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I love you blonde.🕊
Bye bye distracting playground ❤️ Swipe for SOOC 🙌🏻
Trent Planner 2019 em couro bronze 💥 | escreva um email para nós para receber informações e efetuar sua compra | #nonstopmemories #iamoriginalcreation
I know people say not to work from bed, but after getting back from the gym when it’s 5° outside all I want to do is stay under the covers with my hot tea and my pup. Good thing the bitter cold of yesterday has warmed up a bit, just in time for me to have to go places outside of the house!
You are a very special person, @opalmoonmedia. Ready to explore more museums with you. 25 days and on the countdown. #lyndibrookphotography
Creating new products for our shop and taking this past season into consideration. We are new to the retail world and what we’ve found is that our customers are drawn to products handmade by us. So with that being said, the majority of our new pieces will be handmade by us and available in limited quantities. We will be debuting this new collection soon and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with all of you. 🖤 - - - - - #farmhousechic #rusticfarmhouse #homedecorating #houseandhome #thecottagejournal #fixerupperstyle #modernfarmhouse #magnolia #betterhomesandgardens #howwedwell #mybhg #neutraldecor #myhousebeautiful #myinterior #fromwhereistand #minimalstyle #shopsmall #slowlived #aquietstyle #slowliving #posttheordinary #makeitblissful #farmhousestyle #ofsimplethings #nestandflourish #decor #interiors #countrylivingmag #cozy #vintagefinds
It’s been about a week since a super personal blog post on my health went live over on the Outer Banks Voice. It’s slightly terrifying to put myself out there to an audience of 70,000 people. It’s moderately embarrassing to share a photo that isn’t “perfect” because my snazzy new heart monitor is showing and I look totally exhausted but more than that, it’s important to share more than just a highlight reel of pretty beaches and cute kids. As moms we tend to put ourselves last but I’m finally starting to feel better after putting myself first and figuring out how to regulate and meditate to get my heartbeat at a healthy rate. It took me months to even make a doctors appointment when my heart was racing at 170+ beats per minute. I was “too busy” to take care of myself. Looking back, that’s about as crazy as it gets! Self care isn’t selfish, it’s necessary and so important. Maybe you need to read this.💓 Link in profile. 📰 #outerbanksmom
Sliced apples and a fresh flowers. God has provided for a need and gave a gift of beauty. It really is the simple things that make life abundant. I always want more material things and had to bring that to the Lord this morning because it was distracting me from being with Him. When I yearn for more fill-in-the-blank, I hope that I remember to turn my posture around and to plead with God to make me want more of Him and less of me. #abundantlife #choosehimnotthings
What better way to soothe your aching body after a long walk (with your not-so-little guy falling asleep on top of you) than with CBD? ________________ ¿Qué mejor manera de aliviar tu cuerpo adolorido después de una larga caminata (con tu chico no tan pequeño dormido encima de ti) que con CBD?
In 2014, I left a state I lived in my entire life to take a risk in a big city. Roughly 5 years later, I couldn’t be happier. I am so GRATEFUL for the friends and family who supported me on this journey. Tag someone you’re grateful for in 2019!
The best thing about documentary photography is that real life is way more entertaining than anything I could stage! 🤣 . Also, they like playing in the dark. So yet again, I’m embracing the grain.
Brb off to Narnia 🌙
When I first got started in business I was completely overwhelmed by #allthethings that I “should” be doing to grow my business. . Growing your email list, posting on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook groups, ads, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, doing regular lives, blogging… it was exhausting, and I quickly realized, a one way ticket to burn out. . But yet, that’s how a lot of people start their businesses’. They dive right in, trying to do everything, and get super discouraged when nothing seems to work (been there girl!) . Which is why I created a brand new FREE mini course taking place on Jan 29 & 30. I'll be teaching you exactly what I've done to push past my fear of putting myself out there, get massively visible, start booking clients and achieve the confidence I needed to leave my soul-sucking 9-5. . This free mini-course is for you if: . ✨You have no idea how to stand out in a crowded market when there’s so many others doing something similar to you . ✨You’ve tried so many different things in your branding and marketing, but nothing seems to work . ✨You've already invested in your logo or website - but you're still not attracting those dreamy clients . ✨You’re ready to make an impact and be known for what you do . ✨You’re ready to do things differently to get different results . Grab your spot at the link in my bio! . . . . . . #thebrandingjourney #standoutmarketing #girlbosstribe #girlpreneur #brandcoach #brandstrategist #thedailybasic #alittlebeautyeveryday #communityovercompetition #makeithappen #seekinspirecreate #aseasonalyear #alifeofintention #thegramgang #posttheordinary #glitterguide #thesimpleeveryday #thegramgang #happyselves #lovelywonderings #businessbabes #oneofthebunch #everydaygirl #bloomyellow #dontquityourdaydream #brandstory #solovelysofree #goaldigger #intentionalliving
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there is a bundle of joy brewing inside of me 🙈 Don’t know if you’re a boy or girl, but I can’t wait to meet you!!! Luff you and see you in June ♥️👶🏻 #18weekspregnant
Whos ready to swing Into Spring? DotDotSmile is launching their 1st St Patricks Day Collection soon! I'll be trying to get these in stock for you. ☘️Which do you like best - Plaids, Shamrocks, Florals, or other? #dotdotsmile #swingintospring #Green #friends #kidstyle #stpatricksday #celebrate #celebratechildhood #chooselovely #lovelysquares #lifewellcaptured #livelaughlove #plaid #newcollection #shamrocks #twirlydress #smile #happykids #happygirls #springstyle #kidapproved #toddlerstyle #posttheordinary #communityovercompetition #thehappynow #adorable #letthekids #ohheymama #momof2
22/365: the best mashed potato is made with soured cream 😋 #celebratingordinarymoments
I love you
We are so proud and excited to be in Phoenix today to celebrate the #ToppingOut of our #Block23 project in @downtownphoenix !
Since the beginning of the year I’ve been doing a scripture writing challenge. A few days ago I had written down one I really related to during this season of my life. “He has made everything beautiful in it’s time. Also He has put eternity in their heart, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end. I know nothing is better for them than to rejoice, and to do good in their lives, and also that every man should eat and drink and enjoy the good of all his labor- it is the gift of God. “ Ecclesiastes 3:11-13 When I read this it reminded me of another quote I heard not long ago referring to child rearing and other things we do day to day which said “the little tedious tasks are only that if we look at them that way”. Like changing diapers, or not changing diapers and taking your toddler to the bathroom. These things take a lot of time out of our day and we can often think of them as “tedious”. But God wants us to enjoy all our labor and the good fruit it produces. 🍎 So I sing to my baby while changing his diaper, and praise my son for using the big boy potty, and I thank God that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to do so. ❤️💙
Looking at Henry in these photos, I can suddenly see him at sixteen and I think he’s just gonna look more and more like his daddy as he gets older. ❤️ Also, I didn’t coach them at all. I snuck these while they were watching tv together. I love how they love each other. (most the time 😝)
Adventure is out there 🗺...but first let me fix my hair💁🏼‍♀️ Rachel took dis ❤️
Twirl around whenever you can and enjoy the little moments that make you happy. Because life is short and we all are going to regret what we didn’t do, and not the things we did. : Забавлявайте се във всеки един момент, когато можете и се наслаждавайте на малките неща, които ви правят щастливи. Защото животът е кратък, а в крайна сметка когато погледнем назад е много по-вероятно да съжаляваме за нещата, които не сме направили, от колкото за тези които сме. : : : #petpanda #traveller #wanderlust #bodypositive #psblogg #plussizeminimalist #beautifulmatters #momentsoftime #wetravelgirls #travelnotes #wanderluster #posttheordinary #traveljunkie #minimalstyle #plussizeminimalstyle #capsulewardrobe #psootd #stylehasnosize #iamtheeverygirl
I like my coffee _________. Finish my sentence! For me, it totally depends on where I am! If I’m at home I like it a solid 3 with collagen, a drop of cinnamon oil and coconut creamer in it! If I’m out, I love a creamy latte with flavor, or a spicy Mexican mocha with homemade whip or habanero syrup! @javacoffeecompany and @anchoredcoffeecompany I’m looking at you! 😘 . . . . #onthetable #onthedesk #todayslovely #darlingdaily #myeverydaymagic #posttheordinary #creativehappylife #holdyourmoments #mybeautifulmess #dowhatyoulove #idahome #idaholife #thisisidaho #positive_energy #positivevibesonly #winterstormwatch #highvibration #mindsetiseverything #positivemind #vibratehigher #girlsthatwander #simpleandstill #propstylist #brandingimage #styledstockphotography #coffeelove
more tropical vibes for #traveltuesday 🌴 this gorgeous St. Pete hotel is where my husband and I had our #destinationwedding 💍🌊 the 1920s architecture is stunning 😍
If there’s one thing most of us struggle with – myself included – it’s being organised and efficient with our time! January is here, and there’s never more pressure to achieve your goals, keep your resolutions and be productive than the start of a brand new year! 👩‍💻 Life tends to get a little busy, we get a little overwhelmed and we start to become less productive. So, when the lovely people over at @efficiuk asked if I’d like to try out their Productivity Planner, it was a no-brainer – and excellent timing for the start of a new year! 📝 Click the link in my bio to read my thoughts on the planner ☺️ #gifted
Have you ever thought about how a certain color can make you feel? 🎨 Take yellow, for example. It always makes me feel bright a cheery, like a new day is approaching and the sun will be shining. Does it make you feel anything? ☀️ Colors are important when it comes to logos and websites. How to you want a person to feel when they see it, or when they are browsing your site? These are all things I think about when building a brand! If you are in need of a facelift for your business or something brand new, shoot me a message. Let's chat!
Edinburgh is so moody in January. Just like me when I forget my gloves and my hands turn red 🙃
‘I’m tired’ is an understatement today. I dream of the day when I can stay in bed ALL day, overdose of Netflix and rubbish food, and not have to think about work at all (and of course my husband taking sole responsibility of parenting that day, whilst I’m chilling!). If the Gods are listening, please answer my prayers. Amen. 😂 Who’s with me?! 😆🙈 . . . #thoughtoftheday #homesweethome #pursuewhatislovely #spotlightonmyhome #pocketofmyhome #interior_and_living #walltowallstyle #myhome2inspire #seekthesimplicity #simplystyleyourspace #momsofinstagram #sunloverhome #taylorwimpeynewbuild #myhappyplace #howihome #scandistyle #theartofslowliving #smallspacesquad #cozyhome #aquietstyle #posttheordinary #iwouldratherbechilling #styleithappy #littlethingsthatmakemehappy
Tuesday’s are usually work days for me but I stayed home to snuggle up with my sick girl. Despite being totally congested she’s still her wild energetic self, so we haven’t actually done much snuggling. She just went down for her nap so I’m going to get to work on laying out my bullet journal for February and write some thank you cards. What are you up to on this beautiful Tuesday?!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #posttheordinary #myeverydaymagic #postthepeople #joyfulmamas #toddlersofinstagram #toddlerhood #motherhoodslens #stopdropandmom #simplymamahood #creatingmoments #kidsforreal #mynameismama
would love to hang out with my dog like this but instead he starts to chew the menu and act like a knob. . . . comment if you’re the owner of this image so that we can tag you!
Lines, space, light @patricknissen
You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars ☀️🌙 ⭐️
Some may see just a dead tree on the beach... but I see a perfect photo opportunity 📸
Who needs a gym when you've got a toddler in 10 pounds of snow gear?
Some days call for an extra bag of tea in the cup. ☕️ It’s so cold outside + this is the only thing keeping my hands warm as I take breaks while organizing our bedroom. 🌿 Thankful for my chai spice black tea by @stashtea on days like today!
‘No more. Only less. Less of everything. Less stress. Less crying. Less noise. Less tv....less cramming 36—or 56 or 106—hours into a day that has only ever held 24.’ Our WiFi has been in and out all day and we’ve spent the morning playing ball + playing with toys + reading books + actually taking naps. No tv. No iPad. No phones. We spent time fully focused on each other— thanking God for subtle reminders like these. ⋒ #wonderland #sugarfaceclothing #sugarface #myhonestmotherhood #honestmommin #motherhoodintheraw #nowifi #noservice #takingabreak #unplugging #naptime #focusonwhatmatters #babiesdontkeep #posttheordinary #thatsdarling #documentyourday #letthemplay #letthembelittle #makememories #magical_motherhood #honestmommin #myhonestmotherhood #motherhoodinsquares #magicofchildhood #magicofmotherhood
Como madre me toca enseñarle que está bien equivocarse en la vida, no quiero que piense que en la vida siempre todo será perfecto. - Habrá ocaciones que por más que intentemos que las cosas nos salgan bien y que evitemos que algo salga mal, pues tendremos momentos donde nos equivocaremos, donde tropezaremos, donde caeremos, pero todo eso es parte de la vida y de sus enseñanzas. - Lo importante es criar niños donde les enseñemos a levantarse de sus caídas, aprender de cada uno de sus tropiezos y sacarle el mayor jugo a sus equivocaciones, porque no existen los seres humanos perfectos. Todos nos equivocamos, todos cometemos errores. ¿ es frustrante? si, lo sé, pero la vida se trata de siempre ver el lado positivo de cada una de las cosas que nos pasan, aprender de ellas y pensar que el éxito muchas veces viene después de una gran caída. - Ser exitoso no es sinónimo de perfección, sino de la constancia y la perseverancia ante cada reto que nos imponemos. - Enseñémosle a ser cuidadosos, precavidos, seamos sabios y no permitamos que nuestros niños piensen que equivocarse está mal, después de todo “errar es de humanos”. - #BabyYale #floridablogger #motherhoodinspired #posttheordinary #thisjoyfulmoment #momlife
✦ Sometimes I really feel the need to rest my eyes from too much colours and “crowded” photos (and I don’t mean crowded with people) and then photos like this one seem perfect to post. ✦ . ✦ Do you sometimes get tired of a certain kind of photos? If so, which ones? ✦ . . . . #minimalhunter #chasing_facades #posttheordinary #seeksimplicity #prettylittletrips #suitcasetravels #belgrade #city_explore #street_perfection #theprettycities #iwalkedthisstreet #tv_living #vsco_best #streethappens #facades #architecturelover
While I’m not proud to feature single-use plastic (trying to vastly reduce my use in 2019), I was reminded in this moment how amazing coffee (iced café con leche with a mere four shots of espresso) and some sunshine go a long way in shifting the state of mind... and I wanted to savor it! • • #Travel #FloridaKeys #KeyWestFlorida #SheWhoWanders #InstaWanderer #MomentsCollected #travel_capture #prettylittletrips #posttheordinary #welltraveled #exploreflorida #sunandsea #seabreeze #roadtrip #southbound #southernmostpoint #caféconleche #cubancoffee #simplepleasures
All I see is Rex’s impression of Joe Goldberg (character in book/show).😬
particolare (ant. particulare) agg. [dal lat. tardo particularis, der. di particŭla, dim. di pars partis «parte»]. – 1. a. Che è proprio di un singolo individuo, di una singola cosa, o di una determinata categoria di individui, di cose, non comune quindi a tutti, alla totalità (per lo più in contrapp. a generale, universale) ... . . . . . #makemoments #traveldeeper #wheretofindme #simpleandstill #italianblogger #gglocalgems #morningslikethese #cerealmag #posttheordinary #personalvoyager #ilove_simplebeyond #finditliveit #theeverygirl #suitcasetravel #athomeintheworld #neverstopexploring #iamatraveler #theprettycities #VeryTandC #dslooking #liveauthentic #mynewengland #darlingmovement #exploremore #flashesofdelight #igersitalia #liveauthentic #darlingescapes #stayandwander #optoutside #ihavethisthingwithtiles
Thanks for making “Calling” part of your 2019 Reading List 👌🏼 #Repost @awkwardtoart with @get_repost ・・・ Where my readers at? Give me your suggestions for books I have to read this year. I love to read. Generally I don’t make enough time for it. But it’s on my list this year... along with writing more (I know I always say that 😫) My favorites are suspense/thriller type novels or motivational/inspirational self growth types as far as non-fiction books go. But I want to add in a couple learning books too. Anyone ever read The Happiness Project? I could use a little intentional happy. Thoughts? This book by @jentringale is first on my list. 🙌🏼 . . . #bedeeplyrooted #posttheordinary #oureverydaymoments #lovelysquares #gritandgrace #bestoftheday #booknerd #bookstagram #bookobsessed #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #justwrite #thehappynow #itssimplytuesday #getaftergrateful #dearestviewfinder #seeksimplicity #livesimply #livefolk #liveintentionally #liveauthentic #thatsdarling #selfgrowth
Surprisingly leia loves to brush her teeth but hates when I try to look at her teeth 🦷 Go figure. Can I just say I am so in love with this little girl! Shon and I made such a beautiful baby girl 💛 . . . #babygirl #motherhood #mamasgirl #mama #mygirl #loverbean #lovingmommy #sleepybaby #momtogs #momcommunity #momswithcameras #babystuff #teammotherly #girlmom #Rainbowbaby #mommygang #Jesuslovesyou #motherhoodinthemilehigh #uniteinmotherhood #ohheymama #motherhoodunplugged #leiasmama #momlifestyle #workingmama #Posttheordinary #letthekids
🍉 P E E K - A - B O O B 🍉⁣ ⁣ I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts....⁣ ⁣ Yep. There was a lot of nip slip action the last couple of weeks courtesy of my easily distracted daughter during our trip. ⁣ ⁣ At first I felt a bit awkward about accidentally flashing friends and family but I've kind of stopped caring and I'm more interested in encouraging my girl to latch well so I don't get niplash rather than worry about who is getting a sneaky peak of the girls. ⁣ ⁣ Most folk didn't appear to care thankfully. ⁣ ⁣ Sadly though, I did feel a bit concerned at times that someone would ask me to stop feeding my daughter or tell me it was inappropriate for me to do so... ⁣ ⁣ Isn't that ridiculous?⁣ ⁣ I'm so grateful Ive been able to continue with breastfeeding. It isn't easy but neither is formula feeding, especially when you're travelling. I'm not sure how I'd have coped if we'd had to add sterilizing and heating bottles to an already hectic trip. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #mamabearabroad #mamabear #keepgoing #yougotthis #yougotthismama #motherhoodunplugged #letthembelittle #mamahood #posttheordinary #myeverydaymagic #littleandbrave #kindredmoments #thesemoments #thesemomentsofours #momentsofmotherhood #fromwhereistand #livethelittlethings #capturethemoment #capturethemagic ⁣⁣ ⁣ #breastfeedingmama #fedisbest #normalisebreastfeeding #breastfeeding #breastfeedinginpublic #boobsout
Tokyo has carriages that are for women only during peak times to stop the persistent groping issue, it’s kind of nice to have a female area but I wish that wasn’t the reason. It reminds me of a street in Hamburg that doesn’t allow females to go down it at all. Have you heard of any other gender restricted areas around the world?
How beautiful is the @sixcambridge bar? 😍 I have just published a blog post about our trip to @thevarsityhotel this weekend, check it out through link in the bio! 🍸 #Cambridge #foodblog
Social media sometimes can urge you to play a dangerous game. You know the one where you are trying to post the perfect photo of what your day looks like. The perfect pose from the 20 snaps you took and the perfect filter to give that extra glow to your cheek bones. The perfect write up with intention to gain followers and interest. It’s human nature to want to be loved and accepted. Can I tell you honestly how much that scares me? This charade we play - while people clap on the sidelines and a whole other generation of instagramers is born thinking this is the “norm.” Everyone wants to be an influencer right now and all I want to say is to be careful. You want to know who the biggest influencer in the world is .. sadly.. the enemy. And do you know that he actually wants to isolate you, have people talking behind your back, judging you and worst of all he wants you to fail. Are you allowing the enemy to influence you? Do you feel unworthy when a post doesn’t reach a certain number of likes and go back and delete it? Is your following really following the REAL you? Would they still follow if they knew you were struggling with seasonal depression and haven’t worn an ounce of makeup for weeks yet been posting a “look” daily to keep up? Are you constantly trying to live up to expectations? Can I tell you why social media has changed for me in the last couple years and how my following has grown !? - because I let my heart influence my posts. I let what God was doing in my life be the spotlight. I’m not afraid to post my short comings and struggles because someone else needs to know she’s not alone. We need each other more than we need likes. Don’t just be a follower, an influencer, an opinion giver..be a friend, and a real one at that. Can you do something for me next time you post... can you ask yourself your intentions? Do you know who you are truly influencing... young women.. young moms.. and can we start being real about our lives, our bodies, our struggles so that we can lift each other up rather than tear down?
Bit of a #mumfail here today - I thought choir had been cancelled so sent Chloe to childcare after school, only to find out that it's cancelled next week 🙄 She wasn't best pleased that she missed out on going to her bestie's house! Luckily the rest of my day has been considerably more successful - I went to visit @mini_travellers for a co-working day. I have come home with serious office envy and a massive to do list as a result of our planning and brain storming. I only wish she lived close enough to do it more often. Working from home can be quite lonely at times so I'm grateful for the time I've spent with @genuineplacebo84 and @mini_travellers over the last few days - my head is now spinning with ideas and things to do! I know it's only Tuesday but I'm already looking forward a day off with @daveofadventure on Friday!
2018 has not been a year of trips and adventures like 2017. I took the last year, finally, to start building MY life. The thing I'm most proud of is being able to start and grow a Business from scratch in less than a year. It was easy ? Not at all. Have I already arrived where I want to be? Not even a little bit. I'm happy? HELL YES. The road has not always been uphill there have been highs and lows and will continue to be like that, but I have never had so many expectations for my future as now. I had to make difficult decisions that I knew were necessary. 2019 will be entirely dedicated to ME. New experiences, new friendships, personal and work growth and above all TRAVEL. This is the year when I will finally reap the benefits of my efforts. Always remember that you do not have to wait for the new year to set your good intentions. You have 365 days a year to wake up and decide to live the life you really want, so do it. Hope that this 2019 can bring you so much satisfaction🎉 (Belated post) . . . . . . . #livepretty #thedailybasic #simplethingsmadebeautiful #alittlebeautyeveryday #seekinspirecreate #aseasonalyear #alifeofintention #morningscenes #mymonthofsundays #thesimpleeveryday #thegramgang #posttheordinary #pursuewhatislovely #happyselves #lovelywanderings #littlethingstheory #loveintentionally #inthemoment #peoplescollective #smpshareyourstory #theinstagramlab #everydaygirl #everysquareastory #dailydoseofwhimsy #mypointofview #lifecoachingforwomen #mindsetcoach #womeninbusiness #womenbusinesscoach #lifecoach2women
On sunny Florida days we love to sit outside under our Zip Dee awning! But it’s actually pretty tricky to situate and Mack always has to do it (mostly because I can’t reach it)! But since we had Adam and @lovemaemiller show us how it works - we’re sharing the how to over on our IGTV in case you have an older Airstream that requires a manual process to open it! Side note, the new Airstreams have a nice automatic feature but we’re living that 90’s life!
"Believe you can, then you will." - Mulan
While my sweet little girl is ecstatic about starting her first year of Kinder, I on the other hand am not sharing her enthusiasm. Does there ever come a time in a mother’s life where you feel ready to let them go out into the big wide world. #staylittleforever
Heyyyy 👋🏻 Still alive after what was basically the worst long weekend of sickness our family has ever had. Thought I’d get back at it with some weirdness from impromptu 80s night that’s half dance party half dexter murder basement vibes. - - - - - - - #p52radness #getintheframe #iwastheretoo #everydaymotherhood #selfportrait #chasinglight #clevelandphotographer #beyond_motherhood #posttheordinary #holdyourmoments #simplymothers #getin52 #getweirdwithit #ipreview via #eighties #80sparty
Since I started off the week by saying that I want to try to be more open, I’ll do a little introduction. So, here we go, rapid fire random facts: . . I’m a PreKindergarten teacher and I love every second of it! It’s something I was born to do. I find such joy and happiness getting to work with kids everyday. They are some of my greatest teachers about life and perspective. I have a degree in Early Childhood and Special Education and I’m in the process of applying to grad school. In my free time, I love to paint (acrylic + watercolor), take pictures, do anything outside, challenge myself physically, and most importantly, nap. I like reading books about psychology, child development, and personal growth. I’m an INFJ, which, in non-Myers Briggs terms means I’m an aggressive introvert. I have anxiety, which is something that I’ve been working on since I was little. I just recently got into audiobooks, so I’m “re-reading” all the Harry Potter books. I’m very passionate about using natural, clean, organic products both on my body and in my environment. I love finding and learning about new products and how things found right in nature can clean, soothe, protect, and heal. I’m a sucker for the Target dollar spot (what teacher/human isn’t?). Anyone who knows me knows of my love for all things rainbow. I met my boyfriend when I was a senior in college, and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. A true joy for me, and what I feel is my calling, is being able to inspire and educate others. . . If you are able to relate to any of the random stuff I just said, let me know, so I don’t feel as awkward saying all this stuff into the instagram void!😬😅 . . . . . #bloomingallyear #posttheordinary #lifestylebloggers #lifestylephotography #happytuesday #mondaymotivation #justdoyou #confidenceiskey #inspiringothers #thehappyeveryday #itsthelittlethings #lovemylife ❤️ #lifestyleblogger #reallifeandstyle #newyearbetterme #findyourwhy #findingyourwhy #risetogetherpodcast #findyourpurpose #honestyhour #growingandthriving #personalgrowth #growwithme #bloomwithme #factsaboutme #introduction
I got my ears pierced when I was pretty young (maybe kindergarten or first grade), and from middle school on I begged my parents for more piercings. Short story: they said no. With that said, my first act of being 18 was to get a second piercing 😂. I’ve been debating more piercings but can’t be bothered with tending to a new piercing, so I was super excited when @auratenewyork sent me their bold ear cuff. I’m all about ear stacks and this one is low key convincing me that I need to just bite the bullet and get more piercings. . What are your favorite ear piercings (whether you have it or not?) — #auratenewyork #earstack #minimaljewelry
Connecticut cottage casual
You did it Mama ♥️
girls just wanna have fun :::: cheers to long weekends, big belly laughs, & calories consumed that don’t count during winter months 🤗 had a blast with these beauties and our hubby’s.
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