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I love being NATURAL!☁️ . . In this picture = Just sunlight🌞+ @ennscloset Lipstick💄with Natural Ingredients ( Shade : Plum Enn ) with Castor oil , Jojoba oil , Argon Oil , Shea Butter and everything organic!✨🍭 ( No base no concealer no makeup! ) The best part about @ennscloset is that not only it’s products are herbal and soothing, the ingredients are curated and crafted with a lot of care and Indian goodness. It feels so relaxing and happy to be associated with therapeutic and lovely brands like Enn!❤️ On the other note what are your weekend plans? I am note making and solving some questions and have a hectic nerdy week ahead so my only inspiration is - @emmastudiess rn and am also digging into a quick skincare routine tonight itself as tomorrow I’ll be travelling back to college from home. Also it is raining here in rishikesh and I am feeling pretty much at peace and a hot shower might make things better and cozy!🍭☺️ . . . . . . . . #selfpotrait #selfieafterlong #shotonx #shotoniphone8plus #apple #sunlightisthebesthighlight #ennscloset #lipstickjunkie #lipstickaddict #ennlipstick #lipstickwithnaturalingredients #organicmakeup #closetonature #plumenn #plumennswatch #castoroil #raining #wintersarecoming #selfcare #weekends #cozy #weekendvibes #lilflowerygirl #lilflowerygirlslays #selfie #potraitmode #potraits
FINALLY, IT’S A WRAP! ⚡️✨ Got the chance to do photoshoot with my talented humans @natashatjandradinata @stephenadam__ and @philip_lim_ 🙌🏻 Anyways, I got this cloth from @jenniferclaudine_ as my birthday gift thank you jen, this cloth is INSANE! 🎁♥️ #StyleWithEve #EveCollabs ______ Photo taken by @stephenadam__
Firstly , i would like to congratulate myself for finishing what i have started along long time ago , i managed surviving accountings without a failure , i worked my ass off to be where i am today , alhamdulillah i m alrd working and i am proud of my self. These posts are for the special ones that has been there with me through my ups and downs. 1. My mom and dad , thank you for never doubting me in what i do , thank you for all of the supports you have given me through out all of these years , i won’t be here where i am if it weren’t for you. Alhamdulillah , i love you guys 2. My sister and my BIL and also my princess ciunans , thnks guys for always having my back despite anything. Lagi lagi een yg selalu dgr luahan hati , thnk you een , ucik loves you to the moon and back ❤️❤️❤️ 3. My jaan jay. Sorry we couldnt take our photos together sebab td hectic gle and mmg susah nak cariiii ya Allah , maafin ye jay , but thank you for being there for me for the whole four years without a single day failed ! Love youuu muchooo bfffffffff 😘😘😘😘 4. My back bone Mizi , thank you for all the rantings you have to hear when i was a student and sampai la da kerja , i hope we both succeed in life inshallah , thanks for always being there for me and most importantly , thanks for being there on my big day ! Thank you a lot mijiii 🤗🤗🤗 5. To my bros , Alep, Fiq, Dan, and Iffat (iffat baca dr kanan ke kiri tau) hehe thank you for all of the things you guys have done for me and i will never forget you guys walopon ucik da kerja ! Thnks ok ! I love you guysssss so so much bruvss ❤️❤️❤️ 6. To Fina and Adele, thnk you selalu teman lepak time i pishang ! I hope kita still kawan smpi da tua k , geng shisha sama sama , and i promise korang konvo i will cone to cherish you guys’ happy moments ok ! Ucik loves you guyssss , jgn lupa kt ucik ok ! 😘😘😘 7. Aimie and Ahleeeeeeyaaaa, terima kasih kerana selalu berbaik pada ucik, walopon jarang jmpa , korang still nk jmpa n bergambar , endless love for the both of you, love you so so much you guys,,, ❤️❤️❤️ 8. To my lovely enabbbb, thanks for always having my back and accepting me for who i am , i will always have your back and i hope that yo
Jalan siang sambil nyetrit di kawasan Kota Tua, ada acara foto model..sambil lewat coba membidik model ini. Dijepret menggunakan Sony A6000 + kit lens . . #jakartamodel #womanpotrait #womaninframe #potrait #potraitmode #modelkekinian #conceptualphotography #modelhitz #modeljakarta #modelcantik #indonesianmodel #potraitmood #potraitpage #sonya6000 #fotograferamatir
New phone day, camera is brilliant! Heidi’s sick of me taking photos now! #iphonexs #lurcher #dogsofinstagram #lancashire #preston #potraitmode
When i am deleting ur feeling emotion ... Mah heart❤ says.. ❌ERROR❌ THIS FILE IS TOO BIG. IT CANNOT BE DELETED PC : @iamnikhilprajapati #potraitphotography #potrait #positivevibes #potraitmode #potraitmood #hair #black #hair #shoes #surat #suratmodel #suratphotoclub #suratcintauntukstarlathemovie #like4like #l4l #like4follow #followtrain #follow4followback ..
Nắng lên rồi mình cùng nhau đi chơi🎈🎈🎈
My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it’s surprising how often they head in your direction #explorebangkok /
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