #littlefierceones #baby
Check & Console is the most popular sleep training method for babies age 4 months to 4 years old! #tiredasamother #sleeptraining #teamnosleep #momsohard #infantsleep #babysleep #toddlersleep
I’m at the movies with my two littles and literally all I can think about is taking a nap 🤣 #pregnantproblems Wish me luck because y’all, my 3 year old is a terror and has neverrrrr been to the movies 😬 . You can grab this mauve racerback tank in the shop for 10% off! Soooo soft + we all know a mama who needs a nap! 😴 #summer #summertime #mamastired #mamaneedsanap #tanktop #moms #mom #mama #
•• IN-HOME VISITS: Now announcing in-Home visits available for Portland, Oregon & Orange County California families! With this new service, available for babies under 4 weeks of age, Lauren will come to your house and work with your family to determine your baby’s soothing preferences, review your nursery & nutrition, and show you EXACTLY how to put your baby down for a nap unassisted with any tears (yes- it’s possible!). Limited availability; to inquire about scheduling, email us at hello@sleepandthecity.com ! •• . . . . Photography courtesy of our fave PDX photographer @laycebaumanphotography
Ready for tonight’s showcase! See ya at the @landocolors FB group tonight 6pm pst. 💗
I feel like it’s 10x harder to actually shower and get coffee now that the kids are out of school. Please tell me I’m not alone! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Feeling pretty good this morning since I got to take a bath last night and relax while everyone was asleep. I swear it’s the little things that make me happy. 😅
364 days ago 💙 tomorrow this sweet boy will be 1 year old. The past year has equally been the shortest and longest year yet. Transitioning to 3 babies was not easy but oh man did you make it oh so sweet. Walker John I love you more than I can express. You are my little sunshine ☀️☀️ . . . . * #momlifeisthebestlife #dailyparenting #ohheymama #iluminatechildhood #letthembelittle #our_everyday_moments #babyboy #newborn #mamasboy ##motherhoodthroughinstagram #momtruth #candidchildhood #bloggermom #momslivinghappy #popsugarmoms #uniteinmotherhood #mindfulmotherhood #littlefierceones #feelthefeelings #everydaymoments #thatsdarling #babygram #momofthree #reallife #mamasboy #ig_motherhood #lifedailymoms #firstbirthday #stlmom
This is how we are spending our days. Shelling all day long. It really never gets old. We sent daddy out to swim with the sharks for sand dollars. 😬 #noshame #beachlife #seashells #marcoisland
Thursday #Hairspiration ! #Repost @tousledandtangledhair ・・・ Another day of dance class and another bun style! Its day 12 of #30daysnewbraids and its Loop Braid! I decided to do a regular bun and left hair out to do a loop braid. Then pinned it to the front of the bun. It wasn’t long enough to go all around the bun so I added 2 pink bows to make up for the missing braid. As you can my sweet pea absolutely loved this style and felt like a princess! What do you think? 👇🏻 #30dnbday12 . bows from @novarosiehandmade . #braidchallenge #challengeoftheday #dancebun #dance #ballerinabun #hudabeauty #samvilla #hairblogger #momlife #dancemom #loopbraid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #tousledandtangledhair #samvilla #masshairstylist #hairblogger #modernsalon #sweetheartshair #tangledandtrue #braidsinaction #princesshairstyles #haircult #popsugarmoms #pienados #flette #trenza #momswhodohair #monathaircare
Sweet sunshine! ☀️🦒. Tassels Available tomorrow. @landocolors FB group. Link in profile to join, see ya there 😎
Schools out and DJ Rory be playing da clubs and taken requests #djrory #ibiza
Someone is happy about the last day of school and the other ...... well #jughead smile #schoolsoutforsummer
Obsessed with our Emily embroidery dress. #shop now link in bio.
Next Friday at 7pm CST we will be releasing our newest item, SWIMSUITS!!! Made from our Maeve peplum Playsuit design, and will be available in 3 prints. Light weight swimwear perfect for making memories with no limitations 😍 PC 📷: @growlovelyphotography
Found Blake trying to write her name on all the food, even the fruit. #roommatesitellya 😜 I can’t blame her though since we got our new @fridgefresh our fruit and veggies have never stayed so fresh for so long! With #fridgefresh you can prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by 7-10 days. Long live the fruits & veggies! #sponsored
The triple scoop bow has me dreaming of a summer barbecue 😍 Available in the shop now and ready to ship! 🎉
Sunny & 90 degrees & friends 🤗
Hey Ellen, I see you posting some pretty adorable babies lately...but have you seen this summer babe?? ☀️👶🏻👙 @theellenshow #ellen15
Beach bracelets + anklets are now available 💦. Shop Etsy or join the VIP group to claim 🧜🏼‍♀️
Join @makemusicchi for an interactive concert featuring your neighborhood family band, @cielitolindofamily Thurs. 6/21/18 Old Town School of Folk Music, 4545 N. Lincoln from 6-6:45 pm ☀️Bilingual Performance 🎶
God bless big brothers.
Combat Boots & Tutu Dresses🖤🌸
Anytime I have to leave my kids somewhere- home with a babysitter, at daycare, when the big kids go to school or to their Dad’s house I feel sad and look forward to being with them again. Today when I dropped this little one off for just two hours with a sitter he waved goodbye through his tears to me as I left. I was overwhelmed with sadness because, I got to see him again in two hours. He cried for a moment and was fine. He knew I’d be back soon. He knew it was temporary. He knew that Mommy would come and get him, because I always do. I cannot imagine the grief, the rage, the unconscionable pain caused by having my child ripped from my arms and taken away from me. No information. No contact. No timeline. No guarantee I’d ever see them again. No assurance they’d be safe and cared for and happy. Not a shred of decency or care offered. Terrified. I’d be fucking terrified, and I honestly don’t believe we- my children, my family, or I- would ever recover from that trauma, if we even survived it. What is happening at our borders is inhumane. It’s abhorrent. Disgusting. Repulsive. It reeks of abuse of power, of dictatorship, and of a country on the brink of immediate and ultimate destruction. Though we have everything we need to do better, we are not only failing to so, we are doing even more harm. Show up, speak up, every single day until it ends. Do it now, before it’s too late. And please God, please don’t let it already be too late. #keepfamiliestogether #familiesbelongtogether
Summers here ☀️Do you dread being stuck at home 🏡 tied to a 💤 schedule❓. . Good news 🙌 If you have a well rested adaptable baby or toddler you can use our NAP PASS 💗. . DM us age of your baby, how many naps they’re on per day and we’ll share our secret NAP PASS Tip with you 🙌
So this is happening!!!! Miss Chloé has to make room for her new sibling. So excited and can’t wait for baby #2 to arrive!!! #evictionnotice #pregnancyannouncement #pregnant #babynumber2 #popsugarmoms
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