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Camera: Canon Sureshot WP-1 Film: Kodak Portra 800 Developed @ home: Unicolour C-41 kit
Beach Grease is a rad place with rad people #35mm
first event of 2019 on #teamsinclairandmoore was today, and the bride wore an INCREDIBLE gown you guys will, dare I say, “SWOON” over (hehe, I may or may not HIGHLY dislike that word!!! 😜) SO excited to share more soon and even more excited for the amazingness this season is going to produce! - image I took of the details from a dear friend’s wedding I got to help her design, plan and flower for last season 💛// #portra800 #contax645 #manoloblahnik
Bib goes to 🍔 RHR 🍤 #35mm #ripthecrop
Jesse is one of my best friends & basically the fifth member of The True Blue. He’s a huge part of our process visually & we wouldn’t be the same group without him. That being said, he still BOUGHT tickets for our first headlining show at the end of March. Thanks for everything, Jesse. Especially your friendship. #portra800
Loving on the winter light, but itching for that spring sun. #portra800 #richardsphotolab #kodak #kodakfilm #portra #film
Palos Verdes, CA // #portra800
Sometimes I’m asked if I went to school to be a photographer. The answer is heck no! And to be honest, I believe my work developed for the better because I wasn’t “classically trained.” I know many other great photographers learned their way and created their own unique curriculum for themselves. I remember the first real photography course I ever took during my freshman year of college (while I was still an art major). I felt so confined by technical boundaries and composition “rules” (other students would critique my work and say, “but where is the rule of thirds?”). It drove me absolutely nuts. It seemed to arbitrary to me to critique one’s work this way when are an infinite number of way to make compelling photos to share with the world. My second photography course took place in the darkroom, developing black and white film. It was absolutely heavenly, and it only furthered my love for this “dying” medium. All in all, I’m happy about the way I’ve found in my work so far, but I’ll always miss the purity of the way I saw the world before I became a working professional. Inevitably, my photos have been influenced by the people I’ve met, the editorials I’ve read, and the experiences I’ve had. I look back at the first photos I shot on film when I was sixteen and I’m always striving to jump back into my mindset then. No matter what, I’ll always be shooting into the sun! What subject did you study in school? Is that the path you ended up following?
king of pong
It’s been just over a year since I visited @capturedbybianca and @arboldefer in Colombia 🇨🇴. Shortly after returning I picked up a camera largely due to seeing how photography shaped Bianca’s life, realizing I needed a change and needed it bad I jumped in fully. I decided to learn as much as I possibly could about photography as whole, the technical, the art, the people who came before and learned so much about myself. Along the way so far I’ve made many friends, found a way to express myself which I have been craving my entire life. . This journey has changed a lot for me in just a year. I know it will continue to and that excites me. This has been an constant and I intend to keep it as such. . I hope the work I share here resonates with some of you, as I aim to share the way I feel either through what I see, through others or through myself. . Thank you @jess.lindstrom for gifting me the camera this photo was taken on :) . Thank you @capturedbybianca for helping change my life and being a best friend of wow going on 12 years now :) . Thank you @gordonfourpaws for picking up the camera and taking this photograph of me :) . Thank you to everyone who has taught me along the way or just been a friend. Love you all :) . . . . . . #portra #portra800 #35mm #35mmfilm #film #analogphotography #indies_minimal #oftheafternoon #portrait #photozine #filmphotography
You let me go Like the wind lets the atmosphere take its breath away ______________________________________ #poetry #in #progress #shootfilm #35mm #filmphotography #kodak #portra800 #film #fine #grain #color #window #light #on #my #hand #dark #velvet #minimalist #lighting #filmisnotdead
Window(s) #film
Jumping on the bed is still a favorite pastime even if you’re a tween. #film #portra800
Golden girl ✨ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #kodakportra #portra800 #kodakportra800 #myminolta #portraitphotography
slow mornings.• idaho
Undercover #leicam2 #portra800 _______________________________________ My love towards analog photography is growing from roll to roll! Taken on a cold rainy winter day in Geneva.
Magic made in Oregon ✨ . . Image from #katienicolleworkshop Workshop Instructor: @katienicollephotography Stylist: @staceyfoleydesign from @joywed Models: Alana from @musemanagement Hair & MUA: @kirstiewightmua Florist: @foragedfloral Stationery: @racheljacobson Ring: @trumpetandhorn Dress & Veil: @emilyriggsofficial Film Lab & Sponsor: @photovisionprints
things take time
Quand le stress commence à monter (Mood à J-2 avant la soutenance de TIR) Canon A1 Kodak portra 800 #filmphotography #womenshootfilm #filmisnotdead #ishootfilm #paris #france #kodak #canonA1 #portra800 #entracte #troupe #theatre
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