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Mais um click desse ensaio fantástico!!
@sullyforce_10 ⚽️ GHS22
Outta my head
Basically a chipmunk. 🐿🌱🍁 Photo credit @raulshawn #toronto #gemstones #nature
You’ve got a universe in your eyes and I like how it burns | 📸: @golden_visuals1 |
Fashion Bandit ⚡️ Model: @danielleyablonka Makeup: @shauntedenee
If two people are meant to be together not even fate can keep them apart. | 📸: @golden_visuals1 |
you, and i, and our ordinary lives
apaixonada nesse amarelo combinando no feed 💛
Keep on smiling
Wishing Santa will bring me beans this year
@steschmitt Venha fazer seu ensaio comigo! A agenda ainda está aberta para Novembro. Para maiores informações chama na DM ou no e-mail: victormrkite@gmail.com
iMac is dead again. Will probably have to replace the logic board now (just replaced the power supply 5 months ago). Makes sense. The computer was in pristine condition so might as well break. Super pumped. Here’s the last picture I managed to edit before it once again gave me the middle finger. Enjoy. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to go eat all the candy in my cupboards. Thanks @apple
SMILE YALL. UR DONE WITH UR DAY. ITS TIME FOR DINNER + TV UNDER UR BLANKETS. comeown— give ari a smile. just a lil one.
Revisiting some images I took this past year and giving them some new life. (Because I am clearly not in busy season 🤦🏼‍♀️) It is great however to go back and see how you have grown even in a short amount of time. It just fuels that fire to learn and grow more. Ready to finish this year strong 💪🏻!
\\ the life \\ @emily.diab _____________ Which is your favorite? 1, 2, or 3?
Are you afraid of the height, or are you afraid of flying too close to the sun? | 📸: @qalexxander |
🌈 📸:@libriaanjo
🌻 sunflower still grows at night 🌻 @rexorangecounty
💚✌️ . . . . . 📷 @bertaaamh
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