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Just patiently waiting for the weekend to arrive @jaime_elise_xx
Happy Hump day! 😎 @jaime_elise_xx looking fierce!
A smile is the prettiest feature on you so keep smiling everyone 😁 The world is a better place when you smile.
Start your Monday off with a bang and have a killer week! @jaime_elise_xx
Such a joy shooting with @jaime_elise_xx
{365 Project: Day 255} when you’re too cool for school 😎 @tara.morgan22
Little video of this mornings shoot with this gorgeous girl! @jaime_elise_xx
Who else prefers Spring time over Winter? 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️
The boys are cheering it's almost the weekend!
Happy friday!
{365 Project: Day 254} #tbt • quality time • it’s the most important way we spend time together • it’s also happens to be my favorite! • I believe it reinforces the bond we share • it’s also the heart behind weekly !date night! • intentional time set aside to reconnect and dive deeper • it’s typically not anything I would call fancy • dinner at a fav place, trying something new, a movie, and/or walk in the park, etc. • the possibilities are endless • it’s not really about what we talk about, but rather how • last night it was 🍔 and 🍨 and sparkling convo ✨ • pc 📷 : @_thenorah_
Wishing he was in Greece 😎
Waiting for the weekend like...
From the photo album. Lily doing the 90's dream roadtrip around Australia in the caravan. See more 90's nostalgia in Issue 2 of Gracious Magazine. #fashionpost #fashionphoto #fashionportrait #90sfashion #portrait #portraiture #portraitphotography #portraitpost #adelaidemodel #adelaidephotographer #ianpstuart #adelaidephotography @lily.ellaa @officialgraciousmag
Waiting for the Spring mornings to warm up 🌞
Selfie check
I can relate! Prefer to hide behind the camera rather than be in front of it.
The coolest kid in town 😎
Why so damn cute!
Cya weekend, I'll see you in 5 days!
Why so adorable! Don't forget to love your sister and let her know ❤ @breebree_candice
{365 Project: Day 250} This one’s for Kent! He recently celebrated a big birthday. He’s also my Irish twin! Meaning that for the next couple weeks we are the same age. When we were growing up he would tease me like crazy, because for a brief time I wasn’t an “older” sister. Enjoy it and happy birthday, Kent! 🍀
These baby girls enjoying the denim life
Don't hide away, let tge world see your beauty.
I mean how good are denim shirts!
{365 Project: Day 249} Orange you glad it’s Friday? 🍊@_thenorah_
To be proud of what we have received or to envy others for what they have, will rob us of our peace of mind.
Free your mind and let your creativity bloom! • • • • • • #photographingpeople #capturingpeople #portraitpost #inspiringphotos #dailypprtrait
Love the beauty within you
Be fierce, be kind, be caring, be loving not just to others but to yourself first!
When your world is just filled with beautifil colours
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