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Life is more fun if you play games.🎮
“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” . (In the photo: @valerie_manche District competition 1st division Mid-West, Hilversum [NED]) ———————————— #pushyourlimits #trustyourself #beawesometoday #rg #ritmischegymnastiek #portraitshared #teamnikon #womeninframe #sportgymnastik #pursuitofportraits ————————————
I believe in wearing a smile like a loaded gun that can always make you and the people around you happy . Wearing a contagious smile. @modelcitizenmedia
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. light 💡
Lo bueno de vivir lejos y alto. . . .
Coment un “🐱” para pasarme a tu perfil a darte mucho love. CHICOS!! Que tal les pareció la edición? -. #FFA7k . -. 🔸. 🔸Foto: @7kidz . 🔸Edición: @samopavon . 🔸modelo: @elephsi . 🔸. 🔸. - #devonartph #portrait_ig #portrait_vision #bravogreatphoto #bravoportraits #portraitstream #creative_portraits #theportraitpr0ject #yeyophotos #portraitshared #startersofig #marcosalberca #portraitcentroamerica #phicsion
i think Billie was talking about Emmy when she wrote ocean eyes🌊
Recently had the opportunity to take head shots and branding photos for Rohleder Borges architecture firm in Seattle. They welcomed me into their office for the afternoon and we were able to make a series of portraits and branding photos for their big website update. I enjoy working with companies of all sizes by helping to bring products and expertise to life through visual storytelling. Thanks to the folks at Rohleder Borges for being an awesome group to work with!
All The Nights We Don’t Remember 🥂 •||•||•||•||•||•||•||•||•||•||•||•||•||•||•||•||• In Frame || @missmichelleluu || @verycherryyy Thanks to || @_partywith || @luxenfleur
So no to wanting my flowers?
Retour à Kotelnitch W. @teyaknapp Mua💄@babydollbeautii Stylist 🧵 @theecontributor
📸# Sunlight cast on her. ___________________ Model : @evechew87 Click @project_portraiture for more. ___________________
Too deep to be surface level... - Really cool looking back on some of the work I just never shared 🙈 I’ll start sharing more from each shoot via blog posts in 2019 so you can see more of the creative process👌 - Hope everyone is having a great start to the week 🤙 Rate this shot 1-10 in the comments⤵️
“This 9° weather is shit”
From a rainy day in Dec.. @ekkuleivonen 📷 : Mamiya RB67 127mm 🎞 : Kodak Ektar 100
i see it i like it i want it i got it
anyone lookin for a mechanic?
let’s go for a ride 🏍
look back on em
Enigmatic Portrait . @vegasjones
hello summer ive missed u ☀️
dont go chasin waterfalls
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