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Hello everybody, it's been a complicated few weeks. My camera broke, had to chase after late payments from clients to finally be able to buy a new one... but all is back in order now and i want to wish you all a happy new year with plenty of happy moments big and small. I don't know about you, but in tough moments i love to think back to happy moments and happy people I met during my travels and I instantly feel better. This lovely grandpa, Mr Chao Kun Dee, was our neighbor during our stay in the village of Pa Pae. Pa Pae is a small peaceful village in the district of Mae Hong Son. They see very few tourists, and even less crazy people like us who put huge strange looking objects in front of their face to take pictures. Like everywhere, some people love the camera, others are shy. Mr Chao Kun Dee is undoubtedly a natural born model. From the first time he saw us he was super friendly and happy to pose for a picture. Once we gave him the pictures we printed out for him on our travel printer he was so happy he showed them to the whole village and we were officially adopted. Each time he saw us after that he gave us a big smile and put himself into pose for a picture. (He even tried to sneak into pictures we were taking of other people... but shhhh we didn't see that 😄😄😄) The one thing I love most about travelling is how much it teaches you to cherish the little moments and to realize that they really are the big moments.... • • • #thailand #thailand_allshots #portrait #portraitphotography #photography #fotografie #nikon #nikonfr #travel #travelphotography #reisen #hilltribe #faces_of_our_world #portraitfestival #traveladdict #travelasia #travelgram #ig_asia #loves_united_asia #ig_thailandia #lpfanphoto #bbctravel #instadaily #portrait_shots #peopleinframe   #asian   #thai #lawa   #globetrotter
【hairstyle】 Other day of shooting. / お客様スタイル . 仕上がり後のお客様の表情がなによりも力になる。 . 僕が美容師が好きな理由は、そんな表情を引き出せることができる力を持ってるから。 . お笑い芸人や、料理人とはまた違う、笑顔を引き出すことができるから。 . そのために「もっと」って努力できるんだよね。 . . (#予約はプロフィールにて ) . . #ycportfolio #yc今日の話
Ain't gonna play your games no more. 📸: @itzfung edited by me. (Ps: been quite busy lately, hopefully I can upload new stuff soon!)
Portrait of shopkeeper
Para todos los que preguntáis.... SI NUESTRA AGENDA DE COMUNIONES ESTÁ ABIERTA! Podéis reservar vuestra fecha en el 620098124 o pasar por la tienda y ver las cositas nuevas que tenemos! 😊😊😊
A truly dope portrait by @jsamurai . . 👉 Follow the featured feed for more 👈 ------------------------------- . 📷 Have you got DOPE portraits to share? Tag @dopeportraitssa & #dopeportraitssa for a chance to be featured. 📷 . --------------------------------
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